Empowering Idiots At The Expense Of Freedom


SO . . . Pelosi Met With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is as Dumb as a Rock, amid a Mountain of Media Hoopla, but Smart Enough to Enhance Herself Amongst People who are even Dumber than Herself. Does That Make Me A Racist To Say-So?

I Wish I Couldn’t Figure It Out – But I Can . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Political Pipsqueak, who is being Elevated to the Stature of a Political Superstar by a Frightened Inept Pelosi and the Media. But On What Merit?

If Pelosi Isn’t About To Slap Cortez-Down-To-Size . . . What’s The Point?

Is Nancy Pelosi that Terrified of this Congressional “Imposter To Intelligence” to Good Governance, and the Freedoms Guaranteed through the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, that she will Kneel Before Cortez, in order for Cortez Not to Make a Mockery of the Democrat Party and the Freedoms of America, that Pelosi is willing to Give Cortez a Massive Unwarranted Pulpit?

I Don’t Really Know What To Think, But I Know That It’s Not Good . . . If I had to Guess – I would Guess that Nancy Pelosi is in her Own Way, Far Past Her Best Due Date, Akin to what we Recently saw with Robert Mueller’s Testimony in Front of the Mueller Congressional Hearings.


Because Nancy Pelosi has Seemingly Succumbed to Whatever, and the Democrat Inmates are Ruling the Asylum, while Pelosi is Taking a Knee to Cortez . . . The Democrat Party and the United States of America are about to Pay an Inconceivable Price.

By the time Ocasio-Cortez and Her Gang of Three Exceptional Anti-American Losers, Finish Screwing-Over America . . . The Democrats will be Torn Asunder – and might Not Exist Beyond 2020. So I Ask Again . . . Does What I Just Wrote Make Me A Racist?

And Based On All Of This BS – Whomever Wins the Democrat Party Leadership for the 2020 Election, will be Winning Nothing more than a Bag of Dung.

The People have Allowed & Encouraged Incompetent & Corrupt Politicians & Bureaucrats for so Long, that this Political/Bureaucratic Sickness has become Normal.


Many Years Ago, During The Winter . . . The First Time Anne and I Drove by Car to Florida, we Stopped for the Night in Baltimore, and Stayed at a Top-Notch Holiday Inn Highrise just off the I-95.

SO HERE’S HOW IT WENT . . . Inside the Relatively Ornate Hotel, were Several Big Black Men in Suits & Ties, just sort of hanging around. I was later told that these Big Black Men were part of the Hotel’s 24-Hour Security Detail.

Does Describing These Big Security Men As Being Black Me A Racist?

At Check-In . . . Anne and I were Told by the Front Desk Operator, that Under No Circumstance should we go to our Parked Car after Dark, without at least One Security Person (One of the Big Black Men), because it was Unsafe, and the Hotel would Not Accept any Responsibility for whatever might Happen to either of us Otherwise.

We Were Hungary . . . so we went out for an Early Supper – Sort of Between Lunch & Supper; we went to a Hardees Chicken Joint, which we were Told was Very Good, and a New Experience for us, since there were no Hardees in Canada.

In this Fast Food Restaurant (Like A KFC), we noticed Several things that stood-out. The person who took Payment was Behind a Security Glass Enclosure, all the Patrons except for Anne & Myself were Black, which Elicited more than just a few Stares from the other Diners.

Then we saw a Large Poster on the Door Windows, offering a $10,000-Reward for Information Leading to the Arrest of the Man who shot and Killed a Hardee Store Manager.

SO . . . Out Of Curiosity I Asked . . . one the Restaurant Employees – When was a Hardee Manager Killed? The Response was Last Week. Where was the Manager Killed? In this Restaurant came the Reply. And why was he Killed? It was a Robbery. Does this Happen Often I Asked? Yes was the Reply. But no one “Usually” gets Killed.

After we Checked-Out of the Hotel, and before we got back onto the Highway, Anne & I wanted to get the Canadian Winter Sludge & Grime Washed-Off our Car, so we found a Car Wash. And at this Self-Car Wash, Sat an Armed Guard who gave out the Quarters Needed to Operate the Sprayers.

Anne & I Weren’t Upset To Be Leaving BaltimoreDoes That Make Us Racist?

