Don’t Panic . . . And Don’t Let The Thugs Get You Down


It’s easy to get ANGRY over the way the Democrats, RINOS and the Media are presenting their views and fighting this election, and it’s beginning to show in the Comments and Emails I receive . . . so please:

When emailing me directly, you can express yourself as you wish (within limits). But, when COMMENTING on the Editorial Page, PLEASE be restrained in your use of colorful language and description.

One person, who recently commented, used some excessively unbecoming language, and made unfounded accusations against Hillary Clinton, which has no place on this BLOG, even in the Comment Section, so I removed the comment and wrote to that person, explaining why his Comment was no longer posted.

In a pique of anger, he accused me of being a RINO, just like the rest of them, and accused me of being a closeted INSIDER, and threatened to remove himself from the Directory, which wasn’t necessary, since I was only too happy to do it for him.


Even though your Comments – are YOUR COMMENTS . . . THEY APPEAR ON MY BLOG, and ultimately, it is my responsibility for what people read anywhere on

And even though CROOKED HILLARY is a real piece of work, and deserves the derision of the people, your language and mine, reflect the quality of this BLOG, and the VERACITY of our accusations define the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of, which defines who and what is.


We are just learning, that the Obama Presidency has been LYING to the people about the progress against ISIS, so much so, that what Obama was saying, was actually the REVERSE of the TRUTH, which was fully AIDED AND ABETTED by a lazy and compliant Media.

NOW UNDERSTAND THIS . . . it is that same Government and COMPLIANT Media, which made America believe the exact OPPOSITE of the TRUTH about America’s War on ISIS, WHICH IS NOW WAGING A DISHONEST WAR AGAINST DONALD TRUMP.

THE NAZIS SAID IT BEST . . . Tell the LIE BIG enough and OFTEN enough . . . and the people will believe it.


Thank you for the positive comments and emails on my first Audio Editorial Broadcast, which I’ve produced in many years. And even though it takes a lot of work, it’s fun to do, and gives me pleasure from the results, once I hear the Playback.

Some people had difficulties hearing the Broadcast, because of the Search Engine they use, which will be cleared up soon. But, in the meantime, if you have a problem hearing the Broadcast, go to FIREFOX, as a Search Engine, and it will work fine.


Most of us are aware of the SECOND AMENDMENT COMMENT recently made by Donald Trump, which the UNFAIR and very BIASED Media ran with like a trophy, suggesting that Trump’s words amounted to a direct THREAT against Crooked Hillary and the Judges she would appoint to the Supreme Court, if she were to win the Presidency . . . WHICH WAS NEVER SAID BY TRUMP.

AND BECAUSE OF THE REPORTS, WHICH WERE 100% UNTRUE . . . why did the US Secret Service, and who knows which others in Government Security, open an Investigation into Donald Trump’s NON-COMMENT, as if he was truly a Risk to the Safety of Crooked Hillary Clinton?


I have written repeatedly, about how STUPID the American Voters are for supporting Crooked Hillary Clinton. And how uninformed the people are who support the LEFT, but in all reality, it’s much worse than that.

It’s one thing to make a wrong decision, because, for one reason or another, you just don’t know. But its an entirely different thing, to make a BAD DECISION when you know better, BUT DON’T CARE, because that’s where we’re at today.

WE CAN PUMP THE TRUTH ABOUT CROOKED HILLARY . . . until the sun sets and the cows come home, and provide IRREFUTABLE facts with audio and videotapes to substantiate the negative TRUTH about her, but all to no avail . . . to a people who DON’T CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH.

And that’s the problem now facing the United States of America, and much of the FREE World – CANADA INCLUDED. The people want to believe in what the people want to believe . . . AND DAMNED BE THE TRUTH.


DEMOCRACY DEPENDS EXCLUSIVELY ON INTEGRITY . . . And if Honesty and Integrity aren’t PARAMOUNT to the Voting & Electoral Process – we do not have a Democracy.


In Australia, the Government has made it ILLEGAL NOT TO VOTE, which is one of the DUMBEST laws anywhere, since the individual choice TO VOTE OR NOT TO VOTE, should NEVER be up to any government.

But, where the Government MUST PLAY AN INTEGRAL ROLE IN THE ELECTORAL PROCESS, is who gets to LEGALLY VOTE. And what can be clearer than that? So, why doesn’t the LEFT want to make the VERACITY of VOTING a crucial part of the GUARANTEE for our Democracy and FREEDOM?

