Ding Dong – The Bernie Schmuck Is Gone

Bernie's Gone & With Him Will Go The Democrats

My Title Would Be Much More Appropriate To The Music Of The Wizard Of Oz. But I’m Certain You All Get The Meaning.


Here’s A Little Yiddish Phrase . . . Considering it’s Passover & All. In Yiddish, Bernie Sanders is Defined Amongst Jewish People Like me, Who I Know & Associate with – as a Ge-Shmatah Yid, Translation . . . A Jewish Sellout.

A Ge-Shmatah Yid . . . is a Person like Bernie Sanders who Says “I’m Proud of my Jewish Heritage (When It Suits Him), but goes Further-On to Say . . . I just Don’t Like Israel. Israel is an Apartheid State. And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a Racist”.  Otherwise – I Love Being Jewish.

Bernie Sanders Loves Being Jewish . . . As Much As Someone Wants To Contract The China Virus.


Jewish Men & Women like Bernie Sanders are as Harmful, Disgraceful, Dangerous & Despicable to the Jewish Community as they Come. To me . . . Sanders is in the Same Category as George Soros and so Many Other LEFTIST Jews, who have More Jewish Blood on Their Hands than Most Non-Jews, who are Directly Responsible for the Actual Torture, Theft, Disenfranchisement & Murder of Jews Worldwide.

During The Holocaust, Jews like Bernie Sanders were known as Judenrat, Cooperators with the Nazis . . . While Others were Kapos – Jews who were Brutal Enforcers for the Nazis.

Had It Not Been For Jews Like Sanders . . . 6-Million Wouldn’t Have Died During The Holocaust Like Lambs To Slaughter.

Going Back To The Liberation Of The Jews (Israelites) . . . Some 25-Hundred Years Ago, even then – there were Jews like Bernie Sanders, who Organized a Horde of Idolaters . . . As Moses Was Atop Mount Sinai For 40-Days – Acquiring the Tablets of the Ten Commandments.

This Is Not New To Judaism – Nor Is It Unique To The Jewish People . . . who Worship the Oldest Unchanged Monotheistic Religion on the Planet, where People who Stray from the Belief of the Ten Commandments, the Outcome Always Seems (At Least For The Last Couple of Hundred Years) to Slide to the Undisciplined LEFT, where the Rules of Decorum & Personal Obligation, Success & Failure Based Upon the Foundation of a Free Society Built Upon Individual Values & Truth – Collapse Under the Yoke of Communist or Fascist Tyranny.

When You Stand For Nothing Of Value – And Stand For Everything Not . . . You’re Still Standing For Nothing.

The Good News Of The Departure Of Sanders . . . To Me As A Jewish Person – Is Not just the Exit of this Jewish Anti-Semite, who is the Poster-Boy for Non-Jewish Anti-Semites, but Rather . . . Sanders’ Exit Removes Another Communist from the Socio/Political Center Stage.

I Detest All Protagonists Of Communism . . . But None More-So, Than Those Who Act In The Name Of My Religion.


Rather Than Standing Against Individual Rights & Freedoms . . . and a Society Based Upon a Meritocracy – Sanders Stands For Nothing Other Than Anarchy.

I Just Emailed A Canadian Follower Of Galganov.com, who like Most People who Read this BLOG, is a Conservative, who in his Case was an Insider before he Retired from the Government, who Understood the Deep-State from the Inside-Out Opposed to – from the Outside-In.

And In Our Email Conversation (Expanded Here) . . . Whether in a Hundred Years from Now – or Thousands of Years Gone-By . . . the World has Not Changed & Never Will Change, as Humankind has Always Been in Flux Between the Good & The Bad . . . Between those who are Satisfied to Follow, those who are Incapable or too Frightened to Fight Back, and those who are Insatiably Compelled to Lead.

And There Will Always Be People Like Me . . . With Little Power – But The Voice Of Truth.

TOMORROW IS GOOD FRIDAY – The Day Jesus Died On The Cross To Atone For The Sins Of Humankind – Where Sacrifice For Good Should Never Be Diminished & Should Never Be Forgotten . . .

