When You Figure They Can’t Be Even Dumber?


The Previous Editorial (July 15, 2019) . . . was the Middle of the Month, which is when I usually ask People who Read Galganov.com for their Financial Support. But I decided Not to Request that Support in the July 15th Editorial, because I thought it would be far More Important to Focus the Editorial on the Subject Matter, which was all About the Path the LEFT have Chosen, in which to Bring the USA, and the Incredible Threat all of it is Not Only to Worldwide Freedoms, but Perhaps More-So, to Jews Worldwide & Specifically to Israel.


First-Off . . . I have been Swamped with Comments, Questions & Emails Concerning the July 15, 2019 Editorial. So here’s some Quick Responses:

1 – Lawrence Alexander of Vaughn Ontario asked if I was ever in Israel. Not Only was I in Israel, I broadcast Live Radio Shows on Major Canadian & American Radio Networks when I was in Jerusalem and at the Top of Masada.

I was last in Israel During the 2002-Intifada, when being anywhere in Israel was taking a Major Risk of Being Killed or Mutilated by a Moslem (Arab) Bomb.

This Trip To Israel Was 100% Self-Financed & A Huge Success.

2 – Bruce Sutton of Montreal Made the Point that you Don’t Have to be Jewish, Which Sutton is Not, to be an Advocate of Israel, and he’s 100% Right. I know more Pro-Israel Christians than I do Pro-Israel Jews, mostly Fundamentalists who have an Undeniable Love for the Jewish State.

And Without the Support of Christian Evangelicals . . . Israel would have a much Harder Time of it on the World Stage – Including In The USA.

3 – Rena Cohen of Tsfat (Northern Israel In The Galilee) Invited Me and my Friends to come and Visit with her . . . Tsfat (Safed) is a Gorgeous Mystical Community Akin in its Artistry & Artists to Sedona (Be Careful For What You Offer).

BACK TO THE IDIOT-FOUR . . . or as they seem to like to be referred to as The Squad.

Watching their Press Conference, which was Hardly a Press Conference at all, with their Hugs & Mutual Encouragement for Each Other, Reminded me of a Girly High School Debate in the 8th-Grade, where the Girly Speakers would Lean on each other for Courage and Approbation.

So . . . In Their World Of Safe Spaces – Where Were The Biting Media Questions?

Contrast That With Any Trump “Presser” . . . whether it’s from the White House, at an International Conference, or on the Ground about to Board the President’s Helicopter or Air Force One. Where President Trump Takes-On All Comers.

Where the President isn’t Shy to Answer a Gazillion Questions from Members of the Media who Like Him, which are very Few. And Members of the Media who HATE Him, which are in very Generous Abundance . . .  This “Squad” Was Pathos In Action .

. . . To These Idiot-Four, who said their Ridiculous Piece, They Lied – Either Through their Teeth because they’re Liars, or Through Ignorance because they’re Stupid & Uninformed, who Obviously Orchestrated the Few Media, whom they Wanted to Ask Non-Intimidating Questions, which they Figured they could Answer Brilliantly.

BUT THESE IDIOT-FOUR WEREN’T BRILLIANT . . . As a Matter of Fact & Truth, they Further Dug the Hole even that much Deeper for Themselves, which Isn’t Consequential, but for the Democrat Party & Democrat Leadership Hopefuls . . . IT IS INDEED VERY CONSEQUENTIAL.


I have been Inundated with Emails, and have Watched the So-Called Unbiased Media WISHING that Trump would Simply Shut-Up & Stop Tweeting. That the President Should Stop making Racist Remarks. And that Trump Should Not get into the Middle of a Democrat Food-Fight.

ASK YOURSELF THIS . . . Against All Odds – Donald J Trump Had No (ZERO) Chance Whatsoever To Win The Republican Primary. Then Trump the Candidate had Less than Zero Chance to Win the Presidency against Crooked Hillary.

Trump Spoke too Much. He Tweeted too Much. His Language was Boorish. Trump was a Bully, Trump was in Cahoots with the Russians, Trump was an Unfaithful Husband, Trump Cheated People in Business, Trump Employed Illegal Workers . . . And On And On.

And all of the Preceding didn’t just come from Democrats – that Type of Criticism was no less Rampant amongst Republicans – RINOS & NEVER TRUMPERS.

So Tell Me . . . Who’s The President Of The United States & Who Isn’t?

Who Consistently Attracts Ten Of Thousands Of People To Hear Him Speak . . . and who Doesn’t? And who is Now Feeding the Fuel to the Fire that’s Consuming the American LEFT?

