One Woke Actor Slapped Another Woke Actor


We Interrupt The Carnage In Ukraine For A Vital Report On The Critical Oscar Bitch-Slapping.

People Worldwide (Europe, North America – Etc) Can’t Afford to Heat their Homes, Buy a House, Pay a Hundred Dollars in an Emergency, Drive their Cars, Keep a Roof Over their Heads & Put Food on their Tables . . . And the Fact That a Privileged Woke Comedian “Bitch-Slapped” another Privileged Woke Comedian at the Academy Awards Shocks the World Media . . . Says All That Needs To Be Said About What Our Media & Elitist Class Has Become.

Anne, Tavor & I Will Be Leaving British Columbia This Coming Sunday . . . for the 3,600-Mile Journey Back East To Southeastern Ontario, about an Hour and a Half from Downtown Montreal and the Same Distance to Downtown Ottawa, where we Live Full-Time in the Summer on the Ontario Side of the Provincial Line Between Ontario & Quebec.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S ON OUR MINDS? . . . How Much The Trip Home Is Going To Cost Us In Gas, Food & RV Lodging.

Do You Know What Else Is On Our Minds . . . We are Concerned that Like in Carter’s 1970’s Era, when there was Gas Rationing, the Same can Happen when Anne, Tavor & I are Making our Way Home, which Would Create a Huge Issue for Us . . . While Hauling A 41-Foot Fifth Wheel RV With A 7.3 Liter F-250 – That Gets About 8-9 Miles Per Gallon Pulling The RV.

We’re Also Somewhat Concerned About Violence On The Road, Especially since we will be Travelling Home to Canada Through the United States, by Following the Pacific Coast Highway through Washington State & Oregon . . . just Before we Reach the California State Line, where we will Take a Hard Left (Geographically Speaking) Turn on Interstate Highway 80 – all the Way Past Chicago & Beyond to the Canadian Border.

It’s Sad To Think This Way About A Trip That Should Be One Of The Adventures Of A Lifetime – But It Is What It Is.

Once we Leave the West Coast, where Random & Targeted Violence has Become a Way of Life, and Enter Northern Nevada and the Subsequent Red Counties & States of America, we will Breathe Somewhat Easier, Even as the Costs of Travel (Gas, RV Parks & Food) will Still be Outrageous.

When We Pull Over For Gas, which will be Often . . . Being In Our 70’s, Pulling an Expensive RV with an Equally Expensive Pick-Up Truck, Our Age Puts a Bullseye on us, as Potentially Easy Car-Jacking & Mugging Targets . . . But We Have A Secret Weapon.

I’m Not A Small Guy & I Don’t Think I Look Like An Easy Target, And Even though I’m 72-Years Old, I’m Still the Kind of Person a Thug Might Think Twice about Confronting if there was Easier Prey, which Doesn’t Mean People like Anne & Myself are Immune to the Violent Insanity that is Sweeping Mostly Blue States & Blue Cities Across America.


The Original Tavor is an Extremely Effective Israeli Assault Rifle, that is Compact to Carry, Easy to Load, Efficient to Shoot & Deadly Accurate at Close Range.

The Other Tavor Is A 92-Pound 100% European German Shepherd Dog, Bred Exclusively For Military & Police Duty.

The First Tavor . . .  As Canadians – Anne & I Can’t Travel With. The Other Tavor, which is 92-Pounds (Weighed Just Yesterday) and Packed with Fire & Brimstone, is as Great a Deterrent as any Weapon, since Our Tavor Leaves No Illusion as to What He is – And What He Would Do If Called-Upon.

It Is Sick & Sad, that Anne & I, No Less than so Many other People, Must Think this Way About Traveling the Once Wonderful Roads of America, where the Journey Itself Used to be What the Trip was all About.

But Like It Or Not . . . This Is What The LEFT Has Done To America In Cahoots With Make-Believe Conservative Republicans.

We Can Pretend All We Want . . . That The Bitch-Slap was an Occurrence of all Importance, but I Couldn’t Give a Rat’s-Ass if these Two Privileged Black Ingrates Went at Each Other with Sledgehammers, which would be Far More Entertaining to Have Watched, than are the Crap Woke Chinese Financed Movies they call Art.

Do The Politicians Even Know How Much The People Are Hurting?

I Suspect that Most of them Do . . . And I Equally Suspect that Most of them Don’t Care, because they’ve Got “Theirs” – And as Long as they are in Power (Elected Or Appointed), they will be Far Removed from the Chattel (Serfs) Like You & Me, who Keep the Bureaucratic Elitists High & Dry Through our Tax Dollars and their Borrowed & Printed Money, which we will Have to Pay For Anyway – One Way Or The Other.

I Remember just Prior to Obama’s Second Election, when a Hurricane (Sandy) Wiped-Out a Huge Swath of the New Jersey & Long Beach Island Coastlines, as People were Decimated by the Hurricane Struggled to Survive, while Just a Few Miles Away in New York City, Life was Normal, as if the Massive Destruction & Suffering of New Jersey was Like a Million Miles Away.

That’s How Our Politicians, Bureaucrats, Academics, Media, Financial Institutions, Elitists & Big Tech Oligarchs See Our Struggles.


