Canada – Whistling Past The Grave


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I am Never Disappointed by the Utter Stupidity of all our Politicians, but None More-So, than the Idiot Occupying Canada’s PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). And with every Passing Event, Justin Trudeau Proves To Me . . . That You Can’t See Bottom Until There’s No Further Distance To Fall.

So I’m Reading & Hearing from the Canadian Free Trade Negotiating Team, That Canada Will Not Negotiate Supply-Management.

Just to Make Certain we all Understand what Canadian Supply-Management Is . . . Supply-Management in Canada, is a Communist-Era Agricultural Marketing Policy, where the Federal Government DICTATES EVERYTHING that Touches the Dairy Industry Across The Entire Country . . . THE POULTRY & EGG INDUSTRY TOO.

As A Result . . . Only the Government of Canada gets to Decide upon who Can, And Who Cannot be a Dairy Farmer. This also DICTATES Quotas of Production, and the Prices Canadians Pay for Milk, Butter & Cheese.

And For Poultry Farmers, Canada Decides on the Quotas and Prices for Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs, which is why Anne & I love to Cross the Border into the USA, where we Buy Milk, Butter, Cheese, Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs – For as Little as HALF OR A THIRD the Price we Pay in Canada for the same Products.


Canadians have been Subjected to LEFTIST Thinking for so Many Generations, that Most Canadians have become so STUPID, that we can’t even See when we’re Getting Ripped-Off.

Socialism Has Become So Endemically Inculcated In Canada, that we Believe it is Better to have Two of the Most Important Food Groups Controlled by the Government, in order for the Government to Artificially Protect Only 14,000 Farm Families, to the Extent that the Average Canadian Family, will spend SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS “MORE” Per Year on Basic Food Products like Milk, Butter, Cheese, Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs, than will a Comparable American Family Earning the Same Money, while Paying Less in Taxes.


The Ethnocentric Nationalistic Province Of Quebec, where the Unrestricted Use Of The English Language Is Against the Law, Controls about Half of all the Dairy Products Produced in Canada. The Province of Ontario is a Close Second – But Between Them, there are Fewer than 10,000 Dairy Producing Farms.


And even at that . . . the number of People Employed by each Dairy Farm Amounts to a Hill of Beans, since it’s Generally the Farmer, his or her Family, and from time to time a Helper.

So . . . Not Only Does The Dairy Industry Not Create Many Jobs – It Artificially Raises the Price of Essential Food Products to Canadians, by TWO TO THREE TIMES what Americans Pay for the Same Products.


In Order To Keep The Communist Supply Management Policy Going . . . Canada CAN’T Allow Any Competition in the Dairy or Poultry Industries, which Means that Canadian Dairy Producers and Chicken/Egg Farmers get to Sell their Products wherever they can in the USA . . . Tax, Duty & Tariff Free – BUT AMERICAN DAIRY & POULTRY FARMERS CAN’T SELL THEIR PRODUCTS INTO CANADA.

President Trump Made This Clear – Either Open Up The Dairy & Poultry Industry to American Farmers . . . OR AMERICA WILL LEVY A 25% TARIFF ON THE CANADIAN AUTO INDUSTRY.


The Canadian Auto Sector DIRECTLY EMPLOYS More Than 140,000-Workers, almost Exclusively in the English Speaking Province of Ontario. And when one Considers Spin-Off Jobs, the Total Number of People who Live-Off the Canadian Auto Manufacturing/Assembly Industry, Probably Numbers as Many as a Half Million People With Good Paying Jobs.

So How Much Of Canada’s Auto Industry Is Exported? . . . $44-Billion.

Geographically . . . Canada is the World’s Second Largest Country (Land Mass). But, in Terms of Population, Canada has Only 36-Million People, living in an Unsustainable Welfare State.

Where Do 90% Of Canadians Live? . . . Within 100-Miles Of The USA.

What does that in itself tell you about Canada’s Reliance on Literally Everything American?


If You’re An American With 10-Times The Population Of Canada . . . $44-Billion is a Great Deal of Money, but to Canada, with One-Tenth the US Population, $44-Billion Is A Veritable Fortune.


