Freedom . . . Is Not An Idle Guarantee

Silence Is The Voice Of Tyranny!  

I Have Written Over & Over Again . . . How I Believe We Are Under Severe Threat Of Losing Our Freedom Of Expression.

In the United States of America . . . the American People are BLESSED with a First Amendment. In Canada, we are Cursed with a “Constitution” – Better Known As Canada’s Charter Of Rights & Freedoms, Which Is In Itself An Oxymoron To Rights & Freedoms, which was Foisted Upon the Canadian People in 1982 by Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau . . . the Father of Canada’s Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose Entire Claim to Fame Besides having the Trudeau Name , is that Justin Trudeau is the Least Qualified Person to Lead Canada . . . Who Probably Has Ever Been.

Canada’s Freedom Of Expression . . . Is Not Enshrined In Canada’s Constitution anything akin to the American Constitution, even though the Want-To-Be-Believers in Government Decency, who Don’t Know Better – and are Either too Ignorant, Lazy or Stupid, and too Trusting of the Government, Who ASSUME Government Good Intentions.


FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN CANADA . . . is Whatever a Judge Declares it to be, because Pierre Elliott Trudeau Created a “Constitution” subject to the Opinions of the Canadian Courts (At All Levels), WITH NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER – For the Rights of Canadians to Communicate their Thoughts, Opinions & Ideas with Immunity from State Control.

What You’re Permitted To Say In Canada Is Up To The Opinion Of A Judge.

I Have Written Many Times about my Battles with Freedom of Expression Restrictions in Canada, where the Courts have the RIGHT TO DEMAND in which Language (French) Individuals MUST Communicate.

The Government’s Defense Is . . . All Canadians have the Freedom to Communicate (Express Oneself) One’s Mind & Thoughts – as long as the Person Does-So in the French Language or also in the French Language Depending on where One Lives. I Have Spent Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Fighting for the Freedom to Express One’s Thoughts in any Language of One’s Choice . . . And I’ve Lost all the Way to the Court Appeals, with the Supreme Court of Canada Refusing to Weigh-In on such a Critical Right.

But That’s Only The Tip Of The Iceberg.


The Author’s Name is Ezra Levant, the Founder of Rebel Media, which is a Canadian Socio/Political News Website, who had Published a Political Book Critical of Justin Trudeau, which was Distributed During the Last Federal Election. Levant is Under Siege by the Canadian Government for Publishing a Book about Politics During an Election Period, Which Is Not A Crime.

I Personally Know Ezra Levant & He Knows Me. We’re Not Friends. We Support Each Other’s Position on Freedom of Expression. In Effect, I do What Levant Does & He Does What I Do. And if Government Thugs can Go after Ezra Levant for Simply Publishing a Book, which the Government Doesn’t Like During the Time of an Election Campaign . . . What Do You Think The Government Will Do To Me Because Of My Positions Against Government Abuse & For Freedom Of The Individual?

I Worry Far More Than Just Somewhat About The Knock At My Door . . . But I Won’t Quit!

Knowing what I Know about the Absolute Importance . . . Of Mostly Unrestricted Freedom of Expression, I Thought about Three People who Expressed Personal Responsibility in a Fashion that is Undebatable to all People who Want to Live Free.

Like The Ancient Jewish Sage Hillel Said More Than 2,000-Years Ago . . .

. . . If I Am Not For Myself Who Will Be For Me? And If I’m Only For Myself What Am I? And If Not Now – When?

I Also Often Refer To Pastor Martin Niemoller, who was an Anti-Semite and a Supporter of Adolf Hitler Before & During Most Of World War II . . . who Later became a Conscientious Objector to Hitler, who Survived the Holocaust as a Prisoner in a Nazi Concentration Camp . . . Who Famously Wrote . . .

“. . . Then They Came For The Jews, And I Did Not Speak-Out, Because I Was Not A Jew. Then They Came For Me, And There Was No One Left To Speak-Out For Me”.

And Then I Think Of The Famous Quote Of John Dunne’s Tome . . . “No Man’s An Island” . . .

“Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls . . . It Tolls For Thee”.

I Won’t Be Silent. And I Won’t Be Passive. I Will Never Stop Defying The Defilers Of Freedom. And as much as I am No Longer Capable of Fighting & Financing the Entire Fight of the Government Versus Men & Women Like Levant . . . I Have Contributed the Best I Could to Levant’s Defense Fund – Before He Needs It.

Levant is also Being Investigated for Promoting his Book During an Election Period, Which Is Also Not A Crime. In Addition, the Government Investigators Want to Know what was in Levant’s Mind when he Wrote the Book? Why Levant Wanted to Publish the Book When he did? Who Works for the Rebel Media? And How Levant Chooses Whom Levant Hires to Work for the Rebel Media?


There are no Charges Against Levant or the Rebel Media . . . Only Intimidation by Government Thugs (Retired RCMP Agents) Being Paid by the Government (Taxpayers) To Restrict Freedom of Expression by Way of Intimidation of a Canadian’s RIGHT To Freedom Of Expression.

