America Needs A Uniformed National Voting System


It Seems to Me that Some of the Readers of Yesterday’s Editorial Might have Come Away with the Feeling that my Trust in Donald Trump’s Electoral Win was Somehow Waning. NOT TRUE!

I Believe Now . . . As I Did From The Beginning – That President Trump Will Win 4-More Years.

What Concerns Me With Absolute Conviction, is the Depth of Depravity in which Who & What the Democrats have Sunk, Certainly within the Last Generation & Specifically since Barack Hussein Obama had his Kick at the Can at Destroying the American Dream.

I Don’t Believe There Is Any Depth The LEFT Won’t Go To Cheat To Steal This Election For Which We Must Be Prepared.


Between the Communists (One World Order), Globalists, Industrialist Billionaires, Bureaucrats, Academia, Big Business, Big Conventional Media, Big Social Media, Democrats, RINOS and their Breed . . . There is No Level in my Opinion, that the LEFT and their Ignorant Propagandized Followers Won’t Stoop, That Is Too Low To Destroy All That Has Made America Great.

So, if you Interpreted Yesterday’s Editorial as being a Second Thought about my Conviction in a Victory for Donald Trump, I Apologize for not Making Myself as Clear as I Should Have.

I Have No Reason To Believe That Donald Trump Will Not Win . . . But at the Same Time, I have Every Reason to Believe that the LEFT will Do all it Can to Cheat & Fail to Concede the Re-Election of President Trump.

But I Also Believe The LEFT . . . Will Do All It Can – to Create Mayhem through Violence wherever the LEFT Can, which Could Easily Catapult America to a Second Civil War, which (When) it Happens, it will be Incumbent on President Trump to Slap-It-Down with all Due Force Necessary, to End the Insurrection that Began the Moment Donald Trump Became President Donald Trump.

I Foresee that America will be Embroiled in Violence the Nights of and After the Election, Caused by The Same Bad Actors – Antifa & Black Lives Matter as their Swan Song. But Unlike the Response over the Previous Months of LEFTIST Anarchy . . . the Response will be Quick, Brutal & Decisive, which will Lead Not Only to the Arrest of the Violent Perpetrators, but also Against the Anarchists’ Enablers from the Elitists Down.


If I was One of the Many Insiders in Congress, the Justice Department, the FBI, CIA all the Way to Biden, Clinton and to Obama’s Doorstep, who could be Tied to the Last 4-Years of the Attempted Coup D’état of President Donald Trump, I Don’t Think I would Expect to Peacefully Sleep Well At Night.

Once This Fiasco Is Over . . . And If Trump Re-Wins, Conservatives Take The House & Keep The Senate . . . A New Day Must Emerge.


It Is High Time, to Guarantee the Real Freedom of Elections, where Everyone Over the Age of Eighteen, who is Lawfully Eligible to Cast a Vote in a Federal Election, MUST be Registered to Vote by Photo & Biometric ID . . . With No Mail-In Ballots Unless Under Specific Circumstances.

IF VOTING IS AS CRITICAL TO FREEDOM AS IT REALLY IS . . . It should be Serious Enough for all Eligible Voters who are Physically Capable – To Show-Up In Person To Cast A Ballot On Voting Day.

If You’re Not Prepared To Make Even That Small Sacrifice To Vote – You Shouldn’t Vote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are spot on as usual and I agree with you 100%. Tuesday is National Take-Out-The-Garbage Day. Send the Demorrhoids packing and make it clear that as a political force they have been squished like a bug on a windshield. A top priority should be to ensure that the traitors in their midst are brought to justice.

  2. I’m sick of hearing Biden yell all the time. Doesn’t he realize he has microphones to get his word across? I’m praying for Pres. Trump’s energy to withstand the onslaught coming after the election. From the look of the crowds and them yelling “We Love You”, it seems like a shoe in, we’ll hopefully find out on Wednesday for sure. Thanks for all of your editorials – they hit the mark every time.

