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The LEFT are Looking for a Fight with REAL American People, while Praying for their Blue Wave through Socio/Political Idiocy . . . To Which – If they are Successful, America Will Be DONE As We Know It.

And if the Majority of American People are NOT IDIOTS, as I Presume They Are Not, the House will Stay with the Republicans, and the Senate might very well become a Republican Super Majority.


Like Most Socio/Political “Junkies”, who have an Educated Layman’s Knowledge of how the Government & the Judiciary Work . . . I’m Fascinated to Watch & Listen to the Senate Hearings on the Confirmation, OR NOT, of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

What we saw on Tuesday (September 4th), with Democrat Senators Acting like Outright BOORS, Tag-Teamed with Loudmouthed Thugs in the Audience . . . which Best Reflects where the Democrats have Journeyed in their March to the LEFT.

In the Defense of the AUDIENCE-MOB, which was Interrupting the Hearings by Screaming Accusations & Epithets, one of the Prominent Democrat Senators (Dick Durban), tried to Make the Point in the Media, that the Boorish Behavior of the People who we were Watching & Listening to, was Somehow the Best Description of Democracy in Action by saying . . .

. . . “What We’ve Heard Is The Noise Of Democracy.

Senator Durban . . . was Either So Stupid (which he is not) as to believe in what he was Saying, or was so Embarrassed by the Actions of the People who Vote Democrat – That he tried to Convince the People (You & Me) . . . THAT BEING A MOB OF UNCOUTH, LOUD-MOUTHED JACKASSES – is Somehow the Epitome & Foundation of American Freedoms, as were Conceived & Written within the First Amendment Of The US Constitution.

FOR DICK DURBAN . . . To Make that Claim, that American Democracy & Freedom of Expression is so LOOSEY-GOOSEY – that Durban wants the People of America to Believe that MOB-RULE is somehow ENSHRINED WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES is beyond Belief.

For Durbin To Suggest . . . That Mob Rule at a Senate Hearing, where a Senate Hearing is so Fundamental to the CIVILIZED Continuance to the Defense of the Constitution, Especially the First Amendment . . . is Somehow “THE NOISE OF DEMOCRACY” is the Height of Stupid-Talk.

If Dick Durbin Really Believed, that the Disruption of a Critical Senate Hearing by a Shouting MOB-MENTALITY in the Hallowed Halls of Congress, is a Legitimate Expression of Freedom of Expression, then Dick Durbin Must also Believe by Reasonable Extension . . . that Violence & Obstruction of Conservative Thought, which is Routinely Engaged by Far LEFT Groups . . . such as – Black Lives Matter, Occupy & Antifa, are Legitimate as well.

However, Unlike Durbin, I Only See the Difference Between A Street Mob and a Congressional Mob, as being Two Anarchists with Similar if not Identical Values Separated by a Thin Veneer.

This Grotesque Theatre Of The Absurd . . . Has Nothing Whatsoever to do with Verifying the Bona Fides of Justice Kavanaugh, or whether Kavanaugh would make a Good Supreme Court Justice, as much As-It-Has-To-Do with Obstructing a Trump Nomination . . . But Even More-So, these Political Ingrates are Obstructing the Nomination of a Judicial Originalist, who will Make Decisions Based upon the Original Meaning of the Constitution as it was Written . . . Opposed To Legislating From The Bench As The LEFT Are Wont To Do.

Even Mother Teresa Would Not Get Confirmed By This Pack Of Haters.

It’s a Pity that Most of the People on the LEFT, Especially Younger Voters, who are Already Sorrowfully Ignorant, Care only about Shooting Off Their Mouths, Playing on the Internet Reading & Sending Trash, Listening to Ridiculous Music & Absorbing Television & Movie Icons as their Life-Guides, Instead of Learning the Facts of History & the Perils of Not Understanding Conservative Sociology and the True Meaning of REAL FREEDOM . . . Are The Future Of Our Societies.

If Enough People with a Substantial Brain would Watch the Kavanaugh Hearings, what they would See & Hear, is a Man with Exceptional Talents & Knowledge, who Would More than Anything, Protect their Constitutional Rights, Which Gives Them The FREEDOM To Act Like Jerks.


A LEFTIST is not going to Run-Out and Buy Nike Shoes or Nike Sports Wear because Nike is Endorsed by a Self-Hating American Millionaire Athlete . . . Who Used To Be An Athlete.

But Americans (And Canadians Like Me) will go out of our way Not To Buy Nike Products or Invest In Nike Stocks . . . So Where Is Nike So Smart?

WE KNOW WE ARE WINNING . . . Because The LEFT Are Acting Like Losers.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Exactly correct. This guy and nike are playing politics and nothing else. Nike are betting the wrong way here as you point out. Only an idiot, although there are quite a few, would buy a Nike product based on the “inspirational” message delivered by an inconsequential and elsewhere unemployable ex football player!

  2. I have & am watching the Senate Confirmation hearing. There were times I had tears in my eyes for I am horribly disheartened by the shambles of the Democrats. This shows there is nothing they will NOT do to get rid of any & all things/people TRUMP. If they succeed, America is DEAD. RE: ‘The Kneeler’, I have NOTHING to do with Anything NFL. So I will NOT see the AD. Some of America has totally lost their minds, consciences, morals, truth. God Help Us.

