They’re Not Going To Take Away My Guns

Most Americans Won't Understand This . . . Most Canadians Neither.

Why It’s Essential For Canada . . . That President Trump Wins On November 3, 2020.

Since The China Virus Hit North America . . . Canada was far Behind the United States in terms of shutting down our Canadian Immigration from China and the Rest of the World. Canada has also Extended Draconian Restrictions upon Basic Human Rights, Including when to Open the US/Canadian Border to Non-Essential Americans Wanting to Travel to Canada for Personal or non-Essential Business Purposes . . . It’s Still Closed Until Further Liberal Notice.

So . . . Here’s What Prime Minister Trudeau Has Thus Far Tried To Get Away With . . .

1 – Trudeau Tried to Create a System Akin to Martial Law (War Measures Act), which Trudeau’s Late Father (Pierre Elliott Trudeau) Enacted on October 13, 1970, by using a Similar Tactic, but this time in the Name of the “Emergencies Act”, which would have also Ceded Enormous Authoritarian Power to Himself.

Parliament Stopped Him.

2 – Trudeau Tried to Pass Legislation which would have Given Himself the Power to Tax without the Approval of Parliament.

Once Again – Parliament Stopped Him.

3 – Trudeau Passed An Order-In-Council – which Did Not Need the Support of Parliament, to Create Legislation To SEIZE More Than 1500 Types Of Long Guns and other Paraphernalia, most of which are Already Illegal in Canada, or Doesn’t Exist in Canada for Sale, or Doesn’t Exist in Canada at All.

Canadians Don’t Own RPG’s, Flame Throwers, Grenades, Automatic Weapons – ETC.

Understand This . . . In Canada – In Order To Own Guns, We Canadians Have to Jump Through Government Regulatory Hoops.

This Legislation Makes Honest & Legal Gun-Owners like Anne & Myself Criminals, who’ve Complied with all the Regulations to Earn the Right to own Guns with Special Mandatory Firearm Courses, Regulated Government Testing, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Verifications, Spousal Approval & Checks with Neighbors and or Friends to make Certain we’re Neither Nut-Jobs Nor Dangerous, which Allows the Government to Disallow Gun Ownership of any Kind to Anyone they so Deem to be Unworthy.

According To Trudeau’s New Mandate – That Within Two Years, if we Don’t Turn In Our Guns, we will be Criminals unless they change their Law. Here’s a News Flash . . . I’m Not Turning-In my Guns. But I Will Either Support Or Turn-In One Hell Of A Legal Challenge.

One of the First Things the Nazis did before the Final Solution (Holocaust) was to Seize the People’s (Jews) Guns. Stalin did the Same Thing after his Seizure of Eastern Europe. So did Mao Zedong. So did Pol Pot, as also did Fidel Castro.

I Don’t Know Which Came First . . . Seizing the Guns, Seizing Private Printing Presses, Creating State Owned or State Controlled Media – Or Restricting Freedom of Expression . . . which is Common to all Dictators, upon which – Is A Path Canada Is Currently Travelling.

Most Americans Won’t Understand This . . . Most Canadians Neither.

But As A Canadian . . . The Most Important Election in my Lifetime will Happen on November 3, 2020 in the United States of America, as President Donald Trump will do all he Can to Retain the Presidency of the United States, with a Majority of Both Houses of Congress . . . in the Senate and in the House.

If the American LEFT should by Hook or Crook, which is Possible, since there is No Other Way for the American LEFT, other than by Cheating – to Win the Oval Office, the Senate and/or the House . . . This Will Be The End Of Freedom As We Know-It In America.

Which By All Measure Will Give The Canadian LEFT The Green-Light To The Joining Of A Communist One World Government.

We in Canada are Already Privy to Attempts by our LEFTIST Government to Steal our Freedoms Via the Attempted “National Emergencies Act”, Attempted Taxation Without Representation, Existing Government Subsidy of Selected Media, Existing Restricted Freedom of Expression and the Existing Unwarranted Seizure of Legally Owned Firearms . . . All Of Which Is Happening Here & Now In Canada.

Please Note . . . It’s Against The Law For Jews Or Christians To Pray In Canadian Public Schools Or Public Places In Canada – But it is Not Against the Law for Moslems to use Loud Speakers to Call their Faithful to Prayer in Public Canadian Spaces. Even in Canada’s Capitol (Ottawa).

If President Trump & Conservative Republicans Don’t Win On November 3, 2020, The Fat-Lady Will Have Sung.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. They can have my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead fingers: Charlton Heston.

  2. It was not 1500 guns It was 1500 types , they number 100’s of thousands.

    I’ll Correct The Number as If 1500 Isn’t Obscene Enough – Thank You – HG.

