First Podcast Of The New . . . How It All Began

A New Internet Radio Beginning
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  1. Can you make your podcast downloadable into an MP3 so that I can transfer it to my phone and play it later. Most other Conservative podcasts like The Rebel with Ezra Levant is downloadable. Please and Thank-You.

  2. Hey HG, Congrats on your podcast advancement! Looking forward to the next ones. I wish you’d permit call-ins where people would challenge you. That was likely why you beat Stern (and it would be more fun for you too)

  3. Trying to listen on an IPad to podcasts with my hearing even with aids is very bad, so I will not be able to join!

  4. Receiving 1st minute then loops back to beginning. Hiccup?

  5. Congratulations on your new internet radio beginning. Continue talking and writing. You personally have given me great courage. I now express myself without fear! What I say does not go over well with some. I don’t care because we are all entitled to our opinion. Thank You.

  6. It keeps repeating but I’m sure it will be corrected. I appreciate your amazing editorials!

  7. Howard, great podcast. I wear hearing aids, I am more visual than auditory.

  8. Howard, you sound wonderful here in Myrtle Beach S.C. so proud for you to go on radio. Hang in there you are doing a great job as always. Best to you and family.

  9. Hey Howard. Enjoyed your podcast. Like the way you talk. Usually enjoy what you have to say. Agree a lot of the time. Anticipating the next one. Give ‘er bud.

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