This Is Not Going To End Well For Black North Americans

Don't Look For A Fight Where There Is No Need

I’m Sick & Tired Of Writing About This Issue . . . But, when Everything I Stand For, which Focuses on Decent Values, Knowledge & Common Sense . . .  is Under Constant Attack – Physically & Emotionally, and it Touches my Front Door . . . Silence Is Not An Option.

So Now . . . All of a Sudden, Members of the Toronto Black Community (Black Lives Matter), who Have Aligned themselves with Palestinians, BDS & Antifa Believe they are Set-Upon . . . By White Folk, Cops & Jews.

And All Of A Sudden . . . Black Canadians, Specifically in Toronto, Have Taken to Defacing Statues & Monuments of Historical Canadian (Importance) Figures, Going all the Way Back to our First Prime Minister (John A Macdonald).

Canada Was Never A Slave Nation . . . And Was in Fact the End of the Freedom Line for American Slaves Escaping to Canada Along – The Underground Railroad.

But That’s Entirely Irrelevant . . . Because That Was Then & This Is Now.

What Is Relevant . . . Is that Most Violent Crimes Committed in Toronto, Canada’s Largest City has for Decades been Caused by Black Gangbangers, many of whom came from Jamaica, Who Are Known As Posses.

But For The Longest Time . . . It Has No Longer Been Just Jamaicans.

Several Decades Ago . . . Anne & I were in Scarborough (Not So Affectionately Known To Some Torontonians – As Scarberia) Ontario, on our First Overnight Business Trip Together.

Scarborough is an Eastside Working Toronto Community, where Anne & I Handled the Advertising, Marketing & Promotion for a Prominent Toronto Hotel, Located just off Highway 401 (Trans Canada Highway), which Runs right Through the Center of Toronto.

Anne & I Wanted To See A Movie, so we Checked-Out where the Closest Movie Screens were, and Discovered that the Closest Movie-House was just Across the 401 in a Large Indoor Mall (Shopping Complex). So We Went.

And Once In The Mall, we Noticed that virtually all the People there were Young Blacks. We found it Interesting, because, coming from Montreal & Living in a Small Horse Community off Island from Montreal, there were Literally No Black People.

But Interest Soon Became Concern . . . We Found these Youngish Black People to be Very Loud, Aggressive & Terribly Impolite. And throughout the Movie, there was no Shortage of Loud Talking & Incredible Disrespect for Everyone who was there.

We Couldn’t Wait To Get The Hell Out Of The Theatre, Out Of The Mall, In Our Car & Away From There.

In The Morning, while Having Breakfast with the Manager of the Hotel, I Mentioned that Anne & I went to the Mall Across the Highway to see a Movie – And Before I Could say Another Word, the Hotel Manager and his Assistant asked Anne & I if we were Crazy to be there?

And then the Manager Told us that there is a Beating, Stabbing and or Mugging there Virtually every Night, and that we were Lucky to have Gotten out of there Alive. And He Wasn’t Joking.

We also Began to Notice in the Media that Shootings in Toronto, Including “Drive-Bys” in the same Black Area in Scarborough . . . where in some Cases Toddlers were Shot & Killed, were Carried-Out Almost in their Entirety by Black People, and it was Happening Almost as a Daily Occurrence.

And then the LEFTIST Toronto Media at the Request of the Toronto City Hall and the Toronto Police Stopped Showing the Faces of the Shooters, so as not to Make the Black Folk Look or Feel Bad.

The Toronto & National Media Even Stopped Showing Just The Cuffed Hands Of Arrested Thugs Because They Were Black.

I Don’t Know How the LEFTISTS Thought that Not Showing the Skin Color of Thugs, Gangbangers, Shooters & Horribly Dangerous People would Somehow Help the Situation, since the Media has Never had a Policy of Hiding the Skin Color of Criminal White People? So I Figured, every time the Media wouldn’t Show an Image of a Criminal, that Criminal had to be Black. And I Wasn’t Wrong.

So Here We Are Now . . . About 30-Years Later – And These Ne’er-Do-Well Racist, White-Hating, Cop Hating, Jew-Hating, Antifa-Loving Bastards are Trying to Do to Canada, What their Co-Racialists (Black Americans) are Doing in the United States of America.

If I Was A Black Person In Canada . . . Where our Anti-Racist Laws are to the Extreme, I would be Thinking Long & Hard before Saddling & Mounting the Wrong Horse . . .

