America Under Siege


“So Let Me Write This As Clearly As I Can – If President Trump Didn’t Mean That The Rioters Should Be Shot . . . HE SHOULD HAVE . . . And I Would Agree – Shoot The Bastards”.

America’s At War . . . The Enemy’s Within . . . And A Political Scum Like Kamala Harris “Demonstrated” In Front Of The White House Yesterday (May 30, 2020) With The Thugs. What Does That Say About The Woman Who Wants To Be President?


When the Rioters Put Both their Arms into the Air in Front of the Police, Showing What? Surrender? As they Get Right in the Face of Police . . . That’s Not A Sign Of Contrition, Respect Or Surrender . . . It’s a Sign of Passive/Aggression . . . and the Man or Woman with His or Her Arms in the Air should be Truncheoned or Shot.

When People Come To Burn Down My Home, My City & My Country . . . They’re Not Demonstrators . . . They Are My Enemy!  They are just as much my Enemy as if they were Invading from a Foreign Country . . . There is No discussion, No Understanding & No Debate. There Is Only . . . FIGHT – FIGHT – FIGHT!

We Saw What Happened To The World In The 1940’s . . . Because England was Led by an Appeaser (Neville Chamberlain) who Surrendered a Country he had no Right to Surrender (Czechoslovakia) to Hitler & Hitler’s Nazis.

Chamberlain Had No Right To Surrender Czechoslovakia To Hitler. But he did it anyway, to Appease a Monster, which is what the Democrats & American Socialists are Now Doing to Appease Antifa, Black Lives Matter and all other Socio/Political Scum . . .

So, Instead Of Chamberlain, America Is Being Surrendered To The Barbarians by Democrat Mayors, Democrat Governors & Democrat Members of Congress.

It’s Not As If All Republicans Are Better . . . But The Democrats Are Far Worse.


Yesterday (May 30, 2020) . . . I Sat with Tears in my Eyes of Sheer Joy & Anticipation, Watching America Launch its First Manned Rocket into Space, Since the Last Shuttle-Launch of Nine Years Ago (July 8, 2011).

. . . And Then Came The Scum – Burning Down America . . . as the Democrats, Like Nero Played His Fiddle As Rome Burned . . .  The Democrats are Wringing their Hands Looking for Someone to Blame for their Utter Incompetence.


The Home-Grown Socio/Political Terrorists Burning Down America . . . are the Direct Result of a Few Generations of LEFTIST Politics Pressed Forward by Academia and the Entertainment Business.

Do You Want To Point Fingers? . . . Point Fingers at the People who Didn’t Pay Attention to who they Voted for and Why they Voted for the People they Did.

Yesterday, Anne & I had a Great Get-Together with some Hard-Working Friends we Hadn’t seen in a While. They Didn’t Know There Were Riots In America . . . And They’re Not Stupid. So what Does that Say about the Public in General?

We All Laugh At The Stupidity Of The Man-In-The Street Interviews . . . where the Interviewer Asks Simple Civics Questions, and the Interviewed Person Doesn’t have a Clue as to how to Answer. We Shouldn’t Have Laughed, Because Socio/Political Stupidity Is & Was No Laughing Matter.

And Today . . . We Are All Paying A Severe Price For Mass Ignorance.

How Can We Have Millions Of People . . . Voting for who is Going to Govern our Cities, States (Provinces) & Country, When The Voters Are Absolutely Ignorant?

Once The Goons Of The LEFT Are Brought Under Control . . . Conservatives Really Need To Take Stock & Make Their Truth Known.

Make No Mistake About This . . . The LEFT Know they’re Losing Badly and are on the Brink of Dissolution in America. For Canada, we are Unfortunately on the Path to the CUBANIZATION of my Country.


If American Conservatives Hang Tough – Demand to be Heard & Seen – Won’t Take Loss for an Answer & Win the White House, Keep the Senate & Win Back the House . . . Trudeau Isn’t Forever & Canada could have a Shot at Redemption.

If Not . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Will Stand At The American Border, Cap-In-Hand Asking For Asylum.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. After almost 3 months of not being able to work it would seem that many of these rioters literally have nothing left to lose. That being said, the National Guard is going to have to restored order. Antifa has now been designated a terrorist organization. I never thought I would live to see this in America. I’m also sure obama is behind a lot of this.

  2. Clearly an orchestrated effort. Paid goons to foment unrest. Anyone think this is spontaneous? The left will do anything to bring Trump down. This is all on prep for the next election. Anyone smell a geo soros here? And yes, time for force!

  3. So, some friends of yours (Canadian I presume) didn’t know that there was rioting in the United States. You added that in your opinion they are not stupid. Really! Am I missing something? Like you, I am also contemplating entering the United States as an asylum seeker. Under the fascist moron Trudeau Canada is finished. A convincing Trump/GOP victory in November is our only hope.

  4. I totally agree,shoot the bastards.This won’t stop until you do.

  5. Whenever I think of that cowardly appeaser, Chamberlain, with his big umbrella…and making pathetic deals with Hitler, I get sick to my stomach every time it rains !!! Anyhow, once again, Howard….you are SPOT ON with your comments and your observations. Thank You for your Editorials…. and….Thank You for being here !!! More power to you, Mr. G. – Brucester

  6. As i was reading your comments President Trump it was on Fox News Antifa now is labelled a terrorist Group,

  7. My great grandmother (baubie) was burned alive in her home in the shtetl they lived in, in Semenikva, Ukraine in 1923 by rebels who were involved in the pograms. Only the Kulaks had the guns and were successful against Lenin, but, Stalin brought in the tanks and wiped out the Kulaks and the Jews. What is going on today is similar and these leftist thugs should be shot on the spot. The government needs to infiltrate these subversive organization and take them down. Also, start with Soros.

