Canada Insults Saudi Arabia & Gets An Ass-Whooping


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Here’s A Message For The LEFT (Communist) Loving Americans.

The United States of America is Doing So Well, Compared to all Global Metrics and all Competitive Global Societies . . . THERE ARE NO COMPARISONS.

SO . . . When I Read & Hear about the Democrat Party’s SWING TO SOCIALISM & DESIRE to be part of a One World Government . . . all I can do is Marvel at the Stupidity & Ignorance of the American People who are Grasping this Lunatic Concept of Government.

Even More So . . . I have to be More Impressed Than Just Somewhat with the Academic Ability of Teachers from Pre-K to Post Graduate Degrees, to BRAINWASH Generations of our Children with the Notion that one of the MOST EVIL, CORRUPT, UNFAIR, INCOMPETENT & FAILED SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, is somehow Superior to America’s FREE MARKET (Capitalist) System, Based Upon a Meritocracy Celebrated by Individual Freedoms.


Canada Has Moved “Big League” To The LEFT . . . & Here’s Where We’re At.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . Saudi Arabian Domestic Social/Politics is Disgraceful. It is Abhorrent & and an Insult to Everything we in Canada, and Especially in the United States Holds Near & Dear . . .

But Unless We In The West, Are Prepared To Take On All Global Abusers, It’s Best We Just Shut The Hell-Up, Because That Isn’t Going To Happen.

Saudi Arabia Is A Horrible Human Rights Abuser . . . But there are so many other Sovereign States who are just as Bad, and in some Respects even worse, which makes Saudi Arabia not at all Exceptional . . .

SO . . . for the Canadian Government to all of a Sudden DEMAND in a Public Forum, the Release of a Saudi Woman’s-Rights Activist – & ALL OTHERS FROM DETENTION . . . Is An Affront To The Saudi Government, which is actually trying to bring Saudi Arabia into the 21st Century of Female Human Rights.

But I Guess There’s A Lot Of Feel-Good In Grandstanding.

Saudi Arabia Is An Economic Powerhouse . . . doing all that it can to turn its Economy away from Petroleum & Gas to the High Tech, Trade & Tourist Markets, which if Successful, will become a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR Investment – So For Canada, Led by Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau), to Publicly Castigate & Stick It To The Saudi Royal Family . . . IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION.


In One Fell Swoop . . . The Saudis DEMANDED the Expulsion of Canada’s Ambassador from Saudi Arabia, Withdrew its own Saudi Ambassadorial Team from Canada, Broke-Off all New Trade Agreements with Canada & Suspended Existing Trade Agreements.


Canada Wants To Re-Establish Relations With Iran. A Known Sponsor Of Terror.

Canada Feeds Palestinians (Hamas & the PLO) with Money, in Order for the Palestinian Arabs to Teach Palestinian Arab Children to Hate Jews & Israel, and to Pay the Families of Deceased, Wounded or Incarcerated Palestinian Terrorists, with a Financial Amount, Depending upon how Much Death, Terror or Pain the Palestinian Terrorist Inflicted upon an Israeli Jew or Jews. The More Horrific the Crime . . . the More Money the Family Receives.

I Didn’t Hear Or Read anything about Canada’s Condemnation Of Syria and the Slaughter of perhaps as many as a Half Million Syrian Men Women & Children. Or Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons against its Own People. Nor am I Aware of Canada’s Condemnation of the Fires set to THOUSANDS of Acres of Israeli Forests, Farms, and the Wholesale Destruction of an Unimaginable Number of Animal-Life Caused by the Gaza-Palestinian Arson Fires.

I also Don’t Hear Boo From Canada . . . Concerning the Disenfranchisement, Beatings, Rapes & Murders of Christians in Moslem Lands . . . OR THE ATTACKS ON CHRISTIANITY in Places Like China, North Korea & Turkey.

And what about the WHITE Farmers of South Africa, who are being Driven off their Farms by Government Inspired Thugs, Politicians & Courts? Where’s Canada’s Voice There?

In the Meantime . . .
The Saudi Activists Are Still In Prison . . . & Canada Got An Ass-Whooping

IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS . . . Canada – through Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Insulted President Trump as the President was in the Air on Air Force One on his Way from Canada, after the last G-7 Meeting.

