9/11 . . . ‘Nuff Said!


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Nike Has Paid Colin Kaepernick Millions of Dollars for his “Outstanding Sacrifice”. Or as the Nike Ad Says . . . “Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything”.

Many People Ask . . . What the Hell does that even Mean – on the Behalf of Kaepernick – “Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything”?

What did a Multi Million Dollar Football Player Sacrifice by Demeaning the Flag & Anthem of the United States of America, while Encouraging Millions of other Americans, Especially Black Americans & Specifically Young Black Americans to do the Same . . . At Home & Abroad?


“Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” . . . Is what every American Adult Does Everyday, when he or she gets out of Bed in the Morning, or in the Evening, if he or she is Working the Graveyard Shift to Contribute to the American Dream by going to Work, so he or she can Raise his or her Family, Pay his or her Taxes, and Help Keep the American Dream Safe & Secure.

“Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” . . . Is when First Responders Strap on their Uniforms – Police, Fire, EMS . . . Not Knowing what they will Face, and how they will Face Whatever, while Running Towards Danger, while Everyone else is Running Away.

“Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” . . . Are the Men & Women who Volunteer to Wear the Uniform of the United States of America – Navy, Air Force, Army & Coast Guard, who without Question, Offer their Lives in Service to Their Nation.


Obama was Referring to all the Incredible Things American Men & Women Built (Created) In Spite of the Government, and Specifically In Spite of Obama’s Entrepreneurial, Job Killing & Suffocating Regulations & Taxes, which is what can be said about Kaepernick & Nike . . . THEY DIDN’T BUILD IT!

Nike & Kaepernick Didn’t Do Anything To Make America Great. And Neither of them did anything to Build the American Dream, Unless making a Truckload of Money is their Idea of Patriotism. Nor Did Either of them SACRIFICE ANYTHING Personally Worthwhile, for the Betterment of the United States of America.

One of them made Billions of Dollars Manufacturing Shoes & Sports-Wear, Mostly in Off-Shore Sweat Factories, where People Struggle just to Eat, while the other made Millions of Dollars Throwing & Running with a Football.


I Remember Exactly where I was, and what I was Doing within Seconds of the Time the First Plane Hit the First of the Twin Towers. I Watched in Disbelief with Tears Streaming down my Cheeks, as I Witnessed the Second Plane Hit The Other Tower. And I was Numb at the News of the Attack on the Pentagon, then the Shanksville Heroes.

But, As My Disbelief Faded & My Tears Dried-Up . . . I Realized that America was at War, and so was the Rest of the Free World, and I became Angry, Angrier than I had ever been in my Life. And I wanted America to Strike Back, TO NUKE The Bastards Who Were Responsible . . . to Turn the Cities of those Countries who were in the Least Bit Culpable for this Attack, into Parking Lots, for what Happened to America on 9/11 2001.

“Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” . . . Which is a Truism Beyond Words . . . But Not For Nike & Kaepernick – Who Are Nothing More Than Self-Aggrandizing Rich Assholes . . . Feeding Hatred For Profits Upon The Country That Made Them All Wealthy & Privileged.

It Was The First Responders . . . Firemen & Women, Policemen & Woman, Ambulance Workers & Plain Folk – Who Ran To Help . . . who actually “Believed In Something – Even Though It Really Meant Sacrificing Everything . . . Which For Them It Did”.

9/11 2001 . . . Happened Because Of Islamic Terrorism.

It Rallied the American People, because America was under Attack . . . But Was Not Nearly As Dangerous An Assault On 9/11 – As America Is Facing Today From Within.


Let All These Ignorant Traitors . . . Who are so Utterly Stupid – that they don’t even know they’re Indeed Traitors to their own Country, which has for More than a Century Carried the World Upon Its Shoulders, because of American Exceptionalism.

And Because These American Ingrates, Don’t Know Enough About World History . . . To Even Know that Socialism/Communism has been at War with American Values for more than a Century, and has been Directly Responsible for the Deaths & Suffering of Billions of People Worldwide – With Way More Than 100-Million Political Deaths Attributed Directly To Socialism, which they want to be the American Benchmark.

They Don’t Even Know . . . That Cuba – Just 80-Miles off the Southern shore of the USA is a Completely Failed Society, where People Live in Fear of their Government, in Deprivation, just as Once Wealthy Venezuela has become Dystopic, and is on the Cusp of All-Out Civil War because of Socialism.

And Why Do These LEFTIST American Jackasses . . . Think the Rest of the Ignorant & Impoverished World is Doing Whatever it Can to Come to America, Instead of Staying in their own Countries . . . if their Form of Government is so Good & America’s is so Bad?

9/11 2001 Happened 17-Years Ago . . . And if the LEFT should Win the House in November, 9/11 Will seem Mild by Comparison. And if the LEFT were to Win the House & the Senate in November . . . America Will Be Lost Forever!


SO . . . Keep Piling It On – Keep Reminding The American People who Aren’t LEFTIST Pro-Communist Schmucks, WHY VOTING REPUBLICAN is so Utterly Critical to the Continuance of the United States of America & American Exceptionalism.

Let Them Keep On Writing These Un-Substantiated Anti-Trump Hate-Books & ANONYMOUSSOURCE Newspaper Editorials . . . As a Reminder to Libertarians, Independents, Unaffiliated, Unmotivated & Centrist Voters – That if they Want to Save America from Itself . . . THEY WILL HAVE TO CAMPAIGN FOR . . . & VOTE REPUBLICAN.

