It’s Official – The FBI Is The Democrat’s Stasi


The Nazis Had The Gestapo . . . The Russians Had The KGB . . . The East Germans Had The Stasi – The Democrats Have The FBI.


I Don’t Care What The FBI Comes-Out Of Mar-A-Lago With . . . Unless they Find Something so Incriminating Against President Donald Trump, as to be so Detrimental to the American Republic, the LEFT & RINOS Haven’t Just Crossed the Rubicon . . . The LEFT & RINOS have Declared War on all the American People.

Even the American People who are Too Stupid to Understand the Consequences Of The August 8, 2022 Raid On The Personal Home Of The 45th President Of The United States Of America . . . Better Realize Fast that they Too are In-For-It.

If You Ever Wondered What A Socialist/Communist America Would Look Like – Wonder No More.


The Bad News . . . Which Might Not Be That Bad, is that the American People with a Brain, a Conscience, a Modicum Knowledge of Law & the American Constitution – Now Know For A Fact, that the American LEFT, which Includes No Shortage of Uni-Party Republicans (RINOS), Is That . . . There Is No Low Too Low For The LEFT To Stoop.

Mark These Words . . . If the Democrats (LEFT) are Convinced they are Going to Lose to Real Conservative Republicans this November 8, 2022 in the Congressional Elections, the Raid on the Home of Donald Trump has Just Removed all Doubt that they, the LEFT & RINOS will Stoop to Whatever Low they will Deem Necessary for them to Retain Power, Whether it be a Democrat Controlled House & Senate or a RINO Controlled House & Senate.

THE GOOD NEWS . . . Is that this Political Raid on the Home of a Former Sitting President, Who Far More Likely Than Not Is Going To Run Again, is a Political Outrage, which is Already Becoming Perhaps the Greatest Political Fiasco, At Least In My 72-Years Of Life . . . Than Anything Else I Can Think Of.


Trump Will Run In 2024. Trump Will Win In 2024 . . . And Those In The Deep State Better Make Plans To Run For Cover.

What the FBI (Justice Department) Did Yesterday, Monday MorningAugust 8, 2022, is Far Greater an Assault on the Very Foundation of the American Constitution than Even the Eavesdropping by the FBI, the Fake Dossier, the Illegal FISA Warrants, the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Smear-Job, the Two Dishonest & Dishonorable Impeachments, the January 6, Commission . . . And Everything Else The LEFT & RINOS Have Thrown At President Donald Trump . . . Is Secondary To August 8, 2022.

And In Some Ways . . . Because of How Well the LEFT & RINOS Covered their Tracks with the Way the Election-Cheat was Orchestrated Between the Legacy Media, the Social-Media, LEFTIST Controlled State Election Supervisors, Un-Controlled & Un-Requested Mail-In Ballots, Un-Secured Ballot Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting, a Questionable Computer Manipulated Vote Counting Process, Purposefully Un-Monitored Vote Counting and the Willing Participants of The Big Cheat who Did the Legwork . . . What Happened Yesterday (August 8, 2022) Dwarfs Everything Else Done Egregiously To President Trump By The LEFT & RINOS.

But Given Everything I Just Wrote About The Big Cheat – What the LEFT & RINOS Had Done to Cheat The 2020 Election is Diminished by this Raid on the Home of the 45th President Of The United States Of America – BECAUSE . . . in this Case, there is No Question as to How Far the LEFT & RINOS are Prepared To-Go to Stop the Fairness of a National Election.


As Loved, Admired & Relied Upon for the Freedoms & Future of the United States of America by the Trump Base, which is Far Greater in Numbers than the Media will Say . . . DOUBLE-IT, Because Every American with a Willingness to be Free, in What has for More than Two Centuries Been the Freest Country in History, with the Greatest Constitution Ever . . . Of The People, By The People & For The People Has Just Become A TRUMPER.

With Bated Breath – I’m Waiting For The Next Trump Rally Where I Am All But Certain There Won’t Be A Big Enough Venue.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sad to say you are correct about the FBI. Keep in mind I have met and on occasion worked with FBI agents. Without exception they were decent hard working officers of the law. It is all to obvious that is no longer the case. FYI – did you notice in some of the pictures of the raid Secret Service Agents? Am I wrong?

  2. Howard you absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one although you rarely miss the nail when reporting. I kind of take this raid personal because I in live in West Palm Beach. I didn’t know that the mafia and Nazi organizations had an interest in this sleepy old town. I hope our voting citizens wake up soon. I think they are beginning to hear the alarm clock.

  3. I think we should advise everyone to not take the bait and overreact. Just remember Ray Epps!

  4. Having watched the antics of the present doj, administration, house and senate, it is without a doubt the bastards will concoct some incriminating stories against Trump. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and host of other schmucks having been ingrained in American politicians. Shame on the American people. Again, “The masses are asses”, (Voltaire).

