Done . . . Done & Done Like Burnt Toast


FIRST LET ME STATE . . . I’m Thrilled With The Positive Feedback On Galganov.Com Radio – So I’ll Keep Recording, Producing & Broadcasting.


It’s All Over For The LEFT, at least for the Time Being, as they are Nothing More and Nothing Less than a Tired-Old Used-Up Amalgamation of HAS-BEENS.

THE FACT THAT THE LEFT . . . Grasped onto the Aging Tired-Out and Overly Worn Whore Stormy Daniels, as one of their Icons . . . was MOST Appropriate, since looking at Daniels, The Porno-Prostitute, was no Different than looking at the Democrats . . . Tired, Worn-Out, Old Political Prostitutes With Nothing Worth Selling.


The amount of Coverage the Supreme Court Decision to END FORCED PAID UNIONIZATION of the Public Sector didn’t Receive Nearly Enough Attention, given the FACT, that the Public Sector Unions have for the Longest Time been the SUGAR DADDY for LEFTIST Politics & Politicians.

Stopping Forced Payment To Public Sector Unions Just Changed American Politics.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . A 28-Year Old (Communist) Bartender, with ZERO Public Achievements In Life Worth Mentioning, Running in a New York City District Primary, Creamed Democrat Strongman . . . Joe Crowley, by a Margin of almost 60%, who was Slated to most likely Replace Pelosi when the Time was Right. WELL THAT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

GIVEN THE FACT . . . That Most of New York City is so Far to the LEFT, that they can’t even see the Center without a Compass, I am certain, that the COMMUNIST Bar Tender will Win the Congressional Seat in November . . . GOOD – New York City & She Deserve Each Other.


AFTER MORE THAN THREE YEARS . . . of Campaigning, and almost Two Years of being the President of the United States of America – President Trump’s Question . . . “What’s Better Than Being At A Trump Rally?” . . . Speaks For Itself by the Size of all the Crowds, their Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Diversity & Intensity, because I personally Can’t Think of any other Place I would Rather Be in the Public Forum, Than At A Trump Rally.


“A POX ON THE WHOLE LEAGUE” . . . As far as I’m Concerned, if I want to watch some Really Good Football, I’m going to watch some High School Games.

I’m Done With The NFL . . . Who Needs These Arrogant Stupid Behemoths?

Whether the Players Decide to Sit or Not for the Anthem, or Come Out onto the Field or Not during the Playing of the National Anthem, or Take A Knee, or Hold a Fist into the Air – IT DOESN’T MATTER – I’M DONE WITH THE NFL – PERIOD!

I REALLY LOVE & RESPECT MY WIFE ANNE . . . But, if Anne Ever Cheated On Me, there would Never be Enough Forgiveness in my Heart to Reconcile, because to me – LOYALTY IS THE LYNCHPIN TO TRUST & COMMITMENT.

WHEN NFL PLAYERS TAKE A KNEE – or Stay in the Locker Room during the Playing of the National Anthem – Not Only Have They Disrespected The American Flag, American History & Extraordinary American Sacrifices . . . these Players have Disgraced Themselves, their Teams, their Fellow Players and the MILLIONS of American People who Watch them Play a Child’s Game for Billions of Dollars.

These Players . . . In The Majority – Many if not Most of Whom, went through High School & University on Football Scholarships . . . CERTAINLY NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR INTELLIGENCE . . . are in Fact Entertainment THUGS in Costumes, Pretending to be Important to the Fabric of Society, Where in Large Part, they aren’t Necessarily Qualified to work at a Fast Food Joint . . . asking – “Would You Like It Upsized”?

More To That . . . They Set A Horrific Example For American Children:


Between our Educational (Indoctrination) System, Media, LEFTIST Politicians, Social Media & Professional Athletes . . . In Addition to Corrupting America’s Youth, all of the Aforementioned Deplorable Groups have Sent a Message Throughout the World – THAT AMERICA IS BROKEN. That the US Constitution is Out of Date . . . Racism & Misogyny are the American Norm . . . and Men & Women in Uniform, but Specifically the Police, Border Patrol and all others Charged with keeping America & American’s Safe, have somehow Morphed into being the Bad Guys . . . AND AMERICA NEEDS TO BE FIXED.