I Don’t Believe 99% . . . of the Hype we Hear about Politicians and how Extraordinary they Are & Have Been “Before Political” Life, which Includes Elijah Cummings, the Current Black Democrat Chair of the Very Influential Oversight Committee, who uses Extreme Facial and Voice Theatrics to show his Outrage over every Nuance Imaginable.

I Described Cummings as the “Black” Democrat Chair, not because I Care if Cumming’s was Black, Brown, Yellow or White, but Rather, because Cumming’s Himself Makes a Constant Issue of his Color.


So Here’s A Politician, who is very often in the News, who gives the Impression that he is somehow God’s Gift to his Constituents and the United States of America, who in my Opinion is Nothing Other than a Self-Serving Guy who Really knows how to Play the System for all it’s Worth, WHO REPRESENTS THE DANGEROUS SHIT-HOLE DISTRICT KNOWN AS BALTIMORE.

When President Trump Said in a Tweet (Paraphrased), that Cummings should Do his Job as the Representative of the Rat-Filled, Filthy, Dangerous, Drug Infested, Murder-Capital & the Otherwise Disgusting District of Baltimore to Improve this (District) Disaster, Instead of Perpetuating the Witch-Hunt Against President Trump and more Specifically Against ICE & the Border Detention Centers . . . President Trump Couldn’t Have been More Right.

SO . . . Nancy Pelosi Shot Back in a Subsequent Statement, that Donald Trump has Issued Yet Another Racist Tweet – However . . . President Trump’s Tweet is Available for the World to Read, and Nowhere in President Trump’s Tweet does the President even Hint at Elijah Cumming’s Race – So where Did this Charge of Racism Come From? . . . YOU GOT IT – NANCY PELOSI & THE LEFTIST MEDIA.


President Trump Has Hit This Horrible Group Of Four (Squad), for being the Anti-Constitutional American Idiots they are. And in all of his Harsh Criticisms of these Socialist Jerks, who have Proven themselves to be Ignorant, Arrogant, Liars, Anti-Trump, Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitic . . . I Defy Anyone To Show Me Where President Trump Ever Made Reference To The “Squad’s” General Race or Gender.


The Inconsequential LEFTIST Howard Kurtz wrote for the Hard LEFTIST Trump Hating Washington Post, and then was the Bureau Chief for the Perhaps Equally or Greater Hard LEFTIST Trump Hating Daily Beast.

As I was Writing this Morning (Sunday), I was more Listening than I was Watching Howard Kurtz on Fox News, where Kurtz was Repeating the Canard about the President’s “Racist” Remarks Concerning Elijah Cummings, and about the “Squad”, as if the President’s Tweets Were Fact . . . So Let Me Tell You – I Very Rarely Watch Anything on Fox Sunday Shows, Especially Howard Kurtz, who is in my Opinion a Snake in the Grass Pretending to be “Fair & Balanced” to Whomever he Believes to be his Payday . . . If Nothing ElseKurtz Is Anything But Fair & Balanced, much like Pelosi, Schumer, Cummings, the Squad, CNN, MSNBC and his Former Media Employers.

In Essence . . . President Trump has Been Enjoying Several Wonderful Weeks as the LEFT Self-Destructs, with the Squad Making Pelosi look Weak & Insignificant, where Mueller Revealed his Ineptitude and the Fiction of his Report, where Congressional Democrats are Committing Political Suicide, where the Democrats aren’t Standing up to Anti-Semitism, the LEFT are Promoting Open Borders, and the Media has no Idea What & How to Report-On Next.

And As All This Is Happening . . . President Trump Is Saving Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. and after kurtz,I watched chris wallace,the Trump hater 1000 times worst than kurtz.Mulvaney held his own.

  2. Excellent commentary, as usual! I saw POTUS Trump speak of Cummings & Baltimore & you BACKED IT UP! When was the last time ANY Democrat was in Baltimore? Probably NEVER. Baltimore, Chicago, all of California, etc All need the Politicians to actually START working to clean up their own ‘messes’ of mismanagement before they POUNCE on Trump. Bet the FAKE MEDIA hasn’t ‘actually’ visited the BAD AREAS. Before pointing fingers, better make sure you have the FACTS & Nothing But The FACTS. MYPOV

  3. If a meal in between Breakfast (6 to 8 AM) and Lunch (12 to 13 PM) is called Brunch (10 AM) then a meal between Lunch and Supper (5 to 7 PM) is called a Lunpper (3 to 4 PM), LOL !!!! For the rest of the editorial, nothing can be done until a full deprogramming of 80% of the sheeple population from their brainwashing by the Fake News lamestream media cult can be accomplished and they finally wake-up by doing more research than just listening to the mainstream media and the demon rats.

