Did They Finally Get The Best Of Trump?


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And Why Should “Trump” Tone Down His Rhetoric?


One of the Most Insidious Forms of Demagoguery is Fake Equivalence, which is Running Rampantly throughout the Media . . . Claiming Both Sides Have To Stop & Tone Down The Rhetoric.

Every time I Hear someone on Fox News, as I did this Morning from the Lips of Ainsley Earhardt, who is Far from being the Sharpest Pencil in the Box, and others on Fox News, who Repeatedly Spew The Canard . . . Both Sides Have To Tone Down The Rhetoric – I Can Toss My Cookies.


1 – Have you Heard any Prominent Republican Politician or Conservative Media Exhort their Followers TO GET IN THE FACE OF LIBERALS, OR KICK THEM WHEN THEY’RE DOWN?

2 – Think of all The Violent Demonstrations over the Past Few Years . . . Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the University Riots Against Invited Conservative Speakers, where the Perpetrators of 100% Of These Disgraceful Incidents are Supported & Financed by the LEFT.

3 – Who Chants Resist, Obstruct & Impeach Non-Stop . . . As A Campaign Platform?

Then There Was This 5-Second Disruption Against Pelosi . . . Who Says That Wasn’t Fake, Since I don’t Believe a Damned thing these Democrats have to say.

The LEFT Will Always Point To Two Things . . . Candidate Trump Supporting some of his Supporters at TRUMP’S RALLY, when Trump Said Rough-Him-Up about one of the BOORISH Thugs Attending a Trump Rally, who was there EXCLUSIVELY for the Sole Purpose of Disrupting a Political Event, who was an Obnoxious Shmuck who Deserved a Punch or Two to the Mouth as they Threw Him Out.

Hell . . . I Would Have Wanted To Land a Few On Him.

And the LEFT Love to Throw the Charlottesville Riots in the Face of President Donald Trump, with the MASSIVE UNTRUTH . . . that Trump Endorsed the Nazis.

And somehow, the Riot was President Trump’s Fault, especially since President Trump said there were Good People On Both Sides . . . NOT REFERRING TO THE NAZIS, but Rather, Referring to those People who Attended to Support Free Speech.


That Nazis Showed-Up In Numbers To Stage Their Own Demonstration, which had Nothing to do with President Trump, and Nothing to do with the Original Organizers who Applied For, and Received a Permit to Stage a Peaceful Freedom Of Expression Rally, which was Taken Over by Thugs on Both Sides . . . Nazis & Antifa, both of Which came to Fight – But was Used to Perfection by the LEFTIST MEDIA . . . To DISHONESTLY Paint President Trump As A Nazi Supporter.

Trump Became President Because He Doesn’t Hold Back & Says It Like It Is.

HE CALLS OUT FAKE NEWS . . . because the News Media are so Biased in what they Report, how they Report what they Report . . . and what they DON’T Report – that the News Media have Become Little More than a Propaganda Machine for the LEFT.

Want A Perfect Example? . . . “Both Sides Have To Tone Down The Rhetoric”.

When President Trump Called Hillary Clinton “CROOKED HILLARY”, President Trump Wasn’t Wrong . . . Hillary & Bill Clinton Both Deserve To Be Behind Bars, and so do most of their Accomplices.


The Fact That CNN Is On The Ropes & Most People have Very little Respect, Regard, Trust or Confidence in the Mainstream Media – ISN’T ON TRUMP . . . IT’S ALL ON THEMSELVES – ‘CAUSE THEY’VE BECOME FAKE NEWS.


The LEFT Lied about Obamacare, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Charlottesville Riot . . . And Most Egregiously – They Lied While Trying To Destroy The Lives Of The Entire Kavanaugh Family.


It’s Not Like Women Don’t Lie . . . Just Look At Crooked Hillary & Nancy Pelosi, To Name Just Two.

In The Meantime . . . the Entire News Media, Fox Included, Bought & Swallowed the BS Extravaganza – Hook, Line & Sinker about Blasey-Ford’s Uncorroborated FAIRYTALE, because Blasey-Ford was Compelling.

Every Actress We See In The Movies & On Television Is Compelling . . . And Every Sociopath Believes His Or Her Own Lies.


Because Of The Rally Last Night . . . I’m Now Worried About The Midterms.

