Someone Please . . . If You’re in a Position of Influence – Tell Dr Fauci to Take his Models, his Curve, Social Distancing and his Mitigation – AND SHOVE THEM ALL UP HIS ASS!

Before Fauci & Birx . . . Who the Hell ever Used the Words Social Distancing & Mitigation in their Common Vocabulary? I Bet you – At Least 90% Of The People have Never Used the Word Mitigation before Fauci Opened his Big Mouth, Smiling like the Cheshire Cat every Time He’s on Television, Which Is All The Time.

I’ll even Bet that at Least 90% Of The Population Don’t even Know what the Word Mitigation Means, and Outside of Fauci & Birx’s Daily Lectures – The People Couldn’t Use It In A Sentence.


This Weasel Fauci Is Not Worth Picking-On . . . BUT YOU ARE – Each One of Us who have Succumbed Without a Fight, to Surrender our Freedoms Should Hold our Head in Shame – Because we Surrendered all Of our Freedoms on the Say-So of this WHO Loving, Elitist, LEFTIST, Pipsqueak, who Decided to Shut-Down the Greatest Economy in the World, and Leave our Nations Vulnerable to Attack from the Chinese, Russians & Islamists.


And Now that all of Fauci’s WRONG – WRONG – WRONG Projections have been Proven to be SO WRONG that there Isn’t even an Explanation for how they could be so Wrong, that Fauci, Like the Elitist Bureaucrat that he is, Fauci’s Blaming the Models – But Not Himself.

But The “Models” Didn’t Cripple The US Economy – Fauci, The Media & The Politicians Did.

And We Bought Fauci’s Bullshit . . . Worse Yet – We’re Still Buying Fauci’s Bullshit. Fauci, Birx and the Rest of the Medical Bureaucrats Couldn’t Have Screwed-Up More with their “Models” if they Tried.

From 2.2-Million Possible Deaths . . . It’s now Going to under 60,000. And how Many of those 60,000 would have Died Anyway . . . And Only Needed the Push to go Over the Edge by some Outside Stimulus?


During the Last Most Recent Virus to Hit the USA – H1N1 – More Than 60-Million Americans were Infected. About 275,000 People Needed Hospital Care, and About 20,000 Americans DiedI Don’t Recall The Country Shutting-Down.

Almost 650,000 Men & Women Die from Cardiac Problems in the USA Every Year. Almost 70,000 People Die from Drug Overdoses in the USA Every Year. Over 600,000 People Die from Cancer in the USA Every Year. Almost 40,000 People Die Every Year in the USA from Car Accidents. Almost 80,000 Men & Women Die Every Year in the USA from Alcohol Related Issues.

And Because Of Unelected “Fonctionnaires” Like Fauci, Birx, The Media & The Democrats – America Surrendered.


In Less Than A Few Days – America Surrendered All Of America’s Constitutional Guarantees & Gave Despotic Powers to Governors, Mayors & Town Councils. Police have been Shutting-Down Places of Worship & Arresting People on City Busses for not Wearing a Mask or Paddle-Boarding just off the Ocean Shore.

And Now Google & Facebook Have Been Empowered To Track The Movement Of Individual People.

Canada Tried to Invoke the Equivalent to the War Measures Act, Giving Prime Minister Trudeau Absolute Dictatorial Power.


Let Me Tell You Who’s Essential . . . Everyone Who Wants To Work Is Essential. Every Job & Service Is Essential . . . And We Gave All Of Our Freedoms Away, Because A Pipsqueak Like Anthony Fauci & His Bullshit Projections Said-So.

Maybe You Don’t Realize It Yet . . . But We’re Now Living In George Orwell’s 1984.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Fauci and Birx are Clinton supporters and holdovers from the Obama administration. The W.H.O. is joined at the hip to the Chinese Communist Party. The enemedia are determined to take down Trump. ‘Nuff said.

  2. I get it Howard and I’ve been making my opinion heard as loudly as I can. I just pray that President Trump after initially being sucked in can now see through the BS.

  3. You’ve hit the nail right on the head and this country will never be the same. There are many more things that could have been classified as essential. This did not need to be so stringent. Naturally everyone must be careful and considerate of others but this has been carried too far and has crippled our country needlessly.

  4. I guess we can also blame our president too as he allowed the Fauci and Birx onto his stage in front of media. Just saying…

  5. Yes, you confirmed what I have been thinking. We MUST stand up for our freedom. Of note, I feel like I have a pretty good command of the English language, but had to look in the dictionary for the meaning of mitigation.

  6. I’m hearing a lot of support for rights, especially the right to die unnecessarily. Some Monday morning quarterbacks making themselves heard.

  7. Fauci was a rat from the beginning. Trump made a big mistake to give him the platform and national spotlight. Sometimes you have to cut your losses, get rid of him and have someone fill the position who has integrity with the right credentials for the people.

  8. I hear you Howard. I’ve been yelling at the TV each time they say the President could have saved lives if he had acted earlier. Now Fauci says more lives could have been saved had they shut down earlier. Excuse me but wasn’t it Fauci in January who said this virus wouldn’t impact the U.S.? Wasn’t it Fauci who said in February the impact would be minuscule? This man can’t make up his mind but I bet right now he’s working on CYA. Thanks for your continuing word.

  9. I had my doubts about Fauci and Berx when I realized that they were Clintonites. I do not trust my gut feelings enough. I was right all along. I agree about the word “mitigation.” You are right, Howard. HOW many can use the word in a sentence? Many younger people do not even know how to use ” their” and ” there” due to our education system…..All is sad indeed…

  10. Mitigate is not common but used frequently . However the rest is dead on . What rights we have lost , we will never get back in full and the precedent has been set. War Measures Act is still a distinct possibility in Ca. 8600 people died of the regular Flu in 2018 . What is exactly happening is a World wide thrust to oust Trump and destroy N.A.’s economy in favor of Globalism PERIOD. AND most of the population LOVES IT.

