The Fuse Is Lit – The Explosion To Come


I’m Not Feeling Particularly Well Today, Nor For The Past Few Days . . . Scratchy Throat, Cough & Fatigue. But I’m also not Dying, and Given a few Days of Rest, I’m Certain I will Feel Better Soon.

However – As Un-Well As I’m Feeling Today, It Doesn’t even come Close to Describe how Sick I feel Watching this Disgusting Display of Deep State Partisan Sedition Called The Impeachment Enquiry.

I’ve seen Deep State Movies Written by LEFTIST Authors & Screen Writers, Directed by LEFTIST Directors, Acted by LEFTIST Actors & Produced by Men and/or Women who might have been LEFTISTS, but more Probably – Were In-It Mostly For The Money.

But I Never Would Have Thought . . . That I would Live Long Enough to See the Day, When Fiction Becomes Greater Than The Truth Or Reality, Especially In the United States of America, which is a Unique Society Built by Men & Women Based Upon the Judeo/Christian Rule of Law Emanating from the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta and the British Rule of Common Law . . . Not To Be Ruled By Gods, Tyrants & Politicized Members of Congress.


How Can Horowitz State There Was No Political Bias At The FBI, When It Was All About Anti-Trump Political Bias At The FBI?

I Wasn’t 100% Confident . . . that the Horowitz Report would be all that it was Expected of it. But I was Pretty Confident that Given the Gravitas of all that has Happened Between the Beginning of the 2016 Election & Now, that Michael Horowitz would Understand, that if Horowitz was to Whitewash his Findings & Diminish the Role of the Culprits & Not Conflate their Multiple FISA Requests with Extreme & Dishonest Bias, the Horowitz Report would become yet Another Reason Why the People Hold such EXTREME DISTRUST for their Politicians, the FBI, the Justice Department, the Media . . . And The Entire Judicial/Political System.

Horowitz Feebly Tried To Defend The Deep State . . . Corrupt FBI.

A Weak Horowitz Report Literally Destroys what has been Left of the Trust by the People for the American System of Laws – Than It Already Has. It Is Now 100% Entirely Up To Barr & Durham To Keep It All From Exploding.


I Strongly Assume . . . That Had Horowitz Spelled-It-All-Out, as he Should Have, Instead of Trying to Tamp The Truth-Down to Save the Soul of American Mis-Governance, the Mob would Not be Primed to be on the Streets with Lit Torches, Tar, Feathers and a Rail Headed to Nowhere-Good . . . Carrying the Horde of Culprits out of Town. But Who Knows Now?

By Pretending There Was No FBI Bias Only Spreads Gas On The Fire Of The LEFT’S Own Making.

AS I SEE IT . . . The LEFT is Terrified that their Deep State is so Vulnerable to Exposure, and that the Bureaucracy could very well be on the Line of an Extreme Counter Insurgency, Given the Obscene Overreach of the Whole of Bureaucracy, the Media, Academia, Hollywood . . . Etc – Against the Elected Will of the People, that the Results Could Very Well be Extreme.

I Understand Clearly Why the LEFT Live in Dread of the 2nd Amendment, Just as I Understand why the LEFT Play Fast & Loose with the American Constitution, as the LEFT Feigns Support, Almost as if the LEFT are Constitutional Originalists, when it Pleases their Narrative, while at The Same Time, the LEFT Does all it Can in the Shadows to Chip Away at the Constitution they Deem to be Protecting.

I Believe the Desperation, which the LEFT has Caused to themselves has Created a Situation, which is Ripe for Socio/Political Revolution . . . OR BEYONDWhich Is Terrifying The Denizens Of The Deep State.

Only Stupid Or Desperate People Can’t See The Writing On The Wall . . . OR – BECAUSE of the Reality of their Impending Punishment at the Hands of the People, these People are far More Desperate than they are Stupid, which makes them Reckless, Panicked & Dangerous.

The LEFT Have Three Serious Problems . . .

1 – For some on the LEFT . . . Staying out of Jail will Become a Full-Time Occupation.

2 – Instead of Worrying about Winning the House, the Senate and the Presidency in 2020, the LEFT have a Far Greater Challenge in just Surviving as a Party, because of the Coming Revolution caused by their Own Making.

3 – Will the Jefferson Tree of Liberty Prophecy Come to Being?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Horowitz is a toothless tiger with no real authority. Durham is the one they need to fear.

  2. I’m recalling Jefferson’s words – not even bothering to check: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” The land of the free and the home of the brave has ALWAYS rejected tyrants. The time for their removal is coming, and coming fast.

  3. Horowitz tried to be a nice guy. Too bad. The democratic party is dead. We need an opposition party to takes its place. Start with the libertarians. It takes 10% of the population to start a bloody revolution. There’s at least 50%. Remember Ruby Ridge ? That was a libertarian fight to a death. I think.

