Why Isn’t Hillary Clinton Behind Bars?


The Following Isn’t About Hillary Clinton . . . It About Political Privilege & A Judicial Double Standard.


This Is My Whole Take On It . . . President Trump & Others Call this Impeachment a Witch-Hunt and a Sham . . . To Me – It’s Neither. The Articles of Impeachment Delivered Today (January 15, 2020) are the Clearest Possible Illustration showing how Disgraceful “DEMOCRATIC” Politics have Become.

Bad Politicians Are Using The Core Of Democracy – To Destroy Democracy.

The Time Has Come . . . Not To Re-Do The Foundation Of Democracy . . . But To Redo The Penalties For Using Democracy To Destroy Itself In The Name Of Democracy.

I Don’t Want This Statement To Mischaracterized . . . THERE’S HARDLY A GOOD ONE IN THE BUNCH. For the Most Part, Politicians are Sniveling Liars, Cheats & Individuals out for Themselves.

There Are Some Good Ones . . . But Not Enough to Make the Sordid Bunch Worthwhile. And the Good Ones, Never seem to get Anywhere, and very often Leave Politics, because it Just Isn’t Worth It.


In A Real-World Scenario . . . Where Lady Justice would be Truly Blind, and all People would be Treated Equally Under The Law, Hillary Clinton would be Behind Bars for a Very Long Time. And if this were the Past, Crooked Hillary would have been Shot or Hung for Treason, for Scamming Congress and the American People, and for Selling-Out America for Personal Profit.

In Addition To All Else . . . Just Remember Crooked Hillary’s American Uranium Deal With The Russians.

But This Is Not The World We Would Like It To Be . . . This is the World we Really Live-In, where Big Money, Foolish Voters, Hollywood, Television, Bureaucracy & Politics Create an Illusion that Makes us Believe in what should be the Unbelievable.

We The People . . . Are so Stupid, Ignorant & Bereft of World History, Let Alone the History & Laws of our own Governments – That I Contend, that the Majority of People who Vote in Elections . . . SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE!

Since I’m Already In For A PennyI Might As Well Be In For A Pound.

So I’ll Go Even Further . . . And State – that People Under the Age of Retirement, who Live-Off Welfare (Government Assistance), or Whatever you want to Call it, who do Not Pay their Way in our Society, should Not Have The Right To Vote, since they are Voting to Take Away Money From People Who’ve Earned It, to Give to Politicians (Government) who Promise & Campaign to Give Someone Else’s Money To People Who Didn’t Earn It.


Because Ill-Informed, Ignorant & Greedy People Get To Vote For Politicians, Many Of Whom Are Either Incompetent And/Or Dishonest – Gives Us The Government We Have.

When the Politicians Campaign (Brag) on how well they Administer the Money of the People . . . Ask Them – If They Were so Smart, Competent & Trustworthy, how are we in such a Socio/Economic Mess?

And Why Are The People We Employ (Politicians & Bureaucrats) Our Bosses, Instead Of Us Being Bosses?

In Canada, where I Am a Citizen & Live 6-Months Out Of The Year (The Other 6-Months In The USA), Canada has “Progressed” to the Point Where it is Almost Inconceivable that a Real Conservative Government will ever Become a Reality.

Because Canada Has Become Such A Socialist Country . . . where Financial & Political Ignorance has become an Educational Mainstay . . . with a Lifestyle, which my Parents Used to Refer to as Welfare . . . it Seems Highly Unlikely that the Majority of Canadians will ever Vote for a Party which Believes in a Meritocracy.


As I’ve Written Many Times . . . When My Dad Came Back From Fighting in WWII in 1945, as an Exuberant, Victorious & Decorated Canadian Soldier, and my Mother was Honorably Discharged, who Served as a WAC (Women’s Army Corps) in the Canadian Homefront . . . My Parents Met, had Children & Lived in Poverty . . . I Mean Poor – Downright Poor – But my Parents NEVER Took from the Government – NEVER! Because Welfare was for Someone Else, Who Wanted To Feed off other People’s Money . . .  But Not For People With Pride Like My Parents.

TODAY . . . Welfare – Is An Entitlement – And Is Considered An “Honorable” Way Of Making A Living. So How in the World Will or Can an Honest Political Party with Old-Time Values, ever Win an Election which Doesn’t Promise Free-Stuff to the TAKERS – Earned with the Blood, Sweat, Tears by the MAKERS?

If The MAKERS Are Cursed To Involuntarily Spread Their Wealth – Then Why Should They Sacrifice & Gamble To Make It? And if there is No Incentive for the MAKERS to Create Product, Services & Jobs, from Where will Come the National Wealth? Who Will Feed the Takers? Who Will Pay for Healthcare, Child-Care, Senior-Care & Subsidize the Farmers? Who will pay the Educators? Who Will Pay for our Fire Fighters & EMS?

How will our Roads, Bridges, Public Transport (Busses, Trains & Subways) be Paid? And what about our Military? Who will Pay & Maintain the Men & Women who are supposed to Guard the Mainland by Land, Air & Sea?

How & Who Will We Pay Our Law Enforcement To Keep The Criminals At Bay?


It is indeed Possible, that out of an Army of Conservative-Light Schmucks, who want to Lead the Conservative Party into the Forthcoming Federal Election, which might come Sooner Rather than Later, since the Trudeau Liberals are Heading a Minority Government, which will Probably Fall in the Not so Distant Future by way of a Non Confidence Vote . . . There are only Two Candidates I Can Get Behind, And I Don’t Have High Hopes . . .