. . . Because Now They’ve Given Me A Real Dog In This Fight – I Will Have None Of It & Neither Will The People I Know.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is a comment on yesterday’s and today’s essays. John Lewis has been a professional protester since the 1960’s. Before the lines were redrawn I was in his district for several years. He has accomplished nothing in Washington except to be there in his professional protester guise. He did nothing for the black community except to just be there. His next to low point was when he boycotted Trump’s inauguration. His lowest point was when he called for Trump’s impeachment. He always felt put upon!

  2. I think we’re going to end up in either a bloody religious war (believers in a Supreme Power vs non-believers) like the Crusades, or a bloody political war similar to the American Civil War. I don’t see any way out. The liberals just keep pushing and pushing. At some point the conservatives are going to push back and HARD! I believe we’re about there.

  3. There’s lots of social screaming because blacks are over represented in the criminal population. I submit that the black community should take the responsibility to not raise their children to be criminals and to stop black on black killings.

  4. Right on Howard! Learn how to respect the laws of the land, and no matter what color, or creed you are, amazing changes will result. Our socialist governments and education systems have failed all of us in this regard, especially the immigrants.

  5. Thank you for posting! I didn’t know the same crap happening here in US is happening in Canada. Even before reading your entire post, my first question was, “Canada had slaves?”

  6. Black lives don’t matter to blacks, only to Antifa terrorists as a call to riot. The hypocrisy would gag a maggot.

  7. You are so right, ever since we elected a black president in my United States, by Obama’s hand, racial strife was resurrected, creating more hate and rage. The real goal is to divide this country into (1) ordinary people who identify as liberals who do not think for themselves, but accept & believe all the liberal power figures feed them & will do what they are told & (2) Conservatives who do think for themselves, hold to their morals & values & then label us “the haters”

  8. So far I agree with you 99.9%. Need to leave myself an opening! 🙂

  9. One day, people will start understand the fact which is: It doesn’t matter if it is Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago, etc., etc. If there are considerable populations of black youth (male), you will have this problem. It has absolutely nothing to do with lack of education, drop-in centres, available basketball courts, etc. It is because ..IT IS WHAT THEY DO. Chicago or Johannesburg, IT IS WHAT THEY DO. They are wired thus.

  10. It’s difficult to be a ”God fearing, privileged, old, white man” in today’s world! I fear it may be even more difficult to be a “God fearing, hard working, responsible” black man in today’s world. Dr. Martin Luther King prayed for the day a man would e judged on his character rather than the color of his skin. I believe that day has “come and gone” thanks to the efforts and divisiveness of the left and our “half white” President!! He chose to identify himself exclusively by his color!!

  11. I didn’t realize it was a problem in Canada. It’s amazing how low intelligence combined with the “herd” mentality can create such discord. The communist media is the main problem!

  12. Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population, yet they commit 50% of the homicides (95% of the victims are other blacks) and 65% of the robberies. Is it any wonder the police are wary of blacks.

  13. Born and raised in Detroit and having seen its growth and destruction since the 40s I hate to have come to the conclusion that the “black” issue is one of culture more than anything else. For some reason the concept of family, responsibility, citizenship, rule of law, etc just never caught on with this “culture.” Unfortunately I don’t see it changing either. Black Lives Matter, surely not to fellow blacks from what I have observed over the years.

  14. Given the statistics readily available to everyone, a police officer would be derelict in his duty were he NOT to use racial profiling in his crime-fighting arsenal.

  15. “IF” ALL used the same MEASURE of “JUDGEMENT” Gauged by a few per capita of WHATEVER color you are OR Profession; We’d be doing ALL a Grave Injustice! BUT sadly that’s how it’s done and BEEN DONE! HATE WILL ALWAYS BEGET HATE! PREJUDICE WILL ALWAYS BEGET PREJUDICE! UNLESS…….OH, I don’t know, MAYBE, IF, WE LEARNED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. How many times has it be been said “GOD” is Love? AND He IS, He’s also Righteous, Holy, Almighty, AND Unapproachable EXCEPT for the Shed Blood of Jesus.

  16. Waco. President Clinton summarily removed the insurgents. The same protocols must be activated now.

  17. I also did not know that you people in Canada had these racial problems. I do believe that the biggest culture problem the black community has is the “ABSENTEE FATHER”! CHILDREN being raised by their single mothers, grandmothers and aunts with no males around JUST AIN’T NORMAL! Male Accountability seems non-existant!