TO ME . . . VOTING IS A RIGHT THAT MUST BE EARNED – and must be totally honest, to the point . . . that this is what I KNOW should be done for EVERYONE to have an EQUAL RIGHT to cast a Ballot.

1 – Make a VOTER ID CARD NATIONAL . . . not just approved by each State.

2 – To receive a VOTER ID CARD, you must PROVE American Citizenship.

3 – To receive a VOTER ID CARD, you must submit a Photo, a Fingerprint and an Eye Scan.

4 – And once a Vote is Cast using the VOTER ID CARDIT CAN’T BE USED AGAIN.


1 – The LEFT Claims that every American must have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to vote. Which in my mind, should also include – Every LAWFUL American CITIZEN should have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to Vote.

2 – The LEFT Claims that making the acquisition of VOTER ID CARDS is UNFAIR to Americans of Color and of Hispanic Origins.


Why should it be more difficult for Black and Hispanic Americans to make the same effort, and do the same amount of work to get a VOTER ID CARD, than it would be for any White American?

THE WAY I SEE IT . . . If a person isn’t prepared to do the work to get a VOTER ID CARD, and isn’t smart enough to do such a simple task as to EARN the RIGHT to Vote, he or she simply should not be allowed to vote.

When Anne and I applied for our NEXUS Cards, we had to go through a series of questionnaires through Homeland Security and the RCMP. First, we had to be Canadian Citizens AND PROVE IT. We needed to have Viable Up To Date Canadian Passports. We had to submit ourselves to Federal Investigations about who we are. We couldn’t have Criminal Records. And we had to show-up for individual LIVE one-on-one Interviews.

And then we had to take an electronic Photo ID, subject ourselves to having all of our Finger Prints taken, and submit to an Eye Scan.

AND NONE OF THIS WAS FREE . . . but it meant enough to us, to receive MOST FAVORED TRUSTED TRAVELER STATUS TO THE USA, that we spent the money, took the time necessary, traveled where we had to go, and willingly surrendered some of our Privacy for the BENEFITS of EARNING our NEXUS Cards.

And if we didn’t want to do any of that . . . we could still cross the border into the USA, simply by using our Passports. But rather, we chose to work for our privilege.

NO ONE WHO IS ASKING FOR VOTER ID . . . is even remotely suggesting that the American People should have to go through this kind of work, or any expense whatsoever, to EARN THE RIGHT TO VOTE.


1 – Set up a Voter ID Registration Service in every US Post Office throughout the USA. The Post Offices are Federal, and they’re EVERYWHERE.

2 – Make it simple . . . as simple as a WALK-IN – anytime of the year, during regular working hours, for people to bring their PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP, which should include a Birth Certificate, and/or Landed Immigrant Citizenship Papers. And make it clear, that anyone who presents FALSE INFORMATION will be prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW.

3 – And make the renewal of the VOTER ID CARD subject to change of address and every 5-Years.

Anne and I have to renew our NEXUS Cards every 5-Years, our Driver’s Licenses every 5-Years, and our Gun Permits every 5-Years . . . so what would be the BIG DEAL to renew a VOTER ID CARD.

ALL PEOPLE SHOULD UNDERSTAND . . . that the RIGHT to VOTE is so VALUABLE to the integrity of a Nation, that they must be prepared on an ENTIRELY EQUAL BASIS, regardless of Wealth, Position, Education, Gender, Age, Religion, Color, Socio/Political Beliefs and any other criteria, that if they are not prepared to make the effort to get a VOTER ID CARD, they should just sit-out elections, and allow others to decide on their FREEDOMS and RIGHTS for them.

When Anne and I want to Board a Plane . . . No ID – No Boarding Pass. When we buy Ammunition in Canada, no Firearm ID – No Ammunition. When we want to have a drink at a Bar, no ID – No Drink . . . and on and on.


I DON’T TRUST COMPUTERIZED VOTING . . . for a host of reasons:

1 – We know that all computers are extremely vulnerable to being attacked.

2 – There is no viable way to recount the Votes through a computer.

3 – Simple Paper Ballots, unlike the Stupidity of the Hanging Florida Chads in Bush Versus Gore, where were it done properly, the name of each Candidate, would be clearly spelled-out with a Box beside name, where each Voter’s preference would be marked.

