This Is Not Going To End Well For Black America


On This Day 76-Years Ago . . . American, Canadian & British Troops, Amongst Many Others, Stormed the Beaches at Normandy, which Started the Final Process to Free the World from Nazi (Fascist)Tyranny.

The “Protestors” Have No Idea What Fascism Really Is – Or They Wouldn’t Be Acting As Fascists.

76-Years Later . . . America is Awash with White “Children” & Black Protestors, Most of which Couldn’t begin to Tell you the History of D-Day, or what Actually Happened 76-Years Ago . . . Or Why.

It’s Like Watching Kindergarten Ruling The School.

Yet, These White & Black Protesting Morons – Supported by a Corrupt Media & Detestable Politicians, are Doing all they Can (Thus Far) to Destroy what our Parents & Grandparents Fought so Hard & Bravely Against – Several Generations Ago, so we May all be Free Today.


Out Of An American Population Of About 330-Million People – ONLY 13% Are Black.

Let That Sink-In For A Second. And then Think about what is Happening to the United States of America, Based Solely Upon the Hysteria Caused by the Racial Grievance Industry for much Much Less Than 13% Of The Entire Population, which Most Probably Don’t Believe in the Madness of the Created Hysteria of Anti-Black Racism.

Shakespeare Wrote In Henry VI – “First Thing We Must Do Is Kill All The Lawyers . . .” . I Disagree . . . The First Thing We Have To Do Is Fire All The Teachers.

If the Best of what we are Witnessing Today . . . In terms of Education throughout North America (Canada & The USA) – there can be no Greater Proof that Academia in North America is a Monumental Failure, and the Trillions of Dollars & Billions of Hours Dedicated to Education – has been a Colossal Waste of Time, Money & Energy.

When The Dust Settles, and the “Protests” Peter-Out, and the Adult People Decide that Enough is Enough, and the “Children On The Streets” with their Signs, Slogans, Chants & Bromides Against the Police Wither Away . . . Who Do You Think Will Be Holding The Bag?

Let Me Tell You Who It Won’t Be . . . It Won’t be White Conservatives who Believe in a Meritocracy – and can See the BS of the Demonstrators and their Big Lie about Systemic Racism, unless the Demonstrators are Referring to Themselves.

No One Can Make Me Hire Someone I Don’t Want To Give Employment To.

And No One . . . Can Make me Ignore or Forget the Lies, Marches, Insults, Violence, Arson, Destruction, Beatings, Murders & Looting of the LEFT – Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Media/Political Enablers of these Groups.


Do you think I would want to Hire some White Young Punk Kid who’s been Inculcated (Brain-Washed) by their LEFTIST Teachers, or a Black Person who Might Hate My Guts Because I’m White?

American Job Numbers Came Out Yesterday (June 5, 2020) . . . Expecting the Numbers to be Dreadful – But the Numbers were Startling Good. Exceptional Actually – Except For Black Americans.

After This Black Lives Matter Disgrace . . . Do You Really Think The Numbers For Black Americans Will Get Better?

Canada’s Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) Took A Knee Yesterday . . . (June 5, 2020) to Show Solidarity with the Protestors on the American Streets. And some of his Liberal Party & the (Communist) Green Party of Canada are Suggesting that Canada should give Political Asylum to Americans of Color who Feel Threatened in the United States of America.

I CONCUR . . . Canada Should Give Asylum To Americans Who Can’t Measure-Up, as Long as It’s Reciprocal, and the United States of America should in turn Give Asylum to Conservative Canadian People like Anne, Myself & our Friends, Who Want To Get Out Of This Canadian Cuba In The Making.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. no comment=you don’t print them anyway.

    NOT TRUE – I Don’t Print Comments. All Honest Comments Are Automatically Published Without Editing. I Remove Comments That Are Untrue Or Offensive – HG.

  2. John and I would be delighted to sponsor you and Anne for green cards/citizenship.

    That Line Forms From Our Border, Which Humbles Both Anne & Myself. Thank You – HG.

  3. When the race-baiting huckster Al Sharpton spoke at the funeral for George Floyd I lost all respect for the Floyd family. They had allowed themselves to be used by the lunatic fascists of the criminal Black Lives Matter movement. I hope the average Black American is smarter than the Floyds. Certainly our idiot Prime Minister isn’t.

  4. Great read Howard! I just hope this doesn’t get as bad in Canada as it did here. Thank you for your concern.

  5. Teri, just so U know, when U sponsor someone who is coming to the US LEGALLY U R completely responsible to guarantee their support FOREVER. Anne & Howard will be investigated for the 1st 2 years and then every 10 years thereafter. Now if they came in ILLEGALLY all Americans guarantee their support, education, housing, medical, etc. Sounds totally fair and logical, don’t U think???

  6. Trudope, Sock Puppet, whatever we call him, is a Global, Marxist Fool! But all of his worshippers, and areas of Ontario and Quebec, will keep kissing his Butt. Speaking of Butt, Gerald Butts is back advising Trump. So all we are going to hear from the Liberals is Global Warming, Climate Change nonstop. Canada is done. There is hope for Western Canada. It is Called Wexit! And the sooner the better!

  7. What a marvelous day it would be to have you and Anne as permanent neighbors here in Leander!

  8. One person of questionable character was killed in what appears to be terrible circumstances. Because of that, 330 million Americans, plus millions of others worldwide, were insulted while some were attacked and a few killed. The leftists haven’t moved farther left…they’ve gone stark raving mad! It’s sobering to realize that the only cure is either by voting them out or having an armed rebellion. God be with us all!!

  9. Agreed . completely . Really unfortunate “we” have let our system deteriorate to what we see today and Yes We allowed this to happen. There is no going back . correcting this mess . Boomers are being replaced by the leftist fools you see out there. Good luck .

