Because She Has A Vagina & She’s Not White


Before Getting Into The Meat & Potatoes Of This Editorial . . . THANKS – to Everyone who Contributed Financially to Without your Help & Because of the Constant Challenges Against this BLOG, Continuing Without your Generosity Would-Be a Real Challenge.

If Biden Was to Win the White House – Kamila Harris Would-Be the Vice President of the United States of America. And I Don’t Think Anyone Really Believes that Biden has the State of Mind (Mental Faculties) to be President of the United States of America.


Remember When The Democrats . . . Were Testing their Claim that Donald Trump Didn’t have the Mental Faculties to Remain as President of the United States of America, and Wanted “Trump” Removed as President of the United States of America Under the Auspices of the 25th Amendment.

Now Apply That To Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

When – Not If, But When . . . If Biden Should-Be so Lucky as to Cheat His Way Into the Presidency of the United States of America, the 25th Amendment would be Instituted Very Shortly After Biden Would-Be Inaugurated.

And Then – By Legitimate Constitutional Law – It Would Be President Kamala Harris.

Isn’t it Remarkable that No-One of Real Consequence, by Individual Person or Population Wanted Kamala Harris to Succeed to the Leadership of the Democrat Party in the Leadership Race (Less Than 3%)?

Kamala Harris Was So Unpopular With Her Own Democrat Party . . . that she Never even Lasted long Enough to be Involved in just One Primary Vote Before Harris Quit the Race.

What Is Most Galling & Unamerican To The Max . . .

I Certainly Care About the Character & Accomplishments of Anyone who Wants to Lead the United States of America, and as Far as I Can Tell, Kamala Harris is Woefully Devoid of Strong Moral Character and any Accomplishments Worthy of Praise – Just The Opposite.

BUT WHAT IS MOST EGREGIOUS . . . Is that Kamala Harris . . . WOULD ACTUALLY BE – the President of the United States of America Based Upon the 25th Amendment if Biden Were to Win on November 3rd – 2020, who Would Then Be the President & Commander-In-Chief of the Most Powerful, Successful & Freest Country on the Planet . . . ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN OF COLOR.

Imagine This . . . The Entire Future of the Free World Hinges on the Real Possibility that a Woman of Ill Repute & Judicial Dishonesty, who was Hugely Rejected by her Own Party – “MIGHT” be Empowered to be Sworn-In as the Most Powerful Person on the Planet . . . ONLY Because She Is Of Color & Has A Vagina.

Not Only Is This An Insult To All The American People . . . It is an Outright Condemnation of the Principles & Values of all the People (Democrats) who Either Allowed or Encouraged this to Happen.

Assuming that Amongst America’s Black Population – 50% are Men & 50 % are Women, it is a Disgrace out of all Proportion . . . that as many as 92% Of All Americans Were Discounted For The “Job” Of Vice President, Only Because They Weren’t Of Color & Female.


What The Democrats Have Done . . . is a Total Abrogation of Everything America Stands-For, and just as Abominable is How all the Media has Ignored this Unparalleled Affront to Everything America used to Stand For.

If There Was No Other Reason NOT To Vote For The Democrats . . . The Preceding Is More Than Reason Enough!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I like your point of view very much, and this comment is directed at our society in the 21st century – not you at all. Howard, do you realize how far we have been dragged down that you feel it appropriate to title your article in this manner? And, will you let a common remark, such as the comment above mine, stand? I hope not. Respectfully,

  2. It is important to call out the facts. It is also important not to be crude. I second the request to remove the first comment in this section.

  3. Two points: 1) I don’t like your vulgar title. 2) Is it not a requirement that a US President must have been born in the US? If so, how could Harris assume the Presidency on Biden’s demise?

  4. Pamela Dale, my thoughts exactly. Thank you. Howard, if there is any way you can retract the wording, please do so. You are better than that. Trish Baron, Israel

  5. Howard, I have been fearing this for months. I believe Joe Biden only wants to be named the 46th president, It doesn’t matter how long, only that he will be in the history books as the 46th president. And I believe he has agreed to this. When he resigns because of Alzheimer’s, Kamala will be president. Then she will name a Progressive black woman as VP. I believe the Democratic party has planned this. If Trump doesn’t win and we take the house and Senate, Republicans are out, permanently!

