Iran Needs To Understand – Trump Is Not Obama


Just A Question . . . If you Watch Fox News, have you Noticed or Questioned why the Fox News Middle East Desk Seems now to be in Oman Jordan, and Seemingly No Longer in Jerusalem Israel?

Special Note About Bernie Sanders: The Mainstream Media is Flying a Flag to see in which Direction the Wind is Blowing by Asking . . . Can Bernie Sanders Be America’s First Jewish President?

It is Possible, Not Likely, but Indeed Possible that Bernie Sanders could win the White House in 2020 – Everything Is Possible. But Bernie Sanders Is As Far Removed From Being A Jew As One Can Get. Therefore . . . Sanders Could Win the White House in 2020, But Sanders Will NEVER Be the First Jew to Win the White House.

In All Reality . . . If Sanders were to Win the White House in 2020 . . . He would be Just One of Several Anti-Semites to have Won the White House Previously. Sanders Is A Jew In Name Only – When It’s Convenient.

France, Russia and a Host of other Bad-Actors & Friends of Convenience Criticized America, but Most Specifically President Trump, for Taking out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani . . . But what Else would you Expect?

And Here’s Another Non-Shocker .  .  . The Democrats – Namely the “Squad”, Pelosi & Schumer are Outraged that President Trump made the Attack on Soleimani a Unilateral Decision, because the Democrats Thought that President Trump should have Gone into Consultations with them and their Committees, Before Killing the Worst Modern Terrorist in the World, who has Drums of American Blood on his Hands. The Blood of HUNDREDS Of THOUSANDS of Arabs. And the Dislocation of Millions of People (Arabs), which Soleimani Forced to Flee from their Homes in the Middle East.

Europe Is Awash With Expatriate Moslem/Arabs, Because of the Horrible Things Soleimani Did, which has Forever Changed the Cultural Landscape of Europe . . . And Not For The Better.

Imagine This . . .

Had Himmler, Goring, Goebbels, Heydrich, Eichmann and a Handful of other Nazis been Taken-Out by Freedom-Patriots, the Way President Trump had Soleimani Taken-Out, There Would Probably Not Have Been WWII, And Certainly Not The Holocaust.

Great Things Are Accomplished By Great Men & Women Who Do What Has To Be Done.

No One Fights A War By Committee, Except Schmucks who don’t want to Win, but would Rather Feel Self-Important, because they were Consulted. President Trump Didn’t Become as Wealthy, Powerful and the President of the United States of America, because he was too Timid to Make the Hard Decisions without his Decisions Being Made For Him by Committee.

Besides . . . Who Elected Pelosi, Schumer & The Squad To Be The Combined President Of The United States Of America?

Here’s Another Reality . . . The Democrats HATE President Trump and take Every Opportunity Possible to Undermine the President. What Chance do you think President Trump’s War Plans for Soleimani would have had Of NOT Being Leaked?

Schumer Quoted The Constitution (Sort-Of), by saying the Framers made it Necessary for the President to Include & Receive Support & Authorization from the Congress Before the President Could Declare War.

1 – Someone Should Tell Schumer . . . Iran has Already Declared an Undeclared War on the United States of America. And has Already Murdered HUNDREDS of Americans.

2 – By Assassinating Soleimani, this wasn’t a Declaration of War. It was an Attack on an Enemy of the American People Planning to Create as much Havoc & Future Death to Americans as Possible.

3 – The Constitution was Written more than Two Centuries Ago, before Stealth Fighters & Bombers, Spy Satellites, Drones of all Kinds, the Internet, 24-Hour News – Etc.

More Than 2-Centuries Ago . . . because of Distance & Lack of Communication, Warrior Nations Planned as far Ahead as Years before Actually Going to Physical War, and Months to Carry-Out Battle Plans. Today, Wars & Battle Plans are Launched & Executed in Seconds . . . Not Years, Not Months, Not Even Days – Seconds.

WWII was Officially Declared on September 1, 1939. It wasn’t until April 1940 (8-Months Later – Referred To As The Phony War) the Real War Was Actually Engaged.

There Was A Short Time-Frame Opportunity . . . To Take-Out a Mass Murderer as he was Planning More Murders, which President Trump Took Full Advantage Of. And I’m Not Sorry One Bit That Schumer’s & Pelosi’s Feelings Were Hurt.

4 – And Now Comes The What If Game . . . I’m Listening to the Democrats Wringing their Hands Worrying about What If. What If the Iranians Attack Back? What if Iranian Proxies Retaliate? What if the Iranians Go After Israel? What If – What If – What If?


By September 1938 . . . Chamberlain Sold-Out Czechoslovakia to Appease Adolf Hitler . . . Sir Winston Churchill Advocated Going to War Against Hitler, Before Hitler Could Gain the Strength & Advantage to Sweep Europe.

Sir Winston Churchill Was Called A War Monger – Especially After Chamberlain Returned To England with a Piece of Paper Chamberlain Held in his Hand (The Munich Accord) at the British Airport Upon Chamberlain’s Arrival from  Germany, Signed December 30, 1938 between Chamberlain (England), Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy) & Daladier (France) – High Above His Head – Declaring . . .

“My Good Friends, For The Second Time In Our History, A British Prime Minister Has Returned From Germany Bringing Peace With Honor. I Believe It Is Peace For Our Time . . . Go Home & Get A Nice Quiet Sleep”.

In A Year – Almost To The Day . . . World War Two Was Declared. Europe Rapidly Fell to the Nazis. England was Close to Surrender . . . AND SIX-MILLION JEWS WERE SLAUGHTERED.

I Wouldn’t Worry Too Much About What The Iranians Or Their Proxies Are Going To Do. They Better be Worried what More President Trump Might Do.


