Black & White Socialists Are Racists – Big Time


How Am I Supposed To Feel & React . . . As an Educated, Aware & Socially Generous White Man, When the Likes of White Socialist Men & Women Accuse Me of Being a Product of White Privilege, and that Men, Specifically White Men should Step Aside and Allow People of Color, but Especially Women, with a Heavy Emphasis on Women of Color, to be In Charge, almost Exclusively because they are Women . . . or Better Yet According to them, Women Of Color?

Whenever I Hear or Read a Man or a Woman Say that He or She would be Especially Thrilled for a Woman to be Elected President, or that It’s Time for a Woman to be Elected President . . . Whatever that Woman or Man says Afterwards is Meaningless to me.

How About . . . Just The Best Qualified Person – Man Or Woman Regardless Of Race, Creed Or Religion?


I Have Nothing Against Heavy People . . . God-Only-Knows That I Have To Lose Some Weight.

Stacey Abrams Isn’t A Doctor. She’s Just a Loud-Mouth Political Cow, who uses Racist Hate-Speech to Lecture Everyone on How to Live their Lives – Should Understand, that if she is so Grand, Perhaps she Should Look into a Mirror and Lose a Hundred Pounds or so before Lecturing Everyone Else on how they Should Live Their Lives.

Stacey Abrams . . . Is the Black Broad from Georgia, who Has Had her Hands in the Public Purse in One Way or Another for Virtually Her Whole Working Life, who Feeds-Off the Hard Work of Taxpayers, Many if Not Most of Whom Abrams Calls Racist, Only Because They’re White . . . And Specifically if they’re White Males – What Does That Say About Abrams . . . And All The People Like Her?


If Two-Ton Stacey Abrams Couldn’t Win the Georgia Governor’s Mansion through Lying, Discrimination, Cheating, Extreme Pro-Abrams Media Bias & Promising all the Communist Gold she could Dream-Up, to give to People who want Something-For-Nothing . . . That Screams Volumes About Abrams, More Than The People Abrams Has Spent A Political Lifetime Racially Demeaning.

SO . . . Biden Has To Choose A Female Running Mate For Vice President . . . I Guess it Must Somehow be Cast Somewhere in Stone, like the Ten Commandments – that Biden Needs a Woman to Run by His Side. More than that, Biden seems to Also Need a Woman of Color, Not just any Woman, but a Woman like Stacey Abrams, or Kamala Harris, or Pocahontas who Really isn’t a Woman of Color . . . but Pretended Enough to be a Woman of Color (Native) over her Entire Elitist Years, that she just about Qualifies to be Considered.

If That’s The Case . . . Amy Klobuchar Can Suck Wind.

As A White Person . . . How Much More Racial Discrimination Should White People Tolerate Before White People, Men Especially – Respond In Kind?

Conservatives Went Out Of Their Way To Level The Racial Playing Field – Liberals Are Going Out Of Their Way To Undo This Work Done By Conservatives.


Yesterday (April 26, 2020) . . . I Received an Email Link to a Documentary Produced by Michael Moore, who I have as much use for as Contracting the China Virus. But what was Really Interesting about this Documentary, is that Michael Moore Contributed In A Huge Way To Crapping All Over The Climate Change Lie Of Fossil Fuels, So-Much-So, that Moore’s Typically Good Friends are Trying to Distance Themselves as far Away from This Moore Documentary as they Can.

I Still Think Michael Moore Is A Piece Of Crap – The Documentary Is Called Planet Of The Humans, and is Very Much Worth an Hour & Forty Minutes of Your time to Watch.


As America Is Finally Beginning To Open-Up . . . We Will Learn How Much Damage Our North American Politicians (Canada and the USA) Have Caused because of their Rank Incompetence & Belief in the Opinions of Self-Assured Bureaucratic Government Appointed Medical “Experts” . . .  Who Held (Continue To Hold) Undeserved Sway Over The Power Of Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Diversity really means Anti-white. White guilt is the same as self-loathing Judaism. It’s all BS. We are who we are raised to become. I have the same conservative values as my parents–that I am blessed beyond words to still have with me at the age of 61 since most of my friends are orphans and have been for years. Dad is almost 90 and still seeing patients–sharp as a tack thank GOD. Mom is 86 and runs her own business. I am so very grateful to God for this.

