Unintended Consequences


Thank You to all the Readers of Galganov.com for your Comments & Emails Wishing Anne, Tavor & Myself a Safe & Pleasant Trip. Even Though When we Get to the End of Each Day’s Destination (We Travel About 300-Miles A Day), and Even Though I’m Pretty Tired because of the Drive & Still Have to Set-Up the RV when we Arrive at Each Destination . . . I’m Never Too Tired To Read Your Comments & Emails.

We’re About To Leave Wyoming Heading To Nebraska Where We’ll Spend The Night . . . Let Me Reiterate – America Is Magnificent.

No One Has Ever Had to Sell me on the Magnificence of the United States of America . . . but Driving from the Northwestern Part of America (Pacific Coast) to the Northeastern Part of America, which is Something I had Never Done Before, is a Reminder of America’s Greatness.

This Must Be Said To All Americans & Canadians Too . . . Before Exploring the Rest of the World, There is so Much to Explore in North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico, that in a Lifetime, You’ll Never be Able to see it All, and there is No Where in the World that is Better to See & Experience.

If More North Americans Would See Our Countries (USA/Canada) Up Close & Personal – We’d All Be Better-Off For It.


“I’m Going To Write About All The Incongruous Good That’s Coming From The War In Ukraine”.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . There is Nothing Good that Comes from Murder, Terror & Wanton Destruction. However, Even Behind The Darkest Cloud Comes Sunshine.

Because Of This Russian Caused Genocidal War . . . The World will Change in Ways the Purveyors of a One World Order (Government) Couldn’t Perceive. Nations Have Come to Realize the Stark Reality that Nationalism is Not just a Good Thing, But In Reality . . . Is The ONLY Thing.

Before You Worry About Feeding & Caring For Other People’s FamiliesFirst Feed & Care For Your Own. And No Nation that Places the Well-Being of its Own Nation in the Trust of Other Nations is a Nation Worthy of Sovereignty.


Zelenskyy Said A Week Ago . . . That When this War Against Ukraine Comes to an End, Ukraine will Model itself on Israel, In As Much As . . . Depend on Yourself, Your Own Resources & Your Defenses . . . Before You Depend On Any Other Country.


That Too Is A Message For Israel, which is Under Enormous Pressure & Assault by the American LEFTIST Government to Revive the Obscene Oslo Accords of Bill Clinton to Surrender Israeli Territory (Judea & Samaria) to the Palestinian Authority and to Work to Create Yet Another Arab State (Palestine) in the Middle East.

There Is No Two State Solution . . . Only A Two State Strategy To Destroy Israel.

Israel Elected A Minority Sell-Out Government . . . Much like the United States did (By Cheating & Subterfuge) . . . And Canada through Liberal Government Paid Propaganda & Ignorance, which are Allowing Real Fringe Groups in the Three Countries of LEFTISTS (Socialists), Regardless of What they Call Themselves, to Endanger & Destroy all that Has Made the Preceding Countries Great in the Past.

The Spin-Off From The War In Ukraine . . . Is That Countries Worldwide Have Either Got – Or Are Getting The Message.

I Think . . . That – What’s More Important, is that a Vast Number of Political Fence-Sitters, or People who Simply Didn’t Care about Politics, or Have Been Ignorant About Politics because of our Propagandized Media & Socialist Academia, are Coming Out-Of their Socio/Political Cocoons to the Realization . . .That Elections Do Indeed Have Consequences.


I Never Thought One Way or the Other About Elon Musk. But When Musk Not Only Sided with the Canadian Truckers in Word & Deed (Financial Support) . . . my Esteem for Elon Musk Went from the Low of Zero to the High of Regard.

But Now That Elon Musk Has Bought So Deeply into Twitter with the Objective of Making Twitter the Free Speech Village Square it Originally Was . . . My Esteem For Elon Musk Has Reached The Pinnacle.

I’ve Written This Relentlessly . . . As The LEFT Flails About like People Drowning in Water Way Above their Heads, Real Conservatives Must Not Throw-Them Life Rafts, But Rather, Let them Drown as their Rat-Infested Boat Sinks to the Bottom of their Own Malfeasance.

The World Was Already Slowly Changing Back To Normal . . . The War In Ukraine Has Changed – “Slowly” To The Blink Of An Eye.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Another good article, Howard. You’re always right on target! Safe journey back to Ontario.

