First . . . The Most Important Part Of This Day . . . At Least To Me – Is That Anne & I Are Today Celebrating Our FORTY-SEVENTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. We knew each other for One Year before we were Married, and Married on a Tuesday, Amidst a Sprinkle of Rain on May 1, 1973.

We Did It The Old Fashioned Way . . . We Courted for a Year, Married, and then Started our New Lives Living Together. It wasn’t Easy for Either of Us. We had about 150-People At Our Wedding, mostly because my Mother’s Dream was Always to see me Walk Down the Aisle with all Form of Pomp & Circumstance.

And Because my Parents were having to soon Pay for my Younger Sister’s Wedding, they Certainly Couldn’t Afford to Pay for ours. And as far as Anne & I were Concerned, having my Parents pay for our Wedding, or any Part of it was a Non Starter.

So . . . Anne & I Paid for our Own Wedding in its Entirety. We Paid For The Synagogue Hall Rental. The Rabbi. The Open Bar. The Caterer. The Band. The Rentals. The Flowers. The Photographer. The Formal Dress & Tuxedoes – Etc. Thank God, Most of our Relatives & Friends Gave Cash Gifts, since Anne & I were as Poor as Church Mice the Day we Said to Each Other . . . The Most Important Two Words Of My Life“I Do”.

This Was In The Day When Bank Managers Really Managed & Were A Part Of Your Life.

One of our Honored Guests at the Wedding was my Bank Manager (Bank Of Montreal), who was a Seriously Nice Man, who said to Anne & Myself, before we Invited Him and his Wife to be our Guests . . . “Have A Wonderful Wedding & Don’t Worry About The Money. We Can Work-Out A Low Interest Loan After You Return From Your Honeymoon”.

As It Turned-Out . . . I Used to be a Director (Fund Raising) of an Amateur Football League (Chomedey Blues Football), Where I threw Lots of Football Dances to Raise Money, and I Always Used the Same Distillery for the Cash Bar and the same Band for Entertainment, so when I asked them how Much it should cost us for them to do our Wedding, all they Wanted from Us – was for Us to Cover their Expenses. And when we Told the Caterer that we were Paying for the Wedding Ourselves, the Caterer also gave us a Fantastic Deal, because in those days, Especially Amongst the Montreal Jewish Community, Brides & Grooms Never Paid for their own Wedding.

So . . . After All The Dust Had Settled – Given the Down-Payments we Put into the Wedding, the Deals People gave us to Cater, Entertain & Provide the Open Bar (Thank God People Didn’t Drink A Lot) . . . Totaling the Cost of the Wedding with the Cash Gifts we Received, Anne & I Were Just $300 In The Red, which Meant we Didn’t have to Take-Out a Bank Loan, and we were Able to Take a Brief Honeymoon on the Cheap (One Night in New York City at a Fleabag Two Story/Motel in Yonkers) and Two Nights in the Catskill Mountains During the Downside of the Resort Town, at the Laurels Hotel, Which 47-Years Ago Was Already Showing Severe Signs Of Its Age.

PS – True Story . . . When Anne Asked Me How I Had So Much Stamina (Know What I Mean?) During Our Honeymoon Night In Yonkers? My Answer Was That I Was Too Scared To Sleep In That Dump, Which Also Had A Smashed Door-Lock, And Was Too Embarrassed To Tell Anne. So I Had To Do Something Constructive During The Night.

Nothing Was Ever Easy For Us . . . And we Don’t Expect Life will get any Easier for Us Along What’s Left on our Road still to Travel. But Together – Through It All, We Were Able To Survive All The Slings & Arrows . . . And We’re Not About To Give-Up Now.


Anne & I Will Be Going . . . To a Typical French-Canadian Hot Dog Joint (La Belle Province), down the Road in the Province of Quebec, which Makes The Best Steamies On The Planet . . . Which are Steamed Hot Dogs in Hot Dog Buns Loaded with all the Trimmings, Topped-Up with a Mound of Homemade Coleslaw and the BEST Greasy Fries Anyone can Imagine, Saturated with White Vinegar, Salt & Catsup.