Where . . . Up to less than Two Years Ago, I felt that America was More or Less Done, and there would be a MASS UPHEAVAL, where Constitutional Rights Would have Been Suspended, with open Revolt in the Streets, and the Possible Secession of States through Rebellion of Patriots . . . President Trump Has Given Hope.

I STILL THINK THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS . . . Reason Being, the LEFT have Nothing Else to Offer. And the Younger People are about to be Confronted Face-On with the Reality of Life . . . And because of the LEFT, They’re Not Equipped To Deal With It.

There Is No Free Ride . . . & We’re All Personally Responsible For Our Actions.

THE LEFTIST YOUTH, and the Stupid LEFTIST Elitist-Minded Adults, will also Very Soon Learn, THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE SAFE-SPACE . . . And that’s the US Constitution, with which they have all been Indoctrinated to Oppose, Yet, which gives them all the Freedoms they will Ever Need to be Successful in Life.


BUT FREEDOM REQUIRES VIGILANCE – 100% OF THE TIME . . . and the Really Bad Actors will always be Amongst us & Against us, and before Things Settle Down, there will be Plenty of Violence for Two Reasons . . .

1 – The LEFT Have Nothing Else To Offer.
2 – The Bad-Guys Are About To Get Their Comeuppance.

If You Want To Focus On Sports . . . Focus On The Game Of Life – Where almost Always, we have to Suffer for our Victories, and the Game Ain’t Over Until It’s Over. And in this Game . . . There’s Always Another Inning.

There’s A 5-Minute Broadcast With This Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. To a large portion of our people in Eretz Israel, Hussein Obama and his aggregates are mortal enemies.
    Some sectors of the remaining military industrial complex may still do business with us but his goal is also to destroy that link. My estimate is that during his visit to Washington,, Netanyahu will disclose how close we are to dumping the present administration completely. If he punts or fumbles is finished here.

  2. I was fortunate enough to meet you and Anne last summer here in Austin. I could not imagine any two people more devoted to each other than the two of you.

  3. Thanks Howard, great editorial and broadcast, i’m looking forward to more broadasts.

  4. Just watched ‘Inside Job’ movie, re the $ fallout in 2008. Tail-end caption noted the following – “inequality of wealth in the USA is now higher than any other country, and for the first time in history the average American is less educated and less prosperous than their parents”!!! Thanks to Pres BUSH & OBAMA. A five-star movie narrated by Matt Damon.

  5. I quit the NFL 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Few other sports grab my attention either. In fact, we shut off our TV cable subscription and use only the internet for entertainment and info, and we’re choosy about what we listen to.
    As for the leftists, there’s going to unfortunately be some head knocking before they begin to understand that we’re totally fed up with their antics. I’m not looking forward to what’s coming, but I feel it’s coming anyway. God bless us all!

  6. Your audio editorial was great.. thankyou for bringing it back to your blog… and as always, you written blog is on the very top of my list to read EVERY DAY!! At least I know I can get the facts from you… so tired of all this FAKE news on TV and the Internet..

  7. Howard, your column & your recordings are great. Well, the leftist gun grabbers had a big loss in Oregon. IP43 & IP44, which were effectively gun confiscation ballot items for Nov., went down in flames. The NRA & other 2A rights groups challenged the ballot wording (which was very deceitful). The leftist thought the ignorant & clueless would vote for it. The state Supreme Court had their number. In a totally blue state, this was a huge win for conservatives. I hope & pray the left keeps losing.

  8. Howard, your comments I hope are correct for the USA.
    But sadly, not for Canada.
    I fear Canada is now so far left, we will never recover. We are actually much closer to the Democrats positions on health care, education, union membership, immigration, etc.
    Even a Conservative Govt will not change this.
    Canada needs a new, truly Conservative (not Progressive Conservative) Party, or nothing will change.
    I can’t believe how most of my Conservative family and friends actually hate Trump. Stupi

  9. Howard-just listened to your radio broadcast-it was great. I’m reading “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza. I never realized how deeply rooted the tactics of modern-day leftists are in the history of fascism.

  10. Great points! NFL is irredeemable in my mind. When they allowed the animal abuser Vick back into their ranks, I was outraged and considered it unforgiveable. There is zero integrity in that organization. Money is their god and violence fills their bellies.

