Absolute Stupidity Isn’t Enough To Define Our Leaders

The Ides Of March Might Indeed Really Be Upon Us.

Real People Actually Live In the Areas Which The Politicians & Elitists Choose to Fly-Over.

Anne & I Have Been BLESSED Thus Far To Explore & Absorb The Greatest Land On Earth – And to have been Accepted by the People, much Forgotten by the Big City Politicians & Elitists.

Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I . . . Will be Leaving Texas this coming Saturday, as we Head for North Central Florida (Ocala – Then Onto The Del Ray Area) for about 45-Days. So, Suffice-It-To-Say, We Have a Great Deal of Things to Do Before we Leave this Coming Saturday Morning.

This Might Be My Last Editorial For Several Days To Come.

We’ve Been In Texas Since The First Week Of November 2019, Which Is Our 6th Winter Season In Texas, and we are already Melancholy Knowing that Soon we’ll be Saying Goodbye to the Lone Star State and all our Good Texas Friends . . .

But, Exploring America is an Incredibly Enticing Aphrodisiac for Anne & Myself, and as much as We’d Love to Stay in Texas, Seeing Different American Places which we had only Heard about in Books, Songs & Movies, which at our Age, are all Becoming Real & Alive . . . Is Too Much to Resist.

There is no Other Way to Fully Appreciate the Music, Architecture, Food, Colloquial Accents & Overall Culture of America (Or Any Other Place), than to Be Throughout America & America’s Unbelievable People & History . . . Up-Close & Personal.

Anne & I Are Proud To Say . . . That with the Exception of Hawaii & Alaska, there are very Few States Anne & I Haven’t Visited & Driven Through from the West Coast to the East Coast – From the Prairies and the Great Lakes to the Gulf & Everything In-Between.

And We Didn’t Just Breeze-Through Like Tourists Rushing To Get To Our “All-Inclusive Resort”.

We Stopped & Absorbed what we Saw – Meeting & Speaking to the People . . . Soaking It-All-In, Knowing that where and how we are LIVING – Isn’t & Wasn’t just some Bumper-Sticker Bragging-Rights where We’ve Been, but Actually . . . Being A Part Of The Real Current American Experience.


Anne & I Have Also Traveled The Length & Breadth Of Canada . . . From the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Atlantic Shores of the Maritime Provinces . . . and with the Exclusion of the Real Far Canadian North – Through the Rockies and the Prairies to the Great Lakes . . . We’ve Been There.


Our North American Politicians & Bureaucrats Are Horrid To Our Countries.

Worse than Being Horrid to our Countries, our Politicians & Bureaucrats are Killing Our North American Golden Goose Created & Built By Conservatives, with their Stupid LEFTIST Social Engineering, Which No One Asked For Them To Impose Upon The People.

The Politicians Are Suffocating Progress Through Regulations Of Their Own Infinitely Ignorant Control Of The People.

And the Politicians are Bleeding the People Dry through their Excessive Spending, Personal Greed-Filled Publicly Paid Incomes, Perks, Pensions & Entitlements our Countries Cannot Afford.

And It’s All About To Come To A Head . . . It’s Coming Time To Pay The Piper.

I’m Writing This, Because I Believe We’ve Crossed The Rubicon . . . I No Longer Believe that we are Just On The Brink Of Progressing To The Point Of No Return. I Believe That We Are Now Beyond It . . . to the Glee of the Communist Elitist One World One Government LEFT.

Canada Has Become Irredeemable . . . We (Canadians) have Become so Inculcated to the LEFT, that the Small Number of Real Canadian Conservatives Under our Current Circumstances . . . Will Never Again Hold Elected Power.

To Drive This Point Home . . . Canada has Allowed one Province, the Separatist French Province of Quebec, to Decide the Entire Future of our Country, which Butters Quebec’s Bread, by Making The Unrestricted Use of the English Language In Quebec Against The Law, Punishable Through Draconian Penalties.

