It’s Enough With This Cat 1, 2, 3, 4 Or 5


A Hurricane Is Going To Hit Florida Starting With The Bahamas . . . PERIOD!

It’s not the First Time a Hurricane is going to Hit Florida, and it Won’t be the Last. And it’s not the First Devastating Hurricane that’s going to Hit Florida, the Eastern Seaboard or the Gulf Coast . . . And That Won’t Be The Last Either.


But To Listen To The Media, Which Makes Its Money Sensationalizing The News – This Hurricane Will Be All Hell & Damnation . . . So you Better get on your Knees, Deliver a Prayer, Then Double-Over & Kiss-Your-Ass-Goodbye.


You Can’t Turn on a News Channel without Hearing the same Panicked Spiel over and over Again, about how Devastating this Hurricane is going to be. And depending on the Structure of your Home, you Might or Might Not Survive the Winds.

IT’S SHAMEFUL . . . How the Media says – “We Don’t Want To Alarm You”, and then Comes the Media’s Big But, because that’s Exactly what the Media wants to do. The Scarier and the More Devastating the Media can Make this Act of Nature, the Better for that Media’s “Numbers” (Ratings).


There’s No Question About It . . . Florida is going to get Hit with a Major Storm. So Might the East Coast. And there’s going to be Destruction & Great Inconvenience.

Less Well-Built Homes Might get Wiped-Out. They Probably will. And that’s a Tragedy. Trees will be Uprooted. Shingles and Entire Roofs will be Ripped-Off. Boats will be Sunk at the Docks or Slammed onto the Shore. And there will be Major Power Losses for a Time.

To Hear Or See The Media . . . It’s as if this has Never Happened before, and the Apocalypse is Suddenly upon Everyone in the Path of the Storm.

I’ve Seen The Aftermath Of Some Extremely Powerful Hurricanes, such as Hurricane Michael with Category 5 WindsSustained at 160-Miles Per Hour, which Devastated Forests & Less Well-Built Homes along the Coast on Mexico Beach.

But Guess What? . . . After “Michael” – The Panhandle Was Still Standing.

So Let Me Tell You . . . I’m not a Floridian and I’ve Never been through a Hurricane. But I’ve been to the Hurricane Prone Gulf States, the Florida Panhandle, the East Coast North of Florida and up and down the Florida Coast from Jacksonville to the Keys – AND AFTER GOD KNOWS HOW MANY HURRICANES – ALL THOSE COMMUNITIES ARE STILL STANDING.

Why Can’t The Media Simply Say . . . “Hunker Down, there’s a Big Storm on the way with Strong Hurricane Winds, that will Most Likely Hit on Tuesday (or whatever day). And do Everything you Can to Prepare, with suggested or mandated Evacuations, If You live . . . Wherever”?

Instead of Giving a Minute by Minute Blow by Blow Update, Saying we Don’t know for Sure . . . But You Better Listen To Us Anyway!

And it’s Not just what the Media Says, as much as how the Media Says it, Creating Drama to their Speech, Emphasizing Certain Catch-Words & Phrases to make the Situation all that much more Perilous, to the Point that People make each other Crazy, Imagining the Worst Possible Outcome, as Regular Folks Conflate the Media’s Narrative of Doom & Gloom.

I Get It . . . A Strong Hurricane is On -The-Way, and it will Cause Severe Damage. But it Ain’t the First. And it Won’t be the Last. And these Regions have Survived many Hurricanes – and will Survive many More. SO WHY SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF AS MANY AS 10-MILLION PEOPLE, who Aren’t in a Position to do Anything about it other than to Prepare as Best they Can?

I Understand . . . It’s Going To Be Bad.

People & Animals are going to Suffer. There will be a Major Disruption to Normal Life. And then Everything will get back to Normal as Usual.

And once the Hurricane Passes, and Normal Life is Restored, People will Talk about the Great Labor-Day-Week Storm they Survived in 2019.

I Have Family & Friends In Florida, the Gulf States, and up and Down the East Coast. So I’m concerned for all of them. Just as I’m Concerned for the Many Readers and Commentators of who are in the Bullseye of this Hurricane.

So . . . It’s not as if I Don’t have Reason to Care. Because I Do.

It’s Important . . . Stay Prepared. Stay Informed – But Don’t Let The Media Drive You Crazy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Very well put Howard, as I too am getting tired of watching the the news and that is all we hear/see.

  2. I drove through the panhandle last week. The destruction was staggering–even a year later.

  3. In Journalism 101 my first year in college, the prof said, “This course is about the ‘FUD’ factor. Spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. If you think it’s about anything else you might want to drop this and take something else.” That was 1963! Great column Howard. Spot on! Terry Morgan

  4. In certain areas, before the storm, stores run out of bread, milk, and toilet paper. In others, they run out of wine and candles…

  5. You have to remember Howard that before al gores 2006 movie, there had never been any hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes etc… Before 2006 we had constant 21°C or 70°F for our American readers year round 24/7/365. It only gently rained between 1 AM and 4 AM and we had a constant light breeze just to keep the bugs away. Life was perfect. Everyone had jobs that paid six figure salaries but since al gore, the planet as gone to hell and a hand basket, LOL !!!!

  6. Howard you are forgetting about all the Millennials or anyone under 35 who have seen nothing , know nothing and need to be forewarned about everything and explicitly told what to do and when , otherwise they WILL likely perish . Furthermore they need to be told where to gather , what lines to form etc. so they can be saved as they cannot think or act on their own behalf .

