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  1. I just love your Pod Casts!!! I wear hearing aides and am NOT having any trouble hearing or understanding you! Same as you, I’m sick of all the intrusion into our lives. I look at an item on-line and next thing I see is that item being advertised on the web pages I’m looking at. EVERYTHING we do is tracked! It’s down-right scary!

  2. I turned down the gadget to monitor my car as I did not like the intrusion in my driving. I agree 100% with you about that and the monitored traffic lights. I feel that is also an intrusion and it I a step away from complete control by the government.

  3. Hey Howard. Gotta disagree a little a little. I personally believe that Trudeau is an empty man with no core beliefs. I love my country and he is trying to bankrupt it and tear it apart. Jason Kenny got it right when he said “There is more depth in a chafing dish.” Surprisingly, I’m really enjoying your podcasts both for the content and because I can hear you well with my hearing aids and because you are a storyteller. Keep it up Bud.

  4. Totally agree with you today. I HATE the Automatic Traffic Cameras for violations!!! I got a ticket for a Red Light. I was behind a huge Semi Truck in a Toyota Corolla & simple could NOT see the traffic light, until I was in the intersection! I believe if I had been stopped by a cop he/she would have given me a warning. 2 years later all Traffic Cameras were deactivated, due to low income of tickets being generated. The tickets were not paying for the rent of the cameras!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  5. Greetings: I just heard your podcast & my wife listened in. Like you & Anne, we differ on privacy issues a bit. I just sold my 2017 Silverado pickup because of privacy issues you talk about! My truck would provide a DIAGNOSTIC every month indicating my harder than normal BRAKE usage, maximum SPEED & a bunch of other data. Once insurance companies get to QUANTIFY this data, we’ll all be PUNISHED for one reason or another with even HIGHER premiums! But where’s the REDUCTION when I drive SAFELY?

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