Overloaded . . . Overburdened – Unsustainable


JUST ASKING . . . ‘Cause Politicians & Talk Show Hosts (Media) Would Never Have Double Standards – Would They?

I Didn’t Hear Anyone Ask . . . If Chris Cuomo, who is Dealing with the China Virus – who is the Brother of Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York State, who up ‘till very Recently Banned the Use of Hydroxy-Chloroquine in NY State, but just Made it OK for Doctors to use this Legal Drug . . . Perhaps because his Brother Chris is Using Hydroxy-Chloroquine?

Anne & I Come Out Of 14-Day Quarantine Tomorrow (April 8, 2020) . . .  which at Sundown is also the First Day Of Passover. There Won’t be Much in the Way of Retelling the Story of the Original Exodus from the Pharaoh of Egypt Some 25-Hundred Years Ago.

We Will Not be Surrounded at a Busy Passover Table with Family, Friends and all the Fabulous Traditional Foods we’ve Known & Enjoyed our Entire Lives. There will be No Youngest Person in the Room at the table Who Will Ask the Ancient Four Questions (Fir Kashas) to the Elder of the Seder (Feast), which Begins with a Song . . .  (Ma Nishtanah Halailah Hazeh?) – “Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?”

After Which – the Elder of the Seder Begins the Retelling of the Great Exodus from Bondage (Slavery), with everyone at the Table Taking a Turn to Retell the Story, by Reading Passages from the Haggadah (The Story Of The Exodus).

In Our House – The Haggadah is the Hebrew/English Version of the Telling, which we Read-Out-Loud in English, while Reciting some of the Traditional Prayers in Hebrew.

In Other Homes – It’s Hebrew & Some Other Language. Or In Some Homes It’s Only In Hebrew. But Not Likely With Secular North American Jews.


As A Special Note – In Our House, much Like Most Jewish Homes, We’ve always Included Non-Jewish Friends & Neighbors as our Seder Guests, who Too were Invited to Tell the Story of the Exodus – Read from the Haggadah.


Instead . . . On This Passover – Anne & I Will Light Two Traditional Candles, which for us Symbolically Sheds Light Upon A Troubled World. We Will Make a Prayer (Brucha) over some Kosher Wine, which we Will Drink Together from a Common Glass, Celebrating our soon to be 47th-Union As One, Thanking God for the Fruit of the Earth.

And we Will then Make a Brucha over Matzos (Unleavened Bread), which was the only Bread-Like-Food) the Ancient Israelites were Able to Carry out of Bondage, because there was No Time for the Ancient Israelis to Wait for the Bread to Rise.

And Anne & I will Give Thanks to God for the Unleavened Bread (Matzos), as our Nourishment from the Soil for the Food we Eat.

Most Of All – We Will Give Thanks & Count Our Blessings For Our Health & The Health Of All The People We Care About.

We Will Pray . . . for a Speedy End of this Virus, and the Quick Return for all of us to a Normal Life. And we Will Give Thanks to all the People who are Keeping our Society Going in the Face of this Epidemic. We Will Continue to Thank the Healthcare-Workers, the Product Distributors, Truckers, Retail Food Merchants & Clerks.

Anne & I Will Also Continue To Thank . . . the First Responders, the Mail Delivery People, Couriers, People who Prepare Food for Take-Out, Mechanics, Trash Collectors – And all the People I might have Just Forgotten to Mention, Who Are Doing Whatever They Do Every-Day To Keep Us All Alive & Hopeful.


Because – Anne & I will be Hunting & Gathering Tomorrow, it is Very Much Unlikely that I Will Write an Editorial for Wednesday. But I’ll Do All I Can To Write For Thursday.

For Those Interested . . . A Former Montrealer (Steve), who Grew-Up in the Same Poor Community where I was Raised, Sent me this YouTube, which Tells the Story of Passover in Music by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, from the Four Questions, which are Always Sung to the Elder at the Table . . . To The Answers To His Or Her Questions:

Click On The Following:


On Friday April 10, 2020 . . . I’m Looking Forward To Helping Our Christian Friends Celebrate The Resurrection.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Howard and Ann, we will be celebrating a ‘virtual’ Passover Ceder this year with family & friends, however, we couldn’t figure out how to do the ‘virtual food…’. Wishing you and Ann a happy Passover. My best, Zafi

  2. Everyone will be celebrating EASTER, etc… in their own way. Some of the POSITIVES, at this time, are that many of us CAN celebrate it WITH someone, and/or with their PETS! Your quarantine will be done tomorrow, so you’ll, again, be enjoying your horses as well. Who knows what the RESURRECTION will bring us??? AMEN!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the musical presentation with your followers. Very unique. Someone did a bit of editing. Alan

  4. May your & Anne’s Passover be especially poignant this year as your ancestors were walled in their homes, so are you. For me, a Christian, I cannot celebrate Christ’s resurrection before I first ‘walk’ through the immense pain & anguish Jesus went through on that Friday & feel the sadness for my sins being part of why He suffered and died. I read it in my Bible & visualize it my heart breaks. Only then can I celebrate his resurrection the Sunday after. Bless You & Anne.

  5. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all Jews and Christians alike. Corona will soon be over, better days ahead.

  6. Echoing Ken’s words – Happy Passover to all Jews & Happy Easter to all Christians!!! Stay positive & we’ll all get through this!!

  7. Blessings to you, Anne and your many animals! Thank you so much for sending the YouTube link “which Tells the Story of Passover in Music by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.” It’s much appreciated.

  8. What a beautiful and glorious gift to your many followers. Many thanks.

  9. Happy Passover to you and yours, and to all of the Jewish faith. Thank you so much for sharing the link to the orchestra’s beautiful rendition of the Passover story.

  10. Thank you for your thoughts. Much as we wish otherwise, the virus has brought great harm and we pray that remedies will soon be available. We must all unite in prayer to plead for that. May God bless all.

  11. Happy Passover Howard and Anne, Happy Easter & Happy Anniversary.

  12. Happy Passover and Anniversary!!! May you & Anne have many more years together. This virus will pass, as it did for the Jews 25 hundred years ago. I personally think, it is time for all of this virus business to stop & people get back to their daily lives, to start living again! China tried & failed. We are fighters & survivors & have shown this over & over again. This is the true American spirit, both in the US & Canada. Never Forget & Never Again!!! GO TUMP GO!!!

  13. Howard ,Anne,and all your loving animals wishing you Happy Passover and your Anniversary as well. Parers for you each and prayers for we who will celebrate our Happy Easter, God blessings to you one and all prayers for all of our planet who are sick with this horrible virus. May it stop as soon as it began., God have mercy on all of us.

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