Goodbye To The 2021-Nightmare


You Can Define The Quality Of The People By Whom The People Elect To Govern Themselves.

The Above Said . . . I have No Sympathy for the People of Chicago, Most of California, New York City and all the Other LEFTIST Governed Regions within our Societies, whose Civility is in Free-Fall.

My Mother Didn’t Create This Sentiment . . . But my Mother Used it Constantly on Myself & My Sisters while we were Growing-Up – Show Me Who Your Friends Are . . . And That’s All I Will Need To Know About Who You Are.

IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS . . . New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio will Become Ex-New York City Mayor, Leaving Behind a Legacy of Human Trash, Pain & Ill Repair; Caused NOT by DeBlasio’s Utter Incompetence, Racism & Communist Agenda, BUT Rather, by the People Who Voted DeBlasio into Office Twice & all the People who Never Voted for an Alternative.

I Don’t Know If The Incoming Mayor (Eric Adams) Will Be Much Better . . . but if Eric Adams Wants to Revive New York City, the Only Way that Can be Done is to Do Everything DeBlasio did in Reverse at Breakneck Speed.

Eric Adams Is A Liberal . . . But So Was Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump & Even Yours Truly . . . Times & Events Change People.

Anne & I Had a Housekeeper Years Ago from England, whose Favorite Expression in Life was . . . “Needs Must”. In Other Words – Regardless of What you Think, What you Want & What you Expect . . . You Do What Has To Be Done.

I Doubt that President Ronald Reagan ever thought he would Become the World’s Conservative Icon, no More than I Imagined Donald Trump who was More or Less a Lifetime Democrat, would even Meet & Possibly Exceed the Political Leanings of Ronald Reagan. I Never Thought I would Become a Rank Conservative Either, since as I was Growing-Up, I was Taught in School and by what I Read in the Media, that Conservatives were Anti-Semitic, Racist, Anti-Democratic and a Threat to our Freedoms.

As Far As I Understood . . . Conservatism Was Represented By The KKK, Neo Nazis & The White Brotherhood.

But as I Grew Older, I Realized that I was Propagandized & Slowly but Surely Saw the Errors of my Thoughts & Perceptions, which Brought me to Where I am Today. For People Like me there is Salvation . . . Because Liberalism was (is) a Fake Inculcation that Sounded in Principle Far Greater than it Proved to be in Practicality.

In Essence – I Truly Believe that America is Transitioning from an Acceptance of a Global Communist Lie – to the Reality of American Exceptionalism Based Upon a Meritocracy, where People Rise & Fall on their Own Merit.

Far Too Often – Before You Can Get-Up . . . You Have To Fall Hard – And America Is Starting To Get Off Her Knees.

You Can’t Heal An Addiction Until You Realize & Accept That You’re Addicted. America is Waking-Up to the Fact that Almost Half the People of the United States of America have Been Accepting & Living a Lie, from Which a Very Large Portion of the American People will Not Really Recover, since their Education, Skills & Work Ethic have Been Stolen from them Forever.

But MORE Than Half The American People Will Recover, as they Begin to Understand the Misery that Academia, the Media and the Political LEFT Had Unleashed Upon the Greatest Country that Has Ever Been, where in the Final Analysis, Almost Half the People will be Deprived of a Dream that was Stolen From them by the Politicians, Media & Academia Which & Whom they Trusted the Most.

Many Of Us Were Rebels Growing-Up . . . We Railed Against “The Man” and Chanted our Slogans as we Locked-Arms Together & Sung Kumbaya . . . But We Never Tried To Overthrow Or Destroy Our Respective Countries.

But This Time Is Different . . . This Time The Left Pushed Too Far, Far Enough, That For Many There Will Be No Redemption.

As I’ve Been Writing For The Entire Year Of 2021 . . . As Bad as it has Been and as Bad as it Can still Get, the Fight for the Heart & Soul of America has been Fought & Won by the RIGHT, to the Point, that in the November 2022 Congressional Elections, Conservative Republicans . . . Won’t Simply Win-Back The House & The Senate . . . It Will Be A Political Slaughter Unlike Anything America Has Ever Seen Before.

The American & Global Communists Are Not Yet Finished Fighting . . . And Unless the Communists are Willing to Risk a Civil War, where they will be Utterly Destroyed, RINOS Along with them, their Generations’ Long Gambit Towards Communism and a One World Government is Politically Lost for As Long as I Can Imagine.

We’re Not Yet Out Of The Woods . . . But 2022 Will Give Us A Whole New Forest.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a great article to close out 2021, Howard! Happy New Year to you and your family. We, your readers, look forward to your articles as well as good conservative progress and news in 2022.

  2. Toute nation a le gouvernment qu’elle merit. Joseph de Maistre.

    Although I Frown Upon Using any Language on the Comment Section other than English, I’m in a “Liberal-Minded” Mood.

    In English . . . The Comment Is – All Nations Have The Government They Deserve.

    Please Keep Your Comments In English – HG:

  3. Howard my father used to say something similar, “you’re judged by the company you keep” in any event, Happy New Year to you and your family, God Bless. 2022 couldn’t be any worse, but I’m thinking a lot of the rats will disappear in the new year coming.