How Could A Government Be So Stupid . . . as to Risk as Many as a Substantial Portion of a Half-Million-Jobs, and the Bulk of $44-Billion Dollars In Direct Trade, to DEFEND a Communist Era Oligopoly, which Employs less than 20,000 People who will Still Work & Produce Milk, Cheese, Poultry & Eggs for a More Competitive Price, Saving Canadian Consumers From Being Ripped-Off Every Day?

I Can Dazzle You With The Absolute Stupidity Of The Canadian Government . . . which, if it wasn’t so Criminally Outrageous, it could be Funny. However, because Canadians are being Taxed & Regulated to Death, it is the Furthest Thing From Funny One Can Imagine.

SO . . . If President Trump can Slap the TWERP we Canadians call Prime Minister Upside The Head Over This Trade Debacle, and get Rid of this Communist System of Supply Management . . . I’M WITH TRUMP!


The USA just Made a Landmark Deal with Mexico. If President Trump Allows Canada to have a Better Deal Than President Trump made with Mexico, what will Mexico have to say about that?


If the Canadian Twerp Gets the Best of America in this Trade Deal with President Donald Trump, What Message Would That Send To The EU, China, Japan & Others?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This Canadian is 100% behind Trump. I hope he holds on and waits until Canada gets rid of its Supply Management System. IMagine what an extra $1,000-$2000 annually would do for our economy …. money we could use to buy Canadian and US made items. Over 10 years …. that savings is a nice new car.

  2. You nailed it on all counts. I get the urge to barf every time I see that putrid face on TV. Surely this Country will smarten up and not re elect this fool. Thanks for spreading the word.
    Cheers from the home of Duality.

  3. Is it Communist or is it Fascist? – it is designed to create an elite corporate class, in poultry, eggs and Dairy.
    to make a successful poultry operation you need 80,000 birds at a time. You have to pay the poultry marketing board quota of over 27dollars per bird for entry. 2.1 million paid + just for permission to raise Chickens over and above facility costs.
    And the marketing boards are run by the Quota paying members and protected by the government. Millionaires & Billionaires only.

  4. A kilo of 3 year aged cheddar cheese costs $5 in the US and $ 25 here in Canada. Ditto for everything else – especially electronics. The Canadian tariff just forces us to pay 3 to 5 times the price in the US for our own dairy products, that’s all, and with the emphasis on the “forces”. And for this to allow these farmers to sell the same products below the border at a fifth of the price and these farmers get subsidized as well from us the tax payer. This data came out of my wallet!

  5. Having been raised my first quarter century in Montreal, we’d often go to Plattsburgh, NY, just across the border to buy home items, since prices were so much cheaper. On our return, we’d have to deal with the Canadian Gestapo border agents who often tore apart peoples’ cars in search of U.S. cigarettes, linens, etc & GOD FORBID YOU’D BOUGHT MARGARINE, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE, since butter was a “PROTECTED” DAIRY PRODUCT! In fact Quebec margarine had to be WHITE! And why is GAS so MUCH MORE?

  6. I think that Trudeau thought that he could get by on his looks alone and to heck with the brains! Canada deserves what is happening as many voters couldn’t wait to get rid of Steven Harper. I even heard one caller on CFRA say about P.M. Harper “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.
    By the way, the more people go after Trump the better I like him!

  7. I have family who are dairy farmers, and I can’t discuss this with them. They call themselves Conservatives and Free Market Supporters, but stand behind their protected marketing boards. Milk quota trades on the open market, so it’s price is based on free market economics. Milk prices are set by Govt using a cost plus formula, NOT including the cost of quota at $40k/cow! So that just shows how out of touch with reality this formula is.
    This system has to go. Communism on full display!

  8. Wow….things have NOT changed in Canada in many years RE: pricing. I worked downtown Detroit & the folks I worked with would BUY American, lived in Canada & I would then send these ‘gift wrapped’ to their homes because it was so much less expensive for them. At Christmas time I and many of my co-workers were busy sending ‘gifts’ to our Canadian co-workers homes! Great Blog, Mr. G. God Bless the USA & Canada

  9. I am sick and tired of paying $4.50 in Vancouver, B.C. for the same brick of cream cheese I used to pay $1.25 for at the Walmart in Mesa, Arizona. The average dairy farmer in Canada is worth more than $3.5 million; the average poultry farmer over $5.3 million. Dismantle the dairy board…pronto! Let them switch to another farming endeavor. Hmmm. Let’s see…what is an up and coming farming enterprise they can switch to…marijuana growing!