That Canada Allowed Global Factory Fishing Ships . . . To Totally Destroy Canada’s Cod Fishery on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, within Canada’s Territorial Waters, says Much about How Far Canada is Willing to Pander to the Rest of the World.

AND NOW . . . Canada has Closed all Prospects for Alberta & Saskatchewan to Ship their Oil & Gas through Pipelines to Either the East or West Coasts, Rendering Alberta to Become a Poverty Province.

The Final Straw . . . Is how a Group of Native Canadians, Financed by LEFTISTS like George Soros, who are Nothing More & Nothing Less than Ignorant Thugs Armed with Russian Type AK-47’s, who are Blockading Canada’s Rail Lines & Main Roads . . . Only Because Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a One World Government Globalist who is Keenly Against the Oil & Gas Industry.

I Should Also Mention . . . In My Opinion . . . Justin Trudeau’s Father (Prime Minister Pierre Elliott) was no Less an America & Israel Hater than is this Current Trudeau.

Call Out The Army & Shoot The Bastards If Necessary!

How can a Real Government Allow a Group of Poverty Zealots who Live By the Generosity of Canadian Welfare under the Guise of being Natives . . . Roadblock the Commerce & Needs of the Entire Country?

One Step Further . . . Oil & Gas, and the Revenue of Domestic Oil & Gas is Critical to the National Security of Canada. And if Separatist Quebec & LEFTIST British Columbia Don’t Want Pipelines Running Through their Territories, I have One of Two Solutions.

1 – Run the Pipeline through their Provinces whether they Like it or Not.

2 – Let Alberta (And Saskatchewan) Hold a Referendum on Leaving Canada, and a Petition to the United States of America for Alberta (And Saskatchewan) to Become American.

Today . . . I Read that Canada’s Minister of Health (Patty Hajdu) Suggests a Way & Means for Canadians to Deal with the Coronavirus . . .  was for Canadians to Stock-Up on Medication & Food – What Kind Of Message Is That?

THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT LIES . . . about Everything from its National Debt Level to the Real Number of Joblessness, and the Failure of a One Payer Healthcare System for People who are Not Critically Sick. And even for those who are Chronically or Acutely Sick, by the time these People get to See a Doctor – Its’ Too Late.


Our Canadian Dollar Is In The Tank Compared To The American Dollar . . . Meaning that Almost Everything Canadians Consume, Costs Substantially More, Very Often Twice as much More than it Costs For Americans, for the Same Products, even for Products Made in Canada & Bought in the United States. And on Average – Canadian & American Earnings are very Similar.

So Just Imagine How Much More Money It Costs To Be A Canadian Than It Costs To Be American?


The Divide Between Conservatives (Sanity) . . . and the LEFT (Insanity) – has become so Extreme, that Nothing Other than Substantial Grief will Work to Mend the Soul of America.

And Having the LEFT, in the Likes of all of their Presidential Wannabe Candidates and the LEFT’S Leaders of the House & Senate (Pelosi & Schumer), and the Congressional Idiots who are Constantly Screaming Racism, while they Get Rich Doing all the Things they Accuse Conservatives of Doing . . . Their Comeuppance Is At Hand.

Shakespeare Wrote In His Play Henry VI . . . “First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers”. In Shakespeare’s Defense . . . There Really Wasn’t Any Media Then & The Job Of Teachers Was Simply To Teach – Not To Propagandize.

The Ides Of March Might Indeed Really Be Upon Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am sorry to see you go and will miss you even though we have never met May God grant your family safe passage back to Canada and good fortune. May He who created the Universe grant your wish to have part of Canada become a part of America.

  2. Federal court orders: breaking up barricades and opening highways, access roads, and Rail ways etc. Don’t for a minute think that Trudeau can’t enforce any of this. Trudeau has decided not to do it. He has directed the RCMP Commissioner to do nothing at the protest sites – The only way this mess happens is when the dictator wants it to happen., He doesn’t want to make his leftist coalition majority unhappy – Hey do you like his family beard?