  2. Right on about Elon Musk! When he abandoned the mess that California is today for the common sense of Texas he got the attention of many and has been impressive to watch along the way. Wouldn’t it be nice if a few other people who made their fortunes within the capitalist system stepped up to the plate, like Elon, for the better of all mankind.

  3. Another great editorial Howard. I’m glad you and Ann have enjoyed the western part of America. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Bud Brown Deer Park, Washington

  4. Right on again, Howard! Hope your trip continues to be safe and enjoyable.

  5. You are so right Howard…It would be nice if Canadian politicians took care of Canada the way we deserve instead of giving away billions to foreign pet projects that actually accomplish nothing…also, lets get our natural resources back on track!

  6. Islamist panderer Trudeau still allows the IRGC (Iranian Republican Guard) to operate in Canada freely instead of designating them as terrorists and they are laundering billions of dollars, as well as plotting to and harming the west. He is further reducing Canada to poverty by making fossil fuels too expensive, before we have a viable alternative. I hope your return trip continues to be free of care.

  7. I love Elon Musk he is emerging as a common sense billionaire who truly cares about America and its people.

  8. Your remarks re travel in Canada & the US struck a cord within me. My wife & I have travelled to 10 Provinces, and 49 States. We visited 6 European countries. Nothing in the world compares with N America. I’ve worked with dozens of Europeans who marvel that they can travel for hours by air or weeks by road and not stop being amazed by our greatness! Howard, you have the keenest sense of the status of what matters in all; of media! Keep up your meaningful reports to we who need it! Safe Home!!!

  9. Did you see Tucker Carlson’s airing a video of WH event where everyone was totally ignoring Biden, esp. Obama. O is running Biden’s WH & decisions as O’s 3rd term. Why else for the push for Israel to give up her territory for a Palestinian ‘state’? Am so glad to hear you three are enjoying your trek across the northern USA toward your home. This is a beautiful country, at least the parts we haven’t messed up yet. Happy & continued safe travels. Possibly take off a day traveling to rest.

  10. To be allowed to vote you must keep track of what’s going “ON” in Canada, then the U.S.A. and finally, the rest of the world. 80% of voters don’t do that. They just vote after the brainwashing by the fiberal demon rat fake news lamestream media that always sides with the left, never on the side of Republican Conservatism or very rarely. Before being allowed to vote, an exam should be taken to see how logical and common sense you use when deciding how to vote. You fail, not allowed to vote.

  11. I took your advise and met with a candidate for our State Senate. She made many good points, the big one was how ID is being taken over by LIBS from other states, all trying to turn our Red State, Blue. She said how corrupt our gov’t is as most of the career politicians are in bed with the Money Lobbist. Nothing like money and power to destroy countries. She shared with our group how the LBGQT in this state being a >1% have gained power in the state house and pushed their agendas, Immoral BS

  12. We must get behind the next leader of the PC party in Canada whether it is Pierre Polivere or Leslyn Lewis these two are STRONG Canadians which will unite all Canadians from coast to coast to coast, no favorites, this is all our COUNTRY to take care OF. Need to get rid of the dividing liberals and their lackeys the ndp

  13. Dear Sir I am sorry but I do not remember all the good things I wrote in my comment. My email has been the same all along. have a great drive home be safe & all be well.

  14. If Elon Musk doesn’t change his present path, he will/would be a GREAT ASSET to the Conservatives. The LEFT ARE, slowly but surely, drowning with RAT-INFESTED BOATS in their OWN CREATED SWAMP. Real Conservatives must NOT throw them Life Rafts. A proof of ELDER ABUSE towards O’Biden was proven during Obama’s VISIT to the White House. WHERE was his WIFE, Dr. Jill, during that appearance, and where are all the mental health officials? If it were Trump, the accusations would have been FLYING.

  15. If Trump had been president and Russia had done what they did, Trump would have done what he had told Putin he would do, bomb Moscow, today Moscow would be a pile of rubble. The peace plan that Trump presented to Israel was taken right from prophecy in the Bible, almost to the letter. The Palestinians will accept it, Russia and Iran will not like it and they will break it after 3 1/2 years into it by attacking Israel w/ an Arab coalitio and Turkey., only1/6 of the attackers will survive. (Bible

  16. Great article as usual. Watch the weather, massive winter storm directly in your path. Be safe.

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