The Bottom Line . . . It’s Time To Make Our Reality Their Reality – Our Pain Their Pain & Our Turn To Level The Playing Field.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If you are coming through Southern Oregon (conservative Douglas County {Roseburg} Or, if you need assistance) swing by and say hello!

  2. Howard you are spot on as always. I used to jokingly refer to JB as maladroit Joe, but have recently changed his moniker to the pemaquid president.

  3. Hi Howard… have a safe journey home. Just a question as to why you would not take I90 from Seattle all the way east as I have driven that highway many times from the Okanagan and also from Calgary to Toronto. Anyway safe driving.

    Several Explanations. We Have Never Been through Oregon Before. We Want to Drive on Better US Interstate Highways. We Don’t Want to Drive through the Canadian Rockies yet Again. I’m Not Interested in Driving on the Coquihallah Highway Again. I Have No Interest in Highway 3, and the Trans-Canada 1 has Taken a Real Beating this Past Fall & Winter.

    And Driving Through Northern Ontario Is No Prize.

    I Also Want To Stay As Far Away from Snow as I can. And the Price Difference Between US & Canadian Gas is Substantial – HG:

  4. Some people have to get slapped harder than others! To wake them up! We get what we deserve! To me, Chris Rock is a spoiled, loud-mouthed creep, who doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth. I applaud Will Smith for his actions! Even though he apologized, he is still more of a gentleman, than that self-centered, so-called actor!

  5. Amen again!! Bless you all – safe travels. You will be in my prayers.

  6. Have a safe trip home. I think the only way we will be able to do a Conservative restart is when the economy will collapse. There will be again more suffering for the little sheeples, “US”, the regular folks but at least maybe just maybe we will be able to turn things around. Right now nothing can be done because 80% of the sheeples don’t keep up with everyday occurrences and don’t know how to vote if they even go voting at all.

  7. PAIN!!! No gain without PAIN!!! Canuck Truckers gave the Govt. in Ottawa, up there some pain, and it was definitely effective. So effective all the knives Trudy had came out to stop it. Our Truckers drove around, Washington DC, in circles so not to upset traffic. WOW WASN’T THAT A GIAGANTIC WASTE OF TIME. No body ever heard of the Truckers and their protests while they were there. Usless energy spent, all because NO PAIN TO D.C NO GAIN FOR THE U.S.A. Drive Safely, enjoy the sites, wish I

  8. Only Superman would be able to survive the thrashing I would give a dirtbag if he insulted my wife.

  9. As you say, Howard. It’s time to level the playing field! Safe journey home for you, Anne and Tavor.

  10. Good comments, Howard! I’ll be praying for y’all, that your travels will be safe. I am so glad you are passing through Washington and Oregon, which I am convinced are two of the most beautiful states in the USA!

  11. Yep – they are clueless Yep – it is sad what becomes news Yep – let’s work / vote to level the field. Excellent article & you be safe out there! Gary Burd from Texas

  12. Howard, excellent article. Have safe travels for you Anne and Tavor. Loved RV’ing! Miss it. Stay well and safe .

  13. I too wish you three a safe trip back to your Spring-Summer-Fall home. Gotta say I loved your opening line of what MSM is like – interrupting real news for Hollywood’s latest ‘show’. I admire Will Smith for defending his wife against snide remarks about a condition she has no control over. But after one day in the news, it should go back to serious news. Anyway, again I hope you all stay safe throughout your trip home. Give Tavor a pat for me.

  14. The People’s Convoy is heading home to California, but they intend to return to Washington DC. The fight has not ended! They have made it very clear they are not quitting. California’s state legislature is trying to enact legislation that would just about turn it into East Germany, and I think they want to work on that. Great one as usual, Howard! They don’t care about us. They never have cared but they used to pretend to. Now they don’t even pretend.

  15. Howard, you Anne and Tavor have a safe trip home and we hope to see you this summer.

  16. Dear Anne, Howard and Tavor….I’m sure, like me, all of your readers wish you a very safe trip home with nothing but good experiences other than the cost to get there. We will all be thinking of you Sunday and every day until we hear you are safely home !! Best Wishes, Your friend Joy

  17. Do have a safe journey back to the U.S.A. l God Speed

  18. You are correct in having your Tavor on alert while in the US. Even here in ID we have seen an increase in some crimes. assault and robbery being one of them. Your biggest concern should be where you stop each night as the bad guys like the travelers and that the cops are usually a long way off. Drive Safe, and always be alert. The Oscar BS is just another indication of how screwed up our countries are, the Rich have no clue, that all changes in a Civil War, as their body guards will disappear.

  19. As you travel I80 across the states, remember that Hastings, NE only 14 miles south of I80. Our trip to AZ from NE $700+ and the return in March, $1200+. Not traveling to Maine this summer as I can only guess what cost of fuel would add up to. We travel I80 all the way to the east coast and it is in excellent condition. Once we get past Chicago only problem the toll roads! Safe travels.

  20. Howard, Have a safe trip. Traffic on I-80 from Chicago going into I-94 is a nightmare, be very careful.

  21. Howard, Anne, Tavor – you will be in my thoughts daily. I hope there will be some ‘fun’ left in the travel. I’m so glad you have Tavor – his strength, courage, loyalty, love cannot be beat. Keep us posted as we will ‘worry’ until you arrive safely back home.

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