  18. With all the coverage, marches, riots, crime in black neighborhoods/cities, etc., it seems that are a lot more than just 13% of them in the US. But the US seems to have become a nation ruled by the minority since the 1960s. Add the “shelter in place” Covid-19 restrictions with the riots and the fuse is just about to reach the explosive powder. If Dems defund police, I don’t think it will be long before citizen militias will show up to take back streets, neighborhoods and cities. Trump Nov 3rd!

  19. To all of you Black folks. You are no different than white, yellow, red. No matter what skin colour we have, you have to behave, and if you don’t, then take responsibility for your actions. Simple! A gangbanger, you will eventually be arrested. A drug dealer, you will be arrested. Nothing to do with white privilege, but 100% to do with Black Criminal Acts. No one else to blame! Accept responsibility for your actions! Simple concept!!

  20. I grew up in an idyllic environment in central Iowa. Never had a racist bone in my body. I have now lived in Charleston SC for thirty years and I have learned that their are two types of blacks. Many are hard working, articulate, and educated. Unfortunately there are many that are illiterate, uneducated scum That prey on others and actually have no place in this society. It will only get worse, I’m afraid. Pat Neuhaus. Charleston, SC

  21. Hotel For Heaven! Such extreme problems result from tremendous generational trauma and the lack of a loving overlord leader because those in power don’t understand or are overwhelmed & the hurt/fearful keep killing leaders sent by Jesus, Prophets, Saints. Jesus and Mary have revealed that this nation’s security depends on a single issue – the treatment of the Unborn. They have asked us to pray the Rosary of the Unborn, to combat abortion in the world (rosaryoftheunborn). All Unborn Lives Matter!

  22. I belong to a integrated Christian non-denominational church led by a White Pastor and a Black Deacon, soon to become an Elder and Pastor. During the pandemic, services are being held via the internet. Dress is casual so it is not unusual to see shirts with logos, etc. Believe it or not, during one of these services following the George Floyd murder, the Deacon conducting the service was wearing a “Black Lives Matter” sweatshirt. I really felt like my face was being rubbed in dog crap.

  23. All lives matter, until they become criminal. Take any people and give them everything FREE and you will get people that want more and more. When there is no accountability, no family leadership, and no discipline when folks are young, they grow up as the local environment mandates. Gangs become the family, punks become their idols and violence becomes their creed. There are exceptions to this but it takes a strong willed person to do so. Get ready for the fact we will be in a WAR with no winne

  24. You are right on! The media is our enemy just like our President Trump says! I have one son that is a detective in Oklahoma & he is been dealing with the riots, and the disrespect for our law enforcement! We just went through the death of Sgt. Johnson who the media was the reason they pulled their taser instead of his gun! I am sick & tired of all this. We the people have had enough & we are going to start fighting back! They have woken the big giant again! My other son lives in Canada.

  25. The biggest irony of this entire modern advancement movement for Blacks is that it is only creating more segregation (not less) and setting their progress back many years. Perhaps the best and most intelligent black leader, MLK, is being made a mockery of by both the Black people he helped and the poor excuses of leaders they have today like Farrakan and Sharpton, not to mention White Liberals.

  26. Accurate account of the situation. That Mall incident is where We went wrong. We allowed this to become acceptable. Now We think We can address it , cure it with Special Status , Special Rues , Hugs and Kisses … We needed to actively Stomp this out many years ago . We do not even have the intestinal fortitude to accept what the problem is, let alone come up with a solution. Why ? because We are no longer We . We have become powerless , fearful, politically correct eunuchs .

  27. Check out the TV Program, “In the Heat of the Night” with Carol O’Connor on the ME-TOO station. There are many similar Black issues portrayed on that past show; however, they seemed to be addressed in a proper manner. Also, the COPS were RESPECTED then! Here’s a SOLUTION— “Bring back the TEN COMMANDMENTS” and use them as some of our Government’s Guidelines & Directives! WOW! Wouldn’t that UPSET the RADICAL LEFT! The Ten Commandments ARE already POSTED in our SUPREME COURT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  28. I am almost 90 and have known many blacks over the years. Older black womwn generally have morals but are unable to instill them in younger blacks, especially males. I have never been a racist but in recent months the mainstream media has dragged me, kicking and screaming against my will, towards racism. In recent months, blacks are heavily over represented. Most anchors are black, most guests are black, even commercials are mostly black. 13% are saturating the media.Who is responsible?

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