  6. The Speaker of the House is third in line to the Presidency. My question is this – When Haris ascends to the Presidency, does Pelosi rise to be the Vice-President or is there a separate process for filling the VP vacancy? For anyone who wants to see some historical content about the difference between a citizen and a “natural born” citizen, there is a web site named JoeMiller.US that has many quotes. She is not eligible like Trump originally said, before he caved in.

  7. If kamala were to ascend to POTUS she would pick her own VP that would be confirmed by the Senate, so no Hank it would not be Pelosi. Pelosi would become POTUS if both the President and VP were unable to serve or dead. God forbid this horrid woman becomes VP and Biden becomes #46. America would be finished. As for the title of the article? Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and the title is 100% correct.

  8. I am a woman of color and I don’t see anything wrong with the title. It’s the truth.

  9. I like it HG and the Title suits the situation to a “T” : For all you Politically Correct Snowflakes who are Insulted or Aghast , the content is clearly “on point” and so is the Title. Focus on the content , the situation , the warning not the Marketing .

  10. Your language is perfection. A couple of years ago I referred to Nancy Pelosi as Nazi Pelosi. You kicked it off and rebuked me in a personal e-message. Now you’re at it. I know your frustration. It’s YOUR blog. You can do what you like. Keep it up and good stuff – I think.

  11. Do you always think that crude language attracts people to your blog ? That’s not so, ! Just try it for once and see the reaction !

  12. Well, the title is kind of crude… But you do have a point. – How do you think the so-call media would have reacted if conservative party would have selected a candidate who kick-started his political career by sleeping around with women in position of authority…

  13. Stop worrying about words and start worrying about what a Biden presidency would do. The slide into oblivion will be quick and the American people will no longer be. We will be as the past republics that taxed and corrupted themselves into the abyss.

  14. Parameters such a pudenda and skin colour doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What criteria will they think of next? This is pathetic.

  15. Greetings: It amazes me that words that are in the dictionary and thesaurus AND used by DOCTORS and professionals in the MEDICAL FIELD everyday… Offended so many of your readers! GROW UP PEOPLE! Howard is absolutely correct… the only reason that Kamala Harris is on Biden’s ticket is because she is black and a female. During the debates, she garnered just 3% of DEMOCRATS support. THAT is the problem at hand!

  16. I totally agree with your title. If some of the readers of this blog have been offended, well go somewhere else to get your news. Being offended by this title means you are a snowflake. I agree with Teri Newman, sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and the title is 100% correct.

  17. Re your title….the truth hurts. You are 100% correct. Always enjoy your editorials and clearly to the point.

  18. I’m appalled that so many are on commenting on Howards use of “vagina” – Good Grief!! It speaks the truth and is to the point. Vagina, penis – they are words that denote parts of the human body. Those of us in the medical profession and our family and friends know and use these words frequently – there is no bad connotation. I can think of many crude and vulgar terms that can replace these words. Grow Up, people. America is fighting for it’s life and you worry about the use of “vagina!”

  19. I am not one bit offended by this title…being “politically correct” is a mantra of the left…. thank you Howard for your brilliant editorial.

  20. You used a biological correct word, nothing crude about that. The whole blog was spot on correct.

  21. My family was born and lived in Russia until my grandfather was shot by the Red Army in 1918 during the revolution, when they moved to Canada. So if they were alive today, they would be rolling over in their graves because of what is going on in this country. America, we need to wake up before it is too late, before it looks like Communist Russia.

  22. Yes Howard, the fact that Kamala Harris was chosen because she has a vagina and is of color couldn’t be any clearer than if she was wearing one of those highly descriptive Vagina Hats of a couple of years ago. And besides that, she’s nearly as light as many white people. Who could tell she was “a woman of color” unless she TOLD us? I’m worn out already with the theatrics of the Democrat Party.

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