So Let Them Keep At It & Prove Themselves To Be The Great Threat To America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Outstanding editorial!!! I was named Winston because of my parents great admiration of Winston Churchill, and I carry the name proudly. He was a great man, and carried England on his shoulders during the war. I too feel that Netanyahu is that kind of leader.

  2. Howard, Your words as I read them I cried as every word is so true and it brought back the anger I felt and still fell after 17 years. My tears can’t make a better America but who I vote for can get the job done. “America Bless God Again”

  3. Next nike is going to dress up Kaepernick like the statue of liberty with a pair of shoes in his raised right hand.
    They are trying to make heroes out of losers.
    God bless America! from your Canadian Friends. We are still with you.

  4. Just WOW. What a wake up call. Happy New Year Mr. and Mrs. Galganov and my God Bless you.

  5. My response on 9/11 was same as yours. After hearing the 1st tower had been hit by a plane, I turned on TV & also watched in horror & disbelief as the 2nd plane flew right at & into the 2nd tower. Sat watching all morning as it unfolded. The response by the Passengers on the 4th plane that crashed in PA is the epitome of believing in something to the point of sacrificing everything. THAT IS AMERICA! Colin Kaepernick, his ilk, MSM & nearly half Congress are not.

  6. I picture Jesus suffering in agony on the cross. He looks over at Colin Crappernik and says, “So, you’ve sacrificed everything!”

  7. Howard, your words were music to my ears and eyes. Thank you for your direct and forthright opinions. They are always inspirational!

  8. Thank you, Howard for that tribute. And thank you for feeling the same way we did on that day. It changed us all.

    Nike is trying to make the story about them here so that folks will forget about the Chinese sweat shops where even young children work long hours for little pay.

  9. Howard, thank you for your words of wisdom. I clearly remember also where I was when 9/11 happened just as I remember where I was when JFK was killed by many of the same schmucks who participated in 9/11. I weeped both times just to think that something so horrible could happen in the USA. I am 77 years old and still willing to give all I have for God and my country. Thank you again for your words, much appreciated.

  10. Another ball hit out of the park! Thank you! You’re more of an American than some of US Americans!

  11. Excellent hope it goes well for Republicans in the upcoming elections However are we all able to stand the whining , pissing and moaning that will occur as a result ? If you think it’s bad now, wait, it will be daily , it will be more vicious and focussed on Trump only .

  12. Unfortunately 911 won’t mean much to anyone less than 17 years old, we don’t teach about terrorism in our schools. Those of us who witnessed, on TV, that terrible day will never forget enormous loss of life, particularly of those who ran into the danger to help. It is a very emotional day and brings tears to my eyes, I remember it as if it were just yesterday.
    God bless America, and President Trump, and there’s no hope for Trudeau.

  13. Thanks again Howard. Nailed it. That was a devastating day and the memory is still devastating. Still makes me really angry at those cowardly bastards who planned it. Kaempernick? Just another showboat who managed to popularize a cause. Sacrifice? Maybe. Lost his career because nobody will hire a troublemaker who is only interested in his own agenda I wouldn’t watch him if he was playing anyway. Nike got an early jump in sales. I’ll be surprised if it holds. Michael Jordan he ain’t.

  14. Thanks Howard. Excellent comments. To paraphrase…When I am sick NEEDED a doctor..in trouble NEEDED a police officer..in time of war NEEDED our military…NEEDED a farmer every day…NEEDED an auto mechanic, plumber, house painter and others. NEVER NEEDED a pro athlete, media personality or Hollywood entertainer for ANYTHING! So why should I listen to their rhetoric?

  15. Anyone who thinks Kaepernick has sacrificed all, let me take you to a cemetery in WV and you can tell that to the headstone of Cpl Russel E Cyzick, Beirut, Oct 23, 1983

  16. On 911 many floors up in one of the towers, a blind man was walked out of the building by his seeing eye, golden retriever dog. Then, the dog returned several times rescuing 328 more people before he got hurt and was rescued by a fireman. Dog was fine. Kaepernick and his ilk millionaires haven’t got a clue about our country, patriotism or the meaning of our flag that flies for ALL Americans. The idiots in the NFL should be sent to South Africa for six months-try protesting there!

  17. The other thing I will never forget, is Bush saying “Islam is a religion of peace “.

    It was this moment in my life that I realized how profoundly ignorant he is.

  18. Sir, thank you for saying what so few can see. The only thing Nike and the idiot have served are themselves. As a Vet, I was astonished that Nike took him as a spokesman. I will not purchase any Nike product again, most made outside US and as you said in sweat shops, with young cheap labor…

  19. Thank you Howard, you always seem to have the words to say “just what I was thinking”. Happy New Year as well. May all of us be thankful, every day.

  20. Wonderful “blog” as usual, Howard…..& I enjoyed your comments, as usual, along with my fellow bloggers! PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB YOU DO, HOWARD!!

  21. MANY people don’t even KNOW the TRUE MEANING of SACRIFICE these days–due to the MULTIPLE ENTITLEMENTS! BELIEVING in something is a PERSONAL CHOICE.One can’t FORCE others to believe in the SAME things.HUSSEIN OBAMA, the GREAT COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, tried to do so for 8 yrs., but in 2016, Americans PROVED that they wanted otherwise for AMERICA!They VOTED for TRUMP as PRESIDENT!Hussein’s RESURFACING is a great GIFT to REPUBLICANS, and this WILL be PROVEN in NOVEMBER with a RED WAVE! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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