  4. 40 years ago my wife and I were driving in Baltimore, stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change. All the people we could see on the street were black. Some were looking at us. We felt uncomfortable and left the area. Were we racist or smart?

  5. As long as Trump keeps the Dem stirred up, unable to accomplish anything, I’m enjoying the show. Come the election, Trump will tout his accomplishments and then ask what the Dems have been doing for four years. I can’t believe the semi-rational thinking Dems will allow The Squad any power. If they do gain power, will the moderate Dems be the ones who form the third party, not the conservative Republicans?

  6. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is most often found in chronic alcoholics which Nancy Pelosi is reputed to be. Judging from her booze bills on government flights that we pay for, I don’t have any problem believing it. Confusion may be the most obvious early symptom of dementia, but this confusion is also accompanied by obvious memory problems. Alcoholic dementia is similar in some ways to Alzheimer’s disease in that it affects memory and cognitive ability. Also, like Alzheimer’s, once alcoholic dem

  7. Very well said!This past wk.[7/21-7/28/19] will be VIEWED in 2020 as the DEMOCRATS’ DOWNFALL, especially re: MUELLER’S HEARING & PELOSI’S BOWING-DOWN to the SQUAD/AOC. They have RUINED the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Pelosi & AOC are “two peas in a pod;one ISN’T much SMARTER than the other.The DOWNFALL of Baltimore, Chicago, California, etc… is DUE to its DEMOCRATIC so-called LEADERSHIP who are BIG TALKERS & LITTLE DOERS! The RADICAL LEFT are HATERS who will REAP its CONSEQUENCES! PRAY FOR TRUMP! AMEN!

  8. I might just note that Bernie Sanders toured Districts in Baltimore and said it looked like a “third world country”. It was a 2015 video. I suspect that’s how people feel about LA, San Francisco, NYC and possibly Austin. A sad disgrace!

  9. I just learned about the “Justice Democrats” I have a great article on them and the “Squad”…. this new arm of the democrat party is to be feared. They are evil and want to destroy this country and make us a one world order. If you have a chance look up “Justice Democrats”… 🙁

  10. What you write has always been true, but let me say this bloody scary as well. I don’t watch much news because I don’t believe what they are telling us. The only person I do believe is you and what you write for us. Please keep it up. Thank you as always for your great writings for us. AS for Baltimore it was a scary place to go through in the sixties when I took my daughter to the medical place there for the military. Once again Howard and Anne thank you. God bless
    JLTurley S.C.

  11. There seems to be a frequent flaw in your editorials which ,I add,are factual,enlightening and greatly entertaining . You seem to assume that the logic behind your arguments will be understood by leftists and independents and the Democrats will lose by a party destroying percentage. There is little support for your implied assumption because how they’ve voted in the historical past defies reason based on looking at the qualities of the Democrats now in office. Trump could lose by a large margin!

  12. Like Trump said, “What the hell do you have to lose by voting for Trump?” GOP needs to quit cowering to racist attacks and face the real racism head on. GOP is the Civil Rights party! Fox Sunday is ‘Never Trump day’ all day except for Steve Hilton and Mark Levin. I only watch Levin, Judge Pirro, Hannity, Ingraham on Fox period. I mute when annoying Liberals are on. I watch Varney, Payne, Liz MacDonald, Dobbs, and Trish on Fox Business. OANN for Rallies.

  13. Respect has been the rule of Congress until the Kavanaugh hearings. Now the squad’s disrespecting big-mouths have been ignored too long. At the outset, as each screamed hate, Pelosi should have marched into their office, shut the door & read them the riot act, cease & desist or else-OUT. They caught her & career politicians off-guard, their age very telling in time it took to respond & has irrevocably damaged the Dem Party. If squad-ers take over, it will be worse mayhem–no rules at all.

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