And The Winner Was . . .


First Of All . . . Thank the Many of You for Offering to Host & Sponsor Anne & Myself to Live Full-Time in the United States of America. I Wish it was that Easy. But it’s Not.

Also – Anne & I have A Long History . . . as Two People who were Born & Raised in Canada as were our Parents. Canada used to be a Land of Opportunity, really no Different than the United States of America, but has Gone so Far to the LEFT, that Canada no Longer really Resembles the Country of my Birth.

I Don’t Suppose Canada Will Stay Together, since the LEFT owns the Votes in the Big Eastern Cities (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto) and the West Coast (Vancouver & Victoria) . . . to the Point that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Rural Canada, which Combined – share a Population of Many Millions, but Not Enough to Win Substantial Conservative Seats in Parliament to Make a Difference.

Canada’s Politics Is A Race To The Bottom Of Socialism & Regulations.

So I Suspect . . . That because Canada has become so Divided between Socialists, which boast a Majority of the Population, and Conservatives, which are Truly in the Minority, that it’s Simply just a Matter of Time for the National Divorce Papers to be Served.

And What I’m All But Certain You Don’t Know . . . Especially as Americans, because even Millennial Canadians Probably Don’t Know this Fact, because they’re too Ignorant of Civics to Know Much About Anything, Is That In 2000 (March 15), Following the 1995 “Failed” Referendum for Quebec to Secede (Separate) From Canada . . .

The Supreme Court of Canada was Asked by Parliament in 1998, if any Province had the Legal (Constitutional) Right to Secede from Canada, since there was No Jurisprudence for any Province to Walk Away from its Commitment to Confederation.

The Supreme Court Said Yes.

So – To Follow-Up On The Supreme Court Opinion . . . Canada’s Liberal Led Parliament Voted For a Bill Called The Clarity Act – Which Wrote A Road-Map (Blue-Print) For A Province To Leave (Separate) Canada.

What The Liberals Never Considered . . . Was Even though The Clarity Act was Passed with Quebec in Mind, but not by Name – The Liberals Never Considered That Any Province Meant Any Province.

And Now That Western Canada . . . Specifically Alberta, which has Contributed Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars to Supporting other Provinces, but Specifically the Separatist Province of Quebec – Is Being Treated As A Leper-Province . . . Because Alberta is a Petroleum-Rich-Province in a Country . . . That All Of A Sudden Hates Petroleum.

When Alberta Makes The Big Decision To Leave Confederation . . . Anne & I Will Become Overnight Albertans. And if Alberta Decides to Join The USA, Anne & I will Swear Allegiance to the US Flag & Constitution.


Did you know that Last Night Hosted the Academy Awards? I Didn’t. And neither did Anne. Does that Make Anne & Myself Ignorant, not to know that this Once-Upon-A-Time Great American Event was Happening when it did?

Or Does The Fact That Neither Anne Nor I Knew . . . Make The Academy Awards Unworthy Of Knowing?

And then I Learned that the BEST PICTURE of the Year was a South Korean Production in the Korean Language, which I would be Willing to Bet 99% of the People in the United States of America could not Understand.

I Remember when there was a Special Category Reserved for Foreign Language Films Amongst other Special Categories . . . But I Guess Not Anymore, since Hollywood is no Longer a Great American Icon Promoting the Best America has to Offer.

Because . . . It Seems that Hollywood has Become a Globalist Institution Promoting Productions, Stories & People Americans Don’t Understand, And Are Not Any Part Of The American Culture.

From What I Read About Last Night’s Academy Awards . . . Anne & I Missed Nothing By Not Knowing It Was On.

But What It Did Tell Me . . . Was that the Actors, Writers & Producers are far more In-Tune with a Globalist One World Government, where America should be just one Cog in a Much Bigger Wheel . . . Than The Exceptional Country America Is.

Young North Americans (US & Canada) Are Stupid North Americans – Who Don’t Know History, Who Can’t Appreciate what Real Freedom is all about, and have no Concept of the Horrors of Communism (Socialism).

Sure – Hollywooders, Television Entertainers, Dancers, Singers, Globalist Companies, Captains of IT Industries, Unionists, Teachers & Most Public Sector Workers With The Exception Of Police, Firemen & EMS . . . Contribute No Wealth To Society, Don’t Create Jobs, Build Buildings or Factories . . . Who Live off the Largesse of Real People who do Real Work & Pay Real Taxes, Opposed to the Stupid Masses Living-Off the Taxes Paid by Others, Who Don’t Realize Who Actually Pays For Everything.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Although it’s irrelevant to your point, I spent 3 happy childhood years in Alberta, Edmonton, to be specific. I was fortunate that my elementary school years were in large part spent there, where we received a good education. Never were we looked down upon as Americans. It was wide open, almost wild west, hospitable, friendly. Maybe a whole new nation should be formed including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and a few more south of there. We can dream.