1 – Current Member of Parliament for South Eastern Ontario – Pierre Poilievre, who is Functionally Bilingual, and a Real Conservative Legislator.

2 – Rhona Ambrose . . . Was Recently a Member of Parliament from Alberta, and Former Interim Leader of the Conservative Party, whose French is Questionable, but whose Politics are Conservative.

Either of these Two Conservatives will get my Support, whether they can Win Quebec or Not (Because of their Limited Capacity to Speak French), as long as they Stick to Conservative Values, with a Campaign that can Win Enough Seats in the ROC (Rest Of Canada).

I Usually Ask For Support For Galganov.com On The 15th Of Every Month. But, because I am so Engrossed in What’s Happening Today, I have Decided to Save My Monthly Request for BLOG Support for Tomorrow.

As You Might Have Noticed From This Editorial – I Am Not Happy . . . And Neither Should You Be.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You say it all, right here….. So I’ll Go Even Further . . . And State – that People Under the Age of Retirement, who Live-Off Welfare (Government Assistance), or Whatever you want to Call it, who do Not Pay their Way in our Society, should Not Have The Right To Vote, since they are Voting to Take Away Money From People Who’ve Earned It, to Give to Politicians (Government) who Promise & Campaign to Give Someone Else’s Money To People Who Didn’t Earn It.

  2. Lets not forget about the unions too, who spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars shilling for candidates that once elected will ensure that the union coffers remain full and union leadership beds are well-feathered. Between the welfare folk, being the prime movers , stoking the required funds into the bellies of both of these life-blood sucking monsters. That’s you and me, friends.

  3. If Pres.Trump doesn’t get re-elected, we may have have that revolution. What we have after that, is anybody’s guess. I just hope that it looks more like the USA we want than the USA that the liberals want.

  4. It is hard to believe that a minion of Sanders said that if he is not nominated on the first vote at the DNC his supporters will burn Milwaukee. Furthermore, he says that if Sanders loses the election to Trump that they will riot throughout the country. No backlash from Bernie. This is the real Bernie Sanders a Stalinist of the first order. Of course like the rabel who supported Stalin, his followers know not what he will be giving them.

  5. I’m confident that the Dems are in the process of opening a Pandora’s box of issue that will take a lot of them down. President Trump is a hard nosed businessman who would never show up to the gunfight with only a knife. If I were Crooked Hillary, Nutty Nancy, Bathhouse Barry I’d be very afraid of what could come down upon them and others. Oh how I wish that we had a leader like that in Canada

  6. First of all, love your article. We are all patiently waiting for some resolution, meanwhile noticing the great things the President is doing, such as the China agreement today, getting rid of silly regulations and other great an unnoticed stuff. I hope in two weeks we can feel better, if the silly impeachment is over. (wondering why I have to enter my email address each time…we didn’t used to have to do it. I must say it makes it a little harder to post. Thanks.)

  7. Your comments are spot on, which is why no politician will ever consider them and the fools will just cry that you are suppressing the vote. A woman complained when Bush was President that the candidates needed to take an IQ test to run for office (she was inferring GWB was an idiot). Well, yeah, but that might knock out alot of current Democrat candidates. I DO think an IQ test should be required before being allowed to run AND vote – with an emphasis on Civics, History & Basic Economics.

  8. Thx. Howard. I am so glad (and appreciative) to be just a small sliver of your other dedicated and faithful followers. I learn so much that I didn’t know – at this (your) site!!

  9. Trey Gowdy is one politician that comes to mind who served only 2 terms, 8 years and then gave up because of the swamp. One thing I hate the most of sheeples on welfare is most work under the table and collect welfare. You can tell by going to most subsidized housing and see the truck or car of the year parked in front. Welfare should only be given to single parents with kids at home, 0 to 12 years old. At 13, a child is old enough to take care of himself alone. No welfare to able body sheeples.

  10. Why isn’t Cankles in jail? Because she has dirt on everyone, the criminal politicians are in league together against us, and they know if anything happens to her, they’ll be next. If you thought McCain deserved the title “Canary,” wait till Cankles is put on the hot spot.

  11. Please remember that GOD has the controlling hand in and for America as the leader of the world. Take comfort that HE has defied the powers of evil in founding this nation and helping it to survive unbelievable internal and external opposition, wars, traitors and politics for over 200 years! This is not an accident–HE has plans for America!

  12. No high-ranking politician will be prosecuted since all of them are corrupt. Even if they were, they would get one of Obama’s appointed judges & get off scott free. That’s how corrupt our whole system is. AND, the US system of government is a republic, not a democracy; use of term began around same time as welfare via FDR. Programs he started because of depression were needed; by 1950s most disappeared, except welfare & SocSec (SS is paid into; welfare is not). Welfare made recipients lazy.

  13. “Why Isn’t Hillary Clinton Behind Bars?” This is the first best question of the new decade!

  14. I agree with you all the way. I prayed that Pres. Trump would be elected and God granted my wish. We can not allow a Democrat to become President because it would be the downfall of our country as the Founders meant it to be. Socialism has never worked as seen in many of the foreign countries. Freedom is not what they want for their people because it would mean the rulers would lose control. They are determined to keep them poor, hungry and needy so they become dependent on the government.

  15. Unfortunately Canada is all you have described and a lot Less. I have never “served ” but have contributed more than my share for 50 working years and I am fuming at where I see the Country headed and the state it’s in today . As to Conservatives, “Pierre” has some interesting points but he will fail . There are no capable nominees . In passing 2 terms (8 yrs) and your pension kicks in : hence the early departures from Politics . The rest of my comments are NOT printable.

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