Celebrate Easter – Otherwise – Evil Will Triumph . . . Wicked Will Rule & Jesus Would Have Sacrificed For Nothing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hooray he is gone out of the race is that what you are saying Howard? Did not hear any of that on the News today. Maybe they were all to sad to tell us. Yes my Lord died on the cross for mankind and all of our sins. Wishing you and your family a great week end sending kindness and friendship to you each. That includes the animals as well. Pet them all for me :))

  2. You are “fighting the good fight” Howard, never never give up.

  3. Happy Easter to all and may the world be a less polluted place after covid2019. Thanks for all your excellent articles, Howard, and God Bess you and Anne

  4. May God Bless You Howard. I celebrate the life and sacrifice of my Redeemer every day of the year, and especially so at Easter. Canada’s Liberals and America’s Democrats suffer from Little God Syndrome. They are essentially anti-Christian because they crave supreme power over the people and can’t stand the competition.

  5. HG, you did it again! Every time I finish reading your latest editorial, I say to myself, “That was superb enough that I cannot imagine him topping it.” But, the next one is even miles better!!!

  6. Again, thank you. God can never die. The Messiah is coming. And woah to those who do not repent of their sins

  7. Don’t celebrate Bernie’s “leaving” yet. He’s holding onto the delegates pledged to him s far and the money he has raised for the campaign. He will use those to dictate some goals for the campaign against Trump. He is not just the camel’s nose under the tent but his whole body! He has restructured the Democratic Party in a way that has never before been done!

  8. Be Blessed at this special time of the year. Appreciate all that you do for the cause of truth and freedom.

  9. Howard, great article! George Soros is another Ge-Shmatah Yid along with all the others.

  10. I enjoyed that rant, Howard. Sanders claims to have won the ideological argument and will try to keep fresh on the stage with Biden. Sanders and his Sonderkommandos aren’t gone, really. By the way, I am curious to see who Biden chooses for his running mate.

  11. The GOOD news is, Jesus is STILL ALIVE!! GOOD WINS!! May God bless you all.

  12. Happy Passover Howard & Anne… Just went thru 2 nights of Zoom SEDARS.., Regards NEIL GOLD


  14. Thank You Howard For What You Do! chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach (I hope)

  15. The best comment on Democrats and the American left is that their choice for a leader out of a possibility of 170,000,000 choices assuming a roughly 50/50 split between Republicans and Democrats is a Marxist and an obviously senile, dimwit pathological liar and their hope for the future is the moronic, child-like ignoramus AOC.

  16. Thank you for your words for Good Friday. As much as Jesus suffered, I have a hard time with the “Good” part of it, only that He paid the price for all our sins. As for Sanders, I hope he does quit; but if he runs as an independent or SPA, he will take votes away from the Dem ticket, which is good too. I hope debates between Biden & Trump occur. I cannot see Biden scoring any points; Trump is strong & doesn’t flinch. Have a good weekend. I plan to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

  17. Thank you Howard for the Good Friday and Easter message. Even though we all are separated I believe we may just be closer than ever.

  18. HG, your WORDS have a lot more POWER than you think because “The pen is mightier than the sword” & “The TRUTH shall CONQUER!” This EASTER SUNDAY will be one which will be REMEMBERED for a long, long time! Due to the VIRUS CRISIS, people of FAITH are now experiencing a REVIVAL of CHRISTIANITY. Hence, the RADICAL LEFT has become even MORE FEARFUL of the word GOD—more than ever before! Many people turn to GOD during TRYING TIMES because they KNOW that…”Nothing is impossible with GOD.” AMEN!

  19. An excellent editorial today. Sanders has gone, but holding on to delegate votes? What is he planning? I don’t trust the man. Biden is possibly planning on the governor of Michigan as his Vice President. She is just as bad as they come as a Far Leftist. However, she is young & healthy. While Biden is old & has dementia. If that ticket wins, guess who will be President eventually? May G-d help us all, if that happens!!! GO TRUMP GO!!! MAGA 2020

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