  10. Well HG unfortunately a very accurate description of the crap Canadians put up with daily ! Overcharged for necessities like food , fuel and electricity ,overtaxed on your Income and another 13-15% HST when you spend what is left .Unfortunately IT IS SUSTAINABLE until we are all broke and are at the mercy of the World Bank. Oh yea and let’s get back all those guns while were at it . PIPELINE you say ! nah enough immigrants and we can get a Bucket Brigade from Alberta to the East !!

  11. Well, that explains why I see so many Alberta license plates in our shopping center parking lots. Say, do you suppose Trudeau and Moonbeam Brown of California are related? They preside over similar-size populations. Trudeau has butter and eggs, Moonbeam has a railroad…

  12. Dairy Products. I had no idea that this program existed in Canada. Exactly what happened
    to my relatives in Ireland with the Euro and they were in the Dairy business. They survive but not like before.

  13. Our problem here Howard is sheeples that don’t want to do better news research, are so misinformed and only rely on the lame stream media fake news are totally brainwashed and still thinks that life in hunky dory. People like you and me that go beyond the lame stream media is about what, 10% maximum 20% of the total population. Until that changes, I am afraid that the status quo will remain and get worse and when sheeples finally wake-up, it will be already too late.

  14. TRUDEAU may be TRYING to play TOUGH, but he has NO CHANCE against Pres. Trump!He’d better WISE UP because he’s “going to pay the price”!I remember when ‘us Americans’ used to envy Canada re: their HEALTH & MEDICATION programs, but NOT ANYMORE! When you write about Canada, all I can think about is when HUSSEIN OBAMA was president!There IS an END to EVERYTHING, but sometimes, it takes a while.The CHANGE can also be very SURPRISING, e.g., TRUMP’S WIN over Hillary! The DEMS are STILL CRYING! AMEN!

  15. Yes, that insidious socialism has been an issue in Canada for many years. I moved to the US LEGALLY over 20 yrs ago, mainly because of it. You are correct. Most Canadians don’t even recognize it. Such a once great country, now run by an Emperor with No Clothes! It boggles the mind that anyone can have faith in this man, yet many of my friends and relatives do. In the USA we needed a WARRIOR, not a DIPLOMAT and Pres. Trump has my full support.

  16. Dismantling supply management in dairy, etc. means that 35 million Canadians will not be held hostage to this program. This was done in Australia and consumers are paying less. However, agriculture in the U.S. receives direct and indirect subsidies and no one mentions this.

  17. Howard is absolutely right, on all points. Many Canadians have been conditioned to socialism by our MSM, and by our tainted education system. How else could a dimwit get elected as PM, when he truly did not utter one word, or phrase, of intelligence, during the pre-election debates. The MSM fawned over him at all times, and the intellectually under nourished voters fell for it hook, line and sinker. The result has been a world wide embarrassment for Canada as well as an economic disaster!

  18. If you live in or near Cornwall, Bj’s Massena for Dairy Products and Bears Den for gas. Even with a 75c dollar you still save enough to make the trip worthwhile.

  19. Reading about Canadian farmers, I couldn’t help but mentally respond with the fact that US farmers are not millionaires except for the conglomerate CAFOs; regular farmers are barely make it. Many go bankrupt because what they get for their products is near pennies compared to cost of that product at market; & they are constrained by gov’t quotas. Gov’t loans for new equipment; can’t make payments; foreclosure. Only BIG operations make it; fewer small farms. Gov’t screws up all it touches.

  20. May GOD continue to bless you dear Canadians…..Thank goodness for our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, He has Truedope’s number, I’m SURE! I grew up in Seattle, Washington & I had an uncle, who seemed to be mesmerized by Canadian women!! Things were certainly different back then!!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO, & AMEN-AMEN!!!!

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