Hilary Clinton Said That TRUMP CAN’T CHANGE His Style Or Tone



FIRST . . . The Republicans, who are REALLY AGAINST TRUMP, and I do mean REALLY, think they’re hurting Trump by publishing things like FIFTY PROMINENT REPUBLICANS who will NOT vote for Trump under any circumstance, and/or are quick to call him UNHINGED – and say that they might even support Hillary Clinton before Trump, are his BEST CHEERLEADERS.

SECOND . . . Hillary Clinton has announced – that with DONALD TRUMP, what you see is what you get, and that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Trump to Change or Moderate from his IRASCIBLE (my word) self, making him UNQUALIFIED to be the President of the United States of America.


SO LET’S LOOK AT THE RINOS FIRST . . . As much as a HUGE number of folk, regular people like you and me, absolutely want Trump to win the Presidency and KICK THE HOLY CRAP out of the Washington Cartel (to steal a term from Ted Cruz), that’s how many, and MORE want Trump to also KICK THE HOLY CRAP out of the RINOS, who are so much against him, that you really have to ask WHY?


Not all of the American People are STUPID, and the ones who are not STUPID, understand the MESS these Political and Bureaucratic JERKS (Insiders) have made out of American Lives.

The people with working brains in their heads, who don’t wake up every morning waiting to see what else they could grab from the MAKERS through various levels of Government (Local, State and National) understand that all the SERIOUS Problems, which all Americans face today, and will face EVEN MORE SO TOMORROW . . . didn’t just happen in a Vacuum.

AND THE FAMILY OF FOUR . . . earning about $100,000 Per Year, before Taxes (if they’re lucky to be earning that much), depending on where this family lives in MOST of America, are amongst the Working Poor, and in most cases, literally DREAD the day they won’t be able to work any longer . . . due to age, health or a lack of jobs, because for the MOST PART, they will have nothing of consequence to retire with.

YET . . . Here are the INSIDERS, the RINOS, the BUREAUCRATS, and all the others who FEED off the Public Purse, who have GREAT Well-Paying JOBS, guaranteed until retirement, likely at 55-Years Old, with Pensions EQUAL in many cases, and probably greater than a WORKING Family of Four earning a $100,000 income BEFORE TAXES, which use their income to live Day To Day, with very little if anything left over to save.

And given the reality, that most Americans would be happy to earn even half of $100,000 a year, doesn’t say much for the future of Working Class Americans.


AND NO ONE IS BEING FOOLED . . . that the people who make the LAWS, the TAX CODES and all the SMOTHERING REGULATIONS, which their LOBBYISTS PAY to have them navigate . . . who under NO CIRCUMSTANCE, want to GIVE UP any part of their Privileged Class – HATE TRUMP, including and perhaps . . . ESPECIALLY the Republicans, who have been playing a Double Game since Ronald Reagan left Politics.

SO . . . WHEN I HEAR, READ OR SEE . . . Republicans CRAPPING all over Trump with a VENGEANCE, which to me, says a GREAT DEAL MORE about why the people should want to VOTE For Trump, opposed to wanting to vote for the THIEF, LIAR, INCOMPETENT & PROBABLE CRIMINAL CROOKED HILLARY . . . It’s as clear as polished glass.

I’d be more worried than just somewhat, if these really Bad Actors actually supported Trump.


CROOKED HILLARY made it clear that no matter how the Republican Party tries to Re-Package and Spin Trump, he will NEVER change, because he is who he is.


One of the MANY PROBLEMS with Politicians, but this is a REALLY BIG ONE, is that we really don’t know who they are, since their strategists will make them out to be whatever they think the Electorate will vote for, saying whatever they think needs to be said to get elected.

And once elected . . . FORGET ABOUT-IT!

CROOKED HILLARY’S RIGHT . . . Trump cannot change. He is who he is. And in spite of all the maneuvering, repackaging, rebranding and whatever else they can dream-up, TRUMP WILL ALWAYS BE TRUMP. Now how refreshing is that?

BUT CROOKED HILLARY . . . She lies like a cheap rug. She lied about her emails. She lied about the Benghazi Video. My God, she even lied about coming under Sniper Fire in Bosnia. AND SHE LIED ABOUT BEING DEAD BROKE WHEN SHE AND BILL LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE.

