High School Is The Bowels Of Knowledge


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I’m Not A Politician . . . I don’t Answer to Voters, I don’t Answer to Lobbyists, I don’t Answer to Media Owners, I don’t Answer to Advertisers, I don’t Answer to Editors, nor Publishers, nor Producers – and I don’t Answer to my “Audience” . . . I Answer Only To My Own Personal Values, Conscience & Integrity.

So I Don’t Have To Play The “She’s Credible Game” – ‘Cause I Don’t Believe Her.

I Couldn’t give a Rat’s-Ass about Blasey-Ford’s Claims . . . & Unlike Most People, I have become so Skeptical in my Life, that I make Missourians look Gullible.

And as much as People want to Believe . . . Believe This:

There Are Liars Who Are So Pathological . . . Their Lies Are Who They Are.

Blasey-Ford was Nothing more than a Show-Boat, who got her Moment in the Bright Lights, who will be on the Fake News Entertainment Circuit until they Get Tired of Her, which will be Sooner Rather Than Later.

AND UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Because Blasey-Ford is an Academic coming from an Elitist Family, whose Specialty as a Psychologist – is NOT a Positive With Me, because all it says to me, is that her Proclivity . . . is to be a Far More Convincing Liar than Most.

Blasey-Ford Is A Confirmed Liar & A Victimizer . . . NOT THE VICTIM.

Blasey-Ford Lied about the Witnesses who Corroborated . . . Not her Story, but Rather, the TRUTH of Brett Kavanaugh. She Lied about not Flying. And She Lied about not Knowing that the Senate Offered to Meet with her at her Home in California, when it was Proven that she was on the East Coast at the Time.

It’s Incredible how Blasey-Ford Remembered Every Detail of her Assault Story, but she couldn’t Remember Where, When & How she got to where she didn’t Remember – Or got back from where she couldn’t Remember, Which Are Just Several Lies We Know Of.

I Understand Why The Republicans Kissed Blasey-Ford’s Ass . . . Because, she is and was Nothing More or Less than the Size of a Pimple on the Ass of an Elephant, who the LEFT (Democrats) wanted the Republicans to Go After – But to the great Credit of the Republicans . . . THEY DIDN’T TAKE THE BAIT!


I’m Not Writing Hypothetically About This . . . Because I‘ve also been the Target of an Enormous Media Smear in my Defense of Freedom of Expression, but Nothing to this Level, but more than Enough to make my Blood Boil, to the Point of Taking on the Media & Wikipedia for Gross & Unsubstantiated Claims Against Me.

So it’s Refreshing to See that for First Time since the Beginning of the Tea Party Movement in America, and Now with President Trump . . . That an Enormous Part of the American Population Is Now Fighting Back Too.

I Still Don’t Know If Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed . . . He should be Confirmed for a Multitude of Serious Reasons, but we’re “Talking” about the US Senate, where Politics, Theatrics & Lies Rule Supreme. So Who Knows?

But What I Do Know . . . Is that this LEFTIST Caused Fiasco will Bite The Democrats On-The-Ass, in such a way, as to Further Increase The Size & Result Of The Red Wave Coming In November.

As For The Title Of This Editorial . . . “High School Is The Bowels Of Knowledge”.

I Wrote this FIFTY-YEARS-AGO (1968) in my High School Year Book . . . But the Complete Quote Was . . . “High School Is The Bowels Of Knowledge & We All Know What Comes From The Bowels”.


After The Year Book Was Published . . . I felt Sorry that I Wrote this, since it was going to Stick with Me for the Rest of my Life. But Fast-Forward 50-Years, Knowing now what Academia has done to the Greatness & Freedoms of our Society, there is Nothing I have ever Written Before or Since . . . which is as Prescient as this one Quote, for which I am now More Proud than just Somewhat.

Freedom Will Not Be Won Without Your Voice . . .
. . . So Don’t Let Silence Be Your Voice Of Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great editorial Howard–I will be watching Netanyahu.

  2. This process has been likely the most disgusting display of partisanship the US has ever seen.
    I sincerely hope Kavanaugh makes it. And more significantly, if he does, wreaks vengeance upon those “politico” hacks who are not “person” enough to carry his briefcase.
    As for the “rape” victim how about a jail term for perjury!

  3. Mental illness is a serious problem in our society . This lady has in fact suffered the fate she describes . Who did it , where and when is of no consequence . She believes it , so to her, it is fact . Has she been “convinced ” by nefarious sources that Kavanaugh is the culprit , very likely . Regardless , the process has been exposed for what it is : less than “fair” and politically motivated by people who seek power, not good governance , and the imposition of their will upon the masses.