  11. Howard another great blog and your radio talk is super. I still like “some” teams in the NFL too bad the players who take a knee or stay in locker room didn’t spend some time in service. I’m 84 and an Army vet we didn’t ask why we were told to do something, we just did it!!

  12. HG, thanks for outstanding audios! However, I must object to something you humbly stated yesterday, “I have a face for radio”. Actually, you have a face for YouTube! I urge you to begin broadcasting there. I predict; you will become as popular, if not more, than Diamond & Silk and/or Ben Shapiro!

  13. It is irksome when a politician says both sides of isle have to change the dialogue. I don’t hear any GOP person urging “resist” or create a crowd at the around one you oppose. Nor has any gone on a shooting rampage at a Democrat function. Nor do conservatives or GOP members riot, attack police, or attend Democrat rallies to disrupt it shouting at the speaker; nor riot at colleges when a progressive, liberal, or left-leaning speaker is scheduled; or cried “offended” at anything. Sick of it!

  14. Being from Dallas, I was a so called “die hard Cowboys fan”, and have been for over 50 years. When I saw Jerry Jones kneeling with his Bozo football ball players, in protest, I was sick at my stomach. Fortunately I’m an even more “NASCAR” nut. At NASCAR races the crowds stand for the prayer AND the National Anthem. Doubt that I’ll watch much football this fall!!! That is not the venue for protests. We watch to be entertained and enjoy our sports. Not watch spoiled rich cry babies.

  15. Great blog and radio cast as only you can present it! Dems are into every type of denigration they can heap on Conservatives, disgusting vitriol, sick comedy, and physically personal harassment. My golf buddies all “hate” Trump..of course it’s irrational. They’re not even Americans:) Probably Canadian Liberals…Watching too much CBC/CTV and Global! Maybe they are just watching US media, because Rogers charges to watch Fox Cable news!! Too bad! Glad you avoided CRTC!

  16. Howard, do you think civil war is coming in the U.S.A. with the left and the fully armed right ???

  17. Howard, I think the left everywhere, in many countries will eventually be brought to heel even decimated possibly through armed conflict. Trouble is that within anything like that ‘middle eastern groups’ will certainly join in of course on the side of the left. The comment you made about your good wife and if she EVER cheated on you…but suppose Howard, you should think “what did I (you) do to cause it! Keep up your great work.

  18. Great article. Completely agree on all counts. Thank you!

  19. I’m not a football fan, only college football games…..enjoyed what the other “bloggers” had to say about the NFL! What a bunch of “LOOSERS”!! I agree with the blogger who said we can blame BUSH & OBAMA for the “mess we’re in”. The “BUSHIES” were “notorious” for the jams they got us in, & thank goodness “Jebbie” was knocked out by our wonderful Pres. Trump. GO PRES. THUMP! AMEN!!

  20. As always Howard, excellent!!!!
    But, as a Canadian, I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t acknowkedge that there is only one REAL sport: HOCKEY!!
    Nuff said.

  21. Howard, it seems to be ‘in the air’ that there may be a second civil war. The ‘left’ is so full of anger/rage because no matter what they try they can’t get rid of Trump. If he is re-elected for a second term…I truly feel this will push many Dems/leftists ‘over the edge’ and someone will try to assassinate him. They have nothing left but to totally destroy – physically – this man. And-people on the ‘right’ can only take so much, The tipping point is near, I fear.

  22. And a six year old Florida student takes a knee during the “Pledge of Allegiance”. Personally, when I said the “Pledge of Allegiance” 6 months ago when I received my American Citizenship I missed a few words because I was choked up during the recitation.

  23. RESPECT is the “KEY WORD” for our SOCIETY, but VERY LITTLE of it is NOW PRACTICED! The NFL’s LEADERSHIP didn’t have the GUTS to tell its players that they SHOULD either STAND during the National Anthem or be FIRED! The PLAYERS want ALL the BENEFITS from being in the U.S., but choose to REJECT it via their KNEELING. It’s NOT a First Amendment right, it’s being employed by a PRIVATE Corp. which SHOULD HAVE ESTABLISHED GUIDELINES where the PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED to STAND! GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!

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