Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . Not Yet Ready For Primetime


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28-Years Of Stupidity . . . only goes to show how STUPID is the Media, to Focus on the NY City COMMUNIST, 28-Year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who seems All But Guaranteed to Win November’s Mid-Term Election for the 14th Congressional District of New York City.


So . . . Here we have the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, Including Fox News, giving Irrational Credibility to a 28-Year Old Communist (Ocasio-Cortez), whose Work-Experience has been to Tend Bar, while most probably Sticking her Tips WHERE THE IRS DON’T SHINE, whose Claim to Economic Reality is ZERO!

And not only is this Communist-American AS DUMB AS A ROCK when it comes to Economic Issues, she’s as STUPID AS DIRT, when it comes to Geopolitical Issues, even though that’s what she Supposedly Studied In University, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Take on what’s happening in the Middle East, as Cortez has Self-Proven with her Visceral Hatred for Israel and her Love for the Palestinians . . . That She Doesn’t Know Squat.

Why Not Just Call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez What She Really Is . . . A LEFTIST Numbskull with a Big Mouth . . . or as they Might Say in Texas, All Gun No Bullets. Appealing to other Numbskulls who are just as Equally Determined to Destroy the Real American Dream for a COMMUNIST FANTASY.

So . . . While these LEFTIST Jerks are Pedaling their Anti-American Rhetoric, Pretending that somehow, they are the New Patriots of America, and are the Driving Force to a Communist USA within a Greater Communist One-World Government – THEY ARE MISSING THE BOAT . . . As President Donald Trump’s America is Traveling Full Steam Ahead, Towards the America the Framers Envisioned when they Wrote & Signed The US Constitution In Philadelphia On September 17, 1787.


There’s The Torah, The Christian Bible, The Magna Carta & The US Constitution.

What the American LEFT simply Don’t Understand, as is Evidenced by LEFTIST People who get excited to be Led by a Useless Piece of Work like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or the Elder Communist Bernie Sanders, whose Pre Government Resume Included getting Kicked-Out of an Israeli Kibbutz, because Sanders was TOO LAZY & DISRUPTIVE to do the Work, and then after the Kibbutz, Sanders tried his Hand as a Porno-Writer.

Here are Two Useless Pieces of Walking/Talking Excrement . . . who have NEVER Built anything, NEVER Started an Entrepreneurial Business, NEVER wrote a Salary-Check out of their own Respective Pocket . . . and other than Telling the Rest of the World How To Live – THEY THEMSELVES LIVE IN ONE-WAY OR THE OTHER OFF THE PUBLIC PURSE. Or in the Case of Ocasio-Cortez who wants to Live off the Public Purse, which seems as though that will be a Done Deal after November.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . While The TREASONOUS LEFT are doing all they can to Overthrow the Duly Elected President of the United States of America, President Trump is RECLAIMING AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, while Recreating all the things that Used to make America Great.

AND IN THE PROCESS . . . The Russians are getting a Lesson in REALPOLITIK COURTESY OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, that if you Want This, the Russians Better be Willing to Give Up That, as in Russia can Keep Crimea, Their New Syrian Airbase (Khmeimim) & Syrian Naval Port in Tartus.

In Exchange . . . The Golan Stays Demilitarized. The Iranians & Hezbollah have to leave Syria or Face Military Annihilation from the Unobstructed (by Russia) IDF (Israeli Air Force).

AND WHILE ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING . . . The EU, UK, Canada & Mexico are Struggling to keep up with American Demands for FAIR TRADE, as the Chinese are being Squeezed from Here to There & Back Again, North Korea is Becoming even More of a LEPER-STATE – And Iran Is Self Imploding.

THEN ADD THE VERY POSSIBILITY . . . That the Israelis will make A deal with the States of Egypt & Jordan, based upon UN Resolution 242, which Declared after the 6-Day War, that “Palestinian”/Israeli Borders will be decided by the Sovereign Stake-Holders Following the 6-Day War, which in Essence means that Egypt & Israel will Decide on Gaza, while Jordan & Israel will Decide on the West Bank, Totally Squeezing-Out the Non Existent Palestinian “State” . . . THAT NEVER WAS, and will PROBABLY NEVER BE.

And with Every Passing Day . . . Gulf Arab States, the likes of Saudi Arabia, are Moving Closer & Closer to Making Peace with Israel.

ALSO . . . As President Trump Is Making America Great Again – there are no Shortage of Nationalist People who care about their National Sovereignty Throughout Europe . . . who Want their Respective Countries To Be Great Again Too.


I Worry About Canada . . . Because once the Tide Goes Out, and we’re Not on the Ship as it’s Carried Away from Port & Out To Sea – We Could Very Well Be Marooned On Gilligan’s Island With Skipper Justin Trudeau.

In The Meantime . . . Let The Left Pile It-All-On, because what Doesn’t Break President Trump, Seems Only To Make the President Stronger. And the more IMBECILES the LEFT can Recruit like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden & God Willing, the Two-Time Loser Crooked Hillary . . . May She Only Try Again . . . The More America Will Once Again Become Globally Exceptional.