  4. If anything, the lefts threats to impeach Kavanaugh will stir the evangelical vote to get out on mass again and Trump wins 2020. EVERYTHING the left has used to attack anything or anyone from Trump has backfired. This will too! Just like Americans tuning out the left MSM and rating falling because of this, the lefts attacks on Kavanaugh will be met with more disgust towards the left by the majority. Guess who they vote for??? This is going to work out Perfect for the GOP! Trump Effect!

  5. I know some people who have studied psychology did so because they had problems of their own and hoped to find help in the study & becoming a Psychologist. I think that is Ford’s problem. She was intimidated by her parents & she sought help in her studies of several college degrees in the subject. Did not help her.

  6. What would Soros, dotcom,and “hedge fund”, etc mega- gazillionaire liberal/socialists be willing to pay “Doctor-Professor Ford, the hockster lawyer, porn queen and the AntiFa “protestors” to involve themselves in such theatricals? What do they
    pay the script writers who organize such sleazy theatrics. More important, what are the senators and representatives paid or promised to star in these performances?

  7. The LEFT is Satan himself. Ford’s witnesses do NOT remember any of this. A leopard does NOT change its stripes. Kavanaugh & his family & his life has been destroyed as he knew it. There will always be ‘black clouds’ following forward regardless. The Dems want him OUT. PERIOD. They USED Ford to destroy Kavanaugh. Sen. Graham said it succinctly. Today’s hearing will SHOW exactly where OUR COUNTRY is going. I hope it is not deeper into HELL. God Bless

  8. Why didn’t she go to police?
    Wasn’t the Judge on the short list when Gorsuch was picked?
    Under such stress why didn’t she even flinch when a man came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders?
    At one point she was 100% sure it was the judge but then later stated “whoever” was on top of her.
    How sweet Cory Booker was, remember how he treated the female head of department forgot her name. Not to mention he’s praising her when he himself did the same thing.

  9. Christine Ford is a grown women, speaking in a little girl voice, acting fearful, as if her experience happened yesterday. She could have won an Oscar for her act. What a shame to all women/girls that have suffered sexual abuse. It was very clear what her mission was and yes, the lawyers are being paid – the question is by whom? I believe if there was a deep inquiry into her accusation she would be found to have committed perjury and should be prosecuted for trying to destroy a persons.

  10. I agree with you about high school. This is also true of today’s colleges and universities. High school students are counseled to go to college, and when they graduate, all they have is a useless piece of paper. Employers are hiring now, but they aren’t hiring those who majored in 17th-century literature.

  11. The media, and I mean ALL the media lies “Out Loud”. I watch that speech President Donald Trump gave at the UN. Yes, they did laugh, but they were laughing WITH him, NOT at him, as he was laughing too. They applauded him after his speech, but of course the media left THAT out!

  12. The only Senators that should be voting on the Kavanagh appointment are those who as teenagers, never committed a foolish or indecent act. What is the greatest country in the world coming to?

  13. Oh my….what theatrics! I cannot even hardly stand to listen to anyone on the left. ..they are delusional and I’m ashamed that the world is watching. They insult my intelligence and I only have a high school education but I do have great eyesight and can see right through these leftists. Thank you Howard for another great piece.

  14. That should have served as a great lesson to a young girl who chooses to go to parties unattended by adults. She had to be aware of such possibilities – it’s a regular occurrence when mixed with alcohol. I knew that back in the 50s in HS & it got worse as morals went out the window. But NO, her ‘friends’ admitted they attended these parties often. 30+ yrs old, any credibility she may have had was blown to bits w/timing of outing it, & cinched with the lie about fear of flying.

  15. I am not as optimistic. The demos are not just stupid but pure EVIL. Absorb what EVIL means! All the hall marks of a civil war is in operation as per the demos activities. So thanks for the 2nd amendment we’re going to need it. We’re going to need it here in Canada even though it will be borrowed. It’s more useful than that oxymoron of a Not Withstanding Clause.

  16. Thankyou Howard for another excellent blog!! When that Ford gal first started giving her account on the happenings, I could see right through her!! Never, during her entire questioning did I see any emotion on her part.. not to mention all the lies she was caught in.. she should go to jail for perjury & defamation for sure!!! Lindsey Graham pretty much summed up the entire SHAM!!!

  17. Judge Martha Kavenaugh ruled against the parents of her son’s accuser, Christine Blasey-Ford. Right wing websites concocted a cynical (and grossly inaccurate conspiricey theory) about a woman who has accused Brett Kavenaugh of sexual assualt.