How Long Have we Lived with Empty Threats from Arab Nations and the Iranians? . . . Death To America. Death to Israel. This will be the Mother of All Wars . . . Yada – Yada – Yada. And Each Time they Cross the Line . . . It’s A Line Far Too Far For Them To Cross.


Do you Not Think this Isn’t a Message to North Korea, China, Russia & Even The EU?

The World Needs Trump & An Emboldened United States Of America. The World Does Not Need Another Chamberlain.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Unlike Michelle Obama, I have always been proud of the nation of my birth, grateful to be an American, and proud to call Donald Trump my President.

  2. BRAVO! That says it all for me. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  3. President Trump certainly did the right thing. The left can cry all they want but they will still have a sound sleep tonight. Why? Because their President has protected them.

  4. Taking out a mass murderer is a declaration of war??? So, then what exactly does it mean to the idiot, egocentric democrats when all they hear from I-ran is “death to America” Do they think that was a lullaby, because TRUMP, sure as hell is not a sleep at the wheel .He is definietly not o-bum- a. He is the right man at the right place for our times.

  5. You hit the nail on the head. If you want to live in this country, we will welcome you to the Republican Party( not that it’s perfect, but it’s miles ahead of that bunch holding 2nd place)

  6. Greetings: Whereas most people reading your column today likely were emboldened or embroiled, I have to admit, I was almost brought to TEARS! Nothing more true could be said by ANYONE! You hit the nail on the head… likely Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, Nadler’s, Schiff’s, Omar’s, AOC’s and Tlaib’s! HOWARD, YOU ARE AMAZING! God Bless President Trump and God Bless The United States of America!!!

  7. Hooray Mr. President you got the bad guy hooray hooray. Thank you sir for using your good solid mind to do this., If they come after more from America then I am sure you and the team you picked to help you will do the right thing. Hopefully all the rest of the Arab world and Europe will get the idea if it takes man woman and child we will never give up our FREEDOM, As for Bennie Sanders he is old enough to be long ago RETIRED not be running for President How goofy can he be at his age?

  8. Hey Howard. I have this picture in my head of these two Iranian Generals “high fiving”, all puffed up after their successful intimidation attack on the American Embassy. “Guess we showed Trump eh.” And then the rocket arrived. Karma is so sweet.

  9. I don’t recall obama-Lama-Ding-Dong ever going to congress for war stuff like President Trump just did with iran, just saying, prove me wrong. Again Howard nailed it bang on the head.

  10. If Bill Clinton could become the first black president why couldn’t Donald Trump be the first Jewish president? His daughter is Jewish and he has three Jewish grandchildren. It will be a long term before anyone with more Jewish credentials occupies the White House.

  11. Well written article. Right on the money. We in the USA have given the Liberals to much room to play with. It is time to take our country back. President Trump is a man of his word and this have been so long in coming. Praise God for this man.

  12. With Trump as our President we don’t need to plan for a war. Trump’s plan is too bomb the hell out of them and win the war in just a few minutes. Our forces in the Middle East knows every spot to bomb to bring Iran to it’s knees in just a few minutes. So why plan a war, with Trump as President America needs no plans, he has the balls to just do it.

  13. Great article Sir. As an old Vet, I would follow President Trump in protecting this country. As you said, had some previous Presidents had the Courage this man has many good people would have lived their lives being productive vs. being killed. Taking out leadership of Bad Acting Countries always slows their aggression. I can assure you Korea, China, Russia and others are rethinking their boldness of testing Our President. He knows how to lead without money stuffed into his pockets by others

  14. I was taught a long, long time ago that ” IF Your Not Willing To Die For Which Your Willing To Live For, Your Not Really Willing To Live For IT” Thank You Howard. TRUMP 2020 SEMPER-FI OooRah

  15. Howard, President Donald J. Trump has 2020 vision. Excellent article as usual.

  16. Great article Howard! You get better and better. How has Iran managed to set up shop in Iraq? The U.S and Iraq had to know these cells were there for awhile.

  17. as a korean vet in the service I was an intercept operator I will not say where or what I did you better believe we know a a lot that the public never hears about and the Demos know dog doo but play the congress should be on things, there is not time for that crap.

  18. I think Schumer is wrong. The POTUS doesn’t have to consult Congress to make a limited strike against an Iranian militia commander operating illegally in Iraq. If he were to declare war on another nation, then he would need to do so. Only today’s brain-dead liberals like Schumer would try to make a terrorist like Someilani out to be a victim.

  19. Iran’s still think that Obama is in the White House! Think again we have a President who has to fight our Congress on every little bitty thing. Why would our President tell Schumer & Pelosi so they could leak it to the Iran’s. We have traitors in Congress that is working for Muslin agenda not for the American people. Bernie will never be President. He has lived off the American people way to long. We the people knows who is behind our problems and his name is George Soros! God bless Pres. Trump!

  20. You said it all, Howard–“The Democrats HATE President Trump and take Every Opportunity Possible to Undermine the President. What Chance do you think President Trump’s War Plans for Soleimani would have had Of NOT Being Leaked?” The LEFT always UNDERESTIMATES Pres. Trump, which is great for the RIGHT! Sanders, the MILLIONAIRE, should PRACTICE what he PREACHES to the Conservatives. He needs to RETIRE and “face the music” in that PRES. TRUMP will be RE-ELECTED! GO TRUMP GO! Pray for America! AMEN!

  21. Howard, I wish we had more men like Trump that can stand up and act. The Arabs admire one thing, strength with a sword and not a meek person like Obama and his empty threats. God Bless Trump. Steve Acre, Canada

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