While The LEFT Will Wither Away & Rot.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Spot on Howard, I wonder the make up of the voters who voted for Cortez…..interesting.

  2. The Magna Carta has been jettisoned in Britain. Once again HRH’s appointed Judges can order children taken from parents, can block parents seeking medical treatment and order their children killed as being more humane. Expaining to the family – the State/Monarchy owns you. The peasants are back in their places – only they don’t get it as they blindly press on where Royalty never has to go. How did that happen?

  3. The voters for Cortez are the leftist-indoctrinated students who came through the leftist public school system and leftist higher-education system and are trying to make their entire state leftist controlled. And then they want to expand that to the entire nation! May God preserve us from such “thinking”.

  4. Another saying from we Texans: “All hat; no cattle”! But you are dead-on … again.

  5. We always need Bimbos popping up now and then. Look at good old “Stormy” she is a treat. The latest is this Very low IQ dim bulb from wherever. As long as these Elizabeth Warren and Waters the Mouth are with us, we have no problems.

  6. YES, the SOCIALISTS/LEFT are COMMUNISTS!Today, I had a DEBATE with a very nice neighbor.We agreed to DISAGREE and it was a very pleasant conversation.The person stated that even SOME REPUBLICANS were against Trump to which I replied, “Yes, those are the RINOS.”He didn’t know what this meant, so I explained it to him and noted that THEY WERE AGAINST TRUMP! Many LIBERALS want to debate, but don’t EDUCATE themselves re: BOTH SIDES of the ISSUES, so they FAIL at PROVING their POINTS. GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  7. Have we become collectively too stupid to live in a free society? God, I hope not, but it makes you wonder when some miscreant like this woman comes along and actually has an audience. It is more difficult when fighting a communist media as well.

  8. Ms. Cortez is a local yokel. Knows NOT much. Has no idea about international problems. Spot on, Mr. G. POTUS Trump is also Spot On. Twitter or no twitter, he knows more than the average bear! God Bless

  9. Does anyone remember what happened to the communist couple named, Rosenburg? Way back in the late 1950’s during the McCarthy ere?? What happened to them?? Those of you that remember them, know exactly what happened, haha
    We have people in our government now that are way far worse than they were and are being applauded!!
    It’s all just disgusting… Like to hear if any of you have a comment on this.. Thanks, Barry

  10. Your take on the Pallies in Gaza and West Bank makes sense. Egypt recently opened their Gaza crossing, and we saw an exodus of 15,000 people, Gaza’s brightest and best. They have skills and money and realize they can have a better life free from Hamas.

  11. The voters for Cortez are the leftist-indoctrinated students who came through the leftist public school system and leftist higher-education system and are trying to make their entire state leftist controlled. And then they want to expand that to the entire nation! May God preserve us from such “thinking”. Ms. Cortez is knows Very little, has no idea about international problems or about anything else that is worthwhile, but is being promoted by the leftists. And yes, we have people in our gove

  12. Scary thing is that it’s mainly those of us over 60 (or maybe 50) who are the last line of true conservatives. When we are all gone, there will only be the public school/college/university indoctrinated people remaining. There may still be true conservatives, but the numbers will be minimal. IF we fight to reclaim the public education system and watch it like a hawk from now on, then it will change. Without it, the USA is doomed, apart from civil war.

  13. Howard, ANOTHER AWESOME COMMENTARY…..WOW, I so enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments as well! The “LEFISTIST LOONS” are DEFINITELY out EN MASSE!! Our wonderful PRES. TRUMP DEFINITELY has THEIR NUMBER as WELL!!! GO TRUMP, GO, & AMEN!! And may God continue to Bless our WONDERFUL PRESIDENT, with WISDOM, PATIENCE, & ENERGY.

  14. Yes, Mr. Dolbier! Thanks for bringing to remembrance the Rosenbergs…Julius and Ethyl. I was graduating from high school…didn’t know much about politics, but their crime and punishment have always stood out with me. T’was fair I thought. Oh that our laws would still cover these crimes. Where has it all gone? Oh how I love this great Nation, and hopefully a majority still love life here, what liberties we still have left, and the pursuit of happiness. Thanks, Mr. Galganov.

  15. Who would be crazy enough to vote for someone with no experience and a platform that’s not sustainable… Ho, wait, just remember. We’ve elected Trudeau, so I guess all bets are off!

  16. Do you think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raises or lowers the intelligence average of the Democratic party??

  17. We think alike Mr. G. I have the very same opinion about that idiot Ocasio-Cortez as well as all the other idiots.

  18. Freedom of speech only extends to the doors of Congress. When is someone going to ask when the ‘Oath of Office’ clause of The Constitution going to be enforced on the likes of Saunders and Cortez.
    Just a question. Maybe you can answer it. Nobody around here can seem to. Seems like the Canadians are more up on The Constitution than the Americans are. Or maybe the Americans just don’t care any more.

  19. If you want to see a socialist turn into a communist just hand them your gun.

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