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It's Us AGAINST Them. And Them Better Not Win

With every passing day, we are Bearing Witness to a Whirlwind of History in the Making, and as Transparent a lesson can be, as to what we are watching from a Front Row Seat, as the DIRTY UNDERBELLY OF POLITICS UNFOLDS.

The FACT that the Representation of those people who have so much to GAIN, and so much to LOSE, depending on who wins the November Election for the White House, is shining a BRIGHT LIGHT on everyone. AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY.

AND WHAT WE’VE DISCOVERED . . . from this EPIPHANY of who the Players are – is that the RINOS care far more for their SUGAR DADDIES, POWER, & LOBBYISTS, than they do for the people.

WE ALSO DISCOVERED . . . that the Government is CORRUPT, beyond what we expected, and there are TWO SETS OF RULES . . . one set for the PEOPLE – and one set for the CLINTONS.

AND IF WE NEEDED TO BE REMINDED . . . the Media is full of Crap, and could NOT see the word INTEGRITY, if it was spelled-out and placed 10-Feet in front of them in 100-Point letters, in the Clearest Font Imaginable.

WE ALSO LEARNED . . . that the LEFT will do and say anything needed to be said and done in order to win. AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING.

AND WE DISCOVERED . . . that our Democratic system of Government . . . is anything but Transparent, FREE and Democratic. Perhaps at one point – it might have been FREE and Democratic, but not so much any more.


We are so INUNDATED with Lies upon Lies upon Lies, that it’s becoming near impossible for most people to understand the TRUTH . . . to the point that a Revolution is Seething under the feet of our Societies.

ANOTHER COP WAS JUST GUNNED DOWN . . . Milwaukee’s on FIRE. Crooked Hillary Clinton gave Homage to Black Lives Matter, which is nothing but a HARD LEFT, White-Hating, America-Hating, Israel and probably Jew-Hating, Palestinian Loving, group of Socialists, who under normal CIRCUMSTANCES in a country with real VALUES, would be summarized as a HATE ORGANIZATION.

Yet . . . here were the Leaders of this EXCREMENTAL Group, which chants Pigs in a Blanket yadda, yadda, yadda – and cheers when a Cop is hurt or killed, promoting VIOLENCE against Cops and Property . . . sitting in a place of honor at the Clinton Democrat Convention . . . AND SOMEHOW THAT’S OK.

I don’t have to rehash the news with any of you, because if you’re reading this BLOG, you already know the news – BUT KNOWING IT . . . and being able to do something about it, are two diametrically opposing issues.


It’s almost unbelievable, how many people who write to me, have said that Trump should NEVER have THREATENED to ASSASSINATE Hillary Clinton in one of his recent speeches. Which Trump NEVER SAID. In fact, one person made this claim in the Editorial Comment Page of this BLOG . . . AND HE WAS A TRUMP SUPPORTER.

THE FREE WORLD . . . but especially the United States of America, Canada, and Israel, CANNOT allow this Election, the most CRUCIAL Election since the Founding of the United States of America, to be lost, because of LIES, IGNORANCE, PROPAGANDA & CHEATING.

THE LEFT HAVE WHAT AMOUNTS TO FOREVER . . . to destroy what has taken Patriots more than TWO CENTURIES TO BUILD, and unless they are stopped, they will dismantle America piece by piece, which they’ve been doing from the time I was a child.

BUT I’M NO LONGER A CHILD . . . and America is running out of time. And if the Conservatives don’t get this Election Right, AMERICA WILL HAVE INDEED RUN OUT OF TIME, and we will all be entering a New World Order, and it will be back to the Beginning in our FIGHT for Individual Rights and Freedoms.


IF TRUMP LOSES . . . we can Kiss Goodbye, Ronald Reagan’s Shining City On The Hill. The American Dream will be become a Memory, as it is already fading before our eyes. And the COUNTRY that led the World, and SAVED the World from Two World Wars, Nazism, the Scourge of Imperial Japan, and the Spread of Communism under the Soviet Union will be gone.