  8. I’m paraphrasing George Carlin here – “Think of how stupid the average person is. Then realize that half of ’em are even stupider than that.” Funny, yes. And true, yes. Most of the voting public in the U.S would struggle to register a room temperature IQ. An uninformed public is bad, and a mis-informed public is even worse. Let’s all do our best to be sure voters realize what’s going on here and get out the vote for conservative Republicans. Our country is at stake, folks. Let’s WIN in Nov.!

  9. I read today that the Biden campaign is paying for the rioters to be bailed out of jail. I have not seen any confirmation of this. Have you?

  10. As one wise man said: ““The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”

  11. Remember the KKK, it kept these blacks under control. Most of the good blacks had no problems with the KKK, but those blacks who had problems like breaking the law did. themselves. These trouble causing blacks have a chip or their shoulder. Most are just looking for a reason to raise hell. Most Democrats will blame it all on Trump and they won’t let a crisis go to waste. Trump is in between a rock and a hard place but maybe 75% of the good Americans say shoot the bastards.

  12. I totally agree with you Howard, they are the enemy and should be dealt with as such. No quarter. There are Marxist provocateurs stirring the pot and treasonous politicians who should also face a traitor’s end.

  13. The herd mentality is so easily triggered. It is a shame that so many good, upstanding black people will be caught in the same snare as the hand full of miscreants who perpetuate this sedition! The solution is obvious. The courage to exercise it is quite elusive!

  14. And watching the news here in Canada today, on Canadian News Channels, they are blaming President Trump. Of course, our Marxist/Socialist newsrooms and press hate Trump. Sorry to say Canada I think have passed the point of no return. I too will be lining up for asylum assuming Trump gets in, and Republicans retake the House. If not, the US is doomed to the Socialist cause! Can you even imagine Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, being in charge? It is absolutely a nightmare scenario!

  15. good blog Howard. I come from Montreal like you do. The problem in Canada is the news, so left and have convinced people living in Central Canada ( Quebec, Ontario ) that they blindly vote Liberal. Steve Harper was the best manager Canada ever had, but they chose a liberal soft on communism. His first term was disgusting and as a reward he was reelected. I don’t know where this will all end, it seems we’re heading far into the abyss. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta

  16. It doesn’t take much to get the rats to crawl out of their holes. All it takes is a George Floyd incident and a George Soros handing out the bucks so those rats will cross state lines by the busloads. Who do you think backed Antifa? George Soros. This monster is wanted in so many countries, especially Russia. Vladimir wants him, dead or alive. I choose the former. I find it difficult to fathom why nobody has caught this abomination of humanity yet or knocked him off already.

  17. It was like watching the riots of the 60 again. I hated it & what I saw was young people not people of 40 yrs on up in age. I will say what the police officer did was wrong he should have had him on his feet hand cuffed. A black man shot & killed a white officer in AZ not one word has been said about that. After the 1st day they were not rioting over the man who died. They were there to just tear up a nice city& burn police cars over the states. How many are going to come down with the virus?

  18. Many of the antifa people are young white people not just black. Black Lives Matter are in with them. Look at the people in the news feeds… That being said, it is disgusting what is going on South of the border. Between the Democrats and the MSM (and many other groups)they are whipping up racism on both sides so it’s an us against them and many people just can’t or won’t see it. I worked in the U.S. for 2.5 years and was privledged to meet so many wonderful people. It saddens me to see this.

  19. I doubt any State will have the courage to shoot a single person, now officially designated a terrorist so chaos and vandalism will continue. It could happen here meanwhile with the aid of the Muslims who made it possible for Trudeau to win last time, and more of them now, he’ll win again. Get ready Howard to beg and cross over at the border. I don’t see a good future for Canada, lockdown proved that and oil will stay in the ground.

  20. Why isn’t the FBI investigating these domestic terrorist groups and their financial backers? Oh, that’s right, they are too busy framing General Flynn.

  21. Trudeau is forever , we do not have limited terms and when he’s done China will own us and manage us regardless. Cubanization yes but unfortunately without the Cigars .

  22. Folks we are at the cusp of a Civil War. It will be a Political War different from the first Civil War. Many good, God fearing folks will be clinging to their Guns and Bibles when they die. UN soldiers (Blue Helmeted Chines) will be enforcing the mandates for the Libs. A big part of our country will be destroyed and looted. Millions will die, and Old Soldiers such as I will be fighting for what we hold most dear, OUR FREEDOM. Time to check your surroundings and build alliances. It looms

  23. Kamala Harris is a VICIOUS, EVIL person. She goes very well with the Antifa Group, etc… who demonstrated in front of the White House because she HATES Trump with a PASSION! There should be more LEADERS like RUDY GIULIANI who TRANSFORMED New York City to a more law-abiding community; however, this transformation no longer exists—thanks to Cuomo & DiBlasio! Pres. Trump MUST INSIST on REGENERATING the LAWS to PROTECT the people against CRIMINALS, etc. It should be done BEFORE it’s too late! AMEN!

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