Racism – Democrats . . . Two Peas In The Same Pod


I Love My Florida Brother-In-Law. He is the Walking, Talking, Living Example of a Mentsch (Good Person) who is very much Interested in all things Political, in Canada and in his New Home – The USA.

So in Conversation over the telephone today, Me being at Home in South Eastern Ontario, him being at Home in South Florida, our Conversation came around to Politics, where he Criticized Gerry Nadler for Nadler’s Disgraceful Never-Ending Trump Witch-Hunt.

I Stopped My Brother-In-Law In Mid-Sentence , when I Accused him of Being an Anti-Semite, to which he said . . . What are you Talking About? I’m as Jewish as you are. As a Matter of Fact, maybe More Jewish than you, because I and your Sister belong to a Synagogue and Generally go to Sabbath Services and you Don’t.

MY RESPONSE WAS COGENT . . . You Criticized Gerry Nadler who Happens to be Jewish, which by all LEFTIST Standards Makes you an Anti-Semite. And just because you’re Jewish Doesn’t make it Right . . .

To Which My Brother-In-Law Responded Incredulously – That I (Meaning Me) Must Be Nuts To Make That Association.

But To Further My Case . . . I Reminded my Brother-In-Law, that in the Past, he has also Criticized Adam Schiff and Charles Schumer for things they did and said. And They’re Jewish Too, which only Reinforced my Claim that my Really Decent Brother-In-Law, who I Love like a Brother must be an Anti-Semite.

Why Else Would My Brother-In-Law Dare Criticize These Three Jewish Men?

WORSE – They Were All Men . . . So in Addition, I have to Assume that my Beloved Brother-In-Law must also be a Sexist.

SO THERE IT IS . . . And Until My Brother-In-Law can Prove that he’s NOT an Anti-Semite and NOT a Sexist – How can My Brother-In-Law Prove that He is NOT?


My Brother-In-Law Is As Far Away . . . from Being an Anti-Semite, Sexist, Racist or any of the Negative “ISTS”/“PHOBES” the LEFT can Conjure out of Thin Air as is Possible.

But What My Brother-In-Law Is . . . Is Anti-Stupid & Is Completely Against Dishonest & Corrupt Politics, Politicians & Bureaucrats.

SO . . . Every Time President Trump Justifiably Criticizes a Public Person, who Happens to be of Color or Female Gender – for being Incompetent, Dishonest and/or Corrupt . . . How Does That Make The President A Racist Or A Sexist?

The LEFT have always been on the NUTSO-SIDE, but they’ve Created a Whole New Meaning to the Definition of Being Nuts, and Thinking that the Majority of the People are so Stupid and Ill-Informed as to Believe the LEFT’S Insane Accusations of “ISTS”/“PHOBES” for all of the Stupid Policies the LEFT Cannot Defend or Explain Honestly is Incomprehensible.

What The LEFT have Done to Good People like Judge (Now Justice) Kavanaugh, and are trying to do to President Trump through their Own Appointed Leftist Judges & the Media is Unforgivable and Worthy Of Indictment, Wealth/Possession Forfeiture & Prison.

If People Cannot Trust The Government . . . There Is No People’s Government.


If The People Believe . . . Which I believe Most do, that there are Unequal Laws & Punishments for Various Crimes, Depending on who you are and what the Courts are Willing to Pursue – Then There Is No Justice.

As I See It . . . Not only should there be Equal Justice – But More Severe Justice for Public Figures who Abuse, Lie, Cheat & Steal through Their Elected or Appointed Positions.

In A Just World . . . The Clintons Should Be In Jail, with all the Money & Pursuant Treasures the Clintons Stole Being Seized. And so should all the People who Aided, Abetted & Shielded the Clintons in their Public Sector Crime Spree.

It Is All But Obvious To Me . . . that Insiders – Perhaps Going all the way to President Obama, Planned & Attempted to Execute a Coup D’état Against the Presidency of Donald Trump, which is Treason, for which there is a Statutory Penalty of Death.