AS YOU CAN READ, I am writing just about every day. I rekindled my Audio Editorials. I’ve started producing Internet Videos. We are now spreading the word through Face Book. And I’ve invested in a larger Server, and an extremely Detailed Analytics program to enhance and GROW the numbers of people this BLOG reaches.


So every Mid-Month . . . I PUT THE HIT ON ALL OF YOU, asking for your Financial Support, to those of you who can afford it, which thus far has helped me do many of the things I believe need to be done and said.


SO HERE I AM AGAIN – kind of Cap-In-Hand, asking for your HELP to GROW Galganov.com as FAST and as BIG as we can, since we cannot hope to hear, read, or see the TRUTH from any of our Mainstream Media, all of which are not our friends, save a few, specifically Conservative Talk Radio, which in many cases are next to BLOGS like mine, which could very well be our LAST STAND FOR FREEDOM.


But I CANNOT Fight this Fight alone. And if you send some money this month, I will come back again next month, because until we win, and until the cows come home, THE LEFT WILL NEVER STOP . . . And I will never stop until there is nothing left in me.

ONE GENTLEMAN . . . from Apple Valley California – sent $250 the other day, which to me is a great deal of money. But, I recognized his name, because I don’t get all that many people who support this BLOG (75-100 out of the TENS of THOUSANDS who read it regularly), and very few indeed, who send that much money.

And as always, just like with everyone who supports this BLOG, I sent him a personal THANK YOU LETTER via email, but before sending, I checked my records, and saw that he had sent $250 the previous month, which really attracted my attention, so I doubly thanked him for his incredible generosity.

AND HE REPLIED BY EMAIL . . . in essence, telling me that it was the least he could do, since Galganov.com is the only Political Medium he can TRUST, which to me, was WORTH MORE than his money.

WHETHER YOU SUPPORT GALGANOV.COM FINANCIALLY OR NOT . . . As I always promise, I will continue to Write, I will Speak, and I will Produce Videos, until there’s no Strength left in me to continue. I will read and respond as best I can to all your emails. I will read all the COMMENTS. And I will do whatever it takes, and whatever it costs to reach as many people as is possible.

SO . . . WITHOUT LAYING ON THE GUILT, if you think you can afford to support this BLOG, and if you think that what I Write, Say and Do has Merit and Value, you can help by offering your support by Sending A Financial Contribution.

To know where and how to send your support . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE.

And please remember what I always say. If you can’t afford to help. If you’re tight for money. Or if you’re living on a small pension – DO NOT SEND THIS BLOG YOUR MONEY. Spreading the word about Galganov.com, in any way you can, is really a valuable contribution.

For those of you who are interested . . . There’s an 11-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Narrative. To HEAR the Editorial, please click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Come now…isn’t it clear who the more important person is that Obama should spend time with??? After all he certainly has his priorities straight!!

  2. Most of us can afford to send something. That is the least that we can do to support this wonderful man who cares more about American than many of its citizens. Come on, get your check books out as I will do.

  3. Two Thumbs UP Howard!!! Keep the blog coming sir!! The only bit of sane politics and a great reality check reminder is your inspirational column. Cheers!

  4. Mailing a check tonight. We have to keep you in the forefront, telling the truth and encouraging us all to fight for what we know to be right. I think we have a chance to make a true change this fall. I just pray that Christians will join together and ask our Lord to protect, provide and deliver us from the evil that is now in power.

  5. I have to say this, I am 83 years old and all I can do is send money occasionally which I do. I am also going to call the Republican Party headquarters here and sign up to be a poll watcher. We all need to do anything and everything we can to help keep Howard talking and supporting him. Another thing I do is often I will take something from this blog and put it on Face Book. I don’t know how to work the others but I hope those of you who do know will start sharing information you get here

  6. Thank-you for your dedication. Just watched some of Judge Jeanine, but had to turn it off to avoid having a nervous breakdown over this election. That so many people just eat the propaganda fed to them by the Marxist news media makes me sick. No matter what Trump says, he will be successfully painted by them as unfit to be pres. And Hillary is a freaking criminal getting away with it! Wonder what your thoughts are regarding her closeness to the Moslem Brotherhood and other such unsavory folks?

