Gray In Politics Is No Longer An Option


My Mother Passed Away Decades Ago At Only 62-Years Old. If I Counted my Blessings, as I Do from Time to Time, Being The Son Of My Mother Was At The Top Of The List. For Better or for Worse, my Mother Sacrificed Enormously & Gave it Her All (Everything) to Raise Her Family of One Son (Me) And Two Daughters.

PS – I Also Have To Include The Devotion Of My Father . . . Parenting Was Their Partnership.

I Can’t Describe How Much I Miss my Mother, who Selflessly Dedicated Her Life to Raising Her Family, In-Spite of Whatever Adversity Presented Itself. We Grew-Up Poor, But Because of my Mother, we Never Knew we were Poor or Felt Poor, Because my Mother Wouldn’t Allow-It.

There Is No Greater Challenge & No Greater Achievement In Life Than Being A Good Mother.


To All The Women Who Are Railing Against The Right Of A Baby To Survive, No Matter the Circumstance, No Matter the Amount of Time in the Womb . . . In A Sick & Perverse Way, None Of Them Have Earned The Right To Become Mothers. And the World would be a Better Place if their Mothers had Chosen for them the Path Upon which they themselves are Heading.

I Am Not A Total Anti-Abortionist, Since I Do Believe there are Circumstances where Abortion is the Right Choice, But Almost Always In The First Trimester . . . for Rape, Disease, Malformity and for the Legitimate Physical Health of the Mother.

If A Woman Does Not Want To Be Pregnant . . . There Are No Shortage Of Remedies To Keep That From Happening.


In The Primary Of Dave McCormick Versus Mehmet Oz . . . I Choose McCormick.

In a World Where Politics & Values have Become Gray, where Boundaries are so Blurred as to Almost Not Exist, It’s Time for us to Take a Breath & Start to See Right From Wrong & Good from Bad, because Gray Does not Promote what should be the Differences Between Black or White.

In The Ohio Primary, I Went with Trump’s Choice – JD Vance, but Would Have Been just as Pleased if Josh Mandel would Have Won-It. I went with JD Vance Only Because I Wanted to see President Trump Score an Endorsement Victory for Himself.

HOWEVER . . . In the Case of McCormick Versus Oz – McCormick has a Proven Track Record as a Conservative Fighter, where Oz has a Track Record of Entertainment.

So – I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know . . . For Example – I Don’t Know if Dr Oz Really is a Fake Vis A Vis Oz’s Adherence to the Second Amendment or his Professed Long Time Support for Conservative Causes?

But What I Do Know About Dr Mehmet Oz . . . is that he had a Great Television Profile (Persona), which Made him a Very Successful Actor. I Know that Oz is a Loyal Supporter of Oprah, who is No Friend to Anything Conservative, who Also Plays her Race Card Extremely Close to her Chest.

I Never Heard or Saw Oprah Stand Against Black Lives Matter, the Black-On-Black Murders throughout the United States of America, the Riots, Lootings & Attacks by Black Americans Upon White Victims.

So – If Dr Oz Thinks That Oprah Is A Great Example Of American Values . . . What Does It Say About Oz?

But More Than That . . . I Don’t Know About Oz’s Loyalty to his Native Turkey Opposed to Oz’s Loyalty to the USA, as is Being Touted by the Oz Opposition, But I do Know that Dr Oz is a Strong Proponent of Senator Mitch McConnell, who is One of the Least Liked Senators in Congress on Either Side of the Political Divide, Who To Me Is A Poster-Boy For Being A RINO.


If Oz Is A Big Fan Of Oprah Winfrey & Mitch McConnell – That’s Enough For Me To Support McCormick.

I Realize that I Don’t Get a Vote in American Politics. Nor am I Allowed to Support a Candidate Financially . . . But there is Nothing that Stops me from Offering Information & Opinions, Especially when the November 2022 Midterm & The 2024 Presidential Elections will have Serious Consequences for Canadians, Almost as Much as these Elections will Have for America.

I Don’t Expect Trump To Win All His Endorsements . . . But I Expect The Best People Should Win Regardless.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If you appreciate your Jewish mother or her memory I strongly urge you to obtain the CD entitled “The Best Yiddish Album in the World” ( product of Israel Music/ made in Israel) which contains 20 songs, the leadoff being Yiddishe Mamme (A Jewish Mother)by Dudu Fisher. This album will grow on you and also serves to drive your children and wife if she is Sephardic, as is my wife). You truly feel your East European Ashkenazi roots when you listen to this. Bought @ Rodels store Montreal years ago.

