A Waste Of Time From My Life


I’m Closing-In On Turning 70-Years Old, which is not Necessarily “Old”, but it sure Ain’t Young, and I Don’t have a Lot of Time to Waste.

SO . . . After Spending Hours Today (November 13, 2019), Watching this Impeachment Farce on Television, Expecting some Serious Revelations, I Realized that Adam Schiff and the Democrat Party were (are) Responsible for STEALING Hours from my Life.

EXCEPT FOR BEING ABLE TO COMMENT ON THIS IMPEACHMENT TRAVESTY . . . which Gives some Purpose to the Many Hours I Squandered on an Issue without Context or Purpose, other than Trying to Embarrass a Sitting President Before a General Election, I & MILLIONS of other People like me all around the World were Screwed out of Valuable Personal Time by this Disastrous Political Narrative.

If I Learned Anything from my Wasted Time Watching this Fiasco, it was Why the Civil Service & Bureaucracy is such a Frigging Mess . . . And Why President Trump thinks so Lowly of them, and why President Trump Sent Rudy Giuliani to Investigate on the President’s Behalf.

I Learned More About UKRAINE CORRUPTION & Names I’ll Never have to Remember or Repeat . . . than I ever Wanted to Know.

I also Learned that Schiff’s Star Witnesses were Supermen, Seemingly Un-Tarnished by Life, because one or both of them Served his or their Country during the War in Vietnam.

Millions of Americans Served their Country in Vietnam . . . With so many who Came Home Broken Mentally & Physically.

Then there were the John Kerry’s of the United States of America, who Actually Colluded with the Enemy (North Vietnamese), while Kerry was still in Uniform. And when Kerry came Home to America, he stood Before Congress & Accused his Fellow American Soldiers of Committing Major War Crimes. Imagine, a Traitor like John Kerry was not only Lauded as a Hero, but “Served” as a Senator & Secretary of State.


Of the Many Millions of Americans who Served in Vietnam, some were Great Men & Women, Many were “Rotters” who could Best be Described as Scum – but MOST were just Decent Men & Women who Came Home, Morphed back into Normal Life, got Married, had Families, Went to Work, Opened Businesses . . . And Quietly Contributed To Society.


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . Having a Life as a Civil Servant, Especially at a Senior Level – Is Not A Sacrifice. So, when the Politicians Lead-Off with . . . He or She Dedicated His or Her Life to the Civil Service . . . That’s Just Verbal Turd-Speak. Civil Servants at the Upper Levels have Great Jobs, Perks & Salaries.

And Once On The Gravy Train . . . They Are Seemingly There Forever.

As for Men & Women who Served in Uniform, the Only Reason why Politicians Play-It-Up as Much as they Do, is to Create an Impression of a Man or Woman of Exceptional Character, which is a Sentiment Never Reserved for the Millions of other Americans who Served in Uniform, who have Lesser Stations in Life.


The Only Sacrifice Made In The Name Of The Civil Service . . . is the Sacrifice made by the TAXPAYERS who are Ill-Served by the Civil Service . . . Who Pay for the Wonderful Life Enjoyed by the Civil Servants while Working for the Government & Post Government.

You Tell A Man Or A Woman . . . Who Puts-In Long Hard Hours for Minimal Income, while Struggling to Raise a Family with all the Inherent Costs, Who Loses Much of His or Her Earnings to Taxes in order to Pay for the Civil Service . . . To Feel Sorry For The Civil Service. And see how far that will get you.

I Wasted Hours Of My Life & Learned Nothing Other Than . . . If this is the Best the Democrats have, Many of the Democrat Men & Women who are Currently in Congress, Better Start Looking for a New Job, because after the 2020-Election is Over, there will be a Great Number of Democrats Scratching their Collective Heads Wondering . . . How The Hell Did This Happen?

If I had any Reservations about how Things Would Develop for the Democrats Against the President because of this Inquisition, which I Didn’t, I would have NONE Whatsoever after the Discordant Impeachment Sham I Witnessed Today.

I’m Far More Concerned With The Nightmare Developing In Israel, Between The Jewish State & The Hundreds Of Millions Of Arabs & Persians Who Are Starting The Prelude To An All-Out War, For The Purpose Of Wiping Out The Jews . . . Ipso Facto The World’s Second Holocaust.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is troubling that we are wasting so much time on this House sham while many important things are happening in the world. People don’t even know how Israel is being attacked. I hope it is over soon. Imagine what Trump could accomplish without all this noise. And a little support. And yes, we do get to see what characters are working in our State Department and other parts of the Swamp. Jim Jordan was magnificent.

