What The Hell Is A Citizen Journalist?


I wasn’t a Fan of Bill O’Reilly, since the Size of his Overly Large Ego Generally Eclipsed the Serious Matters of the Day. And Most of the Time, O’Reilly Practiced Portraying Himself as the Philosopher-King, Looking-Down on all the Little People . . . Lecturing them on how to Play Nice with each other.

But what Irked me Most About Bill O’Reilly, wasn’t his Extreme Narcissism, but Rather, It was the Way O’Reilly Continuously Disparaged Bloggers, by Typifying them (People Like Me) as Losers, Sitting in their Underwear, Hacking away at their Keyboards in their Mother’s Basement.


Not Only Was That Unfair . . . It was Contemptible – Insulting many People like Me, with an Honest & Personal Opinion of the Issues of the Day, who Didn’t (Don’t) have a Billion Dollar Corporation backing him or her up, and a staff of Many to Research & Fact Check the Information. So these Bloggers like Me did it & Do it Ourselves.

Not Only That . . . Bloggers also aren’t Paid Millions of Dollars for their Opinions, or have PR Firms and Agents Constantly Promoting their Activities, so they can get Paid more Money for their “Professional” Opinions as the Mainstream Media Pundits Receive. If Lucky, a Blogger will Earn enough Money (if any at all) just to Get By.

The Headlines Described Those Who Blew The Whistle As “Citizen Journalists”.

I’m Writing This . . . Because a Judge from the US District Court from San Francisco (William Orrick III), Recently Sided (Mostly) AGAINST Planned-Parenthood’s Claim that “Citizen Journalists” had No Right to Record or Disseminate Information Concerning the Harvesting & Sale of Aborted Children’s Body Parts.

In Orrick’s Pending Ruling – Judge Orrick, who was Expected to Favor Planned Parenthood, has Otherwise Favored the First Amendment, which Guaranteed the Right of the “Citizen Journalists” to Expose the Truth Behind Planned Parenthood.

I’m Writing . . . This Because The Mainstream Media Are In Open Panic.

CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC & Even Fox News . . . has to Worry about People like Me, because People like Me, opposed to the way Bill O’Reilly (for Example) has Portrayed People like Me, are Well Informed, Careful in our Analysis, who Couldn’t Give One Whit about Audience Numbers (For Pay), Demographics, Editors, Producers, Competition, Personal Contracts, Agents, Stock Holders and Everything else that Accompanies being a “Professional” Journalist.

In The Aforementioned – I listed CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC & Even Fox News, Which Only Represents some of the American Mainstream Media . . . so now Extrapolate those Media to Represent the Entire World’s So-Called “Free Media”, all of Which is in Serious Jeopardy of Losing their Standing In The Dissemination Of Believable News & Opinion.


Great Freedom Movements . . . Which Represented Hardcore Resisters Against Real Fascism & Communism Were Pamphleteers. The American Revolution was Spurred-On by Pamphleteers (Such As Thomas Paine) . . . Today, People like Me are Labelled as Bloggers & Citizen Journalists – and we are Indeed a Serious Threat to the Established Media Worldwide, but Mostly So in the USA – which for far Too Long Controlled what we Knew, because of what they Wanted us to Know.

Make No Mistake About It . . . The Wealthy, Well Connected, & Powerful Control the Mainstream Media, whether it’s through News, Opinion or Entertainment. But even before the Gutenberg (Printing) Press, there were the Equivalent to Pamphleteers, Bloggers & Citizen Journalists.

There were the Travelling Minstrel Shows (well Prior to the 19th Century), which included Painters, Play Writes, Actors, Puppeteers, Singers and other Assorted Vocal Disseminators of the Truth . . . Which Challenged & Changed The Hierarchy Of Religions & Nations.

WWII – Nazi Europe . . . Even Owning An Unlicensed Radio Receiver Was Verboten.

In Recent History . . . Since the Discovery & Manufacture of Mass Printing Machines – National Thugs, in the Name of Despots Everywhere, Including Nazis & Communists, went out of their Way to either Register or Ban the Ownership of Printing Presses, then came Electronic Media such as Radio Broadcasters, then there were Television Broadcasters, and Now there’s a Push to either Ban or Control the Internet.

How Despots Worldwide Fear Free Communication More Than Weapons . . .

Bill O’Reilly Never Hesitated To Heap Scorn On Bloggers . . . Probably because Bill O’Reilly knew just how Powerful Bloggers Really were in O’Reilly’s World of Communication.

The Threat of Bloggers & Citizen Journalists were and are the Uncontrollable Attackers on the Dis-Honesty & Lack of Integrity of O’Reilly’s Media Industry. And now that Bill O’Reilly is Off-The-Air . . . Guess Who’s Blogging Now?


There are Way More than 300-Million People in the United States of America, who represent Hundreds of Millions of Television Set Owners Nationwide.

And Of All The Cable News Broadcasters . . . According to Nielsen Ratings – Fox News is Number One in Virtually Every Category . . . BUT EVEN AT THAT – Fox News has about 2.5-Million Viewers. And in terms of Cable News Talk Shows, Sean Hannity Brings that Fox News Average Number up by Including his 3.5-Million Viewers.