I Saw President Trump’s Wisconsin Speech Last Night . . . The Whole Speech, and what I saw, Was A Shadow Of The President, who Seemed Spooked by the Notion Created by the Media, that SOMEHOW . . . President Trump was Responsible for these FAKE BOMBS.

President Trump Was Subdued . . . Seemingly Unsure of Himself – Not to Go Off the Teleprompter. And He Never Pointed To . . . Nor Said Even Once – FAKE NEWS.

President Trump Never Once Decried Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters or Chuck Schumer. I’m Really Hoping that President Trump was so Deflated Because of Sheer Exhaustion, OPPOSED to being Intimidated Enough by the FAKE MEDIA, To Be Knocked Off His Game, because Exhaustion is Something I can Understand, since this President has More on his Plate than any of us can Imagine . . .

But . . . To Play The Game Of The LEFT – And Stand On Stage, just to Read from a Teleprompter, without the Trump Fire In The Belly, President Trump Might As Well Stay Home in the White House, from Now Until Election Day, because, what I saw Yesterday . . . Was A Tired Deflated Man Who Didn’t Seem To Really Want To Be There.

Let’s Pray This Was An Aberration & Trump Hasn’t Lost The Fire In His Belly.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It simply boils down to; whether or not, one condones genocide as an option to resolve disputes. On Tuesday, the litmus test will be conducted in front of half the world’s population.

  2. Yes, we all need to get down on our knees and pray that Trump doesn’t throw in the towel and give in to this madness. If he does, we all lose our country and they win. That can not happen!

  3. It’s very insulting to most of us that our Republican representatives in the House and Senate to silently take “tone down” on themselves along with the Dems. They are afraid to “call it like it is” and put the blame where it belongs. This is why we are at the juncture we are in this country. Where’s the courage to stand up for right and wrong? President Trump is carrying all this on his shoulders – we need some “back bone” in November. We need people who want to “Make America Great Again!

  4. Bombs, stock market, Federal Reserve, the caravan, none of which is his doing. Anyone with a brain knows
    the stock market is never a straight line. With our media, I don’t anyone that could stand as President Trump has and
    you know there is PLENTY behind the curtain of world problems we don’t know about. Bless Trump’s heart, mind and soul and you and yours, too, the best source of truthful information!!!

  5. It sounds like TODAY’S NEWS & POLITICS have become too SOPHISCATED for SOME hosts, so they CAN’T HANDLE it! It IS understandable, however, because TODAY’S POLITICAL NEWS are mostly FAKE NEWS! Pres. Trump SHOULDN’T hold back and should CONTINUE to SAY IT LIKE IT IS! THAT IS EXACTLY WHY HE WON in 2016 and the LEFT KNOWS THIS!. FAKE BOMBS will NOT stop Trump from his MISSION which is to WIN FOR AMERICA! The BOMB ‘thing’ was created by the LEFT LIARS to OFFSET the BLUE WAVE TOPIC! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. There’s no way this “bomb” crapola isn’t a false flag–and probably Brennan since he is the one that started the Trump-Russia Hoax/Witch Hunt. The whole thing is to distract voters from the invasion coming from the south which are being sent hoping to have some photo ops of “being ripped from their mother’s arms” which won’t happen this time. These invaders are not going to get the message that we are not kidding unless they shoot them at the border. I can live with it.

  7. Well said, Mr. G. I watched ‘some’ of Fox today & almost puked. Yesterday was worse. The ‘commentators’ were ALL laying into POTUS Trump. FOX is taking the BEST & placing them on Fox Nation..a pay to view channel. Fox has succumbed to FAKE NEWS. Trump did NOT cause any of this. The LEFT did. And now they are SILENT. If Trump bows to this BS we are doomed. And the BOMBS? The final investigative results, I hope, are in by election day. God Bless

  8. HG, I watched the whole Trump rally last night too, but didn’t notice what you described. However, after reading today’s editorial, I now realize you were spot on! I guess I’m so enamored with Trump’s results, I miss some negative indicators. That’s one of the many reasons your editorials are so valuable. BTW, for your subscribers, an excellent aggregate news site, similar to Drudge, can be found at: Whatfinger dot com. I enjoy both.

