No Joy In Watching A Man Self-Destruct


Forget The Meanspirited Insanity Of The LEFT . . . where – to the LEFT . . . Lying, Bullying & Creating Non-Existing Narratives is as Normal as Sipping a Cup of Coffee in the Morning.

Also – Forget the Unbelievable/Political & Legal Disaster of the Mueller Hearings & how Inept the Democrats have been at Governing, Especially once the Democrats Won the Majority in the House, When & Where they could have been Making Real Policy Decisions to help the Country, Instead of doing all they Could to Demolish the Freedoms Guaranteed in the American Constitution.

I Have No Real Opinion Of Robert Mueller . . . Other than he has Lived what seems to have been a Great Life Feeding off the Public Trough – But to see a Man of his Stature & Reputation Totally Destroyed at the Hands of LEFTIST Avarice, was a Sad Day Indeed.

I Don’t Believe Anything The Media Promotes . . . Including & Especially the Reputations of Men & Women the Media Supports. It’s all Hollywood, Creating Personas to Fulfill an Agenda . . . where the Fiction is Far Removed from the Reality.

So . . . just as the Real James Comey was nothing like the James Comey the Media Portrayed, I have no Reason to Believe that the Media’s Persona of Robert Mueller was any more Honest than that of James Comey, who in all Reality, was (is) a Thoroughly Dishonest Man with a Hugely Destructive Ego.

Why Weren’t Crooked Hillary & Her Posse Shaking With Fear?


I Heard From Pundits & Others – Specifically Democrats . . . That Nothing New came from the Mueller Congressional Hearings . . . THAT IS A HUMONGOUS LIE!

What Came out of the Mueller Congressional Hearings, which was of Critical Importance Were . . . WHO WAS REALLY IN CHARGE & WHO WROTE THE REPORT MUELLER PUT HIS NAME TO?

If it is as it Seems, that Mueller was Nothing Short of a Democrat Placed (LEFTIST) Prop in Republican Clothing, to Give the Impression that the Investigation was Up & Up, and was Seriously Designed to Protect the United States of America from Russian Electoral Interference, which Doesn’t seem to be Remotely True . . . IT TELLS ME THAT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS A MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM THAN JUST SOMEWHAT.

What Came Out Of This Hearing . . . Is that Mueller Hardly had a Clue as to what was in his “Supposedly Own” Report. And if Mueller Couldn’t Answer Basic Questions about his Two And A Half Year Inquisition – Then Who Could?


I Never Liked Rod Rosenstein . . . He always Struck me to be a Sniveler, Shooting from the Shadows, only to Run Away & Seek Cover when his Prey Shot Back. And it was Rosenstein who Appointed Mueller. But it turns out that it was Probably Not Mueller who Appointed Mueller’s Team. So Who’s Team Was It?

Right From The Get-Go . . . President Trump & Others were Arguing that all the Appointed Lawyers to Head the Anti-Trump Investigation – Virtually all of the Lawyers were Serious Clinton Supporters in one way or Another . . . Headed By The IGNOBLE ANDREW WEISSMANN, Who Practices “Anti-Law” Without A Conscience.

This Is What I believe Was The Strozk/Page Insurance Policy. That if Trump was to Win the Presidency – The Insiders would use the “Dirty Dossier” to Take President Trump Down, by Creating a Special Council Stacked With Never Trumpers – Highly Pro-Clintonites . . . under the Guise of a Fair Minded Republican Prosecutor (Mueller) Who Was Beyond Reproach.

I Also Believe . . . The Clinton Insiders Thought They Were Indestructible. And Would Pull This Subterfuge Off Without Revealing The True Scope Of Their Failed Coup D’état.

What These Traitors To America Never Imagined . . . Were Two Things.

1 – Was that their Target – President Trump was much Smarter & Tougher than they were. And was not about to go down without a Fight.

2 – That in Spite of everything this Democrat House of Representatives Attempted, they only Managed to Lose the Confidence of the People who Elected them, and the People who didn’t Elect them, Pushing the Electorate that much Deeper into the Trump Camp.

