Time To Stop Playing Softball


100-People Were Shot This Past Weekend In Chicago . . . How Many Shooters & Victims Were NOT Black?

San Francisco Neiman Marcus Was Just Looted . . . How Many Of The Looters Were NOT Black?


How Much Is A Gold Medal Worth To A Country Whose Athletes Hate The Country They Represent?

Whenever I See an Athlete, Professional or Amateur Take a Knee, Turn His or Her Back or Talk During the Playing of the National Anthem or the Waving of the Flag, I Don’t Just Tune-Out the Athlete or the Team He or She Represents, but the Whole Contest (Game).

I Turn-Off The Whole Damn Thing & Couldn’t Give A Rat’s Ass About The Game, The Team Or The League.


We Used To Hear How Patriotic Our Athletes Were . . . Who Spent their Entire Younger Lives SACRIFICING Everything to Train to Represent our Flag. The Athletes Gave-Up Jobs & Money to Become Olympic Quality Athletes . . . For Them To Compete For Our Flag & Country.

And There Was No Greater Honor Than To Carry The Flag Ahead Of Your Entire National Contingent.

We Used To Have Donation Collection Boxes . . .  To Raise Money for our Athletes to Strut their Stuff for us all to be Proud-Of. Retail Establishments, Distributors, Manufacturers – Etc, would be Proud to Market Themselves as Contributors to the National Olympic Teams. And Whether we Won Gold, Silver or Bronze . . . It Didn’t Matter, Because at the Very Least . . . Through Our Athletes – We Were There Competing For The Glory Of Our Country.

I’m A Canadian . . . And I Cried Tears Of Joy When The American Miracle Team Took Hockey Gold At The Lake Placid Olympics.

Today . . . These Spoiled Pieces Of Walking, Talking, Human Excrement – Are Using their Freedoms & Extraordinary Gifts of Talent, which Have been Paid for & Honed by the Largesse of our Governments, through State Sponsored Training, Tax-Free Grants & Taxpayer Funds . . . Only To Humiliate, Insult & Disparage The Government & The People Who Gave Them Everything.


If The Freakish Gender Warriors . . . And Racist Black People, who In-Spite of their Bitching, Live the Life of Glory . . . And the Socialist Idiots who Forget that the Freedoms they Want to Tear-Down are the Same Freedoms that Got them to Where they’re At . . . Let Them Represent Some Other Country.


My Remedy . . . Boycott The Olympics – Cancel All The Athletes & Don’t Let Anyone Compete For Flag & Country Or Take The Pledge.

America Does Not Need To Be Publicly Insulted & Humiliated On the Global Stage by People who I Can Only Describe as Traitors to the very Freedoms that has Created the Greatest Society Known to Humanity.


Well . . . What About The Athletes Who Love Their Country, Anthem & Flag You Might Ask?

Why Should They Be Punished? . . . Until such time, as the Whole of America Gets with the Program that Nationalism & Free Enterprise Are Not Dirty Words, No-One Should Have A Free Ride.

Using The Constitution To Destroy The Constitution Is Treason . . .  And Publicly Hating America Is Treason No Less.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Spot on herein. Stopped supporting any sporting event and/or p;participants long ago who thought they because they could run, jump, or have some other physical trait better than their peers allowed them to criticize the very nation that gave them the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their blessings. Have never regretted that decision made many years ago. Suggest all follow suit. Not prejudice against anyone but treason is treason regardless of color.

  2. I rather come in last place in all events at the Olympics with die hard Patriotic Players than win one gold medal by a racist unpatriotic player that has no respect for The American Flag and for what it stands for.


  4. WOW…. loved the article, Howard ..some times i think you are inside my head, I think the way you do….GREAT work .. thanks

  5. I’m a bona fide Immigrant from the U.K. and proud to be a Canadian citizen. I loved my old country but now Stand on Guard for Thee, Canada. To anyone here or in the USA who doesn’t like the traditions, flags, laws or life style, EMIGRATE tut suite back to where you or your ancestors came from or you can find any country that would have you.

  6. One EASY CHOICE for those who DON’T LIKE our Country as is………MOVE OUT and go FIND a COUNTRY which REPRESENTS YOUR SOCIALISTIC VIEWS! Good Luck in finding one in which you will “LOVE” to RESIDE in! AMEN!

  7. Agree unfortunately too many conservatives will do nothing bcos they are comfortable and afraid to stand out and worried what others might say. Turn off the TV, stop shopping at amazon and buying Chinese products most won’t as always they let someone else do all the work and then talk about it at their parties.

  8. The idea of the Olympics is they are apolitical. Athletes go to represent their nations and not themselves. If these simple messages cannot be upheld then why should any athlete go? No one is twisting their arms. They only show how hypocritical they are by taking the country’s money for training and competing under the flags they hate so much. Its not the country that looks bad, its them. But they of course they are too egotistical and brainwashed to see it.

  9. I gave up on football and the NFL when Kaepernick took a knee and was joined by his “brothers”. I gave up on basketball and the NBA when the floor was emblazoned with BLM. I gave up on baseball and MLB when the black national anthem was played before the National Anthem. In respect for the athletes who devoted their lives to being an Olympian I watched the trials with the caveat that I would likewise abandon that sport as a fan and donor at the first demonstration of ‘treason”. That occurred.

  10. I don’t like the Olympics. We spend millions to train athletes, just to see how many medals we can get. So what. This doesn’t benefit anyone. There are many other ways to have competitions other than through the Olympics. And if any Olympic athlete does not stand proudly for their flag and country, or in any way disparages their country, they should immediately be disqualified.

  11. Yesterday on my drive home, I turned on CJAD Montreal Radio. Someone had suggested a parade for hockey players even if they don’t win the Stanley Cup to show support. I say absolutely not. Support & celebration of victory at the highest level are not the same. What’s wrong with everybody. Yes we’d like a good time, but surely we can separate that need from what victory really means. Otherwise like ribbons for participation, it means nothing. How shallow we have become.

  12. What an Editorial!! Spot On. I was watching NewsMax yesterday and they showed OUR female soccer team turn away from OUR FLAG. Needless to say, I will NEVER watch, buy or donate to the Olympics ever again as I did the NFL, MLB & Basketball. They won’t realize ONE (1) person not taking an interest but if there are MANY they will as it hits them in their pockets. NOTE: I have NEVER shopped Amazon nor Walmart..WHY? I want USA goods. TY Mr. G. God Bless

  13. Amen to Howard’s commentary and ALL the wonderful comments above!

  14. Best statement in editorial: “If The Freakish Gender Warriors . . . And Racist Black People, who In-Spite of their Bitching, Live the Life of Glory . . . And the Socialist Idiots who Forget that the Freedoms they Want to Tear-Down are the Same Freedoms that Got them to Where they’re At . . . Let Them Represent Some Other Country.” These athletes KNOW they live in most free (so far) country in the world, otherwise they would fight to leave it. They need to recognize TRUTH & stop being deluded.

  15. Anyone disrespecting the flag while “playing for America” in any form should be removed from the teams immediately!

  16. Howard Sir, it was an honor to watch the Olympics over the years of our American stars. What they have done now I will never watch them again. How shameful they have done to our country and to themselves. Once again thank you for your wonderful Editorial. My best to you, Anne, & Tavor may you and the horses all be in great health. Blessings to you each. JL:))

  17. I would love to see every female athlete who has to compete with a male who thinks he a woman, get to the starting line, sit down and refuse to compete. That is the only way this trans crap in sports will go away.

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