When The Curtain Lifts


Just To Let You Know . . . I’m Taking A Few Days Off During Canada Day (July 1ST) & Independence Day (July 4TH).


I Am Not A Constitutionalist, Nor Am I A Political Scientist . . . But This Is What I Know . . .

The United States Congress . . . was Designed & Created to be the Elected Representative Agency (House & Senate) of the People, Fully Entrusted to Write the Laws of the Land for the People, that Lies Within the Limits of the US-Constitution.

The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America . . . Has the Exclusive Function of Interpreting the Laws Passed by any American Judiciary & Congress to Ensure the Laws are Not in Violation of the Constitution as the Constitution was Written.

The Power Of The President Of The United States Of America . . . As I Believe the Position was Originally Intended, was to Oversee the Security of the American Republic from Enemies Domestic & Foreign as the American Commander-In-Chief, to Negotiate Foreign Treaties & Agreements and to Sign into Law the Mutually Agreed-Upon Proclamations Handed-Down by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Position of the President of the United States was Created Specifically NOT to be of any Semblance to Royalty, as the President of the United States is Answerable to the People & No One Else.

And After The 4-Term Presidency Of FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), On February 27, 1951, the US Congress Ratified the Bill that was Presented on March 21, 1947, to Limit the Number of Terms any American can Sit in the Oval Office (22nd Amendment) to Just Two Four Year Terms, Guaranteeing that No Man or Woman Could Assume Dynastic Authority over the Government and the People.


Between The Congress, Supreme Court & The Presidency . . . America Created a Series of Checks & Balances Ensuring that No Single American Institution or Person Could Usurp Power that was Not Accredited in the US Constitution.

When I Heard Biden Suggest Today (June 30, 2022), from his Press Conference in Spain, that he will Attempt to Find Ways to Abrogate the Filibuster Rule (60-Vote Majority) in the US Senate to Codify Roe V Wade in Congress, the First Thoughts that Entered my Mind were . . . That Is Why There Is A Supreme Court To Defend The Constitution & Why There Is A 22ND Amendment.

Therefore . . . How The Supreme Court Just Finished Ruling In This Session . . . Wasn’t Against the Democrats, but Rather for the US Constitution as it was Originally Written, Bringing America Somewhat Back from the Edge, which is Where America was Heading . . . With Judgments & Laws Created By Fiat.


Just Like In The Wizard Of Oz . . . When The Booming Voice Behind The Curtain Is Discovered . . . It Belonged To A Fake.

That’s Where We’re At Today . . . as the Booming Voices Behind Congress Belong to Fakes & Liars, who are Staging Kangaroo Court Spectacles, to Dirty-Up their Opposition, but Mainly President Donald Trump, to Either Keep President Trump from Running Again in 2024 . . . or to Try & Make President Trump So Unelectable in 2024, that Even an Idiot Whose Name is Not Biden on the LEFT, Might be Able to Run Against President Trump & Possibly Win.


A Fake Is A Fake Is A Fake Is A Fake . . . And The People Are Seeing It For Themselves.

And No Matter How Much The Compliant LEFTIST Media . . . Try to Persuade the People that the Emperor Has Clothes – The People Can See For Themselves That The LEFT Are As Naked As Jaybirds.


With Absurd Statistics Like That . . . Especially Delivered by a LEFT Leaning Media like the Associated Press, The LEFT Can Hold all the Contrived Kangaroo Court Hearings It Wants. . . To No Avail.

November 8, 2022 Is Going To Be A (Political) Democrat Slaughter.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The US is facing Obama’s indirect, via Rice, all out attack. Only the people can stop it, in November to start with and finally in 2024. We endured four major onslaughts since WW II; Vietnam, D vs W, Obama and Corona, (China). And must iron up to return to normalcy.

  2. Oh, how I pray that you are right about November 8, 2022. Maybe the last chance to save our Republic.

  3. Enjoy your well deserved time off, Howard. Wishing you, Ann and Tavor the best over the upcoming holiday weekend!

  4. You Mr. Galganov, you know more about WHY & HOW our Constitutional Republic Was Formed, Dare I say Than Many “Americans”. The Bending of The Rails Have Been Ever So Slowly, Being Bent For Decades, WHILE “Americans” Abdicated There Responsibilities They At One Time Had… Born In 1952, I Grew Up Hearing This Moto; GOD, Family, Country….In That Order! Look At Us Now…. Semper-Fi……

  5. God has his plans–and so do the Liberal elite who actually think they own the right to tell Americans as a whole how to think and vote so they will continue to control the levers of power forever!–I was born in 1947 and learned history when we had an education system that encouraged THINKING!!!–Then I went to Vietnam…and learned to NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT!

  6. Hey Howard. Hope you have a super Canada Day and Glorious 4th celebration. However, avoid taking a Canadian flag to Parliament Hill lest you be charged with misogyny or hate speech or trying to start an insurrection. The Ottawa Police are all gunned up to prevent this type of hateful action. Have a good one.

  7. As a veteran, no combat experience, I also believe you can not trust the gov’t. Look what they have done to the Native Americans, allies, and others. Promise, promise, promise, then l break them all for money. Our Politicians, all seem to be in there for the money they make thru the back doors of gov’t. By lying about their opponents, to make them out to be the worse of two evils. Took an Oath at 19, too defend this country against All enemies Foreign and Domestic. It is time to filter them ou

  8. The 15% who don’t think the US is headed in the wrong direction are the globalists (OWO types) or just plain dumb. We’ve headed in the wrong destructive direction under almost every Dem president since the 1960s+, and 2-3 of the Repubs too. We need gutsy, no backing-down types in the WH, like Trump & DeSantis (but not together since Trump wants all the limelight, recognition & praise ). They both have plenty of patriotic determination to make this country better for its citizens foremost.

  9. I am “agnostic” which means we just don’t know if there is a God or many Gods or none at all. We will find out when we die or not. I wish sheeples would stop saying that God will save the day although, they are allowed to say it because I believe in Free Speech. If God exists, we were told that we, humans have free will over our actions and we will be judged when we die. So what I am to understand is that if God exists, he doesn’t meddle in human affairs. All is done by us and only us, wake

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