If It Ain’t Nailed Down


As I Just Recently Wrote . . . There are No Shortages of Idiots in America, or Worldwide, Including in my Country of Canada, BUT – after Writing this, I am Also Convinced that there are More People of some Semblance of Intelligence . . . than there are Idiots, Which Gives Me Enormous Hope.

The Entire Globalizing World Is United In Bringing-Down American Exceptionalism.

When President Trump Says Repeatedly . . . “They’re Not Coming After You To Get To Me . . . They’re Coming After Me To Get To You”It Is 100% True & Accurate.

I Am Less Convinced Today, than I was a Short while Ago, that the China Virus was an Accident. There is No Question in my Mind – NONE WHATSOEVER . . .That the World’s Media, Including all Consequential Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google – Etc, are Deeply in Cahoots with the Big International Banks, Big Globalized Businesses, Stock Markets, Global Unions & Educators – To Bring American Exceptionalism To America’s Knees.

Right After The First Iraqi War – President HW Bush (41), Let Slip . . . That We Are In A New World Order.


To Me . . . These Words Were Terrifying, Especially Coming from a Former Spook (Director Of The CIA), if it is ever Possible to be a Former Spook, which I Doubt, as President HW Bush, Never Explained what he Meant by Entering into a New World Order.

But This Wasn’t A New Thought, since, for far More than a Hundred Years, there have been Serious Movements, Especially Amongst Intellectuals, Elitists & Wealthy Players to Create a Global Society . . . Governing The Many By The Few.

The Fabian Society, The Bilderberg Group. Mensa – Etc are all Groups of Socialist Elitists, who Believe that the People on this Earth are Not Capable of Self Government & Require a Nanny-State for Their (Our) Own Good, which Flies in the Face of the American Dream, Vis-À-Vis . . . The US Bill Of Rights & The American Constitution.

Imagine . . . Someone Like Excremental Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Barmaid who is Ignorant of History, Financing, Geopolitics, Industrialization – Etc, who has the Chutzpah to See Herself to be More Qualified than You – To Tell You . . . How To Live Your Life, Than you Are To Live Your Own Life? Because that’s What’s at Stake in Less than a Week (November 3, 2020).

The LEFT Have Been Planning This Silent Global Coup For Generations . . . & Here Comes Trump To Upend Their Apple Cart.

There Is Nothing These Smug Globalist Bastards . . . The Likes of Bloomberg, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, the Clintons, Obama’s and an Army of Ubiquitous Elitists Worldwide Won’t Do . . . To Stop “Trump” Before “Trump Stops Them”.


Remember – Mayor Bloomberg Told the People (Ordered) of New York City How Much Soft Drink People could Order in a Restaurant, that Salt was Illegal to Have on the Table of a Restaurant Unless Requested by the Diner, and Baby Formula was Denied to New Birth-Mothers in the Hospital, Also Unless Requested.

Make No Mistake About It . . . If It Ain’t Nailed Down – These Elitist Bastards and their Acolytes will Throw it all at President Donald Trump, in the Hope of Taking the President Down before President Trump Utterly Destroys their Socialist/Communist Desire to Form their Make-Believe Globalist Shangri-La, which is Only Paradise in their Demented Minds, Fictional Books and on the Silver Screen.

If The LEFT Wasn’t So Terrified At Losing This Election . . . They Wouldn’t Be As Shrill & Threatening.

In The Final Analysis . . . When all the Vote Counting is Done, the People who Understand that America was Born on the INVALUABLE Concept of Individual Liberty, will Not Surrender their Freedoms at the Feet of an Excremental Piece of Work like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Thousands Of People Aren’t Rallying Every Day Everywhere For President Trump, Because They Don’t Get It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I feel confident I will escape Covid but I sure am concerned about my future in this once blessed country following the outcome of this election. The Left wins and we are in serious, serious trouble for many years . . . . Trump wins and I predict civil war

  2. The so incompetent experts are standing in quick-sand flailing around with their arms because they know, as we do, the virus will eventually run its course and be gone. There is much more to fear if Biden by any chance gets in having promised to lockdown indefinitely. The tide of support appears to be growing for President Trump as the unreliable polls that have favoured Biden are closing the gap for a Trump win. It’s looking like a repeat and even better than 2016.

  3. What scares me is not your Biden but Kamala Harris she is probably the most progressive president we could ever elect look what they’ve done to California and now you know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say get out and vote please.

  4. I have a sign on my refrigerator that says “Hey, evil, sick democrats, I don’t think you have any idea how united and determined TRUMP’S RED ARMY REALLY IS.” No, they don’t know at all, but soon they will. Your editorials continue to inspire and inform. You have been a blessing to America. Thank you!

  5. There was a time, WHEN The United States set the precedence of which was Aspired too. When Millions upon Millions risked everything to become a “Citizen”! NOT to receive charity, BUT to Work and Give to there Families hope and a Better Life, from which they fled from! When GOD, Family, Country was the MOTO across these once United States. I know many, many say “GOD Bless America” We as a Nation should be Asking, “GOD Forgive America”! We as a Nation NOW turn to “Experts”, & “Science” Not GOD..

  6. The Left have spent the last 5 years (and much more) blatantly lying. Not an honest word or intent has left their mouths. The only reason the democrats exist today is because the media and tech giants lie like a rug for them. All i can say is, the bigger the lie, the bigger the cheat. Anyone with half a brain can see Biden is not an option for anything. If you believe in building your nat’l interests, vote Trump. If you want to lose all you’ve got, vote Biden. Its your choice.

  7. I am mad, hurt, full of fear,to what is to happen to our country and to your’s Howard. The Left are as nutty as they can be filled with hate from the devil himself. Rioters are waiting to see if Trump wins so they can riot in D.C. I pray Trump will have Marines waiting for them.Pray for your country and ours Howard. I shall do the very same for both our country.Be safe you and your Anne & kitty. God be with you .

  8. Howard, if you look under the pyramid on the back of a U.S. Dollar you will find these words in I believe Latin. “NUVUS ORDO SECLORUM” OR NEW WORLD ORDER, (one world government) interesting isn’t it?) A whole lot more to the story. This is what is happening all over the world. The world Court, United Nations. The world Trade ect.

  9. MANY THANKS HOWARD for another Great article. Kudos for calling out these Bastards by name, they all should be Tried for Treason.

  10. Hey! You know how you hear almost daily to “pray for President Trump”? I have YET to hear ANYBODY say “pray for Joe”. Just sayin’.

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