  4. Howard, this editorial is a masterpiece! I hope you’re right about the outcome of the 2022 elections. G-d bless you and Anne. Happy 2022!

  5. Thank you Howard for everything you have said and written in 2021 We will survive rising costs, storms and whatever the good Lord sends our way, but 2022 will be our banner year. Tomorrow New Year’s eve will be a refreshing springlike day in South Texas. Stay warm and hang on for the ride! HAPPY NEW YEAR

  6. I have lamented what the Left has done to America, but I can see that it has been the “kick in the seat” that was needed to wake enough people up to fight and continue to fight for our Republic. We can’t “let up” and relax – the fight is not over. We ALL have to support the America we love. Thank you for leading us through the craziness and fear of 2021 and to point out that all is NOT lost – America IS on the re-bound. Wishing you, Anne and Tavor a healthy and prosperous New Year 2022!

  7. A Happy New Year to you and yours. See you on the other side. Cheers, TedR

  8. More and more of the people are seeing that the media/government simply can’t be trusted. What was once more a case of bias or difference of opinion is now pure propaganda. Completely false narratives, either through suppression of truth or outright lies, are broadcast to the public. I think and hope people are waking up to this obvious truth to the point that if Dr Fauci-stein says the sky is blue, I’d first have to go outside to see what color other than blue it might really be.

  9. Happy and Blessed New Year to you and Anne….. Praying for our WORLD to come back to our original calling to the Lord! Hoping and praying for miracles for all our countries, especially America!

  10. Well Stated Howard! Back in 1964 I remember my teacher said this, “Those That The People Elect Are But A Mirror Image Of Those ELECTING THEM” I’m 70 now, that’s 58 years ago, sometimes I don’t remember what I had for dinner the next day. BUT I Remember That Like It Was An Hour Ago! Also as you stated about summing you up by whom you hang with. Same here, just like that Gentleman stated too! There are many of my own generation that have forsaken what our/their parents taught/exemplified!

  11. Howard and Anne, A very healthy and happy 2022 to you both and thank you for all your great editorials during this past mostly politically miserable year…things are looking up as people wake up or are ” unwoked ” I was lucky as I was raised to believe in our Constitution and Conservatism from the start and believe in it today more than ever! Thank you for keeping us so well informed and here’s to a much better and saner year ahead. Bless your hearts and Tavor too!!

  12. Yes, 2022 WILL be a Political Slaughter Unlike Anything America Has Ever Seen Before. The Socialist Democrats don’t know where to turn to at this juncture. Hence, their only AMMUNITION is to use COVID restrictions to create FEAR and CONTROL certain people, but this is coming to an END, as proven by O’Biden’s forwarding its issues to the States! What OTHER virus will be created for further CONTROL? Why have the COMMON COLD & the FLU mysteriously DISAPPEARED? Happy New Year to you & yours! AMEN

  13. Howard, God bless you, Anne and Tavor for doing such great work for the cause of liberty and freedom this past year. I am sending you the first of what will be many more contributions in support. Best wishes, Henry and Barb Fischer, Pine City, MN USA

  14. Happy New Year to both and to Anne, Happy Birthday. Best wishes for a better year ahead and may all our hopes and dreams come true.

  15. Thank You for a Great Editorial!! 2020 & 2021 were NOT my finest years, both in Health and Country. However; things are a changing. There are folks who are finally paying attention….not all but some! We knew what could be excellent under Trump and we lost every bit of it under Biden. I do believe Hell Hath No Fury Like a Country Scorned and SHE will fight for what is Right. 2022 WILL be better because WE will make it so! A very Happy, Healthy New Year to you, Anne, Trevor and ALL on here!

  16. God bless you, Howard, for all the great work you are doing. We pray that His choicest blessings will continue to be with you, Anne, and Tavor and that 2022 will be a brighter and more positive year.

  17. May you, Anne and Tavor have a Happy New Year, a blessed and healthy 2022. And may the USA recover positively from the wretched wreck of 2021 and Biden administration, most especially after the Nov election and installation of conservatives in Congress in Jan of 2023. Can you imagine what next New Year’s Eve will be like? Looking forward to a Happy New Year for all.

  18. As I read your wonderfully worded editorial I thought of President Donald Trump’s words at one of the churches (sorry, can’t remember name) stating that he was not America’s Saviour but (pointed upward) HE is and I Samuel 17:47 came to mind~~”….for the battle is the LORD’S, and he will give you into our hands.” but it’s in His time. A Blessed and Happy New Year to you and family and all your faithful readers.

  19. Spot on Howard, as usual! Thank you for giving us all the solid perspective of the 2021 fiasco’s, traitors, idiots, incompetents who have wriggled themselves into non-elected power positions in media, medicine, science, government etc. Hoping for a happier 2022 New Year for you, Anne, Tavor – all of us.

  20. Thank you for great and spiritual editorials’ plus hard work this past year. Wishing you, Anne and Travor a very Happy Healthy New Year 2022! I had lost the internet and resolved but noticed no text size as before. My eyes would love it again! Thank you!

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