  2. Governments MUST “allow” businesses to reopen/people go back to work BECAUSE now there are $MILLIONS NOT getting PAID in TAXES to keep gov’ts running. Same with Soc Sec & if elderly get cut off, even younger folks would rise up in protest. The US is back where our founders were with England, FIGHTING for Liberty due to Taxation WITHOUT honest Representation. We’ve been 1 Step Away from a Dictatorship. Powers-that-be wanted to see if they could do this, & found out. Next time, No; we’re WOKE.

  3. I am honored you let me send in a comment thank you sir. What difference does it make what colors out of a box of crayons that we have for President and Vice President? A long time Journalist from N.Y. paper twittered we should have a coup on the President. Wow he needs to be in prison for Treason. I could write more than five hundred words to tell you how I feel about our country and yours. I get the same as others so as always this was a good editorial you write the best. Thank you :))

  4. Watch the dominos, the so called self proclaimed experts, fall when the people are freed from bondage and the next, maybe much bigger wave of Corona hits. Get rid of the label “African Americans” there aren’t any African Americans and it infers a false sense of identity. I’m White English if that makes any sense, it doesn’t to me. Why play identity politics, just label ourselves as Americans, Canadians or whatever according to our country of birth, anything else is divisive.

    Not even country of birth. Just Country Of Citizenship! – HG.

  5. Canada’s Gov promotes this. Everyone is a hyphenated Canadian . Except a White Judeo/Christian with a Job. They are the Old guard , the Creators of everything you see. Unfortunately you have to Work at attaining such a lofty position. It’s much easier to whine about not being a part of this privileged group than to work at it . Covid-19 is handling this by killing the Old guard off . At which time all others can fill the void … Maybe… Downside…there might be some work involved however …

  6. Hey Howard. Loved it. Just finished watching “The Planet of the Humans”. Didn’t watch it before because I too thought Michael Moore was just another self centred blowhard. Finally, a film exposing the climate change activists for the stupid hypocrites they actually are. Would have been good to see Suzuki and the rest of the anti Alberta hypocrites featured as well. Gotta change my opinion of Moore somewhat after a refreshingly unbiased film. Heard the environmentalists are screaming.

  7. Howard, you really struck a major chord with me, this time!!! I happen to have Stacey Abrams as a person who is trying everything in the state of Georgia, to win some political office on any level. She is literally a pig & I do apologize to pigs!!! She is also a published erotic romance novelist. Now, that doesn’t bother me … BUT … I do NOT want any romance novelist to run for political office … Especially for Governor, US Senate or God forbid, US Vice President!!! She is a socialist, too!

  8. I just watched “Planet of the Humans” as you recommended and only one word came to mind “WOW” thank you.

    It’s a real eyeopener isn’t it? I wish all the People should watch it – HG

  9. What is a racist? Someone that does not follow an agenda that is laid out by people of any color if they do not bend to their belief. I was raised in the south, played ball and games with all who wanted to play. Ate with whom ever was sitting at out table that my parents invited of all color. I was attacked ad robbed by two black men while I was in the military but I still had many black friends. Look at the countries that are run by minorities, so many problems not caused by color.

  10. Great description of STACEY ABRAMS. She should look at HERSELF before PROJECTING onto others those things which she, HERSELF, represents. She is full of HATRED! Apparently, she & her SOCIAL GROUP can’t face REALITY.She continues to state that she didn’t lose the Georgia election, which is FALSE! Abrams also doesn’t know the meaning of the words BEST QUALIFIED, so she can’t use them.Biden, et al, will choose a woman who HATES Trump to an extreme & this person MAY be Kamala Harris? GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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