  11. All the above, include Canadian “Team” colluded with WHO & China. Mandatory isolation & draconian measures are conspiracy to control the world, globalism, one world order, Salinsky & 1984. I have used daily numbers to produce graphs that show the corona spread is waning and likewise Corona deaths. In short a recovery is already happening. People must eat and if they don’t get to work now there will be anarchy, riots and violence. It’s inevitable and what happens when the next virus comes around?

  12. As soon as I agreed “Enough is enough” I read this in the Toronto Star: Ontario received 100,000 contaminated, unusable swabs for COVID-19 tests.

  13. How long before President Trump fires these two? How could President Trump trust obama leftovers clintonites? We are now in George Orwell’s “1984” like you said and I do believe what George Myers is saying that we have been living “1984” since “1984” and maybe way before that. It is now worse with the technologies we use today, as it is easier to track us. The worse is to come if we don’t get this economy going again and people back to work !!!!

  14. I just watched an interesting video of Dubya speaking about a future pandemic and how the US needed to prepare for the eventual situation. He had just read a book about the Spanish Flu and realized that we had to be prepared for a new virus sometime in the future. Fauci was at this speech. He is the continuity from Dubya forward and he did nothing to make effective Dubya’s warning. Furthermore, Fauci as director of an agency gave $3 Million to the Huwan virus lab to study bat viruses.

  15. As I see it, Donald Trump, not being a politician, did not have the foresight to clean house as soon as he was elected. Leaving prior administration people in their positions are about the same as allowing a group of bobcats to remain in the hen house. Had he been a seasoned politician, he would have known to clean house earlier. He trusted far too many people because he had no proven reason to mistrust them.

  16. I agree with you Howard, enough is just enough. Get him out of there Now!!

  17. One of your best articles yet. And yes – I agree! Keep up the great work. As soon as I get a paycheque, I will send a bit your way to help keep your work going. Thank you.

  18. Sir you are so right. Here in Idaho with a population of 1.75 million people there are some 1450 cases that is a whopping .00075, oh crap I may get something. Ok, social distancing may not be bad, because a lot of people smell bad. You have a better chance of getting an STD if you are in the social world. More abuse to women and children is happening right now due to this than ever imagined. Get our Country Back Working Now.

  19. Trump must agree – he has gone after Fauci on Twitter (best way to give a heads up)

  20. Amen! I am glad to find out that somebody else besides me is concerned about the whole mess. When the SARS pandemic occurred we didn’t let a lifelong bureaucrat decide how we respond. We are a democratic Republic that elect who we expect to speak for us.

  21. You are 100 % right People fight Fight anyway you can I am trying Know I spend too much time on this computer but it is my weapon Being in my 80s I try to reach people and send them information to motivate them to fight for our country

  22. This has been An Exercise/TEST; we fell for it. BUSINESSES, open back up & call your PEOPLE back to work. There aren’t enough jail cells to house that many. The PEOPLE need to take back their INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM to DO AS THEY CHOOSE. I’m retired so nothing I can do. Gov’t workers have no choice (getting paid anyway). But Small Businesses should do so for their existence. TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY!!

  23. One of your best, Howard. They both need to go, surprised Trump has put up with them up til now! I would have canned him the first time he disagreed with the President publicly, which he did, during the very first briefing! Typical liberal doctors, hard to find a conservative; too much education???. Van is right, he should have cleaned house day one!

  24. One good thing is the border is closed and illegal as well as legal immigration has been stopped. The Republicans tried but couldn’t accomplish this but the coronavirus certainly did. Now Dr Fauci wants to test for immunity but we’re still 3 to 8 weeks from a reliable test.

  25. Fauci was sold to us as the be all, know all despite the fact that he recommended the current head of WHO after the man had made monumental mistakes heading up Ethiopian health department. Birx got her start at IMHE with no,performance to recommend her. But, back to Fauci, he has been a back corner bureaucract for his entire career!

  26. Fauci is no worse than Tam here in Canada. She had been changing her story every time she is in the limelight. And Trudeau, I won’t even say what I’m thinking. Tam is stooge for the WHO, and the Communist Chinese Government. She is an absolute joke, along with Trudeau. I switch channels as soon as either of them come on. Let’s just open up all the businesses, and let the chips fall. Far less short term pain than what this shutdown will bring upon us if it continues. China must be laughi

  27. The thing that bothers me more than anything, is NO ONE seems to know where to go to get the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about the depth of this so-called pandemic. Any ideas? I would love to know where to go, so I know HOW to fight! Thanks.

  28. Fauci was part of the cover-up with AIDS being in the blood supply, back in the 1970’s, when it was called GRID. He went along with the CDC who claimed that the blood supply was SAFE!!! Why would I believe him now???!!! I was involved with GRID patients back in the 1970’s, so I KNOW that the CDC LIED!!! I don’t trust the NIH or WHO. They are all nothing more than bureaucrats & part of the Deep State!!! Yes, I am mad & mad as hell!!!

  29. Realizing Pres. Trump’s FINESSE & SAVVY with people, it’s questionable as to how Pres. Trump could have TRUSTED Fauci & Birx when they were previously associated with the SWAMP people—Obama & Hillary. We all know that “like begets like”! No doubt, there must have been other very qualified medical professionals who could have performed the SAME ROLE as Fauci & Birx. Of course, we are NOT PRIVY to what is TRULY occurring at the White House! AMEN!

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