4 – And to Count Paper Ballots . . . it could be done by computer, AND BY HUMAN EFFORT. It’s not complicated. Not expensive . . . AND 100% VERIFIABLE IF CHALLENGED.

But that’s too much to ask from Politicians who actually want to FIX elections.

For those of you who are interested . . . There’s a 10-Minute Audio Editorial Associated with this Narrative. To hear the Editorial, please click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t think “REAL AMERICANS” voted for Obama, once…..let alone twice. I believe VOTER FRAUD along with WILLING IDIOTS put him in the White House and kept him there! (Gruber had it right when he called them idiots, I have another name for them, along with IDIOT, “ILLITERATE IDIOTS”) If these ignorant dopes had read his books before casting their votes, he never would have been elected! So sad for the rest of us!!!!!

  2. Anyone who does not realize the political power the NRA has just hasn’t followed politics. They are politically strong enough to change elections. Of course the liberal media would/does/will twist ANY LITTLE THING Trump says, so we just as well get used to it. He’s ahead, they know it and their corrupt reporting isn’t going to hurt him that much. There are too many blogs, such as this one to listen to, and you have to be stupid to misunderstand what he is saying.

  3. Apparently, Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote . And in several instants, the number of votes was up to 143% of registered voters!

  4. Right on, again! Perfect solutions for voting, in our imperfect system as it stands now. But I keep remembering what Stalin said: “It’s not who casts the votes; it’s who counts them that matters. Will the Left be honest in their counting? I doubt it. Thank you for another visionary and insightful editorial.

  5. It is true that, “THE NAZIS SAID IT BEST . . . Tell the LIE BIG enough and OFTEN enough . . and the people will believe it.

    Add to that what Stalin said, “It’s not the vote that counts. It is he who counts the votes.” Who checks the ID and validity of the millions of write in votes?

  6. Howard, I read this morning as well as Trump denying it that there was never a SS investigation into what he said. CNN strikes again…

  7. Regarding false info on ISIS threat as well as Syrian & other Middle East refugees being shipped to Europe, the US & Canada, it would seem world chaos is the objective, setting up best-case scenario for a one-world gov’t w/a one-world ruler. The Bible talks about such a leader being the anti-christ. It’s obvious the power-elite are working feverishly for such a chaotic scenario. Interesting that other Middle East/Muslim countries aren’t taking in refugees, nor China or Russia.

  8. To Pat Eubank, Thank our maker for the NRA. To Howard, our laws allow too many uninformed to vote. There should be required tests which qualify citizens to vote. The uninformed takers/non producers will always vote for those who promise to give them the most for the minimum of effort. In short, socialism was tried initially in the colonies before confederation. The producers quickly learned that they were rewarded equally so they stopped the extra effort to be highly productive.

  9. As an 8 year old in Pittsburgh, PA my mother was asked to be a voting official. They used the old fashioned mechanical machines that you had to strike a lever to record your votes. At the end of the session when you were ready to leave the booth you opened the curtain and your votes were recorded on a roll of paper. After the poll closed the committee would roll out the paper and all of the representatives of the parties had to agree. It took about 3 hours to finish. It was good.

  10. Very well put Howard: And some of them still breed. one of these days I’ll see you and Steve at the Gun club.

  11. Howard,
    I find it hard sometimes NOT to side with the frustration going on with Trump. Did you read the latest “Trump News”? – It says that Trump has accused Obama of being the founder of ISIS, and Hillary the Co-founder. While It most likely is not true, it seems that SOMEONE in the Trump camp really has to put the brakes on Trump, or we surely WILL lose the White House. Your thoughts.?

  12. The Clinton’s won’t be leaving anything to chance regarding this election. The voting machine algorithms could easily be tweaked in her favor and it would never be obvious to anyone who checks the voting patterns. Voila…breaking news from NBC, CNBC, ABC, CNN…”We are now predicting that Hillary Clinton has been elected 45th President of the United States.” She will do anything to become our next president, and compared to all her other dastardly deeds, this would be a piece of cake.

  13. Voter ID Cards SHOULD be necessary to VOTE! The Liberal THUGS [& some Republicans] are trying very hard to discourage TRUMP supporters. TRUMP is definitely a THREAT to them! His SIGNS are consistently being DESTROYED? Many people don’t want to say that they’re supporting TRUMP, due to the repercussions! TRUMP has been full of SURPRISES and he’ll have MANY MORE prior to the November election. More and more LIES keep coming out about HILLARIOUS & BHO! TRUMP HAS TO WIN TO SAVE US & AMERICA. AMEN!