SO – When you Consider that the Number-One Cable News Provider – in all of America (Fox News), Reaches LESS Than 1% Of The Entire American Public, the Next Question Should Be . . . Who Reaches The More Than 99% Who Don’t Watch America’s Number-One Cable News Provider?

As Much As Bill O’Reilly – Amongst Many Who Disparage Bloggers . . . The Numbers Don’t Lie. Bloggers & Citizen Journalists are the New Pamphleteers, who are without Question, the Difference Between a Free Press & Propaganda.

And As JESUS Said – As JESUS Quoted HILLEL . . . The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Look in the mirror Howard–YOU are a citizen-journalist. Anyone who publishes news or commentary on said news that is not a paid member of the media is a citizen-journalist–and Thank GOD all of you exist. Otherwise we’d just have the garbage lies the fake news media shovels at us on a daily basis. Operation Mockingbird!!

  2. I agree,so what’s the differance between O’reily and Hannity?

  3. And THIS is the reason I ‘subscribe’ to many Citizen Journalists. I want the ‘investigated’ TRUTH, not the BS as purported on the BIGGIES! Keep up the excellent reporting! God Bless

  4. Of course we have loved your journalism over the years and the friendship we have developed. O’Reilly is back again on Newmax. I just found this out today. Curious as to what you think of another egotist that has a wide audience. Is am referring to Rush Limbaugh?

  5. So very true, Howard! I was blessed to attend a seminar with the late, great Andrew Breitbart the year before he died. He said it was the imperative of every one of us to become a ‘citizen journalist,’ as the news wouldn’t tell the stories fairly, if they told them at all. Wise words, even more true today…

    Jacki Barron

  6. Howard, as you found out with Pay Pal there are forces seeking to silence people and views they disagree with (i.e. Twitter and Facebook). It is BS when they blame it on a computer program. People set the parameters of these programs to exclude certain content and sources.

  7. Like usual I totally agree with you but I still like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Mark Levin on FOX News. It’s too bad that only 1% are reached by those I have mentioned and hope that at least 60% rely on news like yours and bloggers and only those that do their research will hopefully know the truth and vote accordingly, Conservative. Hope that the demon rats go so far left that they sink their own ship and President Trump wins again with more than 60%.

  8. Excellent editorial, Howard!!! I happen to love this one. You are correct, of course, about Citizen Journalists. They are very vital to this nation & nations around the world. For those who truly investigate, their followers are told the truth about issues & things that are going on within this world. I know how much I do appreciate all of their efforts, since I can read their stories & know what is truly going on in my country & around the world.

  9. You KNOW we appreciate YOU. But O’Reilly gave Pres Trump LOTS of pre-election air time, I usually agreed with his opening commentary, I LOVED Waters World, and he was Fox’s biggest hitter, put them on the map and gave the main Stream idiots a run for their money giving the rest of the good prime time faces we liked a platform. It was the inane interviews with stupid questions on ho hum topics and giving WAY too much air time to the demrats “fair and balanced” that turned the real audience off.

  10. I get my news from YOU, Howard. (and from other conservative bloggers.
    I never watch TV any more. It all boils down again to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
    When the press becomes corrupted then freedom of speech will fall next. Thank you for what you do!

  11. HG, in spite of the fact that I’m happily addicted to your editorials, I miss O’Reilly, as I’m certain millions of Conservatives do. Of course, I was terribly disappointed with his sexual immoralities.

  12. You only have to read some of the brainwashed comments to know that if it weren’t for “citizen journalists” and “bloggers”, we would all be brainwashed, and America would be under the rule of Queen Hillary and her elitist bunch, including the Secretary of Education, Jeffrey Epstein. Thank God for President Trump, and Howard Galganov

  13. Always read/agree with your blogs, but rarely do I respond. Today “bravo”! Totally onboard with your thoughts. Except for 2 men on Fox, I have tuned out & watch OAN News, along with talk radio & others like you who take precious time from your family to give the public informed and blunt truth. Quite sure you are more appreciated than you know. Thanks so much.

  14. I really don’t like Watters, always admiring himself in the camera, and Hannity who is boring, simply regurgitates old news and comes across like an expert on the subject. Say no more.

  15. Love your editorial as always, I don’t watch B.O’Reilly at all. I do like Jeannie Pirro, and Sean Hannity, along with Lou Dobbs. They are only ones I watch and most of the tine don’t I hate the news. What you tell us is the truth and I thank you for this. Please keep it up Howard, I know it takes time and Anne would like that time you give to all of us. She has to be one of the best ladies to be so caring to you . Thank you for all you do for us, it means a lot to me sir.

  16. Somebody has to stand for the truth, MSM & all written as well as broadcast media do not. The people who do stand for truth stand behind President Trump & make it known showing up by thousands at any public speaking event he does, & some by multiple thousands. That’s why if MSM covers his speech, they never pan the crowd. Conversely they do not show ‘crowd’ at Dem speeches either but because there are a small # of supporters.

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