  3. AMEN : Yes P.E.T. and his SnowFlake Son are like one in the same Two Rear Ends of the Body. Well said and have a safe and nice trip back. we can do the Tim’s thing when you return.

  4. We don’t pay attention to popular media. The lib bias angers us. How the public tolerates this is confounding. Keep up the good work. A & J from south Florida.

  5. Howard, may God keep you guys safe in your traveling. I thing here in the USA we are now Perilously close the edge of that slippery slope. I researched about 10 years ago, Democracy vs Republic, interesting read, in short it stated that a Democracy usually last’s approx 250 years. When it collapses, it collapses Violently!

  6. Unfortunately a very apt and exact description of Canada . Even uglier is the fact that the Left Has and will keep control of the gov. until they run out of everybody else’s money . You can Love It , but you can’t Leave it . Why is it the US does not allow self sufficient retired Canadians to emigrate ?

  7. I’m sure you will be unhappy leaving TX but some parts of FL are worth seeing. Being a transplanted New Englander I hope that some days will be spent there. Take a rest, you earned it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Greetings: Ecclesiates 3, “To every thing there is a season & a time to every purpose” is apropos every Spring when you, Anne, April & Stryker hit the road for your return trip. The BEST thing in history that could’ve happened, would’ve been if Upper & Lower Canada had joined the American Revolution against England’s King George III. After all Quebec was Britain’s largest colony in what’s now Canada. Instead, due to LANGUAGE barriers & RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES, Quebec defied logic. SOUND FAMILIAR?

  9. Safe travels back “home”, after your stay in FL. If you travel I-81 north from the southern states & I-64 breaks off headed east, blow your horn for me. I’m east @ 6miles. (I don’t advise staying on I-95 through DC area). Sorry to see you leave us, and truly look forward to your return back stateside in Nov. God speed & care to you, Anne, Stryker & April.

  10. You are so correct about what is going on in both of our countries. None of it makes any sense to me, either. I am still yelling at the TV or an article that I see on the Internet. I wish I was young enough to fight for our freedom again. I think, there will be a revolt. Now, whether the Conservatives win or not, will be interesting to see the outcome. I do know that something MUST be done to protect and preserve our Republic. Have a safe journey to Fl. & back to Canada. God be with you all.

  11. The worst about those protests is there are only 5 indian natives in these protests and they are the 5 hereditary chiefs in B.C. There are even some other hereditary chiefs of the wet’suwet’en reserve that are speaking for the gas pipeline and the jobs and money it will bring their people. 20 council bands along the route of the pipeline said “YES” to the project. In Montreal, the fringe criminal part of the reserve are blockading and in ontario, a drug dealing criminal indian from the U.S.A.

  12. Folks, why are we surprised at the way both countries are heading. We have 1 generation that has been spoiled by 2 working parents who are now are teachers and lawyers, teaching a new generation of lazy young people that they are entitled to every thing. we are at the edge of time when things will collide. Libs and Rinos that want it all and Conservatives that are saying hell no, go to work and earn it. Politicians are the root to all evil, few rise above the greed for power.

  13. If you would like to see a bit of eastern Missouri, all you have to do ask. My wonderful wife Rosemary and I would love to play ambassador to our area

  14. Howard, PLEASE include Manitoba and Ontario joining Alberta and Saskatchewan, and hopefully the Maritime Provinces to separate from Quebec and become American states

  15. Where are you staying in Ocala? We are here for the Winter and early Spring at Oak Run, an Adult Community. Hope you had/have a safe trip. Chilly nights here this weekend, but it’s a nice change.

  16. Great editorial! I agree with you that something is in the wind and all those idiots who are trying to destroy our system of gov’t, etc. will feel the brunt of those who disagee. Keep up the good work! Best regardsm Madelene

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