And Now The Hunters Are The Hunted.

It is Critical to the Freedom of the Entire World, that the Purveyors of this Failed American Coup D’état are Exposed, Brought to Justice & Punished, because Freedom in the Rest of the World is Guided & Predicated upon what Happens in the United States of America.

If Traitors In America . . . Would Have Been Successful In Their Take-Down of a Duly Elected President, and had Gotten Away with it, World Freedom Would have Fallen Too.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . This Attempted Coup D’état Wasn’t Just American. I Believe there was a World Conspiracy to Aid & Abet the American Traitors who are Pushing for a One World Government.

So . . . When I Hear From The Media & The LEFT – that Nothing of Consequence came out of the Congressional Mueller Hearings . . . That’s A Load Of Crap. The Congressional Mueller Hearings Exposed that Mueller was Nothing more than a Titular Head for the Ongoing Attempted Coup D’état Against President Trump, which Didn’t End with the 2016 Election.

And Now that there is an Attorney General (William Barr) with a Dedicated Staff of Serious Investigative Prosecutors, and Perhaps a More Confident IG (Inspector General), Michael Horowitz, who I’m quite Confident Doesn’t want to Get Drowned in the Swamp, it is Indeed a Whole New Day.

For Those Who Said It Was Inconsequential . . . BS. It Was Game-Changing!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Robert Mueller left 4 innocent men on death row in Boston to protect murdering mafia boss Whitey Bulger. He cost the taxpayers over 100 MILLION in civil penalties when they were exonerated. He did the same thing to other people as well. Watching him melt down and show himself for what he really is was Schadenfreude of the first water for me. He tried to frame and overthrow MY PRESIDENT for NO reason other than personal dislike from corrupt obama admin scumbags. I loved watching his EPIC FAIL!

  2. Sorry to disagree, Mr. Galganov.
    Mueller is a deep swamp dweller who has played the system well to his own personal advantage… until recently.
    His unraveling is well deserved, and I enjoyed every moment of his public downfall.
    Mueller and his corrupt cronies must suffer their just deserts!
    AEN Kingston, Canada

  3. Jerry Nadler wanted to file articles of impeachment against President Trump as soon as the Meuller debacle was over. Nadler’s hatred for President Trump goes back many years before the 2016 election. It is Nadler’s sole goal in life to bring President Trump down and he will keep up the harassment forever!

  4. I have absolutely NO sympathy for a bureaucrat who loaned his name to a bogus investigation that cost more than a few Americans their livelihoods or their privacy or their freedom. Nothing here except disdain!


  5. Howard! You are a rare and honest voice of integrity and patriotic values that Conservatives so dearly hunger for! You are our #1, Alpha Guy! In 2nd place of are your readers. They are intelligent…caring….and 100% supporters of the R. W. & B. American is on the edge & the Galganov Family helps to provide encouragement & sanity! Appreciate seeing where people live. Prayers to ALL and Big Time Prayers to Trump and his team. Boss & Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA

  6. This situation will never end until we start seeing some prosecutions against members of the swamp deep state starting with obama and the clintons. Until that happens, the status quo will continue. I really doubt that any in the deep state swamp will get any jail time. The time in jail will be done mostly by scapegoats just like the mueller investigation that saw people charged and go to jail that had nothing to do with the russia collusion case.

  7. Can’t wait for it to all come tumbling down. Every left loon and rino will be seen for what/who they really are. It’s got to happen soon! This Epstein case is also going to bring down many, watching this as well. It can’t happen soon enough!

  8. IMHO Robert Mueller is an angry old man, who because Trump would not give him a job he wanted (FBI Director) agreed to be the front man for this attempted Coup D’état. Mueller is now more than not a Broken Old Man who appeared to be oblivious to the contents Mueller Report. What a shame!

  9. Personally I believe that Mueller is in the early stages of Dementia. His confused, blank stares and utter lack of knowledge of the entire report was a disaster. I’ll bet Andrew Wiseman ran the whole show and hired all of the crony Dem lawyers and wrote the report. The entire time the investigation was going on we only heard from him 1 time & it was to deny something & it was in writing. I can’t believe someone close to him let him go in front of this committee. I’ll bet he is diagnosed soon.