  10. The Lloyd family have just hit the “Police Black Brutality Lottery”.Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are there simply to earn their “appearance and mob incitement” that will come out of the cash settlement fee Minneapolis will pay. In addition a host of attorneys will get also be paid. 6 months hence only Lloyd’s family will know who he was but the little “profit center” his death created will keep on churning out money for those other vultures.

  11. Howard ! Wow…bold, yet spot on. Sorry You feel Canada is worse than the USA…but I get it. I would value YOU higher! Maybe we can trade 1,000 or even 10,000 to ONE for you and Anne !!! I’ll go 100,000 or a MILLION to ONE of you come to California. The USA “state of confusion” and land of the “fruits and nuts”.

  12. Many of your followers have recommended that you move to the U.S. The way things are going, you MAY have an OPPORTUNITY to do so via ASYLUM in the near future. Hope so for your sake! Those who TAKE A KNEE are COWARDS as well as an AFFRONT to America. PARENTS need to BEHAVE as such! Our EDUCATIONAL system must be RESTRUCTURED as a LEARNING PROCESS, NOT as a BRAINWASHING one for students to join RIOTING groups to be able to DESTROY America! The RULE of LAW MUST BE REINFORCED! Go Trump Go! AMEN!

  13. You must be a mind reader! We have been thinking the same thing regarding the “so called” education system in this country….it is useless. Thank you for putting it straight and letting us know that Canada is in the same shape. The most idiotic thing going on is the “defunding” of the police forces……guess its’ a good thing the gun sales have skyrocketed here. Keep up your wonderful writing Howard, we need you always.

  14. The main reason why the protests are lasting so long is because of that coronavirus disaster, all young sheeples in the U.S.A. and Canada are being paid by the government to stay home and do nothing so they have plenty of time on their hands to protest, riot and loot. Time to end this ridiculous lockdown, get everybody back to work, drop that social distancing B.S., protect the most vulnerable, our seniors, and stop governments from paying fictuous money for everyone to stay home.


  16. Can someone tell what Systemic Racial Injustice is? There is NO such thing IMHO. I spent 28 yrs in LE, 23 as a Fed and 5 as Cincinnati cop. I went through 2 riots in 1967 & 68. After I retired as a Fed, I worked as a FL Child Protection Investigator. WOW, the main cause of Black problems is the breakdown of the family. I had so many cases of black women with 2 to 5 children, each with a different father as the mother had traded sex for drugs. almost universally the kids were raised by Grandma.

  17. re: “If the Best of what we are Witnessing Today . . . In terms of Education throughout North America (Canada & The USA) – there can be no Greater Proof that Academia in North America is a Monumental Failure, and the Trillions of Dollars & Billions of Hours Dedicated to Education – has been a Colossal Waste of Time, Money & Energy.” SPOT ON!!! I am almost 72. Grew up & went to school in Washington Heights. I had one, ONE top-notch teacher in high school. Most were mediocre at best. SAD!

  18. One of the sad things about the past week will be that the progressive, lying politicians will walk away free and the police will get all of the blame. The voters in these left-wing cities will get what they deserve – bankruptcy both financial and moral.

  19. Mr. G. while I agree with much of what you write, I refer you to one of your more recent editorials in which you stated AFFIRMATIVELY that the Nazis were responsible for MURDERING EXACTLY 6 MILLION JEWS DURING WW2. Can you provide me the the written factual proof of your assertion because I have been unable to get any response from various Jewish organizations. Thank you.

    OK – Maybe the Number was 5,999,999. Or maybe the number was 6,000,001. I’m pretty sure I get your point. And you’re not the Only one of your kind – HG.

  20. You and your wife load up and come on Down to the good ole USA. We will do our dam best to send your Communist so called leader all the Anti American’s north across the border.

  21. We all know and some of us since 2012, that Seotoro Obama would betray, conspire, defraud, sabotage, lie, spy, prepare armed paramilitary forces to destabilize and prepare for insurrection. Now we face insurrection. Solution against ANTIFADA is within the Waco protocols. only…

  22. So upset with Justin Trudeau But what do expect from a Hippie Mother and a father who road around Montreal during the WW2 with a Nazi Helmet on We next a Trump not a Wimp!

  23. Howard it would be great is we could have all of the conservative Canadians move here and send all of our America haters up there. I know they would love Justin and I’m sure he would love to have them there. There would be no shortage of sponsors for all of you who would come here.

  24. It never does end well for black America. Every year they sink deeper & deeper into the clutches of the Left. And, yes! Our teachers should be fired, not for failing, but for succeeding in brainwashing not only the blacks, but the white kids as well. The teachers’ union in America has made a mockery of our history, our greatness, & our ability to raise up young people to have pride in themselves and country; to take their place among the working class.Yes, we should fire the teachers wholesale!

  25. My father landed on Omaha Beach on June 12, he was a heavy equipment operator and buried bodies for 21 days. He did not talk to me for 6 months after I joined the Army in 1971, He told my Mom that I had no idea what I was getting into. My daughter, son in law and daughter in law are all teachers, they constantly fight with admin to teach history as it really was, and fight the push for Liberal agendas. I fear for them, each is a well armed individual and well educated in real history. Get ready

  26. First – another excellent Editorial, Howard, and one again I gotta say “OUCH” because the TRUTH hurts !!! Second – good on you for your response to Mr. Romanchuk re the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. You may get his point but the only point I can see…. is the one on top of his anti-semetic head !!! :>( More power to you Howard, and thank you for being here. – Brucester

  27. I and my brother came to the US (from Canada) with our parents in 1953 and have never looked back. So what are you waiting for? Hurry we need more people like you and Anne. Be safe, talk soon, Darrel

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