  9. “FAKE NEWS”, I’m so tired of “THE FAKE MEDIA”…..& I definitely enjoyed the other “blogger’s” comments, as well! FOX NEWS is “TOTALLY DISGUSTING” in my book as well. THEY ALL HAVE “GANGED UP” on our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, who is ONLY trying to “DO THE JOB” we elected him to do! GOD BLESS PRES. TRUMP, & “MAGA” (MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN), SIR!! YOU DEFINITELY HAVE AN “UPHILL BATTLE”, THANKS TO THE “FAKE MEDIA”, SIR!!! AMEN, AMEN!!!!

  10. Consider the validity of the following: Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. High ranking members of the Democrat party have been regularly espousing confrontation and violence. Now, it appears, strange packages have begun showing up at Democrat offices and/or residences. How about that! Consider also the saying: “What goes around comes around”. I fear we now are clearly now approaching a shooting civil war thanks to the Dems

  11. Our President Trump literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders AND a hoard of leftists pummeling him from all directions–huge border issues, left creating disasters & blaming him, etc. I could go on & on. He most definitely needs our constant prayers for his safety, sound advisers, and God to reveal His will to him. I also pray God reveals the truth comes out, especially about these bombs.

  12. I watched most of the rally last night, I agree that the president was not on point. I also realize that as a country were are near Civil War. There are people out there that are just plain hateful. If we do not take both houses next month, our president will be handcuffed, being able to do little other than fight the House Dems. CA DMV just accidently registered 1500 plus illegals to vote, but they will not fix it. CA has the highest homeless rate in the country…

  13. The format that he set for himself in these past several weeks would be better handled by a person 20 years younger. I am sure it is taking a toll on him together with all the other problems in this Country. He must feel all alone with so many daily pounding him. He is strong, time will tell. Obama’s handlers sure created a mess.

  14. Don’t give up on Fox News. Their best and brightest beat the corrupt Pravda media hands down. I’m speaking of Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Steve Hilton and Mark Levin. Nobody in the alphabet networks or Gestapo press comes up to their ankles.

  15. You really nailed it Howard. God forbid Trump should be intimidated. He is in no way responsible for anything but uniting Americans that still believe in their wonderful (but slipping) country.

  16. I don’t think Trump is going to “bail” on us, ..BUT where is the investigatory power of our country, and all of it’s agencies? This is getting TOO close to a REAL CONFLICT! I firmly believe “TERM LIMITS” would prevent what I call “DINOSAUR CONTROL”. “TWO (terms) AND DONE!! If you paid me $250,000 “literally screw around” for six ears, I can assure you there ain’t may folks who will “give it up” and go home!!
    “Absolute Power corrupts, ABSOLUTELY!!! We just need a Constitutional Change!!

  17. It’s all in Atlas Shrugged. Clinton, Obama, Schumer, Peloisi, Shiff & Co. want control over 300 milion mindless Americans and President Trump wants all thinking Americans to have the opportunity, unfettered, to aim for and achieve the American Dream. I Clinton or anyone who thinks like her or Obama ever gets in then it’s 1984 for sure. Wake up America you have to keep the Republicans in power for your freedom under the Constitution.

  18. The negative Domino effect on the world economy over the catastrophe called Saudi Arabia is the specter weighing on Trumps mind. It does not take rocket science to see the leftist globalist collusion in bringing so much to the plate timed with the mid terms. Migrants, Antifa, Mueller, Bomb scares etc., Trump Knows Gant Org Charts for major projects and knows that it is all happening and is charted by Soros over on the wall at Obama’s mansion. Trump knows America is on the edge of Civil War.

  19. Seems the Nazies (media) and would be Hitler (Obama) and hinchmen (Clinton’s, Biden, Waters, etc.) are trying to turn the mindless against trumps people. Mr. Trump has family to watch out for. As nasty as the left is, He should be worried. Mr. Ross Perot went up against the Cintons, He caved. Adding Millionaire Soros hiring thugs to protest violently at peaceful rallies and harassing conservatives, worry is a light word. Good work HG, watch your back too.

  20. Isn’t it funny that none of the bombs have gone off. Wouldn’t want to mangle or hurt anyone of them (Dems), would we now!!!!!

  21. What commentator on Fox News are you listening to ? Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeanine Pirro are the ones to listen to.

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