  10. By Jove, I think you nailed it! While I hadn’t thought of this charade as the infamous insurance policy, I had wondered if it wasn a final effort. I do wonder if Mueller realized he was the designated scapegoat. I suspect he did not. If he had I don’t think he would have insisted his underling be sworn in. The minute that first happened, I told my husband, “If the committee allows that guy to testify in Mueller’s place, that tells me he is here for nefarious purposes.”

  11. Think it is obvious Howard that there is no “Muller Report”. The report was written by Muller’s Cronies! They have filled their pockets with tax payer money by milking the system as long as they could. Time to move on to the real investigations. If this happens it will not be until after the 2020 elections?

  12. Interesting, Howard. I can’t wait to get to the next chapter in the BOOK. Mark Levin said this is the biggest scandal in American history. Who’s gonna write the REAL book.

  13. Mueller was a puppet of the Deep State, who was conflicted from day one. Andrew Weissmann, a total sleezeball & the gang of Trump hating lawyers were running the show. It was a disgusting & evil attempt to take down our duly elected POTUS with lies & falsehoods. If the crooks behind this are not brought to justice, we are doomed as a republic.

  14. Sorry, I think it was justice for Mueller to be unmasked as the stuttering, confused RINO that he is. I think the left offered him a great retirement package. Get paid MILLIONS for doing nothing but appearing a few times lending his name to this DemoRAT farce. Dems are nothing if not sneaky and crafty. Nadler is like old chewed gum on the sole of a shoe.

  15. I agree with one of the other writers …. I do believe Mueller is in the early (or even farther) state of dementia. Even though I do relish the fact that the Dems. were twisting in the wind, it was hard to watch ….. even with the things he was trying to say, you see it in his eyes – huge bags under his eyes, his face was drawn, and he was just done in. Yes, the Dems. did their come-upance, but to put this man on display was cruel.
    Barb Brooke, Staunton, VA

  16. It seemed like Mueller was not prepared that he looked and acted like he just got out of bed, or that he was half drunk, or on drugs. That he had more excuses to ask to have the same questions asked over and over, he had no idea what was in his notes. This is a man who for two years studied that our President had nothing to do with Russia helping him make it to the W/House? If the Russians were to do that it would have been Hillary. This was a joke to see today.

  17. The Democrats insisted Mueller testify; sometimes you regret what you asked for! An exposé before 13 million TV viewers of a tired old man who obviously was not in charge of a 30 million dollar debacle that failed to bring Trump down who wanted to in charge of the FBI again. Can’t wait for AG Barr to expose the swamp and use DOJ properly!

  18. I’m with you Howard. Whatever justice is due will be done but it gave me no pleasure to watch the feeble Mueller. It was pathetic and sad and I’m more angry at the people who used him in an attempt to take our President down. Someone knew he was much less the man than he had been and for that I have no forgiveness.

  19. It is my prayer that AG Barr has the DOJ to do the right thing. This means justice for all of those who supported President Trump during this whole debacle. The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether Mueller has dementia, but that he was doing wrong in the first place. In the scheme of things, I do fear that nothing will be done to those who were behind all of this like Hildebeast, the DNC, Comey, Rosenstein, Weissmann & the list goes on. This needs to include all the Dimwits & RINOs involved

  20. IMHO, Mueller discovered early on that President Trump had nothing to do with Russia, so he expanded his investigation far beyond its purpose. Fortunately his investigation disclosed several criminals, of which we were unaware. If the investigation disclosed any malfeasance on the part of Democrats, it was hidden. (Not disclosed in the Mueller report.)

  21. Mueller has been propped up for us to believe, for years, that he is the perfect impartial statesman. Then I see what he has done here, and especially see how he left people to rot on death row, knowing they were innocent, that makes me feel no pity at all for him. I’m glad the whole thing has blown up in the face of all of them.

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