  7. After witnessing Hurricane Andrew in 1992 & its devastation, and then Michael which was the worst & I saw first hand what my friends had lost, I become concerned about THEIR safety. If my friends repair & replace & continue to live there, I now give a node and offer up a prayer, but this Media Coverage is OUT OF SIGHT. (The people living in the area of possible TOUCH DOWN are already aware of what they have to do & where to obtain food, shelter, gas, etc.)

  8. It used be the news was on for several minutes every hour or so. Now it’s on 24/7/365. They have to fill that time with something…might as well be gloom and doom. BAH! HUMBUG!

  9. I think the weather channel reporters are ecstatic they have a storm to hype! And yes, they scare me. I’m less that 10 miles from the ocean and just went through Florence. Those winds were 100 mph sustained and stalled over the top of us. Scared me worse than the other Cat 3’s I survived.

  10. Surprise, surprise…Pres.Trump WASN’T blamed for Dorian!These days, people can’t live without some type of DRAMA.Social Media DRAMATIZES EVERYTHING!Also, MOST politicians USE and THRIVE on it.The RADICAL LEFT wants to make people believe that they can CONTROL the WEATHER with their FAKE NEWS and & HOLLYWOOD type of advertising. Instead of properly EDUCATING the PEOPLE, they INSTILL FEAR in them. Being ALERT & PREPARED is required, but NOT a FOCUS on FEAR! The WEATHER CANNOT be CONTROLLED! AMEN!

  11. I was an aerographers Mate in the Navy for six years, (cross trained in Oceanography as well), and I. Live in Florida, and have for the past 22 years. When I left the service we lived in New Hampshire and Maine where the attitude toward weather is simple, “It’s comin’ Make sure you got supplies, firewood, and a good book, and good shovel,…..ah…Yup, and wait it out! Weather is weather, and you have to live with it,….fa shure!!

  12. Come on folks. What else do the “talking heads” have to do but shout out “major news coming” every 10 minutes then “report” in the exact same words what they “reported” just 10 minutes previously? The content of all the so called news media sources probably could be reduced to less than a 200 word print or face to face presentation. But then whom would watch the stations?

  13. Howard, I am surprised the nut jobs in the so called news aren’t blaming President Trump?

  14. Finally the media has SOMETHING to put your attention on so you won’t see (or focus) on what the lefties are up to in their attempts to bring down America. The Russian collusion thing finally (for the most part) have dried up on them and they can only yell racist, gun loving, bible banging, homophobic hater so many times…. Hey everybody, look over here at the world ending storm! Don’t pay any attention to the Constitution hating president wanna-be’s, don’t pay any attention to the news that the king of child sex investigation is all but over and those (Clinton’s) high level decadents will now NOT be investigated… and they tell us that crying ‘Fake News’ is some evil way to debase the media and their honor and damaging to the 1st amendment? Sane people are turning the channel because they have had enough… We’re turning the channel to sources like Howard 😉

  15. There is an outstanding article in the WSJ today entitled “The problem with believing what we’re told” by Gary Marcus and Anne Duke. Everyone in America should read this. It explains why there is so much stupidity in the media and in our minds today.

  16. I’m 72–I’ve been through 12 hurricanes while living in Ft. Lauderdale, Summerland Key, Gainesville, St Augustine/Ferandina Beach and survived 4 Typhoons at sea in a destroyer in the pacific–one of which took the ship straight the eye at 0400 and broke the ULQ-6 antenna off the mainmack! Mostly they were all boring, uncomfortable and I slept through the worst of them and woke up sore and hungry—just hunker down and endure!

  17. This is typical. Newsmax’s latest copy has an article that the so-called recession that has everyone worried is all HYPE given out by the Main Stream Media and out to take out Trump. Reality is we are expecting a bigger boom next year. We can also do without too many shoes, higher cost of avocadoes if that is what i takes to take down China. Be an American and do without to help win the trade was. We had shoes, tires, gas, some food, etc all rationed for years during WW II. We won the war!

  18. We have lived in Florida, Tampa Bay, for 56 years, and I fully agree the the press is responsible for much more stress placed on it’s viewers than is necessary. It’s all about “MONEY” due to viewer dominance per network (plus neg. reporting). After 53 years we are still here and enough is enough. Again it goes back to each person or family accepting responsibility for their own actions in reasonable pr-paring for a nature disaster.

  19. Thanks Howard for the laughs from your editorial as well as some of the comments. My sister and family have lived in Florida for half of her 81 years and they’re all still there. Likely most common sense folks go to a radar site and check whatever forecast is there with the volume turned off, just looking at ‘current’ direction & projected paths. Then do what needs done and go about your day.

  20. Its the same here in Las Vegas, only it’s about the devastating heat 110+ degrees. SUPER HEAT WATCH! I have been here for eight years. Its the same every year. We all know not to stay out under the sun, drink plenty of liquids, don’t leave children or animals in your car, etc., etc. The media is the same about the heat. I mean it gets hot in Vegas every year!! Media hype every where.

  21. Howard…I usually like your stuff… and agree w/ the Hype perspective…but until you have stood in the eye of a Cat3 , knowing you’re only half way done protecting your family, and still have a weeks worth of cleen-up… you haven’t a clue ! JMHO.

    Anne & I Have Been Through Three Tornadoes. I Have A Clue – HG.

  22. From an admitted accuracy geek: Hurricane Michael was a Cat 2, not a Cat 5, storm when it went ashore 10 OCT 2018, 1200 PM CDT. 106 (one hundred six) mph winds max recorded at Port St Joe, reported by NWS National Hurricane Weather Center, Miami, FL. The 150mph number was derived by Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer (Hurricane Hunter aircraft) which the NHC admits is unreliable References gladly sent to whomever, wherever.

    I Invest A Great Deal Of Time & Effort Getting It Right – HG.

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