  2. Oz was so successful in the entertainment industry he must have been a wizard. I figure, any friend of Oprah and Turtle Head is no friend of mine. So who exactly is behind the curtain? When Trump shook the hand of the bloodthirsty dictator Kim, I asked, Who the hell can we believe these days? Beware, be wary. Question everything and trust nobody. Above all, obey your instincts.

  3. Excellent article today, Howard, and I agree with you on Dr. Oz. Not sure you heard but Oz was booed when Trump brought him up to the podium in PA. Trump had 55:0 supported candidates in this election, but I’m thinking he will lose with Oz. Still unclear why Trump endorsed him.

  4. Mr. Oz is not my choice either. Then again. Why did the president opt for him? May well be that things will change.

  5. Thank you Howard! I felt same way upon hearing of Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz over a proven conservative. And then seeing the PA debate on Newsmax, I really feel like Pres. Trump has made a big mistake. Dr. Oz, if elected, will prove to be a swamp creature just like Mitch McConnell. I’ll be happy if this time Trump’s endorsement falls flat with the voters.

  6. Mom always said, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Made sense then, and still does. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Howard. I must say, whether people want to hear or not and whether you believe in God or not: this WAR we are in is between good and evil, God vs Satan. We know who wins it is just how many will needlessly die

  8. Oz out for me, I still miss Barry Goldwater “in your heart you know he is right” worked for him soooooo long ago

  9. With all do respect Howard you’r criticism of Dr. Oz could just as easily applied to President Trump before his being elected POTUS.

  10. Trump endorsed Romney, and that certainly turned out to be a mistake. I’m not a fan of Oz and hope he is defeated early. However, I like most of Trump’s other endorsements!

  11. I agree with your assessment! of Oz! Last night I watched 2000 Mules, new docu movie by Denish D-Souza on election fraud of 2020. Well worth your time and money to watch!!!!

  12. I did not care to watch Dr. Oz to busy working to watch T.V. If you are at work how do you have time to watch him? If Trump is after him to win is it due to fact he will pull in the votes from Pa. ?? I know I would never vote for anyone on the Democrats side. They are sick people. Lets have a legal honest vote for President this next time around. Although I hear Hillary wants to run again. God help us please. Happy week to you and family Howard, Anne, & Tavor :))

  13. Dr. Oz is a great surgeon, most doctors are anti gun as all they see is the damage done by illegal use. McConnell has been around too long and is like Biden, an old man trying to hang on to power. There is such a smoke screen around most of these politicians it is difficult to see the real person. I am still filtering through my choices as the BS gets deeper and the mud slinging gets more aggressive. A war of some type is brewing, either Civil or World War, the weak will not survive either.

  14. Senator Pat Toomey (R) the man who joined three other republicans to vote YES to impeach Trump in the Senate is, guess what, not running for re-election! Toomey’s guy is David McCormick (R), who is endorsed & funded by Mitch McConnell, who Trump hates & then there’s Heart Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been friends with Trump for many years and up to now was an Independent. So my question to you and your readers is, which would you have endorsed in the pouring rain last Friday in PA?

  15. Re: Abortions, I believe in the case of rape, incest & the life of the mother to be a good reason, but VERY EARLY in the pregnancy, not @ 9 mos., etc… EQUITY, the LEFT’s famous BELIEF, begins in the WOMB! Mr. Bouchard, a very well-known Woonsocket citizen, “said it all”. Although I wasn’t sure about Dr. Oz at first, I now rely on Pres. Trump’s choice. I believe that he knows a lot more about the TRUE CONSERVATIVES than we do. All those who’s he endorsed have reaped the benefits! AMEN!

  16. D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules, confirmed what so many of us believe–the 2000 election was stolen. I just wrote my 2 Senators and Rep. asking what they thought of the film and what plans they have to eliminate the main source of illegal ballots cast…the drop-box ballot boxes. I expect to get a ridiculous form letter response, but if not, I will let you know. If nothing is done, expect the Nov. ’22 election to be stolen, too! Repubs. in Congress need to step up and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE! NOW

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