If We Don’t Stand Together Against Safe Spaces . . . Restricted Free Speech, Bullies (Government Censorship), Thugs (Antifa), Biased to The LEFT Academia, and a Propagandized Media, We Will Lose All The Freedoms Which Have Made Our Societies What They’ve Become.

Ezra Levant Hasn’t Been Charged Yet . . . But That Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Happen.


Benjamin Franklin . . . Brilliantly Spoke at the Beginning of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 – at the First Congressional Congress . . .

“We Must All Hang Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separately”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your contributions to the day’s ondition are cherished. Thank you. JGL

  2. Canada’s Election law (2019) declares that anyone who shares or publishes a “false statement” about a “candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party, or a public figure associated with a political party” could face a fine of up to $50,000 and a prison term as high as five years. Any law restricting speech or expression inevitably comes down to who will define the speech or expression what in their opinion is to be prohibited. In this case Canada’s dictator decides.

  3. And not one Canadian Journalist or news outlet has even mentioned Ezra Levant. With this Idiot Prime Minister, we are going to drive into a brick wall at 100 miles per hour.

  4. This is vile and sickening. The Soviet Republic of Kanada just sent their top police to harass a journalist for writing a book about our supreme fascist leader, the Right Honourable Liberal Comrade, Justin “blackface” Trudeau. They are persuing and threatening him like all good totalitarian police rounding up dissenters. If that in and of itself does not turn your stomach then you are already too far brainwashed to be anything but a dancing puppet till the end of your days.

  5. Your discourse here is interesting but more familiar than you realize. What the deep state is doing to Trump has happened to me and to you. In my case the case was clear and simple. The law enforcement here is as corrupt and deadly to the citizens it in mandated to protect. Their crime is self administered and self documented. No one, including the Rebel advertised as the advicate , would even take an hour to hear my story which is definitely in their interest. That’s all I can say in 500 c..

  6. Before an election, politicians love you and promise the earth and the moon, promises that will never be kept and proven time and time again by the Rhinoceros Party of Canada. So far only 1 politician, non-politician has kept his promises and more, President Donald Trump. After an election all politicians send you to hell for another 4 years and run a dictatorship, who cares about the real bosses, us the ones that elected them to work for us not the other way around but it ain’t so. WAKE-UP !!!!

  7. Howard, you are so correct, about both countries’ Freedom of Expression or Speech being in complete jeopardy!!! The US is only one election away from tyranny, itself. The Left is evil, dangerous & out of control. They basically are no different than the Nazis were in the last century. When a nation glorifies itself in apathy, that is when tyranny comes in. History has proven this fact, over & over. When will people learn???!!!

  8. Pres. Reagan said it best,”If we lose our freedoms here, there is no place left on earth to run to.” Howard, if you want to immigrate to the US, there are thousands of us willing to sponsor you, and I’m among them. Any time you wish. We need people like you here.

  9. Thank you for the editorial. We are watching public apathy destroy freedom. I’m more motivated, by your encouraging words, to also boldly, wave the flag of freedom.

  10. Great editorial Howard, I watched the video from Ezra of rebel media earlier today and was shocked and dismayed at the fascist actions of government investigators. Thankfully people like Ezra and your self exist since most Canadians just walk blissfully on and have no idea how their freedoms are attacked time and again. Hope you and Ann are doing well. Gregg

  11. Most of folks able to get involved as you do are retired with the time; but aging w/its accompanying illnesses, etc., keep us from physical action. We support verbally. Younger folks are busy raising families & working to provide. Those who do get involved are paid to do so, usually by elitists who favor one world order. It is working class vs welfare & wealthy, those who work to provide for self/family vs those living off welfare & the ultra wealthy w/plenty $$ for any needs/wants they have.

  12. Hard to imagine living in Canada according what you just said. Thank God I live in the USA !!!!

  13. Howard, as Mr. Chasalow wrote above, many people are willing to SPONSOR you and your family [+pets], if you would want to IMMIGRATE to the US. There are many signs that Canadians are, SLOWLY but SURELY, losing their FREEDOM! In the past, I, too, have often suggested that you ‘make your move’ soon. “The US does need more people like you”! Re: Hesitation– “Red flags are moments of hesitation that determine our destination.” Good Luck to you and yours re: your decisions! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. I really hate to say this but I think that the wrong one went over the cliff a few years back!

  15. Howard, I am very sorry for the condition ln Canada, and keep up the good fight. We here in the U.S. are under the same attack, but have different rules. Praise GOD for these blessings.

  16. Re Canada, it’s getting worse than Ezra’s case. A study into communications has been tabled calling for an overhaul of “content” on streaming media and censorship of social media (socmed). Ostensibly to counter “hate” on far-right socmed accounts and blogs, note that Ezra and Rebel Media fall into that file. It’s but a step away from going after strong critics of the gov’t, its ministers, immigration, education and other hot button issues on a selective basis. Most Canucks are unaware.

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