From The Grave To The Ballot To The Vote


Dead People Vote . . . Don’t They?


It Is Just As Important For The People To Believe In The Integrity Of Justice, As It Is For Justice To Be Delivered.

The Moment there is Doubt in the Veracity of the Judicial Process – The Judicial Process has No Validity, Which is where I Truly think Most Conservative North Americans, Certainly Conservative Americans – Find Themselves Today, in What I Believe to be the Most Egregiously Dishonest American Presidential Election (2020) in my Lifetime & Perhaps Ever.


To Have Democrat Run-States . . . Using the China Virus to Change The Rules of Balloting (Voting) in the Middle of the Game, so as Many as 100-Million People – Many of Whom Could Not be Verified as Legitimate Voters, Receive Unsolicited Ballots in the Mail, which Can be Mailed-Back into the Election Process Without Real Scrutiny, is Both an Admission and an Act of Fraud.

I Guess These Millions & Millions Of People In LEFTIST States Who Needed Unsolicited Ballots Because Of The Fear Of Contracting The China Virus At Polling Stations Never Went Grocery Shopping Either.


And Now that the Mail-In Ballots Have been Opened & Counted, the Democrat Argument . . . is that the Counting Process Is & Was 100% Legitimate, which I Personally Don’t Believe. But No Matter, if the Original Process of Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, Uncontrolled Street Drop-In Ballot Boxes & Ballot Harvesting was Corrupt, then Everything that Followed was by Extension Corrupt as Well.

It Would Be Akin To Receiving Stolen Goods.

It’s Not Enough to Say that I Didn’t Steal what I Have & I Didn’t even Know that what I Have was Stolen, Therefore – I’m Innocent & Entitled to Keep what was Stolen by Someone Else . . .

. . . Even Though It’s A Crime To Receive Stolen Property Legitimately Or Otherwise.

And Given This Cockamamie Logic, once the Ballots are Opened & Counted in the System, Legitimate or Not, How is it then Possible to Differentiate Between What was Legitimate & What was Fraudulent?


I Have Been Writing For Months . . . That I Believe President Trump Will Win Reelection, the Republicans will Keep the Senate & Might Even Win-Back the House, Which Given the Circumstances, Was & Is A Pretty Accurate Prognostication, if the LEFT Didn’t Try to Steal the Election.

For The Good Of America & Freedom Throughout The World . . . President Trump Cannot Concede To Villainy!

If President Trump Does Not WinIT WILL NOT BE A LEGITIMATE LOSS, since the Entire Elitist World, from Virtually all the Media (Mainstream & Social), Major Banks, Globalist Businesses, Global Investment Firms, Unions, Academia, Hollywood, Musical Entertainment, Professional Sports, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea & a Bevy of other Global Bad Actors, Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler) – Etc . . . Have Conspired to Take Down President Trump from even Before Donald Trump Took his Oath of Office.

Remember Rashida Tlaib Telling Her Son On National TV . . . “We’re Going To Impeach The Mother Fucker”.

And Even With The Preceding – Coupled with What I Believe is Voter-Fraud on a Scale No One Alive in North America has Ever Witnessed . . . Donald Trump has Prevailed & Changed America from What Could Have Been To What will be for the Conceivable Future.

And Because The Democrats Know . . . that they Couldn’t Steal the Election Outright, Even with all their Cheating, they Know that in Two Years from Now, if there Aren’t Wholesale Changes in their Party & Strategy, by Eviscerating their LEFT-WING & Nancy Pelosi, the Chance for the Democrats to Keep the House & Win the Senate will be somewhere Between . . . No Way & No Chance.

And even then, Unless the Republicans Really Screw-Up Between Now & Two Years from Now, the Mainstream Media & Social Media have Already Blown-Their-Load & Credibility, as Have all the Pollsters who Intentionally Lied & Misled the American People for Months & Months On-End in their Attempt to Influence (Propagandize) the Election . . . Two Years from Now will be a Great Time to be a Conservative Republican . . . Unless By A Terrible Circumstance – Trump Doesn’t Win & The LEFT Takes Control Of The Senate.

A Lot Of Lessons Were Learned In The Last Few Days – Many Of Them Extremely Frightening, Bitter & Egregious.

Best Regards . . .Howard Galganov

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  1. If the Left have shown us anything over the last few years it’s that they know how to cheat, lie and steal, and have no compunction doing so. Media and most institutes in the west today mostly operate by these duplicitous principles. So much so that they have come to believe their own distorted, ideological garbage. I would not put past any of them to have put the “cheat” fix in order to get what they so obsessively and psychotically desire.

  2. I find the U.S. election interesting but sad. Interesting that so many people that may have never voted before supposedly came out and voted in such numbers as have never been recorded. Sad from the point of view that there have not been sufficient checks and balances to verify legitimate from fraudulent ballots. I would pray that there may be procedures put in place to correct this short-fall in the voting process.

  3. All my life I have had to show ID to prove who I was to do basically anything, especially VOTE. The Liberals in general, politicians, media, supposed journalist and such have pushed everyway possible so they can cheat and place in office whom ever they wish. If it is not stopped, we are domed as a Free Nation. Redistributing Wealth is a Socialist dream, they have to take our guns first for they know honest citizens will fight back. Hitler did this in the 30s, and almost killed a society of good

  4. The Democratic party is evil and has to be put into garbage. A new party, dedicated to serving the people who are supposed to own the government (Republic), should take its place as the second opposition party. The best that I can think of would be the Libertarian Party with some compromises. I think.

  5. If crooked Dems (Biden) win, the US will be a socialist nation within two years only by riots & Executive Orders. Senate will stop most everything Congress puts forth. But if many are paying attention, Congress seldom passes anything other than spending bills. Been harping for changes in immigration law for years but done nothing. Figure that will remain the case. TEA PARTY needs to reorganize, re-emerge and FIGHT BACK. Perhaps it will be Trump 2024. We shall see.

  6. I’m truly frightened. If the Left wins, they will do everything in their power to maintain their power for years to come. . . .until they strip us of our Democracy

  7. The election isn’t over until you say it’s over Howard. There is hope yet if Arizona is overturned and Philadelphia is exposed and stopped from including suspected thousands of illegal ballots. One thing for sure though, because it has already started, is the rioting, looting and burning. This might be a major surprise with a Trump win, just like 2016 but taking a little longer.

  8. I know Mr.T rump will do all he can to stay as President of our coujtry. iHE will get a lot of help from our dear Lord and he you cnnot cheat or lie to. He is our Savior and we must leave it all up to Him Praying a lot. for out country and the entire planet. Take care both you and Anne, God be with you always.

  9. Meanwhile in Canada listen to I heart radio and zoomer radio. They are saying that there is no problem with the balloting process. No evidence of voter fraud. We are doomed. Both north and south of the border. I see no way out.

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