And Who’s Doing Battle Against A Horribly Lopsided, Dishonest & Corrupt Media?

And then there’s the Deep State, which went All-Out to Keep a Good Conservative Man from being Appointed to the Supreme Court of America, which has also Employed a Plethora of Dirty Tricks (Treasonous) in their Attempt to Commit a Bloodless Coup D’état, and in the Process . . . is Trying Desperately to Flood America’s Borders with Illegal Immigrants.

So . . . Who In America Is Standing-Up To All Of This . . . Almost Single-Handedly?

You WON’T Get This Type Of Honest Analysis In Most Places, Other Than On Galganov.com, as the Media, Including Fox News, save for a Few of their Fox News Programs, Fall all over themselves to Show FAKED Fair & Balanced.


There’s Nothing Fair & Balanced when Considering the Difference Between the LEFT & Real Conservatism. Between FREEDOM & Socialism (Communism). Between Right & Wrong. Between Truth & Lies. Between the Makers and the Takers . . . There Is No Juxtaposition Between The LEFT, Decency, Truth & Reality.

And for People, Especially People who Consider themselves to be Conservatives (Centre Right) & Patriots, to Spend so much of their Time & Energy, Piling-On Against the President because the Media, RINOS, Never Trumpers, the Deep State & Democrats, all of whom Create the PHONY Narrative that President Trump is a Racist & Tweets Too Much . . . Because President Trump Doesn’t Like People in Congress who Don’t Like America . . . And The President Says So – Is Unconscionable After Everything President Trump Has Already Achieved.


BECAUSE OF THE PRECEDING . . . My Asking For Your Support Is Not Unreasonable. I do Everything I can to Tell it as I See it, whether it will Bother you or not. Galganov.com Is Not About Entertainment. I don’t have to Worry about Ratings, Dishonest Researchers, Frightened Editors, Producers, Competitors, Advertisers, Bosses or a Board of Directors.

All I Have To Worry About Is Finding The Truth & Telling It Like It Really Is.

SO . . . If you Appreciate the Things I Say, Write & Do. And find Merit & Value in Galganov.com. and want to Help-Out Financially, or Continue Helping-Out Financially. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW!

Thank You In Advance!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I just received an alert on my phone that some congressman is going to start the filing of papers for impeachment. You’re right Howard …. I’m a Trumper but he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and stop that juvenile tweeting.

  2. Question: What is the difference between the Dalai Lama and Donald Trump?
    Answer: The Dalai Lama wants Muslim immigrants to Europe to retrain and re-educate and then return to their countries of origin. President Trump wants know-it-all Congresswomen to return to their countries of origin, use their self-proclaimed superior knowledge on how to better run things, and then RETURN to the U.S. to show Americans how to improve things. The Dalai Lama makes no mention of Muslims coming back to Europe.

  3. Gee whiz, Howard….. Canada needs a Prime Minister like President Donald Trump. Trump knows the score…..and I’m not just talking Hockey !!! (hahaha) ~ Okay, so “The Donald” might not be perfect. Then again, who is ? Heck, even “The Brucester” makes the odd mistake every now and then !!! (hahaha) ~ Canada needs a “Donald Trump” type: Make Canada Great Again, eh ??? (pronounced “A”) :>) – Brucester

  4. Donald Trump had a reputation before he ran for President. I watched him in The Apprentice & knew the kind of person he was; saw him on Oprah two+ times, heard his devotion to this country, his strong patriotism. Tho rough around the edges, I admired his USA stance. Evidently he spoke to hearts/minds of many citizens & still does. Sure, he’s different as a president, but he is “baseball, hotdogs & apple pie” kind of people. He speaks for We The People more than almost all past presidents. PTL

  5. Three points: First, Trump tweets because he HAS to. He can reach the people no other way. The mainstream media would never publish a word he says. Second, when all else fails, call your target a RACIST. There’s no defense against it. I have never heard a single racist thing the man is supposed to have said — they NEVER cite anything. Third, I have seen the evidence of Trump’s popularity. When he came to Great Falls, we stood in line forever, couldn’t get near the auditorium.

  6. Great again, you are! Have you watched OANN channel? I have not watched any other channels offering “NEWS” besides FOX and OANN, and I can find a LOT of fault in FOX nowadays! (Although the Subtitles are a little “messed up” with Only American News Network!).
    Be it like it is (or MUST), “the Donald” is making everyone FINALLY Aware of all the dirty dealings going on – NOT just in America – but all over the World (As you also do…Thank You).
    Thanks again, for ALL you are doing.

