Free Speech . . . Free To Whom?


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Pro-Sharia Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar . . . from Somalia . . . Came to America as a 14-Year Old, brought from a Kenyan Refugee Camp to the many FREEDOMS Offered by the United States of America . . . But Doesn’t Seem To Like America.

I Understand that Omar Came as a Youngster when she Arrived in America . . . But She’s Not A Youngster Now . . . And Omar Can Leave Anytime She Likes, And Go Back To Kenya Or Somalia – Because As An American, That’s Her Right!

And Omar Can Come Back. . . Because As An American – That Too Is Her Right.

My Four Religious Jewish, Yiddish-Speaking, Soviet Union (Russian) Grandparents came to Canada in the First Decade of the 1900’s to Have & Raise their Families.

To My Grandparents . . . who Arrived in Montreal – Canada was like Nothing they ever Experienced Before. And Between the Four of my Grandparents, there was not one of them who could speak English or French (Canada’s Two Official Languages). They didn’t Know the Customs. Were Not at all Comfortable with the Food. Nor did they have any Appreciable Work Skills . . . But They Were In Canada – And To Them, That’s All That Mattered.

In Spite Of The Cultural Barriers . . . Including Rife Anti-Semitism, my 4-Grandparents Raised their Respective Families to be Canadians – Proud of who they were as Canadians, and Determined to become a Part of the Country (Canada) that let them in.

And Never Would My Grandparents Say A Bad Word About Canada.

So Here Comes Ilhan Omar, a Refugee from a War-Torn Country (Somalia) Via Kenya, who seems to think there is an Awful-Lot Wrong With America, who has Taken Advantage of America’s Extremely Generous Immigration System, all the way up to Education, and the Opportunity to Enter Politics.

You would think that Omar Would be More Grateful to America, than a Junkyard Dog would be with a Bone. But Hardly.

I Know More Than Just Somewhat About Racism & Discrimination. And I’m Telling You, Omar Should be Kissing the Ground of America, and Thanking the People (Americans) who Took Her-In, when most of the World couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass about her or her Family, Living in a Refugee Camp for 4-Years.


LOVE MY COUNTRY . . . Or Shut-Up Or Leave. It’s Not As If I Didn’t See The Sign On The Quebec (Rawdin) Beach That Said . . . No Jews Or Dogs Allowed.

I Might Be Wrong – Because I Was Very Young At The Time . . . the Sign might have said . . . No Dogs or Jews Allowed, Instead of the other way around – but you get my Drift. That’s Racism.

Every Newcomer Gets “The Treatment” Before They Fit-In.

In Montreal’s McGill University, same as Boston’s (Cambridge) Harvard University & Others, until the Late 1950’s there were Quotas on Enrollment & Entry Grades to get in if you were Jewish. There were whole Communities throughout Montreal which Banned Home Sales to Jews.

And throughout North America, there was no Shortage of Organizations which wouldn’t Accept Jewish Customers or Guests, which Included Hotels, Restaurants & Social Clubs.

My Wife Anne . . . was one of the First Jews to Work at a Montreal Bank, because until the 1960’s . . . Canadian Banks Shunned Hiring Jews.

Before, During & After WWII . . . The Official Canadian Liberal Government Policy On Jewish Immigration To Canada Was . . . NONE Is Too Many. Not One – NONE!

It’s Not As If I Haven’t Heard . . . Go Back To Where You Came From, from some Anti-Semite. Or Throw Another Jew on the Fire when Camping. Or Don’t-Jew-Me Down when Negotiating Price. Or Hitler Didn’t Finish the Job . . . Etc.

But Let Me Make This Abundantly Clear. No Matter how many Roadblocks & Vile Comments, which were Put in our Way, Canada was still our Country as much as Canada was Anyone Else’s . . . and to make it so, what we had to do . . . Was Try Harder & Be The Best Canadian Citizens Possible.

My Grandparents Didn’t Come To Canada To Change The Country. My Parents, who were Born In Canada, were not Permitted to Join a School Board in Quebec (Montreal) because they Were Jews.

And Come every Christmas, we Jewish Public-Schoolers, would sing Christmas Carols with the Best of Them. Sometimes we even went Caroling. And during Easter, we would Paint Easter Eggs. We would also Sing a Load of Hymns like Onward Christian Soldiers.

And even though many of us came from Religious Jewish Backgrounds . . . We Never Asked for Prayer Rooms. We Never asked for a Kosher Cafeteria. And we Never Asked for any Type of Special Dispensation because we were Jews.

All We Wanted, was a Chance to Succeed on our Own Merit . . . Even Though The Deck Was Generally Stacked Against us.

So . . . When I Tell You – that if Ilhan Omar Doesn’t Like it in America, or thinks America has to Change to Suit Her . . . Omar Can Go Back To Where She Came From – And Stay There.

And That Has Nothing To Do With Racism . . . It’s Simply Love Of Country!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ilan Omar and Rashid Tlaib are the first elected members of “the Islamic Brotherhood party” in Congress – they used the Democratic party as a proxy to get their seats. They both spend more time with CAIR officials then with the DNC administrators. It couldn’t be more obvious then when they routinely attack and criticize the Democrat speaker of the house exhibiting behavior that represents the Islamic Brother Hood interests against America.

  2. Well Somalis have been welcomed for many years into Canada. Ottawa has more than their fair share and as near as I can tell they have not adapted , do not want to and whine constantly about the country ( mine) that has given them shelter. Perhaps the difference between your grandparents and today’s immigrant is the existing population and Gov. encourages DIVERSITY , promotes all things NON Canadian : my tax dollars at work … destroying my culture.

