It Ain’t Over Yet – But Sooner Than Later


First & Foremost . . . Because I’m A Conservative Canadian – I Am Thrilled That Erin O’Toole Has Been Kicked-Out.

Erin O’Toole was Elected Leader of Canada’s Conservative Party as a Hard-Core Conservative, who Proved After Winning the Leadership, that he Was a Liar & Cheat who was Nothing More than an an Autocratic Piece of Turd, who Ran the Conservative Party in Lock-Step with Canada’s Liberals, which is Run by the One World Communist Advocate Justin Trudeau.

Erin O’Toole Savaged Real Conservatives In The Party Which Led To Two Eventualities:

1 – Why Vote for a Liberal in Conservative Clothing, When you can Vote for the Real Thing? Which Meant that O’Toole Led the Conservatives to a Crushing National Defeat.

And Even in Opposition, After Having had his Ass Kicked in the Last Federal Election (September 20, 2021), O’Toole Still Ran the Conservative Party as Liberal Ass-Kissers in Opposition.

2 – Because O’Toole was such a “TOOL”, Party Members . . . such as Anne, Myself and if Not all of our Friends – Many LEFT the Party & Joined the People’s Party of Canada, which is a Real Conservative Party.

I Don’t Know What The Conservative Party Is Going To Do Now . . .  But if the Conservative Party of Canada Runs True to Form, they will Probably Replace O’Toole with Another “Progressive” Piece of Crap Instead of a Real Conservative.

Who Knows? Maybe They’ll See The Light . . . But At Least The “TOOL” Is Gone.


Canadian Truckers Are Hanging Tough & Inspiring People Worldwide.

American Truckers Are Starting To Organize & Mobilize Too.

The Convoys Have Caught the Attention of Freedom Lovers Everywhere.

Trudeau is Being Portrayed Worldwide as the Putz he Really is, which will End this Communist Supporter before Trudeau Can Finish the Job of Ending Canada.

Trump Is Outraising The Republican & Democrat Parties Combined.

As Many as 80,000 Freedom Loving Americans Converged just Outside Houston to Greet & Cheer-On President Trump just a Week Ago.

Even LEFTIST Polls Show Latinos & Black Americans Are Rallying In Huge Numbers For Trump & Republicans.


Whoopi Goldberg Got Her Comeuppance . . . Not for Being Stupid, But for Showing Just How Stupid she Really-Is and for Showing her Stupidity & Ignorance for the Entire World to See.

Imagine . . . A Wealthy Black Woman (Whoopi Goldberg) who Complains that Black Women & Black People in General, who for Some Unfathomable Reason Can’t Catch a Break in America . . . Somehow Thinks She’s Smart?

Jeff Zucker Of CNN Gets The Screwing He Deserves For The Screwings He’s Given.

The Books (“American Marxism” – Mark Levin, “Laptop From Hell” – Miranda Devine & “Red Handed” – Peter Schweizer) are Just Three of the Most Prominent Books of Many, that Tell the Real Tales about Biden’s America & The Deep State, Involving as Many Republican Liars & Cheats as Democrats.

The LEFT Want To Rewrite A Phony History As Conservatives Write A Real History That Will Be Read For Generations.


The Preceding Good News Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good to read your updates – I donate only to DJT and to individual candidates – never the GOP. I cannot wait for the US truckers to unite and do the same as they are in Canada.

  2. News travels fast. I was shocked by you saying O’Toole is out so I checked. Wouldn’t it be nice if Berniere came back. I don’t know of any other real Conservatives out there. What a great day! The moron Whoopie Goldberg is also out along with the treasonous scumbag Jeff Zuckerberg. Will the public finally wake up and understand that comics like Goldberg and actors are only people who are great at pretending. The guys who can get the hydro going after a storm are far more important.

  3. O’Toole is out!!!!! Excellent news! I pray a leader with honest, integrity and credibility is chosen. Is this asking too much?

  4. The Woke has poked the sleeping bear of conservativism and now it is awakening from its slumber to spread truth and light. Look out! Democrats in 2022 & 2024, and look out Justin, peeking over your leftist shoulder!

  5. Your Editorial “says it all”! Also, GO TRUCKERS GO! Can’t wait to view them on America’s roads! AMEN!

  6. As an American, I am unbelievably proud of my Canadian brothers and sisters. Trudeau must go, and take Brandon with him.

  7. Liked the upbeat good news. More to come in Nov. Happy Groundhog Day on 2/2/22. Won’t have that combination again for sometime.

  8. Yes, the truckers of Canada have been truly inspirational but so far I have been cautiously impressed with the actions of the police. Their lack of action I should really say as they appear to be showing the world that moral integrity is an important factor in a successful democracy

  9. We need Pierre Poilièvre to run and stop any attempts by the red tory executives at blackmailing him to withdraw from the race like the last 2 times and for him to say that he did it because of his young family.

  10. I’m so upset with our lying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau The lies that came out of his mouth were so filthy, I felt that I needed a shower after suffering through what he had to say. He has routinely shown himself to be the most dictatorial veritably evil man who has ever led a nation along with Hitler, Biden, Lenin Mao. One of the hallmarks of Marxist governance is to accuse the people of the evils YOU commit.

  11. I AGREE! Here in the US (and Canada, from what I understand) the LEFT has BLOWN IT!!! PANICKED over the relatively short time they had, and MOVED WAY TOO FAR & WAY TOO FAST… So “WE” can all SEE: Even the “DUMBEST AMONG-EST” are figuring it out, it is SO OBVIOUS now! I really appreciate your comments along those lines… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! YOU & ANNE, guarded by TAVOR! (I too have had a GREAT high-bred German Shepard “TIMBER”)

  12. GO USA Truckers!! Follow our Patriotic Canadian Brothers/ Sisters lead!! Those that Enable Freedom need Support from those of Us that enjoy the Freedom from the WORK of Real Patriots!! USAF Retired, Viet Nam Vet! Thanks Howard!!

  13. Peter Schweitzer’s “Red Handed” also tells the story of the connections between Pierre Trudeau and his son to the CCP and Chinese big business. Just read an interesting commentary on this section of the book. The Trudeaus are just as corrupt as the Bidens when it comes to China and making money.

  14. Whoopi along with Neil Young, Joni Mitchel and now another Lib Actor Susan Sorandan all have opened their mouths to show how ignorant they are. All are Pretenders and live in worlds of make believe. Most have been to Rehab more than once and they want us to listen to their Opinions, Please. Our countries are failing our future generations with debt, hate and socialist BS. There is no such thing as FREE as someone has to pay for it. Time to investigate all politicians financial backing.

  15. Howard as usual you are spot on………..That schmuck Goldberg appears to be back from Canada since she said that if Trump wins she will move north. You can have her. Troops to Europe ?????? Sleepy Joe screwing things up once again. Keep on trucken………………………..

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