  7. Mr. Galganov, I deeply appreciate your every effort to help the US and Canada, our countries. I am a caregiver and write and edit when I get the work. I am happy to make a small donation to this effort and I hope that your message spreads far and wide. I volunteer for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign by making telephone calls and I am happy to do it, I began back in April just prior to the New York primary.

    Godspeed in all you, in every effort you make and with each an every contact.

  8. As usual you are correct. This is the most serious time in my 83 years…..period!

  9. Howard, I appreciate your editorials very much and I do try to send you something every month as I am this month as well. I believe it is correct that this election will be the last one we will see if the Hildabeast gets in. I think it is very important to go to Trumps page and sign up to be a poll watcher. If you value your freedom and the Constitution you just have to. I know I would if I was an American.

  10. Each writing beats the last…. this one was as right on as it could be. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

  11. Can you say ANARCHY? The Demise of a Nation is NEVER GOOD Nor Pretty! History has proven NO Empire, or Nation is Immune! Do we Americans believe we’re Immune?For the most part Millions have Abdicated their responsibility and have settled for hand outs forgetting that our Gov’t was set up Of, By, and For the People. I sincerely believe the slippery slope is or has become a cliff! God have Mercy. Thank you Howard for all you do. A check is in the mail.

  12. You can feel however you like about the individual but the riots in the street can be solved by answering the question
    “what would Putin do?” Now that should provoke some thoughts.

  13. Let’s face it, the ESTABLISHMENT is getting more and more FEARFUL of TRUMP every time he speaks! Who would have DARED attack the MEDIA, as he has done. The ESTABLISHMENT apparently doesn’t care about HILLARY’S present & past MISDEEDS because they don’t want to upset their own “COMFORT ZONE”! It’s simply DISGUSTING to see how THEY are/will be supporting HER without any consideration to our Country! Yes, this Country is a lot more CORRUPT than we ever THOUGHT! GOD HELP US ALL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. They are busy signing up illegals to vote. I lived in Brownsville, Tex for 16 yrs and I saw card tables set up before every election with ladies issuing voter’s registration cards. All you needed was a driver’s license – not a proof of citizenship. All illegals and half of Mexico have USA driver’s license. Now they are controlling our elections. adios america. Start learning how to speak Spanish.

  15. I will vote for Trump but he is really hurting his chances with his loose talk. Talk of 2nd amendment, founders of ISIS, lying Ted, this sort of talk hurts him with a lot of voters. He is a loose canon that is killing his own candidacy, he should be smarter than that.
    My vote is against Hillary not pro Trump and that is a shame.

  16. I sent Howard a rather modest amount of money, as my wife and I, retired, now basically live on Social Security. I wish it could be more. What I DO now, is e-mail my friends almost every day, to remind them of the evil that is Hillary Clinton, and where this county will be headed if she wins. That possibility is real, but unacceptable to me. I urge each of you to get busy RIGHT NOW and make it your mission to keep your friends reminded of the stakes for America. Never give up – not an inch!

  17. Howard,

    Like John Marshall of Phoenix, I, too, just sent a modest amount to help in our fight against the LEFT. If we do NOTHING, it is our fault…..remember this….if we keep repeating history over and over expecting a DIFFERENT result…we will get more and more of what we DO NOT WANT. Keep the word going, and send all Galganov’s editorials to ALL your friends, neighbors, etc. It is imperative to stop the SOCIALISTS in their tracks this Nov.!

  18. It’s a privilege to support this blog. Do it now -we’ve only got 3 months left; after that the cat may be out of the bag -or the bag may be in the oval office! Thanks for you leadership Howard.

  19. Years ago, as an officer in the Army of the United Stated of America I took an oath wherein I swore to defend same against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There was no time or conditional limit. Now, our greatest and most threatening enemies are domestic. How much longer can I take the infringement on the nation that I have known?

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