  3. Well said as always! Americans “MUST be Registered to Vote by Photo & Biometric ID” – this is without a doubt one of the MUST DO’S in Trumps’ next 4 years – each State – lawfully required by Congress – only WAY to secure our votes. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of April the cat – from experience, I know you’ve lost a much loved family member. I, as many did, felt a connection with her since you shared her on the blog. She will be greatly missed! Condolences to you, Ann and Stryker

  4. My wife and I have been saying that for years – Standardized voting System! ……..Yes there will be violence after the election. Liberal cities and counties across the country will burn. Sadly or gratefully, depending on your “attitude” none in my neighborhood. Too many Vets, cops and hunters. Those few liberals will no doubt hide in the closet.

  5. I would imagine you’ve seen that Hillary Clinton has been placed in the electoral college for New York.

  6. Excellent Howard! Yes, the swamp creatures must be dealt with quickly, especially the likes of Obama, Clintons(s), George Soros, the Biden’s, Schumer and the corrupt leaders of the main law enforcement agencies. It’s an especially delicious thought of these people will be getting their due for what they tried to do to the one nation, that is the bastion of the free world. Trump has no reason not to come down hard on these schemers. To not do so would deprive America of freedom for years to come.

  7. I think the violent destruction of cities, businesses and so forth, plus the murders and rape will come to a quick end very shortly after Trump is re-elected. I think he will invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 through which a President can deploy armed troops to put to rest the Leftist horror show that prevails in Democrat run cities. He won’t have to wait for permission from Leftist politicians. Had he done this before the election, the Dems would have used it to ease Biden into power.

  8. Agree with you as always. Trump will win & there will be riot for a short time. He already has forces in waiting for it all to start & it will end quickly. Amen the little rats have done enough harm all over.I have always stood in line to vote and will always do so. Those who cannot I can see that but all others get in line and vote as long as you are suppose to. Again sorry about your little April she is well now and will be waiting for you both one day to love and hug on you both. Take care

  9. I agree with you Howard, we do need Standardized voting for all the states. But, that would interfere with states’ rights. There are differences with all states. For instance KY, MA, VA & PA are Commonwealths, states not states. And thanks to the terms of Texas’ 1845 admission to the Union, the state can secede anytime, without any action from Congress—a power no other state has. Each state has its own written constitution. We ARE one country but 50 individual states.

  10. I’m not a good orator or writer but Howard you, as always, are right on the money with this one. April must have been an amazing friend. So sorry 😒

  11. I hope Trump wins in a landslide victory, and not just because I believe in him, but a Victory for Trump will confirm That the people of the USA will not be influenced by the media. This will be the biggest win for the world and the biggest losers will be the media.

  12. 100% Howard – bring back Biden’s subliminal capitulation of March 7th. “Biden said, “we cannot get re-elect, we cannot win this re-election — excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump if in fact we get engaged in this circular firing squad.” And ever since Biden has shown it is a fake election and they are not even trying. Trump knocked on 100 million doors. Bidens campaign rejected knocking. 100million vs Zero – so really they don’t want to win they know they can;t – it’s a fake election.

  13. From the news, many businesses are boarding up for what they believe will be major riots when President Trump is reelected. I say, deputize 100 persons in every major city and arm them well. Orders to be “Protest is legal, but the first paint, destruction, riot, vandalism, theft. Shoot to kill.” This is harsh but it is what our country has come too, no catch and release. Until we get term limits in Washington to weed out the Swamp of Lifers, we will continue the circle of madness.

  14. God is on our side. President Trump will win and he plans to stop the evil and take back our cities. If you haven’t seen the Trump rallies the giant is awake and we the people is ready to fight and take back our country. God is great all the time. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. Trust in the Lord at all times for God is our refuge. Have faith because has a plan.

  15. I like your sentence, Howard: “the Response will be Quick, Brutal & Decisive, which will Lead Not Only to the Arrest of the Violent Perpetrators, but also Against the Anarchists’ Enablers from the Elitists Down.” Good people, lawful and peaceful people, have watched in dismay as rioters have destroyed businesses and lives and our expectation is that more violence is coming. We expect violence because they promise it! It must be stopped with the force of armed power in order to save America.

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