BUT UNLIKE TRUMP . . . Here’s Crooked Hillary, doing everything she can to CONVINCE the people that she is COMPETENT, HONEST & TRUST WORTHY, when every RECORDED FACT proves otherwise.


Yesterday (August 9, 2016), Trump made a reference to Clinton’s CRUSADE (my word) about ridding America of the Second Amendment. His reference was . . . If Clinton gets to pick the Supreme Court Judges, there will be nothing we could do to stop her. But maybe the Second Amendment People can do something about it?

So the Media went nuts . . . claiming that Trump THREATENED Hillary Clinton, and/or the Judges she would appoint, if she won the election, depending on which Media you want to quote.

BUT HERE’S THE ESSENCE . . . Trump didn’t THREATEN anyone, but stated a TRUTH, which is that the Second Amendment wasn’t created by the American Founding Fathers for Americans to go hunting, or to just protect themselves from their neighbors.


The Second Amendment was ESTABLISHED AS A CRITICAL GUARANTEE, to protect the people from the EXCESS OF GOVERNMENT, which as I see it, would be the when the Government would try to abolish an Amendment, especially the Second Amendment . . . to protect against just that.

SO AS I SEE IT . . . The 50-RINOS can kiss Trump’s Rump. Crooked Hillary can be as shrill as she wants to be . . . but just like Trump, when all the veneer is peeled away, she is who she is . . . A LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, CONNIVING Politician, who will do and say whatever it takes to get elected.

And as for the RINOS, they’re Crapping Bricks, worried about losing the Privileges they didn’t earn, and shouldn’t have. I guess you can’t blame them. Payback is a Bitch.

AS FOR TRUMP . . . Just keep on RollingYOU’RE DOING FINE.

I promised about a week ago, to produce ON-AIR Audio Editorials. So, if you click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page, and turn up your volume, you can hear the FIRST Audio Editorial Broadcast that I’ve done in a long, long time. It is 12-Minutes from start to finish.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


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  1. This woman in a bath tub with milk and cheerios, was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. This video should not be shown to others and make from this ugly woman a celebrity.
    steve acre

  2. All I can say is …. I hope and pray that the American voters are not DUMB enough and BLIND enough to vote in Hillary Clinton as president! I can still hear her shrill words …re Benghazi ….”WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??” It made the difference between life and death, Hillary!! She is SCARY!!!!

  3. Maureen, you missed it by one letter in modestly different order…she truly is “CRAZY”…mentally deranged, according to her First Lady Secret Service security for two Presidential terms in the nineties, obviously tolerated by her husband because she KNOWS what she has him by and HE knows what he can do, whatever he is going to continue to do without her refusing to continue to “prostitute” herself after ALL! Re radio, we loved it and WE’RE gonna take it a lot more! B-29 Bud Farrell

  4. You are GREAT at radio – Wow. I look forward to many more.
    And this column is another bullseye for you. Those 50 signers are the reason I am quitting the Repub party.
    So funny that Clinton actually has endorsed Trump by saying what you see is what you get. Yes. How refreshing!
    Thank you Howard.

  5. No doubt, the 50 or so Republicans are RINOS anyway and of no use to Trump! HILLARIOUS couldn’t have said it better about Trump–“what you see is what you get”–not a LIAR like SHE is! A fake photoshopped crowd for one of her rallies in FL was posted on the internet….she only had about 170 people in attendance. Is that telling us something? Maybe that’s WHY Trump keeps bragging about HIS CROWDS??? The ESTABLISHMENT FEARS Trump so much that they will do ANYTHING to DESTROY him! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  6. Just for the record. President Clinton salary, $200,000 less taxes plus $50,000 expenses.=app, $960,000 after 8 years and $400,000 expenses. What are his expenses? Food? Clothes, I guess. When I knew some members of the Montreal Expos, there were a number of them that banked their salaries and lived on their per diem. How is anyone broke after receiving over a million dollars and living for free.

  7. As always, you hit the nail on the head! I’m so sick of the lamestream media that I refuse to listen to any of them when it is negative towards Donald Trump. You’re right and he is the only hope for America! Vote Donald Trump 2016!