Canada has been Dumped as a Bilateral Trading Partner by Mexico in the NAFTA Renegotiations, which Mexico is now Negotiating One-On-One with the USA. And now Thrown-Out By Saudi Arabia like a Dirty Rag, with Lost Saudi Trade Deals Worth $3-Billion Annually, which to a small Country like Canada (35-Million Population) is far from Chicken Feed.

But It Gets Even Much Worse For Socialist Canada . . .

A Bit More Than A Year-Ago . . . When President Trump said America will Not Be Extending Visa Privileges to People in America, who will be Overstaying their Refugee Visas, and they would all have to Leave the USA, presumably to go back to their Countries Of Origin . . . In A Grandiose Gesture – Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister, to show the World that He (Trudeau) was a Far Better and More Humanitarian World Leader than President Trump, PUBLICLY INVITED . . . all the Soon to be Evicted Visa Refugees to Canada . . .

Well . . . Not Only Did It Backfire – It Exploded In Canada’s Face.

The Mainstream PRO-LEFT Canadian Media, don’t want to make a Big Thing of this, but in the Past Year, Canada has Allowed-In, Whether We Wanted Them Or Not, A MILLION MOSTLY UNVETED “IMMIGRANTS”, who have either Walked into our Country through Canada’s Border Crossings or BESIDE Canada’s Border Crossings, which has Placed an INTOLERABLE STRAIN ON EVERY FABRIC of Canadian Society . . . From Housing, to Healthcare, to Education, to Law & Order and to the Safety of Canada’s Culture.

Then Came The Ontario Election Which WIPED-OUT The Ontario Liberal Party.

The Liberals & NDP (Even Further to the LEFT of the Liberals) have made such a Mess of Ontario and the Rest of Canada, that our Public Healthcare, with the Exception of Serious Trauma’s & Catastrophic Illnesses . . . is Near Un-Available for Relatively Prompt Services to Taxpaying Canadian Citizens, that is, if a Canadian Citizen can even find a Family Doctor. And for “Elective Procedures” such as Hip Replacements, the Wait-Time is Easily a Year or Longer. And for “Non-Emergency” MRI’S & CAT SCANS – the Average Canadian can wait for Months.

Canada’s Schools are in a Shambles. Canada’s Roads, Highways, Bridges & Overpasses are a National Humiliation. Canadian Fuel Prices for things like Gasoline to Drive a Car, in some Places like British Columbia Costs MORE THAN $6 Per Canadian Gallon.

The Costs & Hoops Needed To Get A Simple Building Permit . . . Is Like Ascending Mount Everest. The Cost & Regulations to open a Business are Staggering, which are no less Staggering than Selling or Closing down a Successful Business in Canada.

Taxes In Canada Are Insane . . . And Workers have MORE RIGHTS than have the Employers, and have MORE Government Mandated PAID TIME-OFF (Paid by the Employer) than Most Small Businesses can Afford, Making it Extremely Hard, to Near Impossible for Small Businesses to become Medium Size to Large Businesses.

And Then Are The Regulations . . . The Regulators, Inspectors & Enforcers.


Canada is on the Fast Track To Becoming a Failed Socialist Country, where the Canadian Government, through the Structure of Government, CREATED . . . Not by the People, but Rather, in Spite of the People, by the Politicians, Bureaucrats & Lawyers – who Surreptitiously are Scheming to Remove Canadian Individualism in Place of Collectivism, which SIMPLY TRANSLATES to a Loss of Individual Rights & Freedoms.

Remember This . . .

THE WORD NAZI . . . Was Derived From – National SOCIALIST German Worker’s Party.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I really hope that Benjamin Netanyahu puts it to Obama with all barrels blazing. I’m just concerned, as you have stated in the past…. that the Jewish people in the United States and Isreal voted Obama in two times.. I would like to ask you, has that changed. Are the people of Israel seeing the evil of the left and are they going to vote right in their country and here in the future?