  2. Howard you got some of your life back when you wrote this; Quote: “Having a Life as a Civil Servant, Especially at a Senior Level – Is Not A Sacrifice. So, when the Politicians Lead-Off with . . . He or She Dedicated His or Her Life to the Civil Service . . . That’s Just Verbal Turd-Speak. Civil Servants at the Upper Levels have Great Jobs, Perks & Salaries. Compared to real world jobs Senior Civil Servant Salaries, benefits, expectations and protections are obscene

  3. Greetings: I too, spent way too much time today watching this inquiry on television. It only CONFIRMED once again that Democrat politicians, who are mostly lawyers, are actually partisan LIARS! They’re pretty good at KILLING A COUNTRY!

  4. The scene in the movie *Mash* where the doctors on the hill are looking in the opposite direction of the approaching helicopters is, I’m afraid, allegorically the collective response of most people in North America when all hell breaks loose in the middle east. Zero thanks to the previous administration.

  5. Mr. G… You are SO right! We are watching America in the throes of calamitous decline, which I fear cannot be reversed. Pity! AEN

  6. Thank you Howard. I’m sorry you had to watch the sham so we wouldn’t have to. Since there was no local news today, we chose to watch the weather channel.Blessings to you, Kathy Shute Point Blank, Rd where it was pretty cold for South Texas!

  7. Liked the way Sen Meadows got fired up. He was spot on in his twitter feed – John Ratcliffe making a great point: Adam Schiff just apparently changed the rules mid-hearing. Virtually every question Democrats asked was leading, hearsay, or some other federal evidence rules violation. Now Schiff seems to be saying he can enforce those rules. Unreal.

  8. In almost 3 years of Trump the Democrats have done nothing but trying to get Trump out of the White House. They lost and they know in time America will know the truth of what the Democrats were up to. The good American people now know that lots of these Democrats should be in jail for the rest of their life for every kind of crimes we can think of. The Democrat also know this and they can’t back off now. So along came Trump and he is working to save America.

  9. I have been told many times: you want to kill a deal? Bring in a lawyer. That house on the hill is populated by lawyers. that explains why they spend their time and our money doing NOTHING and stop the good guys there being productive.

  10. As a Vietnam Veteran, I wanted to thank you for your comments about us. We still have strong feelings about John Kerry (& his fake Purple Hearts) and traitor Jane Fonda. For those who don’t know, Henry Mark Holzer (constitutional lawyer) and wife Erika wrote a book about her entitled, “Aid And Comfort”. Two things about this book: he provided transcripts of radio messages she sent from N. Vietnam; and a chapter on how she could be could be charged and convicted of treason – today.

  11. I tried to watch while making the bed but couldn’t even stand that short time. Spot in Howard.

  12. Howard, as usual 100% correct. I didn’t watch even one second of that BS show, nor will I in the future. I was born a conservative am 85 served in the Army ready to do whatever was wanted of me.Will keep voteing!!!!

  13. “Here we go again” — ‘new HOAX – same SWAMP’! Some people complained because they couldn’t watch their SOAP OPERAS on the 5 FAKE NEWS TV stations in our area. Can’t say that I blame them. After watching that CIRCUS & CLOWN, “SHIFTY SCHIFF”, trying to INSERT his own words in those who were testifying by saying, “So you’re saying, etc…”, it certainly PROVED what a BIG FARCE this PROCESS is all about! The LEFT is SCREWING our COUNTRY and its PEOPLE by focusing on POWER & GREED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  14. You are very right about this “INQUISITION”, What a waste of TIME & MONEY. Another thing, I am so tired of these news media, LOL, calling the Reps Democratic, when they are not, they are just Democrats. There is nothing democratic in their reporting. GO TRUMP GO.

  15. WELL SAID Howard. Imagine a people so filled with Hate, that Truth is obscured with darkness that permeates the very Heart and Soul of the individual. No you have not entered the Twilight Zone; You have Entered the “Congress Zone”!

  16. I avoided watching the Democrat debacle on purpose. having read the conditions foisted on the hearings by Democrats. I knew that it would be a seven-ring circus without a valid substance. Your comments appear to be cogent according to other analyses that I have encountered.

  17. Watch when this dog and pony show is over. The Dems will either keep this around or have soothing else in the making!

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