With Friends Like These . . . Who Needs Enemies?

The Flag Is Your Country . . . Full-Stop - Period! Don’t Disparage Your Country!

In Response to some Queries about my Last (Previous) Editorial about Other Members of the Conservative Side of the Media, Besides Bill O’Reilly . . . Examples:

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Waters – Etc . . . I Support them all, because, Whatever they Say or Write, is Said or Written to Promote America, Freedom & Conservativism.


It Is True . . . . I’m all but Certain, that Written & Verbal Editorialists have Extra Large Egos, which I know is to a Great Extent, what Makes these Pundits/Opinionists & Talk-Show Hosts Successful & Vital to Conservative Values. So I Cut Them A Large Swath.

But . . . Here’s Where I Am Not So Tolerant.

They Chanted “Send Her Back” . . . SO WHAT? – We have all heard the LEFT say Much Worse, Literally on a Daily Basis about the RIGHT.

Besides . . . Why Would You Not Want To Send Such An Ungrateful Person Back?

We Heard Obama Imply Horrible things about White Police Officers, Successful Business Men, Israel & God Fearing People who Embrace the Second Amendment, who Prior to Obama’s Election, Obama and his Wife Sat for 20-Years in the Pews of one of America’s Most Racist Pastors (Jeremiah Wright), Who Openly Disparaged America, White People, Jews & Israel. Where was the Outrage?

And I Know that I don’t have to Remind you about Crooked Hillary Calling White Hardworking Poor & Middle-Class Americans who didn’t Agree with her . . . DEPLORABLES.

SO . . . Some Excited Trump Supporters Chanted Send Her Back (During a Trump Event) About Ilhan Omar, a Pro-Sharia, Ex-Pat Somalian, who Immigrated to the USA as Refugee under the (1980) Refugee Act, Possibly under Questionable Circumstances, who Prospered from American Largesse, who now Wants to Destroy the Fabric of the USA as it was Created, while Doing a Yeoman’s Task to Damage American Jews & Israel.

Yeah . . . I’m With The Crowd – Send Her Back!

Becoming a Landed Immigrant, Winning a Seat in the House of Representatives does Not Give Anyone a Right To Bite The Hand That Fed Him Or Her. Nor Does the First Amendment Give the Right to Anyone to Destroy the United States of America by Means of Force . . . Or By Means Of Dishonest Politics.

I’m Sickened By People . . . Many of whom Say they are Conservatives or Libertarians, who want to show Everyone how Smart & Egalitarian they are, by Promoting Free Speech by Desecrating the American Flag. That’s BS.

The Flag Is Your Country . . . Full-Stop – Period! Don’t Disparage Your Country!

No One Sets Himself/Herself – Up To Be Destroyed & Neither Did The Framers.

SO . . . As Most of You Probably Know . . . Here Came Anthony Scaramouche & Geraldo Rivera, on as Many Talk Shows who would have Either of Them, to Brag that They Told Their Good Friend The President . . . How he Made a Mistake by not Stopping the Chant – Send Her Back, and not Apologizing for it Right Away.

If They Were Really President Trump’s Good Friends . . . Why would they Take to the Public Microphones, to Pile-Onto the President of the United States of America, other than to show just How Smart They Are . . . And Just How Close They Are To The President, Especially Since Every Media was Doing all It Could to use the Chant as a Battering Ram to Smash Their Good Friend The President?

I Never Liked Chris Wallace . . . One Cannot Hold The Child Responsible For His Or Her Parents, but in this Case, Chris Wallace is his Father’s Son (Mike Wallace), who was Routinely Accused by Conservative Jews like me as being a Self-Hating Jew, which he was. But what else would one Expect from a LEFTIST?

I Don’t think Chris Wallace thinks of Himself as being a Jew, which is Neither Here Nor There, but what is Important, is that Chris Wallace is Very Much the Son of his Father, which Presented itself Best, as he Debated (Not Interviewed – But Debated) White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller this Past Sunday – As WALLACE DID HIS BEST TO “PROVE” THAT DONALD TRUMP IS A RACIST, and in as much, Is No Better Than The “Squad” Of The 4-Self Hating Americans, Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitic Socialist Congresswomen.

Perhaps Fox News Should Wonder Why Their Wallace Sunday Show Is Last.

First . . . . There’s Meet The Press (NBC). Then there’s Face the Nation (CBS), then there’s This Week (ABC) and then there’s Fox with Chris Wallace. What does that say About Wallace, who Gives the LEFT mostly a Free Ride, while Wallace Seemingly Does his Best to Screw-Over Conservatives?

As Clearly As I Can Write This . . . Regardless Of Egos – Every Honest & Sincere Conservative Writer, Television Personality, Radio Talk-Show Host & Lecturer, who Reaches the Masses has to be Lauded, Promoted & Paid Attention To, Including The Pundits Whose Personalities I Don’t Necessarily Like.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So it is further clear. Omar was born in Somalia and her way station was Kenya. She infested the US from Kenya. Just as her mentor, Obama, did
    Obama was born somewhere but his core is Kenyan.
    She is a core part of his “legacy” and they both are the new post Democratic party.
    Mortal enemies of the US..

  2. Right on Howard. Wallace is more and more showing his stripes as a left wing protagonist and a debater not an interviewer.
    I only tune in once in awhile just to see how his guests handle him. And Geraldo and the Mooche should be explaining why four freshman congresswomen are getting all the ink. It’s the fake news media dummies. They should also thank them for sealing 2020 for Trump.

    Las Vegas, NV

  3. BRAVO! Glad you said this…Jeraldo & Scariemoochie (intended) love the limelight and Jeraldo needs to proove he is a good person (leftist at heart)…can never make up his mind which SIDE he is on. TRUMP did not tell his supporters to chant anythig. People STILL have a right to speak their minds. Our President must be made of teflon, not many could withstand the heat like he does.