  2. Dear Sweet Jesus that is a MESS. You are absolutely correct. Where are your voters? Where are the letter writers and telephoners? Why are the citizens allowing this? And they vote the SAME IDIOTS into office. Probably the same place some of the folks are in the USA………too busy to care. BUT sooner then later they will have a Come to Jesus moment!
    We have our primary elections tomorrow & every Middle Eastern is on the ballot. This is NOT going to be easy. God Bless

  3. Do you think it’s just serendipitous that the Leftist pretty-boy Justin decided to confront Saudi Arabia at the moment in history when Saudi-Israel relations are warming due to the age old credo “the enemy of my enemy” ie Iran, is my friend? At precisely the same time the US is slamming Iran with hard-hitting sanctions? Trudeau’s shmuck move is a triple shot against the Saudis, Trump, and of course, Israel.

  4. Condeming the Saudis’s human rights violation by Minister Freeland is the height of hypocrisy. Her grandfather ran official Nazi newspapers and she refuses to acknowledge this let alone condemn it. One see the route of her anti Israel rhetoric

  5. Hi Howard. Hit the nail on the head again, sad to say. Sometimes think a slap upside Trudeau’s head to rearrange the marbles would not be a bad idea. The GOOD NEWS. Doug Ford is working as hard and fast as he can to reverse the tailspin that Wynne’s Liberals inflicted on Ontario’s economy. Hopefully we can boot Trudeau next year and reestablish normal diplomatic relations with the rest of the world. What an idiot he is.

  6. I propose that America exchange Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez with Canada for Howard, His lovely wife and their exceptional dog, with immediate US Citizenship granted to all 3!!!!
    Jim Hunt
    Kearney, NE

  7. Well I agree . Meanwhile the PM is celebrating with selfies at the Gay Pride Parade (festivities) in BC. Riddle me this : I thought we elected leaders to RUN THE COUNTRY . That means feeding those who need help, keeping the streets safe ,the lights on, the trains running and the highways serviceable etc.. Where does the need to change the world order, reorganize and restructure come from ? they can barely keep the doors open and business running .

  8. Trudeau chose to dictate to Saudi Arabia on LGBT issues – to violate Moslem Sharia law. Saudi Arabia and all Moslem nations are governed in lockstep with Sharia Law. Sharia is unchangeable under penalty of death. Trudeau and his Ambassador have committed Capital offenses in Saudi Arabia. Trudeau will be the first Canadian Prime minister to receive a Fatwa.
    Add to that Canada’s pursuing of restoring relations with Iran and you have a Canadian PM as foolish as the late Olaf Palme of Sweden.

  9. Interesting, now where have I heard this before. Perhaps right in my Country and recently. We had a clown at the helm here that did more damage than 15 Hurricane Irmas. Now we have a clean up guy in place. Remember “Chain Saw Al”?
    Now we have the Trumpster.

  10. Leftist hypocrisy by the rich in the USA is rich. Jeff Bezo (Amazon,Washington Post) is worth $150B. When Seattle, WA passed a tax on companies to help the homeless, Bezo threatened to move Amazon out of Seattle. The city council blinked & canceled the tax. But yet Bezo is a Trump hater & big supporter of DIMMS & their socialist agenda. If that’s not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is. Did the MSM make a big deal out of it—crickets. But Betsy DeVos’ big house is a big story. journalism is dead.

  11. By the silence of the Democratic party. NOW CLEARLY being aligned with the Socialist/Communist Party simply by, NO PROTESTS AND NO RIOTS TO DENY SUCH. It appears that we in America have become a party of Republicans and Socialists! I’ll compare this now Party to ALL, AS DEFECATING ON THE GRAVES OF Those Buried in Arlington Cemetery. The NOW “Democratic/Socialist/Communist” Party IS A DISGRACE to ALL who STAND For STOOD FOR having Sacrificed For the REPUBLIC ON THESE UNITED STATES! SEMPER-FI !

  12. You have said what I think has needed to be said about our Clown Prince! Thank you.

  13. Pitiful and amazingly ignorant. Hard to believe so many bright and intelligent people
    are so thick headed and cannot see what is happening. We all must work hard to prevent
    this from continuing, in the great country of Canada and the USA as well. Preserve our
    heritage and our way of life. Thank you for always hitting the nail smack dab on the head!
    Pauline FitzPatrick, Fort Lauderdale, FL and Nassau, Bahamas

  14. Perhaps see if Trump Administration would trade the over-staying visa refugees for the Canadian citizens who wish to immigrate to the USA, not with visas (which you already have), but with citizenship papers in hand.