  7. Once again, bravo Howard. I love The President’s tweets. He gives people a voice where they are not normally heard. He echoes my words Precisely. God Bless him and keep him safe.

  8. While I disagree with the phrase, “Go back to where you came from”, it was clearly quoted out of context by haters. Trump must know what he’s doing…that’s why he’s president and I’m not! LOL!

  9. I am a tightwad and I never have supported a political candidate financially; yet I from time to time find myself sending you a bit of my retirement money. Why, because you are the only one that I know of that so consistently tells it like it is, and has so much insight. I only wish you had an even larger audience. SO RIGHT ON!

    Dick Black, Kansas

  10. People get upset with Trump, which the totally misses the point. It is like a beehive, you get them agitated . They may take after you, but, you have choices to protect yourself. In summary, the Leftist, the Squad, Never Trumpers, etc. is when they get upset, they lose control and show their true colors. Trump has deftly brought out who they really are. He uses the Saul Alinsky tactics of calling them a name which brands a person the way you want to the public to view them. Yes for Trump!

  11. Could President Trump be more tactful, and polished? Yes. But I’d rather have Trump as my president than a man who bows to leaders of foreign countries, tells our citizenry we’re not all that special, goes around the Congress using executive orders and takes credit for everything. Is Trump perfect? Far from it, and he owns up to it. If we survived 8 years of former President Obama and his administration, we can certainly survive President Trump. Thank you Howard, again, thank you.

  12. I may not ALWAYS like Trump’s Tweets, but he keeps us up to date with his views & feelings. We have more transparency with this President then any others. I will vote for him in 20/20. As for the SQUAD…They don’t LOVE America & as Trump says….You can LEAVE. I wish they would.

  13. To tell the 4 coloured women America haters go back to where they came from is not racist as many would have. It’s simply a Presidential response 2 4 bad female activists and they could have been any colour, the statement would have been the same. It’s so easy to call anyone a racist today if you don’t agree with them, and most people don’t know what a racist truly is. To anyone who doesn’t like the USA or Canada, please leave, the government will give you a ticket home. That’s not racist

  14. Mark Levin had a wonderful show on Sunday night. It goes right along with this column.
    He interviewed Pastor John Hagee to discuss the importance of America’s relationship with Israel, our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundations and how Pastor Hagee brought together the evangelical and orthodox Jewish communities. It was totally fascinating.

  15. During one of my visits to Isreal, I found the residents to be kind, smart, and knowliegable of World business. We have or I been treated with kind and responsible treatment. There are, and always will be people who are guided by greed and feeling of power over other people in any Race and Nationality. It is our duty too keep this in check.

  16. The LEFT insists on FOCUSING on RACISM because that’s all they’ve got! This FOCUS began with Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Michelle! They hid it very well while he was in office. The SQUAD [4 WOMEN] are full of HATRED for AMERICA. What POSITIVE things have they ever said about the U.S.? Without sounding misogynistic, many have wanted more WOMEN in office, but WHO appears to be CAUSING the MOST TROUBLE in our Country? The LEFT speaks out as they WISH, but RESENT it when TRUMP states HIS VIEWS. AMEN!

  17. I can remember when I and others said, “Love America of leave it!” When did saying things like that become wrong? Oh, I remember when Politically Correct began to be a thing to silence common sense. I have had enough of PC! I want to bring back calling a Jack Ass, a Jack Ass. I learned basic colors with crayons. Who are “people of color”? A Jack Ass is a Jack Ass no matter what color it is. What does color have to do with anything. It is just another PC phrase to take freedom of speech from us.

  18. Howard, thanks for always telling it like it is. Since the media will not, I thank God for people like you who will give us the truth. Whatever contribution I make to you is well worth it and money well spent. For the record, as a Christian, I have always supported the Jewish people and am grateful we are their ally. Also, since God does not work through perfect people, He is with President Trump. And, I hope there will always be 51% of citizens who support the Constitution.

  19. Nancy Pelosi and so-called moderate Dems know Donald Trump is not racist. This is ONLY about 2020. They are losing badly and they know it. The only thing they have left in their bag of tricks is to push racism upon our President and the GOP. It has zero to do with Tweets and everything to do with VOTES. Democrats of “color” are running away from the party into the arms of Trump.

  20. Well, I identify those four clowns by what they actually know…..SQUAT!

  21. The squad has been more aptly named “The Jihad Squad.” I cannot justify voting for anyone because they are white or black, male or female, Jewish or Christian, Democrat or Republican. My vote is determined by their political attitudes (as best I can determine them.) I am a middle of the road conservative and support those with similar views. Keep ip the good work Howard.

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