  4. If Barr and Durham don’t come through the whole house of cards collapses. And assuming they do I’ll be very curious to see how the MSM slithers out of this. Will they just instantly change jerseys as if nothing ever happened?

  5. FOX News Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin all said that the report would be damming according to their sources. What the H**L happened? Is Horowitz also part of the deep state swamp? You’re right that now it is in the hands of Barr & Durham To Keep It All From Exploding. I hope that now that the articles of impeachment have been written, that the senate TRIAL crushes once and for all the left and the demon rats.

  6. To quote you Howard, ” For some on the LEFT . . . Staying out of Jail will Become a Full-Time Occupation.” Considering what little has been done to federal (feral) lawbreakers in the recent past, I have no faith whatsoever that any of them will ever spend any time in jail. There is no system in place to hold any of them responsible for their crimes.

  7. Watch Chief Justice John Roberts in all of this. He will turn on Trump just like he did with Obamacare. The roots of the Deep State are deep and wide. Justice will never prevail. Civil war may be the only recourse.

    Civil War Is Not A Recourse. It Would Be A Horrific Disaster – HG.

  8. My faith in our government is slowly disappearing. I have no faith in getting better with the next two reports. They are all in cahoots and cover for each other. When I came to this country it was very different from now, we had faith in the law and order. That is gone and will not come back in my life time. Thank you so much for trying to keep us going in the belief of the future. Without that we have not much left.

  9. Horowitz’s report is SIMILAR to Comey’s report.While Comey was giving his BIG SPIEL about Hillarious, everyone thought that she would finally be convicted, but that feeling was soon dismissed!She STILL has not paid for the BENGHAZI murders which she caused, but could have prevented.However, there is HOPE for the PEOPLE this time, due to BARR & DURHAM.They will REBUILD the PEOPLE’S TRUST in the American System of Laws. “It ain’t over ’till the fat lady [oops!] sings!”Go Trump go!WIN AGAIN! AMEN!

  10. I hate to say it but I believe there will be no retribution, no one going to jail and we the people will be paying the bill. They are all corrupt and our President by himself will not be able to bust that nut. Too many lawyers and life time politicians playing an old game of who’s pocket to we line this week. Never ending story of the Silver Tongued Devils spewing my lies and deceit with each covering for the other….

  11. Not surprised as Horowitz is an Obama appointee. However, put aside the political bias issue, and the 434 page report has left Durham and Barr a lot of ammunition. Not only that, but Durham’s reaction to the Horowitz report kind of tells me that he has a load of dirt. Don’t expect a report from Durham. Watch for the indictments.

  12. Howard, we can only hope for the evil ones to be brought to justice but I doubt that any of the high ranking senators or representatives, (or any politicians), will ever be brought to trial for their misdeeds.

  13. Have patience and wait for GOD to resolve this! Meanwhile, get well and continue the articles–a day without HG is a day without sunshine for many of your fans.

  14. Increasingly perilous times; we are living out Bible prophecy of last days. I honestly believe we are & things will only worsen. Might sound crazy to some but no so crazy to others. If it is that time, we may be here depending on what a “lifetime” was. Jesus said “when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say to you this generation will by no means pass away till all these things are fulfilled.” It began when Israel was a nation again, May 14, 1948.

  15. First – Get Well. Second – Barr/Durham is the horse, I’m betting on. Arnold Charitan. Los Angeles

  16. I feel as though I am living in Wonderland, but I am not Alice. Nothing is as it should be & the world is topsy-turvy. The Red Queen is shouting, “cut their heads off” but what can you do when they are only cards?! What is going on in DC makes just about as much sense as Alice in Wonderland. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum are the ones running the show on this whole Impeachment mess. I pray that the Dimwits lose strongly in the 2020 Elections. There does need to be another opposition party, right now.

  17. Sir hopefully you are doing better, for your sore throat my mom use to drink hot tea, lemon, and Wild Turkey, that or gargle with warm salt water, rub your chest and throat with Vicks climb in bed rest. Take a few days off, the impeachment is wasting Americans money and making more nuts out of themselves than they already are. Make sure you read Donald Azevedo,Star from U.S. he nailed it sir. wasting American money and just being nuts just because she lost the. Also Nancy P. go home.

  18. Reading the comments on this platform – I just want to say a big thanks to all for their keen input. My own, not a bit necessary at this point! Thx. Howard & get some Echinacea into your system – first thing – best.

  19. There is a lot of left thinking persons still in place from the Obama aera. These persons will keep rising to slam Trump. It will take a lot of guts from here thru the 2020 Election, and I hope Pres Trump can handle it. I will trust on my Lord , to guide and help him thru these trying times. Howard,get your health in better shape , as we need your wisdom. …

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