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  1. Whatever happened to your printed version of your subjects? I save most of them for future reference and share them with my friends who are of a like mind. Please tell me how to get the old printed version of your comments.

  2. Hey Howard Very much enjoyed your podcast. Antifa are cowardly thugs and bullies. They show up at peaceful demonstrations wearing masks and helmets and carrying clubs and sucker punch unsuspecting people from behind and run away. In Portland Ore, they appear to operate with the tacit support of the administration because the police don’t protect anyone from them. They should be declared domestic terrorists and outlawed and prosecuted. Thanks again.

  3. Greetings: Today’s podcast was so inciteful! Although I eagerly await your emailed editorial link every couple of days, I’m especially enjoying listening to your podcasts! You have an excellent “miked” voice! No wonder you were on terrestrial radio for so many years! Keep ‘em coming!!!

  4. well said, I agree with you 100%. keep up the the good work. I agree with the comments you made by the left. I am older than you and I remember when the Liberals were middle of the road. This began to change with Lester Pearson and continued with PE Trudeau. Today they not only lie but attack you brutally if you are a conservative. Ray Moscato Calgary Alta. formerly from the west island of Montreal.

  5. A few days ago I went to my local bank’s ATM for some cash. Up pops on the screen AFFICHONS NOTRE DIVERSITE, which roughly translates to LET’S PROCLAIM OUR DIVERSITY. This slogan is similar to Trudeau’s DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH. I thought to myself, dammit, even my bank is toeing the Liberal line. I changed banks the following day. If you talk the talk, ya gotta walk the walk. Howard walks the walk, big time.

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