  2. I heard that there was a rain downpour on top of where ever the oscars was held. Was that karma? I wonder. Only one thing and one thing only needs to happen in November 2020 is that all Republican voters must have the strongest election show-up in history because this election will decide if freedom wins or does communist wins. The U.S.A. and N.A.T.O. from 1946 to about 1991 were in a cold war with the 15 iron curtain soviet union, I was part of that while in the Canadian Air Force in the 80s’.

  3. Can imagine your editorial followers were happy to hear that Alberta may in two steps join the USA which would make you and Anne US citizens. All of us who have been invited you to be “one of us” may get our wish after all. Rah rah! As for the Academy Awards, I stopped watching that years ago when it started down the liberal road.

  4. Another great editorial Howard, in my opinion all of these so called democrats running for president on the left want the same thing (communism).

  5. I was expecting Nasty Belousy to get the nod for Best Actress. Adam’s Schitt best describes the whole nauseating snorefest. Gerry Nadler wins Best Special Effects for portraying a ton of blubber waddling toward a microphone. Thankfully, Hollyweird is fast going the way of the do-do bird.

  6. There is a growing movement for Alberta to separate from the rest of Canada. Many people East of Manitoba have no idea how much money gets transferred to other provinces. Some don’t even know it happens at all. There are many people from other provinces who come to work in the oil and gas industry; then complain about how bad it is for the environment. These people never stop to think how the oil/gas industry supports them either through working here or EI, welfare etc.

  7. Wow Howard, Not angry…but very clear words today. I have to agree and didn’t know that level of issue in Canada. Very interesting to see if a union split / divorce is coming. I wish we could split up California and leave all the fruits and nuts in the North! Good luck…I’ll be reading and watching.

  8. We agree with u ? we too would move are family too Alberta if that’s what it came down too We have no hope for Canada ??.

  9. I predicted many years ago that the US would not survive as a union all my life. I am getting old 82, and now Trump is in control and will be for the next 5 years. Maybe he can save it for the next generation. I hope I am wrong. With Trump here and you fighting for us down here there is hope. Keep it up and God Bless you and Trump.

  10. Right on Howard. My sons are Albertain’s and it will be easy to join them. I really feel sorry for Canada. It had so much promise, then along came Trudeau Sr. followed by a bunch of appeasers who removed anything meaningful from our once proud Country. Guess I am lucky in a way. At 86 I probably won’t witness the death throes of a once beautiful and proud Country but my descendants sure will. SAD

  11. Howard, you left out one important observation considering the global Hollywood movement towards approved socialism. Hanoi Jane presented the final Oscar to the first foreign film, the South Korean movie that will not be seen by 90+ percent of the American population that views movies in theaters. According to the New York Times revenue from ticket sales were down 6.3% in 2019 which translates to 5% decline in movie goers. Hollywood’s real game is increasing sales in Asia.

  12. It’s hard to believe that these moronic people consider themselves pillars of the society and we are to listen to their acceptance speeches as gospel. One of the 1st clowns that comes to mind is Ted Danson who preached that the world would end in10yrs. if we did not adhere to his thoughts on climate change…… that was 25-30yrs ago and I’m still waiting. I haven’t heard him bring up that much anymore. How quickly we forget. Ignorance is bliss.

  13. Yesterday on Fox, a young lady, Ms Pipko, a young Jewish woman. Made a plea to All Jews to leave the Democratic Party as it has shown total disregard for Jews. The Politics of the Democrats is “Give us your Money, so we can distribute to those who are lazy, unmotivated, and have immigrated to the US, and we will continue to attempt to destroy those who have worked hard”. The Anti=semitism is rampant in the elected members of government. Time for the Libs to depart….

  14. All of Hollywood awards have become a circus freak Show. At least they used to have the illusion of being something more dignified. The problem with these Hollywood lefty elitists is they think their crap smells rosy when in reality it smells as bad or worse than anyone else’s.

  15. Howard, Happy Birthday, one day in advance, My heart breaks for what is happening in Canada, these days. I see a great, good nation going downhill daily & there really isn’t any excuse for what is happening. It is plain stupidity & nothing more. I still have hope for the US, but we are also on the edge of what could easily happen in the US … Socialism or Communism.

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