  4. Howard you are so right… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Come to Hamilton we are full of them..
    We need a Trump in Canada

  6. Bravo, Howard. I myself was somewhat disquieted by the chants as that is not the way I like to fight my politics, but you are correct about the verbal abuse (amongst other abuses) that conservatives (and Jews) receive daily. And it is as vulgar or moreso as anything ever done and said in the name of spite. I congratulate you on a well written editorial. It is a point that makes excellent sense. One thing can be said about the Left and nasty attitudes – They started it.

  7. Stephen Miller was great, he didn’t put up with Wallace’s crap.

  8. Totally agree with you Howard. Before the ‘chant’ – I thought the very same thing! Chris Wallace – a leftist for sure -no longer an interviewer (if ever). Proud of Miller-he wouldn’t let Wallace push his agenda. Geraldo/Scaram. – two phonies only interested in self-promotion. GO TRUMP and ‘send her back’! I hope the FBI is investigating how she actually got here.

  9. One does not have to “like” someone to respect that person and for what they stand. I don’t “like” what The Donald says all the time, well some of the time, but I respect him for standing up for many of the positions that I believe in and support. I don’t “like” Rush all the time, nor Sean, nor any of the others but I do respect what they say most of the time. It is why I “like” you, Howard. Not always in agreement but you have more than earned my respect. Keep up the good work.

  10. chris wallace is the reason I no longer watch FOX.

  11. Kudos HG, thanks for your list of Conservative analysts…I’m a fan of all, including Laura Ingraham, and Greg Gutfeld, whom I’m certain you included by mentioning, “etc”. And thanks for opening my eyes on Wallace. Plus I was very disappointed by what the Mooch said.

  12. HG–Another one to add to your Support List is LOU DOBBS.The”SEND HER BACK” CHANT REVEALED the PEOPLE’S DISCONTENT with the LEFT and they REALIZE it.They are SCARED because Pres. Trump is WINNING AGAIN! If LIBERALS had CHANTED the SAME statement, it would have been completely DISREGARDED!They ONLY FOCUSED ON IT because it didn’t SUIT the LEFT’S AGENDA.The saying LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT re: America was introduced in the past (??? in the1960’s–the HIPPY YEARS). Please, RADICALS, do so!GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  13. As for the “squad” or other disparagers of USA, I don’t feel they are Self-haters tho it’s often said. Haters of USA, conservatives, Trump & anyone who does not agree with or believe as they do would only feel that way if they felt they knew better than others, esp to hate peers. That doesn’t come from a self-hater but an egotist. Muslim extremists are indoctrinated to hate & push Jihad, just as generations of American children since 1950s are indoctrinated anti-USA, more so w/each generation.

  14. Rep. Omar Introduced a bill (House Resolution 496) to Boycott Israel. This woman is NOT an American. She is so far LEFT I have no words that I can print about her. We have Fake News, We have the SQUAD, We have LOADS of LIARS & we can’t get a WALL? If this is NOT ‘Internal Terrorism’ I don’t know what is. Destruction of America for Socialism is on the PLATE to be served up to the American Public. NOT if I can Help It. God Help Us.

  15. I noticed you failed to mention my favorite snide liberal excuse for a journalist that I refuse to watch on Fox….Shepard Smith…What is his ranking?

  16. I had a hard time not turning TV off while watching Chris Wallace ‘DEBATE’ Stephen Miller yesterday!! He was seething…with his hatred. Does anyone know how Juan Williams earns a living…being so stupid; I sometimes wonder if he really believes some of the things he says.

  17. Howard, Just in case you haven’t heard the news. CTV this evening stated that Michelle and Obama were the most popular couple to the majority of Canadians. I would surely like to know where they get their information. They sure as blazes didn’t speak to any of my friends.

  18. A message to Ted Ross, the fake news lame stream media don’t get information, they create it out of thin air. I totally agree with you Howard about anthony scaramouche, geraldo rivera & chris wallace. I know that the news as to be balanced and FOX News allows red tories, blue fiberals come “ON” just to make us feel like they are balanced but I think these 3 should really be called demon rats because that’s what they truly are, leftist to the core and they ain’t no friends of President Trump !!!

  19. SPOT ON, Howard, SPOT ON!!! I stopped watching Fox News quite a while ago. I could NOT stand the hypocrisy with the Hosts any longer. Yes, there are a few on there but the ones that I prefer to watch are on Fox Business News. These Hosts are the movers & shakers of the Stock Market that literally runs the US, Canada & the world. I have found many Capitalists in the Fox Business News. Capitalists are what makes the world go ’round!!! Charles Payne, Lou Dobbs, & several more are the ones to watch.

  20. Howard I do agree with your list of conservatives you support. I personally would ad Laura Ingraham to that list. Although she is sort of like my wife. I support her all the time even if we do not always agree on everything. She is pulling the right cart, the right direction. But there is the problem with talk show hosts. They want to be pulling the cart never pushing it. All I mean is the ego is growing especially with Hannity. All that means is I have to view him like my wife. I support him co

  21. Howard, I agree with most if not all your comments. It is a big task to listen to many claims you don’t agree with but at least you are aware of their slop. Positive thinking to me is important, for your own health, but is a hard job in such a bias and negative “MEDIA” spouting half truths. But in my World “FOX” is the best we have. May “GOD” help us to survive these times.

  22. Right on friend Howard. I cannot imagine that any Christian would criticize Jews because the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was a Jew whom we Christians worship. I know Jews are castigated but cannot comprehend why.

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