  8. Almost puked watching speaker paul ryan and his idiotic acceptance speech. I am sure he is one who would like to get rid of Trump and just doesn’t have the cajonies to say it anymore. One of the more disgusting RINOS left in congress. hope the new congress boots his ass out first thing. No better then crybaby boner. All of the RINOS that do not like Trump should be marked and ousted quickly.

  9. What about this -Hillary’s group (her/DNC) claimed Trump’s 2nd amend. comment was ‘vicious, threatening, ‘suggesting violence’!How about the fact that the DNC and Hillary supports & supported at their convention -the Black Lives Matter people who chanted using the words “what do you want -dead cops -when do you want that –NOW! No covert suggestion there – just a blatant call for open violence to the police force that must also protect the people who want them dead!

  10. The Washington Post came out with a headline ” 1 in 5 people will not vote for Trump.” So what, what about the other 4 out of 5 who will vote for Trump? Howard, you are so right about the media and the RINOS going crazy that Trump is so popular. Keep up the good work.

  11. By lifting the scab embedded over the Washington DC boil, Trump allowed sunlight to expose the “establishment.” The Republicans castigating him self-revealed themselves as the infected core of the boil. These tyrants who believed themselves invincible, fear losing their ill-gotten gains if Trump is elected, and are frenzied as rats biting and clawing at every tip & tilt of thier sinking ship. Those with a grain of political savvy saw it coming. Behold the truths being revealed to us daily.

  12. The lefties of the media prove once again that they have theirs heads buried so for up their asses that they can’t see the light of day. The protection of the second amendments rights is of paramount importance for the American people but the trashy libs want to take that protection away from the people so the government has more control. Trump says no way and gets crapped on saying he is promoting harm to the Hillarious one. Pinko BS is all it is. Go Trump Go

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if Reince Priebus and the rest of the Republican leadership would grow some balls and tell all of these schmucks who are going to vote for Hillary that the Republican Party will no longer recognize them or support them in their elections. If they want to vote for Hillary, then they should join the Democrat Party. They cannot be Republicans anymore.

  14. The polls are being used as ammunition for Trump-bashing. Do NOT believe the polls showing Hillary ahead. I must get 3 or more calls from “pollsters” every day, who want to know how I’m going to vote. Problem is, I don’t know who is calling or how they might use my comments. So I hang up, and I suspect I’m not alone in that – millions of people are probably not counted in the polls because they feel as I do. Trump’s rally numbers are a better indication that he’s doing way better than HRC.

  15. Love your editorials. What worries me is the Electoral College. Is it possible if Trump wins the popular vote, could they vote him out? Would like to read your knowledgeable opinion so hopefully I can stop worrying.

  16. Right on again Howard….If America elects Hillary Then that will be the end of the Good Old USA

  17. Forget about the Republican Party. It well may, and probably should, just disappear. They are proving to be totally unable to deal with anything other than their own self interest. The Democrats make them look like a bunch of amateurs. Ayn Rand always said that we need another viable political party. Perhaps Donald Trump, who is not owned by special interests, is the one to steer us in that direction. Morton Michaels, Scottsdale. AZ

  18. Knowing the RINOs are so threatened by a Trump presidency, it’s obvious they will stop at nothing to prevent him from winning and would even be content with “enduring” 4 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency so they could keep their current levels of power. Expect anything. And, nothing would signal the need for the 2nd Amendment to be used toward it’s original intent like an attempt to remove it from the constitution! Thanks for bringing back the audio editorials! Look forward to many more. 🙂

  19. Why not apply the correct description of this lying, criminal, pimp, know-nothing? She is, by definition, a sociopath. “Unable to tell the truth, – while lying, could pass a lie-detector test, – amoral, – without conscience, – never has remorse or regrets, – usually has an underlying physical ailment (the faces she makes, the coughing fits, uncontrolled laughing at inappropriate times, quick to temper, etc.). “Crazy” in an UNDERSTATEMENT! She’s merely a sociopath who ought be Baker Acted.

  20. As usual, great editorial. You hit the nail on the head. Why else would republicans, with half a brain, not endorse Trump unless they want to keep their free ride and under the table money flowing!!! It’s beyond me why good people, the likes of Warren Buffet would support Hillary??? I’m sure he has a reason in his own mind. As we say in Texas, “something smells… maybe there’s a skunk in the wood pile”.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed your editorial. You say you’re “not good at it”. I say you’re quite good at it. Keep it up!

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

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