  3. You and Anne “Complied with all the Regulations to Earn the Right to own Guns…” As you know, one EARNS privileges. RIGHTS are given by the Creator and cannot be withdrawn except by criminals, which the leftists are.

    Canada has no 2nd Amendment – Nor a 1st Amendment for the matter either – HG.

  4. How true, They will never get any of my guns, rifles or shotguns. As for free Press in Canada there is none as trudeau bought out the left news with a bonus amount of Dollars if they toe the line. POTUS Trump must win Nov 2020. Treadope must be kicked out of Office or OverThrown . THE REVILUTION IS COMING TIME TO BARE ARMS.

  5. I agree with everything you said. It’s getting scarier and scarier and the young people of today just don’t get it. I feel sorry for the kids that are born now. They will never know the freedom we knew. How sad. We’re heading right down the path to communism.

  6. Totally agree that Donald J. Trump MUST win this fall AND the Dems absolutely need to LOSE majority in House so Repubs have total majority. Would be even better if those majorities were overwhelming.

  7. Trudope calls all of us on the right, racists and bigots. Yet he caters to the Moslems, and shuts down Christians and Jews. So, who is the bigot here!

  8. I have a sign in my office saying “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”

  9. Guns are the ultimate protest sign when protesting tyranny and abuse of government power. Card board signs and the sticks that hold them, even in vast numbers, will not stop illegal forces coming to take your rights, your livelihood, and your future…..

  10. Your post today started me thinking: has the PM done enough damage to your country so that he will be replaced anytime soon? Regarding Trump’s re-election: my friend Richard thinks he is going to win all 50 states in a record-setting disaster for the Dems, which, of course, includes both houses of Congress.

    I really Hope your friend is right. But I kind of doubt New York State and California – HG.

  11. Everything you say is or has happened. I fear for my Country.

  12. He fawned over Fidel Castro and practically licked his boots. He said he admires China’s Communist dictatorship. The boy-king displays the fascism of the petty tyrant with every new decree. How long before he sends his brownshirts knocking on our doors in the middle of the night? Freedom fighters must resist Herr Trudeau tooth and claw. That may be all we’ll have left to fight with.

  13. I’m with you all the way Howard. Trudeau & his Team of Medic Pros have Canadians on their knees and they don’t know it. It is imperative that Trump wins the November election or it is truly game over as you describe it. Canada doesn’t have amendments one and two, our Charter and Constitution have proven to be virtually useless, wide open for Trudeau and globalism

  14. Two words–“ghost” gun, Two more words–concealed carry, One more word–reloading!

  15. I saw this the other day ” If the Government says you don’t need a gun, then YOU do need a gun.” Sounds good to me .

  16. I do believe there would be another Civil War here again if they tried to take guns away. I am just scared our military would be with the Government instead of we the people. There are No Mule um Mosses here in Myrtle Beach that I know of sir so we do not have to hear that horrible calling to their church again we did live in Oman for three years and hearing it was enough to drive one nutty. My husband was with the American Embassy there. So if U have to hear that noise sorry. I learned to hate

  17. If the left should win and then try to take our guns it would lead to war between the left and the gun owners. Not all of the police would go with taking our guns and the left has no guns. The gun owners of Texas would make the biggest Army in the whole World and several other States are not far behind Texas. So in this day and age the left is just pissing into the wind if they think gun owners will turn in their guns.

  18. Sadly, by hook or crook, is right – I have no doubt the liberal/left/democrats will do anything & everything they possibly can, whether right or wrong, legit or not, above board or not, to win/steal/take whatever they can get away with. We are already seeing this via the courtesy of COVID-19 incident, media reporting, cowardly congress, and almost dictatorial, if not actual, powers state governors have implemented. We the people, by the people, for the people must/need to rise and defend us.

  19. Anyone who honorably served in the military should not be required to do anything in order to possess firearms. It is sad and amazing that liberals refuse to understand history, if in fact they have ever encountered the historical facts.

  20. I am praying that President Trump wins in 2020. Canada in finished. Socialism has taken over. Trudeau is the worse leader ever! Complacency has killed us here in Canada and nothing is going to change. God help us all.

  21. Sir, you are so right. I quit College in 71 and swore in at the Army Depot in CA. I swore to protect our country against all enemies Foreign and Domestic, The Domestic enemies have grown. I have discussed this with my wife and children, we all are trained in shooting sports and are part of a Well Armed group of family and friends. President Trump must win if we even hope to stay out of a major Civil Action. The Libs want our guns and to take away all rights, become sheep at best.

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