    Is it possible that the could be revenge against Judge Kavenaugh by Cristine Blasey-Ford because of the fact that her parents lost a law suit?

  18. Why would you question the memory of a beer drinking 17 year male but no one questioned the memory or what beer would do or distort a 15 year old girl memory (dr. Ford admitted to beer). Why would a 15 yr old girl be drinking beer in the first place. Why would she go,to,2nd floor bathroom when all houses have a first floor toilet. Who ever hired the incompetent republican prosecutor should be fired.
    Why would dr. Ford’s best friend who does not know Kavanaugh if she was with dr. Ford.

  19. LIES! LIES! LIES!The DEMOCRATS TRIED to BUILD their OWN TRUTHS, but did NOT SUCCEED!There is NO CORROBORATION to Dr. Ford’s accusations whatsoever!She had NO witnesses!The LEFT SENATORS have NO GUTS, as proven by their STORMING OUT to go MEET the CAMERAS and EXPRESS MORE NEWS/LIES to the people.Ms. FORD lived 20 min. away.WHO DROVE her HOME after her sexual episode?HOW MUCH and by WHOM was Ms. Ford paid to partake in this CRUEL SCENARIO vs. Kavanaugh?Agree w/Mr. Matheson & Palladini above! AMEN!

  20. Senator Graham’s response was right on. He has increased my respect for him for standing up to Judge Kavanaugh

  21. Bottom line is: Ford’s word is the only word on her side, everyone she mentioned denied seeing or and being those things she mentioned. The judge had 100’s of very complimentary letters from people who knew him many years, 6 FBI investigations and an impeccable background. What more do they need? The left is now a real rotten lot. I am sure if they open their chest, they will not find a hart but a very smelly metal box.

  22. Senator Blumenthal asked Kavenaugh if he know what “Ifalsus in uno falsus in omnibus” meant. Translation:lie in one thing then anything else you say is not credible. That’s rich coming from Blumenthal who lied about his military service in Vietnam when he never left the states.

  23. You just “Hit it out of the Park”, Howard…..& I REALLY enjoyed the other bloggers’ remarks as well! Judge Kavanaugh mother did foreclose on Dr. Ford’s parents’ home, so I’m really suspicious of her motives!! The whole thing smells really “fishey”!!! She was ALL ABOUT the BIG LIE!!!! Senator Graham did SAVE THE DAY!!!!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO…..& GOD BLESS YOU SIR, & “KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB YOU ARE DOING”, SIR!!!!!!

  24. Howard, what we saw in the last 2 days of the
    senate committee is the most disgraceful
    charade ever played by the so called, the leaders
    of the country. They should be ashamed of
    themselves. I am willing to go on the limb and
    ask, who is the one from the committee that
    did not drink alcohol in high school dances and
    tried to score with a female teenager? Steve
    Acre, Canada

  25. You are your OWN MAN Howard! Most of your readers have put forward different lies the LEFT have perpetrated on us. The Republicans do not stand tall against these shamless obstructionists. But yesterday both Lindsey Graham and Judge Kavanaugh did stand tall. HEROES. I see the sun rising and it is a RED SUNRISE! I too was struck by Fords “little girl” act, looking timid and weak.. BS. She used scientific words to describe how she “remembered” things, did not know the meaning of exculpatory?

  26. Great editorial tonight Howard. Daytime TV has been very entertaining the last two days. I can’t believe we have to put up with another weeks delay for the FBI to gum things up.

  27. Greetings: Did anyone notice that during her testimony, the “Little Girl” defined the word “BYSTANDER” as an adjective? Silly Little Girl, grade schoolers know “BYSTANDER” is a NOUN!!! This coming from a PH.D. Maybe an “internet” university? And someone should’ve reminded her to CLEAN HER GLASSES! Filthy, by the way!

  28. If you have a functioning braincell in your body, you can see through this Leftist circus show to what is the real goal of the Deamoncrats and their Kamakazi attacks against this man!
    Lindsey Graham may be old, but he has a pair!!

  29. The dems smears of sexual misconduct 30 years in the past worked in defeating a good man, Roy Moore, in Alabama. He would have been a Trump vote in the Senate, so he had to be defeated. And he was, with Mitch McConnell’s help. Heard anything from his “victims” after the election? No? Their useful idiots performance worked on stupid people, and their voice of treason is no longer needed. I hate always thought better of Alabamians, but not anymore. Dummkopfs vote everywhere.

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