  14. I heard something on local talk radio today that got me thinking. The host spoke about the “strategic” manner in which Trump is forcing his opponent (I wince every time I hear or speak her name) to spend huge amounts of money on advertising, while Trump is running one of the most cost effective campaigns in the history of Presidential races. The Dem’s are spending $500k per week to run ads because Trump is monopolizing all the network coverage. Good or bad he’s getting air time for free.

  15. My comment is about Voter ID cards. The Democrats, as you said, rail that it’s not fair for blacks and Hispanics. Just about everything in life requires an ID. ie: applying for a DMV license or ID, real estate loans, rental applications, applying for a credit card, buying an airline ticket, applying for welfare (this includes all those poor blacks and Hispanics)
    etc. In Nevada, you don’t need an ID to vote. No verification. How many illegals are playing the Hillary voting game?

  16. Let’s face the hard facts. If you are stopped by a traffic officer, you must produce a license. If you want to travel by air, you must produce photo ID. Depending upon your age, you must produce photo ID to buy liquor, tobacco, etc. Honest people expect to carry ID and to produce it when necessary. Anybody not willing to provide appropriate ID at the voting place should be denied. No exceptions!

  17. “The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.
    Kinda says it all about mainstream media!

  18. ” Tell the LIE BIG enough and OFTEN enough . . . and the people will believe it.” Liberalism is a mental disorder. No, really. There’s a great book by a forensic psychiatrist that explains it in psychiatric terms. Lyle Rossiter, Jr., MD. “THE LIBERAL MIND: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” Very enlightening and frightening in the context of the evil that passes for political ideology of the left today! What about some kind of IQ or basic knowledge test to qualify for a voter ID car

  19. Regarding Voter ID/Registration and the Constitution. America has a Federal not National Government as defined by the Constitution. The States determine voting per the Constitution. The Feds only get involved to stop the “legacy” of racism/disenfranchisement, (South is still paying for slavery!). Does anyone really want the Feds determining who/when/how we vote? I certainly do not! Americans need to read their Constitution and MAKE our government abide by it.


  21. Every state should require voter ID and the federal government should butt out. I don’t trust early voting because there’s too much opportunity to cheat.

  22. Completely agree Howard!!! Great piece on the way things are right now. Each and every post office should be setup to issue Voter ID Cards. When I went to Canada last month to fish its fine waters, I had to prove I was a US Citizen with a passport and DL. 2 Photo ID’s required. Why not here in the States to get a voter ID? Crooked Hillary and the Dems would loose about half their voting block! Keep it up Howard. Great Blog sir! Thanks for fighting for all our freedoms!

  23. On a trip to Switzerland years ago, I discovered they have Citizen Cards. You have to prove citizenship, photo, DNA, fingerprint, address, age, etc. You cannot buy anything, check into a hotel, travel, etc. without that card, or a passport if yo a visitor. I wrote this to my congressman. I got a “We’re looking into it” letter. Do you really think Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, etc want to show ID when checking into a motel? with whom? What about cash payments? etc. We’re corrupt at the top

  24. Seems the REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS BEEN RUINED WE NEED TO UNITE WITH TEA PARTY AND CREATE THE CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY USA. SO disappointed with people I thought were Ethical Moral Truthful and believed in ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Feel they now believe in ONE NATION UNDER. Pray GOD is with USA and the good people. Thank you Mr G for being there.

  25. Randi, in answer to your question about Trump saying Obama and Hillary founded ISIS – They DID. They founded it by pulling our troops out of Iraq, leaving a vacuum that gave rise to ISIS. Trump’s comment was simply sarcasm, which failed to be recognized (or more likely just ignored) by the mainstream media. As usual, they jumped all over it, same as his comment about the 2nd Amendment people, who do have political power. No, the Secret Service did not investigate Trump over that, as CNN lied.

  26. Those who have supported the “left wingers” is what has gotten us into the mess we have now with our current administration. Is it going to happen again or are we getting dumber with each election? You don’t have to be very smart to know you cannot rob Peter to pay Paul. The money has to come from somewhere. Wake up America! This is a free interprise system always has been and that is why this Nation has become so great along with God’s blessings.

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