  15. What can I say, Howard? Canadians are still too comfortable in the current socialist state – unless & until the problem hits more people, you won’t get them even interested!! Yes, the people who depend on social services will demand more – the fact that our National Debt is $657 Billion doesn’t even register with most Canadians. The complacency is astounding & quite unbelievable. Wait till what has happened in Venezuela (people eating animals in zoos) starts happening here!! Maybe then!!!

  16. Wow! I truly empathize with all of the Canadian Conservatives, as your Country is slowly being DESTROYED, just like America was during Hussein Obama’s 8-year term. Thank God for PRES. TRUMP! I totally agree with Jim Hunt’s suggestion above! I, personally, would not hesitate to make that EXCHANGE either! It’s very sad to know that some people MUST touch FIRE to realize that it BURNS…such as the PROGRESSIVES! Let’s ALL pray for Canada that they will get a new leader just like ours. GO TRUMP GO!

  17. Until we revolt Howard and at least 1 million people march on Ottawa and where socialist fiberals and dippers run the provinces, storm our parliament houses, arrest all politicians and put them in jail and retake control of our parliament houses, the status quo will continue and it will get worse and worse until finally it will be too late and then most sheeples in this country will finally wake up but like I just said, it will be already too late !!!

  18. The left is/are so intellectually impervious that they are totally unaware that they are advocating communism. Most of them do not even understand communism. They just want everyone to be totally without any NEEDS, not considering the source of funds. I have been aware of this brainwashing in the schools since before 1950 but it is escalating at a fierce pace. We have to pay through the nose for healthcare in the US, but it is readily available now. The Democrat party is a disgrace to humanity!!

  19. Hi Howard, & greetings from Florida! So glad you had the “broadcast today”, & sorry to hear you’re having a real “heat wave” up there in Canada!! Just hang in there, my friend, & that too will change. My gosh, you need someone like our wonderful PRES. TRUMP, to be in charge up there in Canada, instead of CRAZY MAXINE WATTERS! JUST KEEP PRAYING, FOR CHANGE, & IT WILL HAPPEN!! PRAYERS DO HAPPEN, BUT YOU CAN’T GIVE UP BEFORE “THE MIRACLE”!!!

  20. I second the motion put forth by Jim Hunt–Another great editorial. Edgar Sellers

  21. Trudeau will probably use this whole impasse to have an excuse to cancel the contract of the armored vehicles sold to Saudi Arabia. Again eroding well paid jobs in Canada and further spinning this once great country, prior to his dad coming to power, into a pit of debt that will bring this country to 3rd world status. I agree with others we need to pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and turn from our wicked ways so He will heal our land. Great editorial HG.

  22. I third the motion put forward by Jim Hunt and thank you Howard for raising the awareness of what is “REALLY” happening up here in Canada! God Bless you and your family. Howard!….

    The majority of Canadians seem to be oblivious as to what “TRUDOPE”, Liberals and NDP are doing to our country?????….

    Doug Ford has his hands full to undo the devastation of Ontario and nurtured by the Liberals!!!!

  23. Howard, I am ashamed to say that a lot of Canadians are truly dumb and naive. They are cheering Trudeau for standing up to the Saudis. Diplomacy is usually done quietly, behind closed doors and not by yelling from a roof top. I suppose that our Prime Minister has not learned that, nor his Foreign Relations Minister. She is standing her ground and thinks that the grand stand she is taking will get her party more votes for next year’s election. What a debacle. Steve Acre, Montreal

  24. Thank You for explaining the Saudi situation. My first thought was your leader tried to be like President Trump, but picked the wrong fight and did not have the right or might to back it up. That activist woman was not Canadian, had nothing to do with Canada, and was clearly breaking Saudi law. Canada, on the world stage, had nothing to back up it’s demands and had everything to lose, therefore lost. Justin needs to spend more time learning from President Trump instead of backstabbing him.

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