And Because Of The Stupid Virus Rules . . . We’ll Order the Steamies, Fries & Drinks at the Door . . . And Eat Our Gourmet Meal in the Pick-Up Truck, with Stryker Sleeping in the Rear.



Just in Case our Governments ever Hold Another Election, Especially a Fair & Square Election . . . Take Notes Now & Do Everything You Can To Vote All The Bastards Out When The Time Comes.

And Just As Important . . . Do Everything You Can To Elect Politicians Who Are Onside With The Values We Believe-In.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “TEACH THEM A LESSON – VOTE THEM OUT!” Absolutely. Gotta hit ’em where they live, so to speak. That’s the only thing today’s politicians and political parties listen to is their re-election chances. We’ve got the talking part of this done. We need the action part now at the polls and toss these socialist tyrants out of office.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your story. I hope you all are doing well. -Betsy Markman

  3. My hearty congratulations to you, Howard, and Anne on your 47th Wedding Anniversary!

  4. Congrats on 47 years…quite an accomplishment! As for “voting them out”, that is more difficult than it should be since there are not many/very few good candidates to vote for. Take away all the bad ones and the room is almost empty! 🙂

  5. Happy anniversary and may you have many more. I did read all 35 pages of the IMF and everyone should also read them. They are an eye-opener. I still need to read the laws that are included in the report I received and failed to read at that time. Shame on me. God bless all.

  6. Congratulations Howard & Anne on your 47th Anniversary. May you enjoy many more and not in your Pick-up Truck next year. It’s shocking, diabolical, that Trudeau, Tam and their co-conspirators can interfere so much in peoples private lives. I hope you will have the energy to celebrate on this occasion as you did in 1973 (:>)

  7. Hi, Howard and Anne, heartfelt congratulations on surviving a difficult road together for this many years! My wife and I just celebrated our 60th on April 9th! Although it started out somewhat rough, we were living in Havana at the time and left Cuba on September 24th of the same year. But yes, we had a nice honeymoon in the Isle of Pines and stayed at a motel owned by an Americancouple who were also ontheir way out of Cuba since their property was being stolen from them by the Castro government

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both. Keep up the great work, telling us the truth! Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do.

  9. Howard, you and Anne seem to have a close, adventurist and poetically romantic relationship,ie. marriage. I am very happy for you and will celebrate your wedding as well with a toast. Enjoy those dogs because they sound exquisite. Unfortunately, too many elections have two unworthy candidates so my vote becomes the beast of the undesirables!

  10. Have a great day celebrating your anniversary. May you and Anne have many more. Enjoyed you trip down memory lane.

  11. Hi Howard. I’m a daily reader with a lot of admiration for you and what you do. Never thought I would ever say this about your column, but today you brought a tear to my eye with the story of your wedding, and all the help you received. Those were sure better times. Best. Robert

  12. Sending the very best wishes on your 47th anniversary. May God grant y’all many more happy years together!

  13. Congratulations to you both on your anniversary! Sorry we didn’t see you in TX this year but we were unable to make the trip. Maybe next year. I agree on voting out the liberals and socialists. I cannot foresee ever again voting for any but rhe most conservative choice who has a chance of winning.

  14. I totally disagree with your comment re ‘steamies’. You have not TASTED the best steamies yet. Right here in Lancaster, On. is a place called Boudreau, Better than Montreal Pool Room. I invite you and family to be my guests one day for the BEST STEAMIES IN THE WORLD. Congrats on your 47th , and may you have many many more.

    You’re Right – Boudreau is GREAT. Anne and I started eating at Boudreau when they still operated out of a Converted Bus, before the Small Restaurant they Built. Now tou made me rethink where i will eat Next. I guess this might merit a 20-Minute Motorcycle Trip – HG.