The Situation In Government Today – Canada and the USA Amongst Most Others, has Evolved to the Level, where the Government has become the Real Enemy of the People, to the Point where the Freedoms we Assume are “Ours” . . . should no Longer be Assumed, as those Freedoms are being Chipped-Away everyday – Through The BIG LIE Of Racism Behind Every Justifiable Criticism of Government, or “The Friends Of Government” for the Purpose of Hiding Major Crimes & Misdemeanors.

Who Works For Whom? – The Clock Is Ticking . . . And Time Is Running-Out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The other day I sent Nadler a note on his Facebook page that may get his attention. I asked him if he had been to a Kohane to get checked for Tzra’as. This is the biblical punishment that Miriam received for criticizing her brother Moses. The irony was that everything she said was true unlike the words of Gerry Nadler. So if I was him, I would run off to the nearest Kohane and get my skin checked.

  2. May I submit this editorial to Webster’s Dictionary as a complete and unabridged definition for liberal logic?

    Great read Howard!

  3. The Democrats play the race card against their opponents. If the charge is not racism, then it’s bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia. During the last election Hillary called Trump supporters “the deplorables”. When you can’t beat your opponent on the issues you can resort to name calling which has always been the preferred comeback for Democrats when losing an argument.

  4. The Left and Democrats have no valid arguments. When one has nothing, they fight any underhanded and dirty way they can. They lie, cheat, corrupt and then lie some more. Its all smoke and mirrors to bamboozle the masses into thinking they’re really on the case and making sense. When in reality, they’re not. The more fluff and nonsense you can throw at people with conviction and supported by media, the more people will buy it.

  5. Excellent article Howard! The Democrats have lost their minds. It’s like God gave them over to reprobate minds. They don’t see the destruction they are causing our country and if they do see it, then they are truly evil!

  6. Isn’t it PECULIAR that if the RIGHT criticizes or defends itself against the LEFT, they are VIEWED as RACIST & SEXIST, but if the LEFT does the same thing, it’s okay for them to do so. Well, “What’s good for the GOOSE is good for the GANDER”! Thank God that we have a PRESIDENT who does NOT FEAR the LEFT! The LEFT keeps LYING & COVERING UP for their inappropriate actions by SPINNING the TRUTH. The HATRED of Trump is so SEVERE and so OBVIOUS that it will cause the LEFT to FAIL! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  7. Someone share this and I just love it. I post it in response to many Facebook posts……………. It says it all. Dear Liberals,
    Please be advised that your Race Card account has been closed. This decision was based on your account history of excessive over-limit spending. Please destroy your card immediately as it will no longer be honored.
    The American People

  8. There hasn’t been a people’s government in decades. People that become politicians only do it for power and money. The people that elect them is the last thing on their minds. Today’s politicians serve themselves and not the people that elected them like they are supposed to do. The only way we can expect change is for the sheeples of both Canada and the U.S.A. to truly wake up and vote the best of the worse because today there is no such thing as a good honest politician.

  9. Your whole write-up shows that Democrats in political positions have obviously been “Hiding Major Crimes & Misdemeanors” for many decades – because it has become 2nd nature. Now, however, in their blinded confidence of success, they have become “The Emperor’s New Clothes” characters; the jig is up & their nakedness is obvious.

  10. Ok, so we’re deplorables. You nailed it, Howard. The left are “Incomprehensibles”! The Clintons should be jailed, they’re money confiscated and used to clean up Rep. Cummings Congressional District.

  11. Your right the Clintons should be in jail along with all the others as well. I am 78 yrs old and pray before I go that I see all of them in jail for many long yrs. I don’t think it will happen there are to many billions on their side to keep them out of jail.
    What a shame they are such powerful, money hungry people. That and they are doing their best to destroy our beautiful country, Shame, Shame on all of them.

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