  3. Not only are ‘they’ losers. these American lefties show us with their antics just how deep & fervently they are hanging onto the coat tails of two of their socialist & infamous founding fathers – Bolshevik’s Marx & Lenin

  4. The US Senate’s long, long saying that they “are the gentlemen” of government really went out-the-window this past week.
    Unbelievably uncouth folks given tickets to observe this senate business by the demoncrats!!!!!!!
    Wow, just awful.

    As usual, Howard, you put all in perspective for us. Thanks.

  5. Somewhere along the line of leftist thinking/behavior, the idea that respect needs to be an integral part of free speech, or free speech needs to be tempered with respect, has been destroyed. Over the past two non-disciplined generations it appears respect has been exchanged for “I want what I want when I want it”. Parents giving in to children who make a scene is the problem; selfishness keeps parents from caring about their offspring. Now we see the results.

  6. Is there some sort of law that requires these hearings to be held in public? I’m wondering why they don’t just close the hearings and let the committee members do their job. That way if disruptions continued, we the people would be able to expend our anger on those congresscritters who were upsetting things. And we could demand they either do their job or get out. Well, I guess that’s what elections are for, huh?

  7. Due to the November election, some Democrats feel THREATENED, hence the reason for their wanting to STAND OUT.We all KNOW that NEGATIVE ACTIONS always get MORE ATTENTION than POSITIVE ones!One would think that these CONGRESSMEN are APPLYING for a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PART!The DEMOCRATS are HATERS, thus the REASON for their MOB-STYLE BEHAVIOR! Soon THEY will be MOOT, due to their LEFTIST STYLE!.Only a LEFTIST like DURBIN would VIEW a SHOUTING STREET MOB as THE NOISE OF DEMOCRACY! GO KAVANAUGH! AMEN!

  8. Every time someone references Democracy within the description of our system of governance, it makes my teeth hurt like when you think of falling on concrete and skinning up your knees and elbows. Republic, Republic, Republic!!! that is why the people in the audience don’t get to vote on his submission to the Senate! Only the ones sitting on the dually elected panel!
    Canada has a Democracy.

  9. The hearings on Judge Kavanaugh are a circus and travesty for America. The “protestors” were paid on the outside (evidence from Utube videos) and the “protests” were coordinated by cell phone in the court room. As an American I am embarrassed of this BS and misrepresentation………just horrible and a huge waste of time and should not have to be endured by Kavanaugh……Morons on the left!

    Terry Shively, Waterville, Ohio, USA

  10. Howard, you “hit another home run” with your latest blog…..and I enjoyed the other “bloggers” comments! GO KAVANAUGH GO…..the DEMOCRATS have just LOST IT!! THEY ARE absolutely “LOONEY LOONS” & ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!

  11. As far as I know NEW BALANCE is Non-Political. Adidas … not sure but I’ve heard stories they are. The reason the left still exists is because society is raising these people …. not parents as much any more. And society has gone full blast liberal. Trump’s success will save America from going down a pit of hell for the next generation. Many won’t appreciate what he is doing for America … and by extension for the rest of the world .. including my Canada.

  12. ‘Blue Wave’ bye-bye and the ballot box drop-in Noise of Democracy, perhaps?

  13. Durban has a background that reads like Al Capones’s rap sheet. Informed by US government officials of the pending global meltdown of 08, he benefited tremendously instead of taking a licking like normal everyday Americans. The media could have a credible field day with him for all his misdeeds….but no. Question, Why hasn’t Stormy Daniels been charged with Blackmail/Extortion – that’s the only crime there.

  14. The coordinated mayhem is an insult to America and demonstrates just how deranged and hateful the dems have become!
    This is the party of anarchy and winning at all costs–and they’re “mooning” the whole nation of citizens who happen to disagree with their policies. Go ahead and show America what you stand for suckers!

  15. What we are seeing in the USA today, and the Hearings display, began on January 20, 2009. I predicated what we could expect in a write in to your Blog on the date… actual fact it is worse than I thought. We will survive.

  16. When you start taking flak, you know you’re over the target ! Apparently we’re over the target ! There’s enough flak exploding to last a lifetime ! But WE will win. Patience and perseverance and tenacity will defeat the enemy. It’s hard to conceive that half of the country is your enemy. Half of America is liberal. Liberals are determined to destroy the America that we love. Why is the million dollar question ! Half of America is on some form of psychotic drug. Apparently we now know which half

  17. Thank you once again for a great writing. I think I made a mistake asking you to send me your letters to the wrong person. I asked for ocean1941@gmail & it should be as the above email address I am sending you now so that I may join your group is that at all possible? Sorry for the mistake sir. I love hearing you and reading what you have to say, IF not for you I would be lost in a dark cave not knowing what is going on in our America. Happy Day to you and Anne
    Jacqueline Myrtle Beach S.C.

  18. While the left was making a mockery of the Supreme Court nomination hearing, Brett Kavanaugh stood strong on his priniciples. He was intelligent, thoughtful, and very patient. I don’t know too many people that could endure a grilling like that and not get angry. President Trump surely picked a winner! As for NIKE, “Just Do It” became “Just Blew It”. They better start making knee pads!

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