  5. I’m hoping all the FBI found were Hillary’s 33,000 emails and pics of Hunter Biden.

  6. My concern is” What will the FBI plant as evidence against Trump.” You can be assured they will play it to the end.

  7. Think this raid will be a large plus for Republicans. The Dark Side surfaces! See the Amazon movie “Terminal List”. Past time to choose a side! Hope even the sheep people can see what is going on here!

  8. I echo the sentiments of all the other comments. OUTRAGE does not even describe how ANGRY I am about the FBI, Dems, Biden and RINOS who are idiots and traitors to this great country. THANK YOU Howard for giving us a voice. Your ‘voice’ is loud and clear!!!!!

  9. I just hope President Trump has copies of the documents the FBI took. I so DO NOT trust any justice department in the United States, I am thinking unless Trump lawyers are sitting in the same room when they open those boxes, what’s stopping them from editing and falsifying documents to try and incriminate Trump. We saw what they were able to do in the 2020 election.

  10. Sounds like Tora, Tora, Tora! American style. The left has awakened a sleeping giant!

  11. Replying to Linda Cook: It has already happened in Canada with our communist government’s treatment of the “Freedom Convoy”; i.e., the truckers.

  12. I’m angry too ! The left has awakened a sleeping giant !

  13. Looking back at history. The great cultures of the past have all disintegrated from the inside. Unfortunately, North America is going down a similar path. We all need to be on our knees in prayer for guidance!

  14. Unless everyday Americans stand up to this, nothing but talk will be done. I say get rid of them all and start over, they are all crooked. They should limit the pay. All should be given the same salary. 35,000 only while they are in office and they have to pay for their own insurance. No extras, no private planes, term limits. Howard, you are right we are in a socialist time in this country. We need to wake up and get with it.

  15. They’re so stupid – do they think President Trump hasn’t planned for this or something like it? Only lefties/RINOs are stupid enough to listen to and believe the msm and whatever gossip is on Twitster, etc. Thank you, Howard, for your dedication, knowledge, focus, and most of all, your encouragement.

  16. Howard…… you got all the facts correct, what in Gods name is happening to our wonderful country? or it was….I’m 88 and a born conservative I only wish that I could vote early and often. Keep up the good work and we all should remember the IRS with 87000 new hires, better put your money under the mattress.

  17. You are right! If anything, the raid on Trump’s home has galvanized the VOTE for Trump. I do worry about what the DEMS have in store for the 2024 election to corrupt the VOTE again. This is a battle to save out country. With the IRS getting more employees, watch out for Biden Money & banks watching OUR accounts and whether we will be allowed to SPEND what we have. The man has been in a little more than 1 1/2 years and the damage imposed is massive. We better be vigilant from now on.

  18. The Democrats have just lost the vote of 2/3 of Independent voters. 87,000 new weaponized IRS agents does nothing for Climate change, but will undoubtedly change the political climate in this country, specifically in favor of the GOP. Cryptocurrencies will be targeted by the IRS This also sets a precedent that will allow the next President to order raids on the Biden/Obama/Clinton/Garland/Schiff/etc domiciles. I strongly urge them to start renting public storage facilities and to pay with c

  19. Howard, you knocked the ball out of the park on this one. May the God of Heaven continue watching over you for having the courage to speak out.

  20. The FBI guaranteed on 8-8-2022 that we Americans will not relinquish our “weapons of war” without a fight. The U.S. xis a powder keg ready to go off and I believe the Left are trying very hard to intentionally light the spark. We have to wait for the elections in November.

  21. What has happened to our President Trump and family is shameful, and disgraceful, whoever gave the orders to do this must be Satans family for sure. I hope all Republicans gather (friendly) in each state to show the evil ones we saw what they have done and we are out to get you in November. We will vote you all out of office if at all posible but for sure we will be i n lines to vote for Donald J. Trump to be our next President of the United States of America once again.

  22. I love your editorials Howard and share them with a vast network. Truth of the matter is the Left is so fearful of losing power that they will, as you state, stoop to any low level to maintain it. The corruption among both parties is unreal and is what Trump has made a mission to bare to the us all. The raid took place when the owner was away…for shame. They left with 15 boxes. Question is now is will they include in their questionable ‘take’ something to make Trump appear guilty.

  23. The Libs have fired the first shot of war, 87K IRS agents will be attacking all folks that have donated to DJT and conservatives. You will not be able to hid your money, they know where to look. As they break us financially with new TAXES and Inflation more folks on both sides will realize how totally corrupt WH is. FBI used to be the Elite Law of this land, the leadership is just the JAWS of the SWAMP. Clean an zero your weapons, for they will be coming before 2024 to try and break our backs.

  24. BEWARE – the Dems are setting us up to REACT in such a way that they will then (via WH) declare a national emergency with probable martial law to stop the Nov election OR stop the changeover in January IF they can’t stop the GOP win. That is what this is all about. So any fight back needs to be done LEGALLY, & don’t think Trump & his allies aren’t already preparing to fight back. Rally attendance will increase but no doubt Trump will say, “Let me & my people handle this.” Be mad but smart.

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