  15. Growing up in Yonkers, if Tibbets Brook Park was right across the street, I know exactly where you stayed. Happy Anniversary to you and Anne! May the Lord make his face to shine upon you both and keep you safe!

  16. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your special meal. By the way, there is a restaurant in Miramichi N.B. that uses a copper pot steamer that has to be about 1940’s vintage. Still steaming!

  17. what a wonderful story.. I married a super Danish girl in 1957 in Copenhagen married in the town hall and had no honeymoon saved that for time in the states. was married for 46 years alone for 17 years still miss her………

  18. We had our chance in Canada after 4 disastrous years with turdgrope at the helm and we blew it. The status quo will remain until somehow we can silence the leftist socialist-communist lamestream media because it’s because of them that we have who we have in power. At least a few more in the U.S.A. woke up to vote Trump in and that’s thanks to FOX News, the Conservative portion, Breitbart, Ben Shapiro, the Info wars etc…. Here in Canada, the Conservative voice is too weak.

  19. Happy Anniversary Howard and Anne. My bride and I are celebrating our 50th this year. Were planning a gathering of friends and family at the end of this month, but now is indefinitely postponed. Onward to 75!!

  20. An expression sometimes quoted in reference to politicians is: When they feel the heat, they see the light.” Let’s build a fire under them.

  21. Dcarie Hot Dog ? or the other guy ( name eludes me ) in Pte Claire ? No way Stryker is sleeping in the back with Steamies in the front seat … Good for you and yes Life was tough and still is . As to elections, I fear Canada will never see a real one again.

    I think you might mean Lafleur in Pte Claire. The way I see it, when (if) the next election happens, we better have a Candidate – HG.

  22. “Do Everything You Can To Elect Politicians Who Are Onside With The Values We Believe-In” is easier said than done. It’s really difficult to find those folks who are willing to run, to become politicians. I still bemoan fact that Tea Party has faded away. It was a beginning of restoring conservative values in Congress. But the left’s lies & creating disturbances to give them a bad name worked. Keeping it going financially was a problem too. Need to find $$backers & pick it back up.

  23. Congratulations Howard to you both for 47th wedding anniversary; I hope you enjoy many more in good health. Are you sure Stryker will be sleeping when he smells the steamies? They sound delicious; wish they had a place near me in DC.

  24. Happy 47th and may there be many more. Loved your story.

  25. Monique and I married May 6, 1972. At the time I had no job and was in debt. With faith in each other and working hard as a team everything worked out spectacularly. Howard, I wish you and Anne many more years of wedded bliss. You deserve it. As for the g-d politicians, not so much. They deserve our contempt and scorn on a grand scale. An average family of four will spend more on government than on food, clothing and shelter combined. This is a travesty. Toss them out on their fascist butts.

  26. Congratulation to you both and enjoy your celebratory dinner! (Watch out for Stryker)

  27. Like your article said several years ago, I don’t fear the Politicians, I fear the people who will vote!! Congratulations on your Anniversary!

  28. Congratulations on your 47th wedding anniversary, Howard and Anne!

  29. CONGRATULATIONS Howard and Anne….👍😍😎. My wife and I were also together for 47 years almost to the day before she passed to sit with the angels. All the best….👍😍😎

  30. Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, in essence your wedding & honeymoon sounds similar to mine. We used flowers from Sunday’s services, were married on a Monday, since that was New Year’s Eve. We had a one night honeymoon, because Hubby had to go to work the next day. We ate at Bob’s drive-in in Van Nuys, CA, due to basically no money. We honeymooned 9 months later in San Diego, over Labor Day Weekend. We have survived 57 years of marriage & I would do it all over again, exactly the same way!!!

  31. Congratulations and a very Happy Anniversary FYI I celebrated May 1st by driving a Bulverde Police Sept cruiser as a volunteer, and having a GREAT chicken fried steak at The Antlers cafe near Bulverde. Fabulous day!!! Only thing missing, I wasn’t driving my Model A.

    Now that’s the way to do it – HG.

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