  3. Scotland 1971, had fight to get past Canadian Charge d’affaires for Visa, need sponsor, have money, pay for my family to get here. I won. Resistance, tho not of the magnitude of your family or Jews in general. PET time, Europeans not welcome. Today, PM J.Trudeau BRINGING in 1000’s of Muslims, free housing, welfare, medical, and they don’t have to work to get it. Time to shut the door, it was done to Jews, and me, let history repeat, no more Muslims, protect Canada from Islamic takeover.

  4. Of course “the Squad” hate America. And Israel. They are avid Moslems, so why would anyone expect anything different.
    Electing Moslems into any of our government offices is the start of something that does not bode well for the future.
    So Trump and his base need to continue to call them out for what they are. At least he has the courage to do so. In Canada Trudeau will never do what Trump is doing. My instinct tells me a very high percentage of US citizens agree with Trump.

  5. Howard, your remarks are just as I suspected they would be. I was subjected to racism and discrimination. (MY name is Germanic), but my ancestors came from Switzerland. Particularly in High School, I as called a “dirty Kraut”, because of my name. I was not physically abused but was shunned. I did not retaliate or do or say anything inappropriate but I had emotional scars for some time.

  6. Rashid Tlaib’s 13th MI District no doubt has the part of Detroit taken over by Muslims. Ilhan Omar’s 5th MN District takes in Minneapolis & areas West, N&S. Muslims were first settled in north central states, then further south. This is what happens when bringing in “diverse” immigrants w/hate. Then Pressley puts disadvantages of blacks out there, & AOC (first big mouth of bunch) espouses Catholicism. All big mouths who despise USA & now in Congress. Loudest gets attention-got it down good.

  7. How can we ever break up these Muslim enclaves? How can we stop the threat of Sharia law? So scary.

    btw….didn’t used to have to enter my email each time…..I’m just lazy. Hate doing that.

  8. It’s almost midnight here in America and I’m again sad as I read your editorial. It’s been a tough day watching all this and the fear I sense for the grandchildren and their families is just too much some days. Today is one of those days! Only God😢. I just don’t understand why most Jews in America vote for the left? WHY do you as a Jew think that is…

  9. You do not give us enough letters to talk about this person. She is not in jail here nor are the aliens who have come here they can all go home. My great grand mother came from Austria never spoke a word of English all by herself for her father put her on a farm & left her at 14 yrs old never saw him again. But she did what was best learn the language loved America as for Ikhan Omar she can leave how she was sworn in on the Karan in our country I will never know, talk about our President sham

  10. Throughout the years when I heard a foreign born American criticize the US as Ilan Omar does, I told them that if that’s how they feel about this country they should go back where they came from. However, I mostly blame the Democratic Party and Democrats for providing her (and the other 3) with the platform to broadcast their hateful rhetoric and for shielding them in the process. I hope the American people remember that comes November 2020 and make the the Democrats pay the political price.

  11. The proof positive that Liberals have no sense is that when you allow censorship of one side, you are AUTOMATICALLY permitting it for both. Germans in 1930’s Germany were AS CENSORED AS JEWS. They were ONLY allowed to speak the party line, NOTHING MORE. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ONLY BLOCKING ONE SIDE. If YouTube Google Facebook are censoring the Right, then the Left is only a hair away from being shut down too. HEY LIBERAL MORONS, CENSORSHIP OF ONE MEANS CENSORSHIP OF ALL, YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  12. Hearing this “go back” stuff reminded me of a Gene Autry sing,”Don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you”, found it on You Tube. He’d be ostracised now for singing “if you don’t like the stars in old glory and you don’t like the red, white, and blue, go back where you came from”. His version was in 1942 but there’s a version from 1915.

  13. The KEY word for the LEFT/DEMOCRATS is HATRED. They are full of HATRED and frankly, very little can be done regarding these people, except to VOTE THEM OUT–especially the SQUAD! They are a “DO AS I SAY” group and DON’T PRACTICE what they PREACH! They ACCUSE the RIGHT of those activities for which they, THEMSELVES, are GUILTY of. HATERS will usually try to DESTROY their opponents, as is being to the RIGHT! HATERS are usually FAILURES! Will the LEFT EVER set POSITIVE GOALS for themselves? AMEN!

  14. What would Jesus say? Probably, “VOTE THEM OUT”! VOTE THEM OUT”! VOTE THEM OUT”!

  15. Jesus would probably say: “Father, why have you forsaken me?” ~ I’m not religious…and I seldom go to Church, but I always loved Jesus Christ….and what He stood for: Peace & Love & Everybody living together in harmony. ~ No wonder they nailed Him to a cross !!! Welcome to this lovely world. :>( Brucester

  16. Who is pulling the strings of the so called “Squad”? His name is Saikat Chakrabarti, he is the brains and radical mouthpiece behind AOC and the 3 others. All funding flows through him from his family’s trust fund. These 4 women are radical for sure and have no concept of what most Americans want and expect. This guy is just fueling the flames and the coffers to grease the wheels for the Squad to be recognized and put forth all of these ridiculous demands and ideas.

  17. Howard,
    I see some parallels between Ilhan Omar and the Boston Bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. America welcomed the Tsarnaev brothers with open arms. I see this same ungrateful behavior in Ilhan Omar. Omar’s cocky arrogant attitude toward America and President Trump is beyond belief!
    I fully agree with President Trump, Ilhan Omar, you are free to leave America anytime you want to.

  18. I would like to make one point very clear ~ Omar and Rashid are NOT the first muzslimes in our US Congress. Keith Ellison was the first in Congress & the Muslim Brotherhood was behind him, too. Ellison held the US Rep position in MN first. He helped get Omar elected in the same district. He has since moved on to become MN’s General Attorney! He was also the first to ever use a Qu’ran to swear in as a Congressman. He happened to use President Jefferson’s Qu’ran to swear in with. All bad news.

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